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  • In a heavy Black Comedy moment, Harris juxtaposes Davis Aurini's claim that white slaveowners treated their black slaves "extremely well", with the infamous scene from Roots (1977) where Kunta Kinte is whipped into accepting his slave name of Toby.
    "Five-Star Treatment! White folks do slavery the best!"
    Kunta Kinte
    • The Running Gag where Harris recites "Fifteen thousand dollars" in increasingly silly voices is also great, especially when it gets up to "ELEVENTY BILLION CANADIAN US DOLLARS".
    • While showing some footage of Jordan Owen lying on a couch, Harris jokes that "If Atlas shrugs any harder, he'll fall off his dad's fucking couch."
    • Harris breaks down laughing mid-sentence when he notices that Aurini moved his toy skull to a different part of his apartment between shots to make sure that it's always visible the video background. And then he laughs even more hysterically when it happens for the second time.
  • His video on the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke has an Overly Long Gag in which Harris reads out the names of several real superheroes from The Dark Age of Comic Books, ending on the fake superheroes "Mrs. Sexdeath", "Strongshot", "Deadblast", "Smashbeef" and "Settlers of Catan".
    • Later in the video, he criticizes a shot of the Joker looking at himself in the mirror with an incredibly dopey expression, commenting that one could find much better renditions of the same scene on DeviantArt — and then adds that the Joker will probably be naked in most them.
  • From the Fallout 3 review there is Harris freaking out over the IGN and Gamespot reviewers, praising the moral system and calling the world "deep and involved" juxtaposed with their, well, peculiar way of playing the game:
    Harris: The IGN review of Fallout 3 talked about how fucking "deep and intricate" the morality system is, and that "doing bad thing things can have dangerous long lasting effects." He says this over footage of his character picking up a fork. And, as all the objects on the table bizarrely float around for no reason, the entire city starts to shoot him to death, for theft.
    Erik Brudvig: ...And the game has an awesome climax that we won't spoil for you here.
    Harris: The IGN reviewer also thinks that the ending was good — the one thing literally everyone disagrees with. If you think the ending is good, you're actually wrong. You don't. That didn't happen, you hated it. Shut up.
    Kevin VanOrd: (over footage of him shooting at Fawkes in VATS) But no matter what system you own, you should play Fallout 3, which overcomes its issues, by offering a deep and involving journey through a world that's hard to forget.
    Harris: Kevin, you're calling the game "deep and involving" over footage of you friendly firing your fucking allies for no reason. That guy shows up to help you! [...] And he's attacking him... just because! Taking even the briefest glance at the game criticism industry at the time this game came out, reveals that it is just a cavalcade of fucking crazy people! Who think that "DO YOU WANT TO KILL A WHOLE TOWN OR NOT?" IS A DEEP QUESTION!? I-I— (Angrish) OH, MY GOD! GAMING JOURNALISM IS UNETHICAL!! THE WHOLE THING IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE MESS!!! WE HAVE TO STOP THEM! WE HAVE TO STOP THIS! HOW COULD ANYONE THINK THIS ABOUT—?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA— (cut to title screen)
  • Harris' response video to Davis Aurini's shallow and sexist critique of Ghostbusters (2016) contains several comedic highlights.
    • Davis criticizes the term "strong female character" because he believes that, since men are physically stronger than women on average, it is an oxymoron (conveniently ignoring that, as Harris points out, the Ghostbusters are science nerds whose physical strength is completely irrelevant to the film's plot). To illustrate his point, he then shows a clip from The Avengers in which Black Widow knocks out some bad guys, claiming that this results in "cognitive dissonance" for the audience.
      Harris: [snickers] That's right, "cognitive dissonance." Davis has finally done it! After years of testing, he's finally found the most unbelievable, unrealistic member of the Avengers — the woman. And as we know, presenting women as strong and good at fighting is a recipe only for box office disas— [shows a Wikipedia article with the film's 1.52 billion box office result while playing Losing Horns] See? She's weak! So she, like all weak fools, has to compensate by using a gu— [shows a picture of Davis Aurini at the shooting range while playing Losing Horns]
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    • Davis' reasoning why Ghostbusters is fundamentally a "male story" is so hilariously reductive that Harris cannot help cracking up at the ridiculousness of the argument.
