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Heartwarming: Licence to Kill
  • Bond telling Q he would have been a great field agent. Of course, Q already proved that in Octopussy, but he basically only contributed a hot air balloon. In this film, he spends more time with Bond actively helping him on-site.
  • At the end, Bond rejects Lupe's advances and instead joins Pam, who's been helping him throughout his escapades.
  • The closing Meaningful Echo.
    Pam: Why don't you wait til you're asked?
    Bond: Why don't you ask me?
  • Bond looks down upon Pam throughout much of the movie, but in the end, after finally killing Sanchez, Pam shows up in a truck to take Bond home, and it's the first time since the beginning that Bond is genuinely happy:
    Pam: Well, what are you waiting for? Get in!
    Bond: (smiling) Yes, sir!

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