Funny: Licence to Kill

  • "Launder it."
  • What a terrible waste.... <beat> Of money.
  • Just the look on Q's face when Lupe reveals that Bond's been with her.
  • The way Q tosses aside one of his own gadgets, considering all the times he berated Bond for damaging said gadgets.
  • "Bless your heart!"
  • Bond's Double Take when Pam walks into the bank office with her secretary outfit.
  • During the Bar Brawl scene, a random guy decides to grab a stuffed marlin hanging on the wall and charge at Bond with it.
  • At one point, Lupe stops by the hotel room that Q and Pam are staying at to inform them that Bond is in danger. She says that she loves him and is worried about him, which makes Pam jealous. So as soon as Lupe leaves the room, Pam angrily does a mocking impression of Lupe's "I love James so much!" line that's just hilarious.
  • When dodging some gunfire in Krest's aquarium, Bond somehow manages to grab a lobster that spilled out from one of the tanks and puts it in a new one.
  • When Lupe goes to smuggle Bond out of Sanchez's mansion, a random henchman unsuccessfully tries to stop her and starts freaking out.
  • Pam absentmindedly testing out Q's laser-camera. What takes the cake is the comical x-ray picture of Bond and Q.
  • As Bond is rappelling down the side of the casino, he stops before a carving of a mermaid. As he pushes off, where does he put his hand? On the mermaid's bare breast, naturally.