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Fire Emblem is home to many woobies due to being a game about war.

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    Archanea Era 
  • Marth is driven from his homeland and separated from his sister at the tender age of 14, learns his father has been betrayed and killed by a longtime ally, is forced to leave one of his companions for dead, learns his mother was killed shortly after his homeland was conquered, is betrayed by a longtime ally of his, and nearly loses his sister again to Demonic Possession.
  • Katarina was raised as a Tyke Bomb by an abusive matriarch, and is forced to betray the first people to show her kindness. She gets better after the Avatar convinces her to turn face.
  • Prior to the events of Shadow Dragon, Nyna's kingdom is conquered by Dolhr and the entire royal family save her executed. Nyna only survives thanks to the intervention of Camus, a general of Grust, a nation allied to Dolhr. Nyna falls in love with Camus and attempts to sway him into defecting, but his knightly honor prevents him from betraying his country and he is presumed killed in battle shortly afterward. After the events of Shadow Dragon, Nyna is forced into a political marriage with the Aurelian prince Hardin in order to place a king on Archanea's throne. After Hardin is corrupted by the evil sorcerer Gharnef, he offers Nyna to Gharnef to be used as a ritual sacrifice to resurrect Medeus. Nyna is thus brainwashed and forced to fight Marth. Camus, having survived and taken the assumed name Sirius, brings her to her senses, but vanishes shortly afterward to return to Valentia and live with his new lover Tatiana. Nyna finally breaks down, abdicates her throne to Marth, and vanishes, never to be seen again.
  • Throughout the events of Shadow Dragon, Hardin suffers from deeply-hidden jealousy of Marth, who was chosen as the champion who would save the world. He also falls in love with Princess Nyna of Archanea, but she does not reciprocate due to her unrequited love for Camus. After the events of Shadow Dragon, Nyna offers her hand to Hardin in marriage in order to place him on the throne of Archanea. Hardin gleefully accepts, but soon falls into despair when he realizes Nyna never loved him. The evil sorcerer Gharnef takes advantage of his despair to give him the Darksphere, which corrupts him into a tyrannical despotic emperor. Under the Darksphere's influence, Hardin offers Nyna as a sacrifice to resurrect the evil dragon Medeus and starts a world war that causes the deaths of countless innocent lives. When Marth defeats him in battle, Hardin comes back to his senses, but can only lament in horror at all of the sufferings he caused and reaffirm his love for Nyna before succumbing to his wounds and dying in Marth's arms.

    Jugdral Era 

    Elibe Era 
  • Lucius's father was murdered by a mercenary when he was young, and his mother later died of illness shortly after. This resulted in him being put in an orphanage where he was bullied for his feminine appearance. He later served as a retainer of House Cornwell, although the Marquess and his wife were assassinated, driving their son and Lucius's closest friend, Raymond, to be driven by madness. While Lucius does earn a happy ending of either opening up his own orphanage or travelling the continent with Raven, The Binding Blade indicates that the owner of the Araphen orphanage has been killed by invaders...
  • Nino. Her family was murdered by Sonia, and was taken in by her only because Nergal thought she could be some use to them. She would then grew up being neglected and verbally abused by Sonia, not even learning how to read. Even after recruiting her and training her up, she still inevitably witnesses the deaths of her step-family that she loved dearly.
  • Legault is a deserter of the Black Fang, he's also a liar and trolls the people he supports with to cover up his issues of losing the friends that he knew for years. The reason for him abandoning the Fang was because he was forced to kill a companion against his own will. And just like Nino above, he will watch his friends that he knew so fondly die, which can be at his own hands too if the player chooses to.
  • Lyn was conceived by Madelyn and Hassan after the former refused to court Marquess Araphen. Her entire tribe would then be slaughtered by Taliver bandits months prior to the beginning of the story. She travels to Caelin after learning about her Lycian to save her grandfather, who was poisoned by his brother. She does get a chance to meet Marquess Araphen, but he is revealed to be racist towards Sacaeans. Regardless of whether you give Lyn a paired ending or not, her grandfather would later pass away anyway, presumably from natural causes this time.
  • Ninian and Nils spend the majority of the story being pursued by the Black Fang and Nergal. As it turns out, they're Really 700 Years Old Half-Human Hybrids forcefully pulled out of the Dragon's Gate and stripped of their powers by Nergal. Their father abandoned them at a shrine to search for their mother, but never returned. Ninian in particular, falls in love with Eliwood (which can be reciprocated depending if you support them or not), but is pulled back by her heritage. She is later accidentally killed by him, and even if she is resurrected by Bramimond, she either leaves forever through the Dragon's Gate or live happily with Eliwood at the cost of having a shorter lifespan. If the latter is achieved, then Nils would leave through the Dragon's Gate alone, never to see his sister and all the friends he got to knew again. And forgot to mention, after completing certain side chapters in Hector Mode, it's later revealed that Nergal is their father. Nils will even shed tears upon his death, although he wouldn't know why.
  • Eliwood goes out to search for his disappeared father, but never did he ever thought said mission would involve his father dying in his arms after all his efforts of finding him, and accidentally killing the girl he loves. (Even if Eliwood is paired up with someone else, Ninian always falls in love with him.)
  • While he doesn't express sadness as openly as Lyn and Eliwood, Hector's parents passed away from illness, leaving his older brother, Uther to take care of him. His brother would then contract the same illness that took his parents and his death was kept as a secret to him. Once he figured it out of his brother's death, he was more than angry at Oswin for not telling him what was happening.
  • Priscilla barely has any chances of having people in her life stay long. It ranges from her separation from her biological family, her brother pretty much abandoning her even after reuniting with him years later, and all of her romantic relations (save for one) ending badly due to her high social status.
  • Kishuna is the only morph created by Nergal capable of having emotions, and is looked down on by him. Renault's conversation with Nergal heavily implies that he is a recreation of his dead friend.

