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  • Acceptable Targets:
  • Acceptable Political Targets: Goes after a whole lot of them, including Neo-Nazis, the Alt-Right, and Classical Liberals.
  • Broken Base:
    • His video on PewDiePie. It's either a gutsy and deserving criticism of Felix's actions and how he needs to take responsibility for the consequences from them, along with defending the critics of Felix, or it's a rather insufferable and dismissive video with Harry kicking Felix while he's down along with blaming him for everything. Alternatively, the second half is a good case of him defending Felix's critics, but it’d be far better without the first half.
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    • The Serious Lore Analysis on Ctrl+Alt+Del. Some liked that he made a case of its good points and how he points out how it’s not really any worse than other comics frequently touted as better, others were annoyed that he dismissed the comic’s detractors as hypocrites while misunderstanding their problems with the comic as a whole.
  • Critical Research Failure: In his "In Defense of Dark Souls II" video, he claims that Bloodborne was inspired by Dark Souls II due to the different healing system and a lack of viable shields in the game (among other things), mainly using this as a way to justify his opinion on shields in the Souls series. In actuality, Bloodborne was in development after the first Dark Souls but was at the very least being planned during the development of Dark Souls, while Dark Souls 2 was started after the critical reception to the first game, with the teams for both being complete separate and different. If anything, Bloodborne takes inspiration from Demon's Souls in terms of how it handles items, alongside having a different play style that encourages more ruthless fighting compared to the Souls games.
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  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Reasonableist Bear from "Climate Denial" was popular enough to spawn his own fandom (complete with a Twitter account) and even his own YouTube channel. Not bad for a character who died in that same video.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: His video on the game Pathologic, which is a game about characters trying to survive in a plagued town, and its sequel brought many people's attention to the series, but it became disturbingly fitting in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic a few months later.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!:
    • His "In Defense of Dark Souls II opens with what reads as damnation by faint praise for the first game followed by much of the runtime holding it up in poor comparison to the second. His focus on the first's negatives rather than trying to offer a new perspective on the controversial second has contributed it to getting a significant amount more heat and dislikes than even any of his politically focused ones, among other things. Some have even stated that the video really isn't a defense for II in the sense of trying to praise the game with things it did right, but rather it beats down on the first game as much as possible to make the sequel look superior.
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    • The sheer announcement of his RWBY video ruffled feathers in the fandom, with some dismissing it as Harris cashing in on a trend of hating the show for clickbait. Both the Patreon and public releases of the review saw a bit of pushback with negative reactions and comments from fans.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In The Golden One: A Measured Response, he mentions always wanting to be on the cover of a Chuck Tingle book. Over two years later, Chuck Tingle wrote a tingler inspired by Hbomberguy.
    • During his infamous "Sherlock Is Garbage and Here's Why" video essay, Hbomberguy comments that Sherlock Holmes is one of the few pop culture exports that still keep Britain culturally relevant and, referencing Steven Moffat's work on Doctor Who and Jekyll begs for Mark Gatiss and Moffat not to be given creative license over any more of these iconic stories. Come 2020, and The BBC allows Moffat and Gatiss to give the world their own version of Dracula, with many viewers taking to forums and blogs to criticize the series for its treatment of its female cast and LGBTQ+ themes and continuing Moffat's trend of bending the original story concept to focus solely around Moffat's chosen rude charismatic undefeatable ubermensch character at the expense of other cast members, to the point where some have accused Moffat of seemingly hating most elements of the original story—accusations that exactly mirror those Hbomberguy leveled at Moffat over his Sherlock adaptation three years prior. This, after Hbomberguy (in his video on "Twice Upon a Time") wondered aloud whether Moffat had watched his Sherlock video and was deliberately calling him out.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The "X is garbage, and here's why," really took off as a popular YouTube title because of H. Bomb's videos, most notably his one on Sherlock. Many even try to mimic his format. His own variations on the title have lead to jokes about his review scale being from "Garbage" to "Disappointing" to "Genius".
    • HAIL SOBEK!note 
    • Pretty much anything related to the Donkey Kong 64 stream, including, but not limited to:
      • #thanksgraham, to make fun of Linehan unintentionally raising funds for the charity he hates so much
      • The Skeleton Krew, the people keeping the stream running while Harry was buying tofu/sleeping/writing SOBEK on his forehead.
      • TEETH GANG
      • (X) go on Hbomb
      • Do you know how to beat Beaver Bother?
    • The sargonnote 
    • Weapon: Trumpet.note 
  • Signature Scene: Harris' response to Ben Shapiro's comment to climate change is heavily his most legendary joke.
  • Uncanny Valley: 3DHarris in the RWBY video just looks... off.


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