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Iron Woobie

  • Final Fantasy IX:
    • Zidane Tribal is the 16-year-old Chivalrous Pervert hero of the group. As the story begins, he falls in love with a princess named Garnet. On the way to Lindblum, Zidane sees the horrible misdeeds of Queen Brahne. As he continues his journey, he witnesses many deaths at the hands of Vivi's race, The Black Mages. By the time Zidane has found out about the true author of the war, his hometown of Lindblum is destroyed and his adopted brother, Blank, is turned to stone by the Evil Forest. When the remaining group of Zidane, Vivi, Dagger (formerly Princess Garnet), and Quina head to the Outer Continent, Zidane discusses his Calling the Old Man Out to Baku, his abusive adoptive father, and how he was looking for his home, with the only clue being a blue light. When Zidane finds out he is an Artificial Human from the neighboring planet of Terra, he falls under Garland's mind spell causing him to reject his friends. It is only after Dagger saves him that he realizes that he was under a mind spell and his resolves grow to stop both Kuja, now revealed to be his brother, and his actual father, Garland. In spite of all this, the kid still manages to keep a smile. When the Iifa Tree threatens to consume the world, and Necron tries to absorb the souls of it, Kuja pulls a last-second redemption and dies in the process, causing even Zidane to feel sorry for him. At the end, when Zidane is thought to be dead, it turns out he survived, and the ending has Queen Garnet embracing him.
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    • Freya Crescent starts off the game as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold dragon knight to the Kingdom of Burmecia. Throughout the game, both her entire hometown (including the women and children) are massacred by Kuja's black mages with only a few survivors. Upon heading to the neighboring settlement of Cleyra, Freya's resolve to protect it grows, especially when the stone creating the sandstorm protecting the village shatters. When the Alexandrian Army and Kuja's mages invade Cleyra, Freya witnesses even more death of innocents from her hometown, and meets her boyfriend Sir Fratley, who sadly doesn't remember her at all. When Brahne summons Odin to destroy Cleyra, Freya is among the few survivors of her hometown and Cleyra both in ruins. After all this, Freya barely keeps it together, having lost everything.

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