      Davis: What's this movie really about? When you strip away all of the makeup, the setting, the jokes, the gags, the big-name actors...
      Harris: [laughs] If you ignore everything about the film, apart from the fact that the main characters are male, then Ghostbusters is about being a man. Beat that, feminists!
    • The crowning moment of hilarity is Davis' attempt to use a naturalistic fallacy to justify his belief that women cannot be Ghostbusters.
      Davis: The reason it's a masculine story is because of the psychological inheritance we received from our ancestors. Men evolved to go out and prove themselves to women, to take big risks, to bite off more than they can chew. Women evolved to find security in the home environment, so that they could raise their children successfully.
      Harris: Oh, of course it's about having children! That's what women are for, am I right, guys?
      Davis: Because of this, our ancestors were the risk-taking men who would do something like gamble on ghostbusting being a successful business model.
      Harris: [visibly struggling to keep his composure] We weren't evolved to be Ghostbusters, Davis! Ghosts do not exist!
      Davis: ...our ancestors were the cautious women, who would rather achieve a stable income on Etsy...
      Harris: Etsy?! WHAT?! [laughs] Women were evolved for Etsy... and men were evolved to be Ghostbusters! [laughs even harder]
    • As a parodistic response to the dubious, supposedly testosterone-increasing products Davis Aurini advertises on his blog, Harris creates his own advertisement for masculinity in a bottle:
      Ad: Are you living in constant fear of losing your one source of pride — your #MANLINESS? Worried you'll lose your sexual partner to someone with greater libido or who's... nicer? Are you embarrassed by the male pattern baldness that, combined with your shitty philosophy, causes everyone to keep comparing you to Kane from Command & Conquer? Or are you just looking to get conned out of money by people who know how to play on your insecurities? Well, new from Oxymoron Productions, it's MANNESTRONE! It'll make you feel like the fictionalized version of man you think exists! Man-spread some on your toast today! (cut to Harris spreading some white, sticky goop on two slices of toast) Or, if you're trying to cut down on the unnecessary bread carb gluten tutens, just pour it directly into your gaping mouth hole... (cut to Harris doing exactly that) DECADENT! SLUT!
      Harris: Finally... MANHOOD! (smears goop all over his face)
      Ad: MANnestrone: it's not sponsored by Davis Aurini. It can be yours for the extortionate price of 15,000 $ a month!
  • Harris fumbling a metaphor while talking about Bloodborne, where he compares the Dark Souls games to being given a bowl of soup, and a shield-shaped trowel to eat it with, while Bloodborne just gives you a spoon...before it goes off the rails until he's comparing the Chalice Dungeons to a theoretically infinite amount of bad soup that is also in the bowl but you don't have to eat.
    • In his related video defending Dark Souls 2, he realizes that his opinions on the series might be somewhat controversial.
      It's not as good as Bloodborne, but it's a little bit... It's a little bit better than Dark Souls 1!
      (subscriber count goes from 65,000 to 4)
      Oh, I mean: in my opinion, it's a little better than Dark Souls 1.
      (subscriber count increases to 2,500)
      (Harris continues to give diplomatic, heavily qualified comparisons of the two games, with his subscribers "responding" accordingly, until...)
      And I personally think I had more fun with it.
      (subscriber count drops back to 4)
      ...I think the Emerald Herald is a better waifu than Gwynevere.
      (subscriber count: "seven hundred million")
  • Another shining example of Black Comedy is Harris' response to "The Golden One", a Swedish nationalist who openly engages in Nazi apologia, but claims that he's only interested in Hitler and the Nazis due to their economic policies.
    Harris: And he's kind of right; Hitler's economic policy was pretty good. He reduced unemployment by opening up lots of new job openings. (shows a picture of the Auschwitz concentration camp with the infamous "Work will set you free" slogan above its gates) I wonder how he did THAAAA--
    • Also, his reaction to The Golden One using Miley Cyrus as an example of how "cultural Marxism" corrupts young women and turns them into "degenerate" sluts.
