Trivia: Licence to Kill

  • Breakaway Pop Hit: The closing theme "If You Asked Me To", sung by Patti LaBelle, which was later covered by CÚline Dion, becoming one of her first English-language hits.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Not referring to one of the characters, but Isthmus City president Hector Lopez was played by Pedro Armendariz, Jr., whose father, Pedro Armendariz, Sr., played Kerim Bey in From Russia with Love.
  • Genius Bonus: Bond makes a quip when introducing Q to Pam. "Pam, this is Q, my uncle. This is Pam, my cousin." In the actual SIS, "cousins" is a term for the CIA.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Jamie Ross used to be a CIA officer.
  • Jossed: Until this movie, fans tended to assume "Felix Leiter" was just a codename assigned to whoever Bond's CIA contact was, given his tendency to be played by a different actor in every movie. Such fans, presumably, never read the books.
  • Michael Kamen: Wrote the score.
  • Method Acting: Robert Davi stayed in character even when the cameras weren't rolling
  • The Other Darrin: In a weird example of this trope, actor John Terry, who had played Felix Leiter in the previous film was replaced by David Hedison - who had played Leiter all the way back in Live and Let Die. It was felt that an actor who had previously played the role should be in this one, for a better emotional reaction to what happens to him.
  • Playboy: The Chinese ninja woman who also appears during the opening credit sequence is Diana Lee Hsu, May 1988 Centerfold. She is part of a tradition of having an actress in a Bond movie to model in Playboy, although she's the first to have been a Centerfold before making the movie. Look for her in Maurice Binder's photography-themed opening sequence.
    • Carey Lowell and Talisa Soto both declined to appear in Playboy.
  • Reality Subtext: Kind of inverted when Sanchez's actor, Robert Davi was taken by a number of thugs while on vacation in South America to an actual drug lord. The man enjoyed his portrayal of a drug lord.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Ed Killifer is Big Ed, making this an odd 'fictional' The Danza.
  • Throw It In: Robert Davi improvised the line where Sanchez tells Killifer, "Loyalty is more important to me than money."
    • Also the shot of Q throwing the rake-radio into the bushes was simply Desmond Llewellyn putting it out of shot for the next scene, however the sight of Q abusing a gadget the way he always complains about Bond doing was too good to lose.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Had the film come out in October and been successful, the studio would probably have had faith enough in Dalton to greenlight a third Dalton Bond movie. Plans for one existed however, but 'legal issues' prevented it from ever being made.
    • The film had beautiful poster art designed when it was still known as Licence Revoked. The name change meant that the posters had to be scrapped.