    Magvel Era 

    Tellius Era 

The Woobie

  • Jill Fizzart is a misguided youth of 17 (20 in Radiant Dawn) who starts off hating the Laguz because of the way she was raised in Daein. After having several long talks with both Mist and Lethe of the Crimean Liberation army, she finds out her racism was wrong. She only joined the army to please her father, Commander Shiharam, the only parental figure she knew. As a last-ditch effort to halt the advance of the Crimeans, Shiharam releases the floodgates destroying most of Jill's home of Talrega in a mudslide. After the fight, Jill comes to terms with losing her beloved father. Later on, she meets Commander Haar, one of her father's noble subordinates who proceeds to help her in her time of need. She's an exceedingly sweet girl when she's not being an Innocent Bigot and truly cares about her friends and family. In the second game, she's forced to side with Daein during a war with her former companions caused by the Begnion Senate's blood pact, and it hurts her deeply having to go against Lethe and other Laguz. Mist or Haar can recruit her back but not without tears.

  • Our hero, Ike, who barely remembers his mother, and witnessed his father being stabbed to death in front of him. Especially after watching the memory scene in Radiant Dawn. To wit, he almost went nuts as a child due to seeing his mind-corrupted father brutally murdering his mother and subsequently going on a murderous rampage, to the point he had to have his memory wiped to spare his sanity.
  • Elincia has witnessed her mother and father killed before her eyes by Mad King Ashnard, her uncle seemingly left for dead we later find out he survived but not before being brainwashed into the vicious psychopathic Bertram, and many of her countrymen (including her retainers) imprisoned or massacred. She's constantly on the run from Daein who follow her as far as Crimea goes, her castle has been taken over by Ashnard, she witnesses countless atrocities causing her to take up arms against Ashnard's army in Chapter 26. When everything seems to be alright in the second game, the peace is later disturbed by Duke Ludveck and his supporters causing dissent among the Crimean people who wishes to kill her, usurp her, and nearly kills her beloved adopted sister and retainer Lucia (who is only barely saved by Ike and the Greil Mercenaries returning). She is almost killed by vile Senator Valtome and his men for daring to stop the fighting between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance. Then she witnesses the Goddess she thought was omnipotent and loving committing countless atrocities by turning her men aside from her closest retainers into stone and realizes that the "evil goddess" imprisoned in Lehran's medallion was actually Good All Along, and she leads her group with Tibarn to fight against the Disciples of Order.
  • Soren, who was kidnapped by his father, left for dead, adopted by a woman and sage who didn't love him, and his only friend is Ike. Ouch.
  • Sephiran/Lehran had his entire clan slaughtered, lost his laguz powers from his wife conceiving a Branded child, and had to watch war come to Tellius many a time. This cutie has been so broken, is it any wonder he thinks the beorc and laguz gotta go?