      Harris: The patriarchy doesn't exist, but cultural Marxism is EVERYWHERE! AND LOOK WHAT IT DID TO HANNAH MONTANA!
    • In order to mock The Golden One's obsession with bodybuilding and fitness, Harris spends a considerable part of the video "working out" by doing silly exercises such as benchpressing a bag of Marvel comics. He is overjoyed when he finally gets to do some intellectual exercise by debunking The Golden One's "alpha/beta male" analogy using actual behavioral biology.
      Harris: That's right! We're at the part of the video where I actually went away and did some fucking research. (puts on glasses while dramatic music starts playing) Now you're in my wheelhouse, MOTHERFUCKEEEEEEEEEER!
  • In "Climate Denial: A Measured Response":
    • Harris takes a brief moment to discuss the infamous Ben Shapiro, playing a clip of him "dipping his webbed flippers into the pool of climate change":
    Ben Shapiro: So let's say — let's say for the sake of argument that all the water levels around the world rise by, let's say five feet over the next hundred years, say ten feet over the next hundred years, and it puts all the low-lying areas on the coast underwater. Which — let's say all of that happens. You think that people aren't going to just sell their houses and move?
    (closeup on Shapiro's face; beat before we cut to Harris punching a hole in the wall with an ax, poking his head through after five or so swings)
    Harris: Just one small problem! SELL THEIR HOUSES TO WHO, BEN?! FUCKING AQUAMAN?!
    • "Reasonable-ist Bear", a parody of the slew of right-leaning YouTubers who use cartoon animal avatars to make response videos, interrupts trying to debunk Harris' arguments. In his first appearance, he gets startled when Harris, whose video window is paused in the corner of the screen, unpauses himself to respond directly. In his second, he takes too many Brain Force pills and explodes.
    H.Bomberguy: [Insincerely] Oh, no. He died from having too much IQ. Rest in peace. [To the audience] If you didn't like that character, he's dead. He's gone now.
  • From "Sherlock Is Garbage, And Here's Why", there is:
    • In the introduction, Harris briefly talks about the numerous film and TV adaptations of Sherlock Holmes over the years, including some pretty out-there interpretations of the character:
      "There's many direct film adaptations, including two fun romps by Guy Ritchie, of all people; there's a bunch of old film serials, and there's a whole bunch of famous actors who've had a turn playing him. There's multiple television versions, an animated series set in the 22nd century where he got frozen for hundreds of years and Watson is a robot for some reason, and a Canadian children's TV series about Sherlock's great-grandniece, Shirley Holmes. Those last two are canon, I can prove it!"
    • The opening of "The Life and Times of Steven Moffat":
      "Moffat got spat out of a hole in the ground in Paisley in 1961, with the straight-forward mission of systemically destroying all of English pop-culture, and no one's stopped him yet!"
    • This darkly hilarious line:
      "It's clear the production crew were given a vastly higher budget than the majority of British television gets, and you can see why. Except for Doctor Who, QI, Come Dine With Me, and the legacy of colonialism, Britain has virtually no remaining cultural exports.
    • When discussing the show's references to The Matrix
      Hbomb as Cab Driver (in a questionably Cockney accent): Alright, if you take this pill, you wake up in your bed and the Sherlock TV series never happened, it was a bad dream. If you take this pill, you have to watch all of it. Again.
      Hbomb: Oh cool. What do you want in return? Do I need to, like, suck your dick, or something?
      (In the accent again): What? No, no, I'm going to shoot you if you don't take either pill, but you've got to take one. That's all.
      Hbomb: Really (soft laugh) Wow, you just talked yourself out of a sweet deal, mister. Sign me the fuck up, sailor! (eats the pill)
      (Cockney accent): I forgot where I was going with this bit ... (Cockney accent gone) I'm sorry.
    • Harris' breakdown during the scene in which Sherlock and Irene deduce, based on extremely flimsy evidence, that a murder victim was killed by a boomerang. Fittingly enough, he keeps coming back to this reveal throughout the rest of the video, seeing it as the pinnacle of stupidity in the series.
