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  • "Sherlock Is Garbage, And Here's Why" is a nearly two-hour analysis of the show's flaws in which he covers all four seasons and major character arcs in great detail, provides important background information on Steven Moffat's history as a showrunner, and gets to show off his extensive knowledge of the Sherlock Holmes literary canon. Regardless of their opinion about the series itself, most of H.Bomb's viewers agree that it is an extremely well-structured and compelling argument, and it remains one of the most popular videos on his channel by far.
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  • H.Bomb's fourth Soyboy video, where he takes on Paul Joseph Watson's justifying himself demonizing soy, claiming it makes men girly while selling supplements that containing soy. After calling out Watson for avoiding mentioning H.Bomb's video directly, he points out Watson's claim that they needed soy to balance the Alpha-GPC is kind of bunk because a), the Alpha-GPC was too small a dose to have the effects Paul claimed it would, and that b) Alpha-GPC is usually derived from soy. He then goes on to mention that the more popular component of the supplement, phosphatidylserine, also came from soy. As his friend Shaun said, H.Bomb owned Paul so much that you could almost feel sorry for him.
  • Playing Donkey Kong 64 to 101% completion for the charity Mermaids (a gender dysphoria support group in the UK), in defiance of Graham Linehan meddling with support for the charity, and raising way past his initial goal of $15,000 in six hours, making more than $40,000 for the charity in less than 24 hours, reaching $75,000 after 27 hours, and making nearly $350,000 in less than 60 hours. Guests during his livestream included Grant Kirkhope (the composer of and voice of Donkey Kong in DK64), who belted out the line "Trans rights, OK!" in the best DK voice he could at the chat's request; Jim Sterling, Chelsea Manning, John Romero, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Josh Sawyer. To cap things off, after the stream was over, Scottish parliament recognised his achievement with a motion.
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  • His brief analysis of The Room in the Ctrl+Alt+Del video is one of the most in-depth reviews of the movie on the internet despite being barely five minutes long. Whereas most other reviews are primarily comedic and focus largely on surface-level criticisms (such as the poor acting, shoddy editing, the weirdness of Tommy Wiseau, etc.), H.Bomb actually makes a genuine effort to analyze the story's subtext, concluding that it (unintentionally) conveys a surprisingly powerful and accurate message about how toxic relationships can warp people's perceptions of themselves and their partners. As a result, he arguably gives a better review of The Room in five minutes than more popular people could in half-an-hour, which is even more impressive since it is only a small part in his larger argument about the socio-political implications of a seemingly unrelated webcomic.


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