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"Mark Sargent's video doesn't even acknowledge existence of nonstop flights. In fact, he says they don't exist! So now it becomes clear why so much of Flat Earth is pointless fluff or speculation about who must be in on it. They have to avoid making quantifiable claims because otherwise, when you put it in terms that can be proven or disproven, there's a chance that your ACTUAL reasons for believing what you believe can be OPENLY demonstrated to be wrong. 'The Earth can't be a globe because there's no nonstop flights across countries in the Southern Hemisphere! Oh, wait someone Googled it and it turns out there are?" FUCKING OOPS!'"

"What's most fascinating about this comment is that this is the closest I think I've ever seen someone come to admitting that they've lost. If I'd made even a minor error that was easy to debunk or respond to in my 30 minute long video, Paul would have done that, wouldn't he? He'd have gone in so hard on me! Just rough and uncensored! He'd have just gone to town on me with his SOY-ENCRUSTED TONGUE! But appears I owned him so hard with such bulletproof reasoning, that he daren't even mention me or my video directly, despite the fact that we have mutual friends, so I know he's seen the video, and I know it really pissed him off.
Nice Try, Paul, the follow-up video to Soy Boys: A Measured Response

"One of my favorite paintings is "The Lacemaker." Johannes Vermeer painted a loving, accurate, and detailed rendition of a girl making lace. Vermeer celebrated real people doing ordinary things; he offered the radical idea that you didn't have to be special or important or magical or legendary to worth being painted or thought about or remembered. So it turns out there are two ways of explaining history. We can be like Geoffrey of Monmouth or the early Romans and invent these magical, wondrous, brilliant people who gave everything to us: a wizard made Stonehenge all by himself, a man called Romulus invented Rome out of whole cloth and took part in every major historical event required to fulfill his amazing design, Don Bluth made "Dragon's Lair." Or we could be like Vermeer: a bunch of ordinary everyday people built Stonehenge just by working together and putting time and effort into it, a bunch of ordinary people make video games by working together very hard for hours and hours and hours and days and years to make it, a bunch of regular, ordinary people built Rome over the span of a very long time, contributing to what would later be remembered as the exploits of one man. This way is nowhere near as magical as the one we like to imagine put our world together. The truth is often very mundane. But maybe that's okay."

"No, [Ctrl+Alt+Del] is merely a particularly silly and vulgar expression of a broader set of bad ideas that continue to go largely unexamined by the people who hold them. Tim Buckley's disjointed personal philosophy and lack of skill didn't come from nowhere. We don't get to pretend he's just some random guy. Blaming one man for the flaws of a broken economic system is making the same mistake as blaming Tim Buckley for accurately presenting the culture in which he exists. We just have to learn to accept that there might be a lesson in things we hate about us, that even if it's bad and we don't like it, we have more in common with it than we want to admit, and can even learn something from it. CAD turned out to be reflective of the cultural reality that produced it, and people are only angry at it this much because they don't like what they saw in the mirror."

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