      "This scene is so bad, it almost makes you forget that the final scene of this episode is Sherlock single-handedly fighting Al-Qaeda with a machete. I half expected the boomerang to come back and take out a couple of guys for him."
    • An understated moment, where Hbomberguy compares an episode's plot to the second half of Shrek.
  • In "2017 Doctor Who Special Analysis", Harris makes the connection that two examples of bad and good writing from the show that he coincidentally mentioned in his video "Sherlock Is Garbage, And Here's Why" Were referenced by Moffat in "Twice Upon a Time".
    It's so weird that the last thing Steven Moffat is ever going to write for Doctor Who, features two of the BEST and WORST things of his writing - that I singled out in a video I made that got really popular - shoehorned into each other! Like... Is he calling me OUT?!? Are you watching this NOW, STEVEN?"
  • In his video "Speedrunning Is Awesome, And Here's Why" Harris goes on a rather hilarious tangent about Donkey Kong 64
    Harris: "Now [Playing and completing the levels] it just feels like time consuming busy work. Lots of this was completely unnecessary from a design standpoint-you could design a game with collectibles only one character could reach in the first place instead of most of the time just having them hang out there faded out reminding you you'll have to come back here again with another character, and running back to the barrel that changes characters because you need to pick something else up is awful. Running back to previously completed levels because you finally have the characters you needed to pick up those bananas you'd already walked past eight times is a more painful tragedy than Titus Andronicus. I'd cut off my hand and send it to Emperor Saturninus if it meant I could have just picked up that banana four hours ago with Daddy Kong instead of Yankle Kong. I can feel my cells dividing as my precious existence rushes towards its finite end with noting in the world to beguile my sorrow but the sweet siren song of OH BANANA. Donkey Kong 64 is an existential crisis in the form of a video game cartridge. I'm actually more aware of the futility of my existence after going back and playing this."
  • In "Weighing the Value of Director's Cuts", he shows off the "contract" he had to sign before Shannon Strucci would agree to work on it with him, and the first and only clause shown is that while she knows that it'll be impossible to stop him from talking about how much he likes the Star Wars prequels completely, he has to at least limit it a lot, because she has a reputation to uphold.
  • Harry does an entire 2 hour video essay about the brilliance of Pathologic. He brings up how it turns many assumptions we have about how games should play on their heads in order to create an atmosphere of impending death and a sense of hopelessness. He brings up the many interesting and genuinely thoughtful ideas that this game, and only this game, can bring up and how morally grey any of the protagonists actions are in order to ask questions we may have never thought to ask. He then recommends you never play it and to instead get Pathologic 2.
    • Also, everything he has to say about what a jackass the Bachelor is, while also being delighted by him.
    • "How do you cure the plague? You can't! Fuck you! DON'T CATCH THE PLAGUE, SHITHEAD!"
    • "Daniil Dankovsky's Fun Steppe Vacation was the tutorial for Artemy Burakh's Tormentous Nightmare!"
    • When getting to the game's endings, he dismisses the Changeling's storyline as likely not being very important. Then later, Harry gets completely blindsided by the Changeling's "of course I knew that, didn't you?" response to being told that the game world isn't real, complete with Dark Souls boss music as he wondered what kind of shit she experienced during her storyline.
      Harris: Hey, Changeling, you've been weird and talking about how transcendent and special you are this whole time, but did you know this was all just a game played by children? (Sees that she did) Wait, WHAT?! She knows?! SHE KNOWS?! HOW LONG HAS SHE KNOWN?! WHAT THE FUCK WAS HAPPENING IN THE CHANGELING'S STORY?!
  • The positive-sounding but rapidly-damning rant about the Lockheed U-2 spyplane in Flat Earth: A Measured Response:
    "You might remember the U-2 for:
    Its operating height of 70,000 feet (almost three times the height of a commercial aircraft)!
    Violating international law numerous times!
    Getting caught violating international law numerous times and it turned out it wasn't very good at spying!
    Getting shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960!
