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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is no stranger to this trope. A few standout examples include:
    • Whoever comes in last in a race will explode. While it's supposed to be a shout-out to F-Zero, you're unlikely to expect it the first time playing this game blind.
    • The random, screaming Toads that you can run over in Arids Sands. They never respawn.
    • The "Battal Bowl", a stage that looks like something straight out of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. In fact, the titular duo's faces appear as the walls of the stage.
  • Breather Level:
    • 3 Color Drive is a smooth, nearly-flat track with no hazards to worry about, making for a less chaotic race than usual. But here's the catch: This level is found in the notoriously difficult Map Hell cup, which features plenty of tracks that have hazards and tricky turns.note 
    • Amusingly enough, Red Barrage Area, the penultimate track of the sixth cup, is this in Record Attack. Since the gold medal time is less than three seconds faster than the silver medal time, racing well enough to gain the silver medal will more than likely net you both medals in one fell swoop.
    • Compared to the rest of the tracks in the Nintendo Hard Egg Cup, Virtual Highway is fairly straightforward, with much less hazards and tricky turns to worry about.
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  • Broken Base: The "SPB Tag" mechanic added into 1.0.2, which forces a Self-Propelled Bomb to whoever is in second place if the first-place racer even has the slightest lead gap ahead of the rest of the pack. Most players enjoy the feature as it serves as a useful Comeback Mechanic, while others think the mechanic is unnecessary or activates too early, necessitating Do Well, but Not Perfect so the first place racer stays within sight of the racer(s) right behind them.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • If most of the game's custom characters being gravitated towards such stat spread is any indication, most players prefer racers that lean into either being balanced or being fast and/or lightweight. Despite this, players using slower and heavier racers became slightly more common thanks to v1.0.2.
    • With his high speed and decent drift spark rate, Metal Sonic is by far the most popular character to use in Record Attack. Many of the popular track choices for Record Attack will have a Metal Sonic run as the world record, or at least within the top 3.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • This game was in development long before the announcement of an official Sonic-Universe racing game.
    • Additionally, the game was released at least a good full week before Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled was announced at the Video Game Awards.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • Each character has a callout for powerful items, making them this if you'e not the one who got the item (in which case it's more of a Most Wonderful Sound).
    • Also, when you're in first place, minding your own business... Before hearing the wail of the Self Propelled Bomb as it locks onto you. You better hope you can play as perfectly as possible from now on, otherwise it will blow you up, possibly costing you the race if you're close to the finish line.
    • Aigis' voice clips can become very grating very fast.
    • The rumbling sound accompanying your character skidding off road is the last thing you want to hear when going for medal times.
    • Hearing the "Lose" theme in Battle Mode, especially combined with the audience reacting in shock to your defeat.
  • Nausea Fuel: Kodachrome Void's walls and floors are made up of pulsating black and white patterns, making for an extremely disorienting experience. It ended up being toned down in 1.0.2 to a grey and black gradient which is much easier on the eyes, but the original disorienting color still remains as its Encore palette.
  • The Scrappy: Most tracks ported from other Mascot Racer games tend to get a poor reputation for a number of reasons:
    • The majority of the ports, thanks to being easy to re-create, come from consoles that weren't able to provide much variety in layout, sticking to a single flat elevation. While some ports take creative liberties to alleviate this somewhat (with MKSC Sky Garden slanting one part of the track upward, and SD2 Balloon Panic turning the off-roads into steep hills), the tracks otherwise feel bland when placed next to the more varied layouts of the original tracks (with KKR Ganbare Dochu 2 being especially infamous for this, earning the title "Meme Rectangle" by the community).
    • Several ports are cramped or filled with obstacles that are hard to avoid. SMK Ghost Valley 2 and SMK Bowser Castle 3 are prime examples of this thanks to coming from much slower racing games, with MKDS Peach Gardens not too far behind even when one of its obstacles (the Chain Chomps in the hedge maze) was removed in the port.
    • Even with their wider roads, SD2 Balloon Panic and SMK Vanilla Lake 2 can easily send a player off-track, slowing them down in the process (Balloon Panic with its bouncy balloons, Vanilla Lake 2 with its icy road and the ice blocks), which can drag out the race and become very draining.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: When the game first released, Battle Mode was not as well-liked by the community as Race mode was. Unlike modern Mario Kart titles which have a timer and multiple game modes, the only available mode on offer is a simple survival-to-the-end mode, the same one used in earlier Mario Kart games (styled directly after Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart: Super Circuit), which means no time limit either. While matches in those games contained only two to four players, SRB2Kart's can contain many more players- up to 16. Additionally, the resurrection mechanic (dubbed "Attack or Protect") can drag matches on for much longer as players fight for a chance of returning to the action while the currently active players attempt to defeat each other- which can take up to eight minutes tops on a server with lots of players.
  • Surprise Difficulty: Record Attack might seem simple, but some of the silver medals can be pretty tough to earn. And then you usually have to shave about another 20 seconds for the gold medal.
  • That One Level: Even outside of Map Hell, some of the tracks in this game get a little insane.
    • Toxic Palace. Several ninety-degree turns, spiked balls everywhere, and the gold medal requires you to drive it pretty much perfectly.
    • Misty Maze in Record Attack is the perfect example of a Difficulty Spike. Whereas most gold medal times in the earlier tracks could be acquired just by taking the right shortcuts and not falling off course, this is the first track that relies more on a solid racing line in order to beat the best time. Not the hardest, but sure to give new players some trouble.
    • Being locked from the start, the Egg Cup in general is difficult, but it's most noticeable with Kodachrome Void (narrow corridors, awkward turns, and a disorienting aesthetic if you dare play it on Encore Mode) and Eggman's Nightclub (lots of tight turns, easy-to-miss shortcuts, and another gold medal time that offers next to no room for error).
  • That One Sidequest: As mentioned above, getting all of the gold medals is a tedious affair. At least part of the difficulty comes from the fact that the times for the medals are based off of staff ghosts, although it's very clear that some staff members were better at the game than others. This results in some Schizophrenic Difficulty; whereas some gold medal times can be accomplished just by racing relatively well, some require you to drive a near-flawless racing line and cut almost every corner to even come close to beating the target time.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Eggman, Chaos, and Gamma tend to get the short end of the stick due to their gameplay style, which relies around bullying lighter racers and abusing their fast drift spark rates to get huge speeds on turns (unlike Metal Sonic, Vector, and Omega who are also heavy but fast as well). This makes them harder to master compared to the likes of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles and gives them a disadvantage on tracks with lots of straightaways and not a lot of turns.

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