Funny / Licence to Kill

  • Bond introducing Pam to Q.
    Bond: Pam, this is Q, my uncle. Uncle, this is Pam, my cousin.
    Q: Ah, we must be related! (gives Pam a quick peck on the cheek.)
  • "Launder it."
  • The one-liner from Sharkey after Killifer is fed to the shark: "What a terrible waste. <beat> Of money."
  • Just the look on Q's face when Lupe reveals that Bond's been with her.
  • The way Q tosses aside one of his own gadgets, considering all the times he berated Bond for damaging or not returning said gadgets.
    • Making it doubly hilarious is that it was completely unscripted, with Desmond Llewelyn simply discarding it before going on to the next scene.
  • "Bless your heart!"
  • Bond's Double Take when Pam walks into the bank office with her secretary outfit.
  • During the brawl at the Bimini bar, a random guy decides to grab a stuffed marlin hanging on the wall and charge at Bond with it.
    • What really sells it is Bond's face when it narrowly misses him.
  • At one point, Lupe stops by the hotel room that Q and Pam are staying at to inform them that Bond is in danger. She says that she loves him and is worried about him, which makes Pam jealous. So as soon as Lupe leaves the room, Pam angrily does a mocking impression of Lupe's "I love James so much!" line that's just hilarious.
  • When dodging some gunfire in Krest's aquarium, Bond somehow manages to grab a lobster that spilled out from one of the tanks and puts it in a new one.
  • Bond taking out the frogman who just got done killing Sharkey. The man had just gotten done bragging of his kill when he comes face to face with Bond and a harpoon; his last Oh, Crap! reaction is what really sells it.
  • When Bond is introduced to his ridiculously lavish stateroom in Isthmus City, he chimes to the bellhop "It's adequate".
  • When Lupe goes to smuggle Bond out of Sanchez's mansion, a random henchman unsuccessfully tries to stop her and starts freaking out.
  • Pam absentmindedly testing out Q's laser-camera. What takes the cake is the comical x-ray picture of Bond and Q.
    • Equally hilarious is when Pam notices the bizarre effect captured of the portrait she shot.
  • Pam taking charge of the master bedroom in Bond's suite, leaving him to room with Q in the guest room.
    Bond: I hope you don't snore, Q.
  • As Bond is rappelling down the side of the casino, he stops before a carving of a mermaid. As he pushes off, where does he put his hand? On the mermaid's bare breast, naturally.
    • And right then, a car on the street below honks its horn.
  • Bond passively suggesting to Franz that nobody would be "stupid enough" to take him out on their own, and this is exactly what Bond has been trying to do in spite of Pam and Q's assistance.
    • Equally amusing is when Sanchez laughs it off.
  • Pam posing as the harbor pilot, putting on a hilariously fake Latin American accent as she causes Krest's boat to ram into the dock, sending Sanchez's men ducking clear.
  • Bond and Pam unloading the money meant to frame Krest. Pam strips down to her one-piece swimsuit; Bond shoots her an amused grin upon seeing this.
  • Bond sends Pam off to get a drink so he can talk with Lupe. Glaring at Bond, Pam orders a vodka martini, "shaken, not stirred" as she makes the international 'jack-off' gesture.
  • The scene where Sanchez is interrogated before he's put in the truck to be transported is funnier when you know that Robert Davi, who plays Sanchez, and Grand L. Bush, who plays Hawkins, both are in the same room and they were respectively Special Agent Johnson and Agent Johnson (no relation) in Die Hard
  • During the final chase, bullets ricochet off a tanker to the tune of the Bond theme.
  • "He disagreed with something that ate him."
  • "Looks like he came to a dead end."
  • The strippers not breaking character and still dancing despite all the bar fights breaking out around them. Even funnier yet, one of them only reacts when one of them has a large blade swung at them.
  • As two of Sanchez's henchmen are registering the Wavekrest, they didn't expect each other to be in the same hallway. They react in fear but then they recognize themselves and keep registering the ship.
  • Bond introducing Pam to the Isthmus bank manager as his secretary Miss Kennedy much to her shock. It becomes more hilarious as her surname is Bouvier, the single name of Jackie Kennedy.