    Getting shot down in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and contributing to the Cold War nearly escalating into full-scale nuclear war!
    Luckily the US government gave up on illegally spying on other nations with a shit plane they can see in 197- sorry, 198...wait, hang on...(typing) THEY'RE STILL USING IT!"
    • Also, his fake-out ending.
      Chapter 7: Why Do People Believe Things That Are Obviously Wrong?
      Harris: Because they're stupid. Bye! (slips into the tone of a Youtuber doing the paid promotion for their sponsor) Would you like to build a beautiful website easily? [the word "Squarespace", partway through fading into view, is replaced with "Youtube Tutorials"] Good! So would I!
      video resumes as normal
    • Harry travels to the home of Abby of Philosophy Tube to ask her what philosophers think of people who think the Earth is flat... Only to find her sitting on the floor in a tank top, pouring HP sauce all over her face. They stare at eachother for an uncomfortably long moment, before Harry awkwardly says he'll just reference one of her videos, then flees in terror, while she continues pouring sauce all over herself.
  • Throughout the Ctrl+Alt+Del Serious Lore Analysis video, Harris slips into the role of Hareton Splimby, a caricature of a pretentious art critic, and jokingly analyzes the titular webcomic as if it were a genuine artistic masterpiece. This culminates in the unveiling of the comic's most (in)famous strip, "Loss" (which he calls "the most well-known page of a comic in history"), printed on a giant canvas while dramatic music plays.
    "Hareton Splimby": When asked by a noted art scholar the appropriate distance from which to stand when viewing his magnum opus, Tim Buckley famously replied 'What? Fuck you!' and banned me from his forum.
  • The Stinger of Bill Nye VS Pseudoscience (Part Two!), which is an outtake from the intro.
    Harris: (taking a long slurp of a drink) Ahhh! It's good to be back!
    (just behind him, a prop skeleton immediately and loudly collapses)
    Harris: Aw, fuck!
  • Harris's mental breakdown upon digging up Gex in the Yooka-Laylee video.
    Harris: I'm gonna need an explanation for this. We can't...we can't go on like this. This is...this is madness.
    Harris: (chugs from a can) And what the fuck does "It's tail time" mean?! What the fuck does it mean? Does the lizard fuck, Rob Cohen, lead writer of Gex: Enter the Fucking Gecko? Does the lizard fuck?! Why would you do this, Robert?! WHY WOULD YOU DO TH-
    cut off by opening credits
  • His two and half hour long essay on RWBY contains some gems:
    • Harris' reaction to just having the normal intro:
      Harris: Oh do we not have a cool animated intro for this video? It's about an anime, it would've been kind of cool. Are we just going with the standard one? I mean it's fine, it's a bit underwhelming.
    • His reaction to the late intro:
      Harris: Wait is that—Is an intro playing now? Hasn't it been twenty minutes?
    • Harris's failed attempt at machinima as a kid.
      Harris: How many people could make something half as good as this with what amounts to a microphone and a copy of Halo? I certainly couldn't, and I know because I tried and I'm so glad no one saw that. I was saved by not knowing how to upload videos when I was twelve. YouTube would simply not accept my Windows Movie Maker file.
    • Harris paraphrasing the reason that the magical substance in RWBY is called "Dust".
      Harris: It's called "dust" because we, like, came from dust, man!
    • Harris notes that Raven's theme sounds suspiciously like a slightly sped-up, synthesized version of the end credits theme from Godzilla (2014), causing him to quip that "They found the bones of the Godzilla soundtrack, and they rebuilt him into... MIDI-Godzilla!" while showing a picture of Mechagodzilla with a MIDI keyboard in place of its head.
    • Harris telling the audience how he knows about a reference.
      Harris: And the convenience store scene even references Pulp Fiction when one of robbers they don't know about comes out of the bathroom and surprises them. Which happens literally three times in Pulp Fiction. I'm pretty sure this is a reference, and I should know, I had a lot of long arguments on long deleted fan forums about whether this counts. And let me just say to mazinkiserX if you're still out there, I have a YouTube channel now, so fuck you, you little philistine! I win!