    Fire Emblem Awakening 
  • Pretty much the entire second generation of Awakening qualifies for this, with the likely exception of Morgan. It is revealed through support conversations that their various quirks and personalities are just what they used to survive their Crapsack World of a future. Some even openly admit that their surface actions are just a mask to hide the pain and grief from their comrades.
  • Morgan probably has it better than the other children, due to their origins being such a mystery, but it's still saddening that they don't remember their non-Avatar parent. In their A support with said parent, Morgan breaks down crying when they can't remember their parent. According to their ending, they never even recover their memories, though it's said Morgan doesn't particularly mind.
  • Libra's parents wrongly assumed he was possessed and abandoned him, and he was completely alone until he joined the priesthood. Then all his fellow men of the cloth died against Gangrel's might. His inner pain is so strong it even scares his potential wife Tharja.
  • Virion. We are first introduced to him as a womazining braggart that most characters treat with contempt. Not only do his supports reveal he is one of the nicest guys there is, if only a braggart, but he also was forced to surrender his land of Rosanne to Walhart's conquest because his people were ready to fight Walhart for him but he knew that doing so would send them to certain death, leaving him with the choice of surrendering and running away to live for another day and rally up allies to stop Walhart, or stand his ground and watch his people die. After that reveal, it's hard to not feel for the guy, especially with the harsh comments people can make about him in early supports.

    Fire Emblem Fates 
  • Flora, a Ninja Maid, hasn't led an easy life. Her father ignored her in favor of her sister Felicia, who could use weapons better, and harbors feelings for a man whom she can't even support with. But that's nothing compared to her fate in the Birthright route, where her loyalty to her tribe leads her to backstab her sister and the Avatar, only to regret her decision so much she commits suicide by lighting herself on fire. Thankfully, she suffers less in the Conquest route and the third path.
  • All of the royal siblings can become this when you don't side with them. Each one ends up suffering somehow as a result and it all stems from the fact that the Avatar did not join them.
    • Xander in the Birthright route has to witness the sibling he's loved all his life betray them, and in the most brutal way possible, even calling his father a monster. (They kind of have a point, but it's still harsh.) Then, while forced to fight said sibling, their little sister throws herself in the way, taking a mortal blow, and dies begging the two of them to stop fighting. Is it any wonder his final battle amounts to a Suicide by Cop?
    • Hinoka on the Conquest route. She was easily the most affected by the Avatar's abduction, making it her goal to bring them back even becoming a Sky Knight for that purpose after spending months crying and feeling helpless for their loss. The worst part is that she's obviously suffering a lot of heartbreak of you not joining Hoshido and is easily the most reluctant to fight you similar to Elise. Plus she had to grow up earlier to take care of her younger siblings and toughen up despite being a very sensitive girl. And at the end of the route, she's forced to take a throne she didn't want after both her brothers die in the war.
    • Ryoma is an Iron Woobie on Conquest. He's so deeply hurt by the Avatar's choice that it makes him angry, and it's clear he never developed the coping skills Xander did due to living a more or less charmed life aside from the deaths of all three of his parental figures. And in the chapter where the Avatar crosses blades with him, they lie and claim they killed Hinoka, causing the normally collected Ryoma to completely break down and show hatred towards the Avatar for the first time.
    • Sakura in Conquest is the only sibling who doesn't hold a grudge against the Avatar for choosing Nohr and expresses deep sadness if they fight her in chapter 22. Then, to add salt to the wound, she watches her countrymen die at the hands of Iago and Hans and is taken a prisoner of war. She's so upset she refuses to eat or speak to anyone until the end of the game.
    • Even before they met the Avatar, the Nohr siblings didn't have it easy. Years before the events of the game, they witnessed the deaths of not only their own mothers, but several other women Garon tried to marry as well as their children, and it's heavily implied that they had to kill to survive themselves. This happened when the oldest, Xander, was probably just a preteen.
  • Queen Mikoto has not had a very good life. First, she was the lover of Anankos' good side and had his child, but Anankos eventually left her and their child for their safety and she went on to marry King Sumeragi. Then her husband was killed and her child was taken from her. Shortly after being reunited with said child, she dies protecting them. The assailant? The reanimated corpse of her husband Sumeragi, being controlled by her former lover Anankos.
  • Saizo. He found out who was responsible for the death of his and Kaze's father, and went to go take revenge... which simply resulted in him getting his eye slashed out. Oh, and he never told Kaze about this, so he had to suffer alone about it for years. Then there's the fact that, depending on the route taken, he and Kaze can end up fighting each other, which counts for both of them.
  • The Avatar doesn't have an easy time of it, either. Before the game even starts, they've already witnessed one parent being murdered (as a child of, according to fan calculations, roughly five to six years old) and been kidnapped and raised by an abusive father. Before the route splits, they get to watch their other parent die protecting them, then they get forced into a truly Sadistic Choice of which family to support in a war. Depending on what route is taken, the Avatar can end up losing some of their siblings, some of their friends, and even their spouse to a Plotline Death.

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