    • The intro to the "Anime Homework" segment.
      Harris: So in the name of science, let's punch this plate of spaghetti in order to reverse engineer it down to its component ingredients and find out what really going on here. It's a reference, but I'm also making a clever metaphor for analysis. [Calmly] DORARARA!
    • Harris's desperate attempts to validate the amount of time he sunk into Bleach.
      Harris: This also happens in Bleach, but you know in a way that it seems really awesome and you chose to watch it instead of all the other Shōnen at the time, and it crushes your hopes and dreams.
    • In one of the show's many instances of clunky exposition, the Tournament Arc in Volume 3 features a scene in which two hosts explain the basic rules of the tournament to the audience in the middle of an ongoing fight. Harris wastes no time in demonstrating how ridiculous this sort of commentary would be if applied to a real-life sports broadcast.
      Harris: (over footage of a golf game with heavy metal music playing in the background) If you're just joining us, the objective of golf is to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. Points are tabulated by the amount of strokes under par, and remember, it's the lowest score that wins — oh, it appears Jimmy has finished the course while I was talking.
    • Having just finished an entire fifteen-minute segment of the video criticizing the show's clumsy handling of racism, Harris moves on to talk about Volume 3, where, in his opinion, the story finally starts to get good — only to freak out when a black character named Flynt Coal (who looks and acts like a stereotypical jazz musician) is introduced.
      Harris: In one of the fights, Yang and Weiss fight against Neon Katt, a faunus character inspired by Nyan Cat, and Flynt Coal, the son of a dust store owner who Weiss's famil- wait ... "Flynt Coal"? This is, like, the second black character in the show and his name is Flynt Coal? OH NOOOOOOO!
  • Harris causing "a diplomatic incident" after eliminating Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during a stream of Among Us.
    AOC: I'm trying to be more observant.
    (Harris immediately kills her)
    AOC: (gasps) After everything we've been through!
  • "Fallout: New Vegas is Genius, and Here's Why":
    • The intro.
      Harris: The first two Fallouts are two of the best games ever: two of the most engaging worlds and stories ever crafted for players to explore. So the developer went bankrupt.
      Interplay logo pops onto the screen, falls to the ground and explodes
      Harris: The Fallout intellectual property was then sold to Bethesda. There were those who had minor problems with the direction they took the series...
      (clip of Harris screaming from "Fallout 3 is Garbage, and Here's Why")
      Harris: ...but if you shoot a guy just right, his guts go everywhere, so overall the game did very well. A lot of people liked Fallout 3! ...Then again, a lot of people liked Clerks II, so humans aren't really viable as a species.
    • "It's not just a game, it's a game design doctor, and it's here to put on a clinic!" [Beat] "I didn't write that line, it just appeared in the script—"
    • Harris realises he perhaps should have put a little more thought into the script:
      Harris: Actual quote from Gonzales's LinkedIn: "I was the lead story guy on Fallout: New Vegas. Thank you, God." No, John. Thank you. [Beat] Wait, did I just imply I'm God?
    • The Medicine skill.
      Harris: What other game lets you do therapy at a cannibal chef until he has a breakdown and quits his job?
    • When dealing with the series's sense of humour:
      Player Character: How did you survive?
      Harold: Didn't. Got killed. (laughs)
      Harris: This is one of the most important conversations in the canon of Fallout—
    • "Hbomb's three-hour rant about the STALKER series has been forcibly excised. - Intern Rachel"
    • That was helpful, Harris.
      Harris: Imagine four programmers on the edge of a cliff. Game design works the same way.
    • While describing the goals and motivations of the various power players in New Vegas, Harris slips in a Take That!:
      Harris: Mr. House is a libertarian, so he wants to lower the age of consen— Wants to turn New Vegas into a proper free economic zone.
    • All of the back-and-forth ass-covering about assassinating the President of the NCR.
    • This bit:
      Harris: This is an actual, salient criticism of liberal democracy. Say what you will about fascist autocracy, but at least it means a bunch of ignorant people can't accidentally vote in a moron and completely destroy their society. Instead, you have one strong, charismatic leader destroying your society


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