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  • Final Fantasy II:
  • Final Fantasy IV:
    • Cecil, the main protagonist. A very kind and compassionate Anti-Villain at the start of the game loses his position as the commander of Baron's Red Wings, his girlfriend ends up nearly comatose looking for him, he watches his friends sacrifice themselves, he is an alien and has to fight the Big Bad who just so happens to be his brother, his adopted father The King of Baron (who he lost trust in at the beginning of the game) turns out was murdered by a minion of the Big Bad, his friend Kain ends up working for the Big Bad, and yet despite all this and the heartbreak he goes through, Cecil is still able to keep smiling and earns his happy ending by marrying Rosa, and having a child named after himself and his brother.
    • Rydia. Your introduction to her is amidst the destruction of her village, crying over her dying mother, whom you inadvertently killed. Then, after losing consciousness, she is taken to a desert town, and watches Cecil, who was unintentionally responsible for this, fight off the guards that are after her. THEN, she travels to Fabul, witnesses several people injured in the attack. En route to Baron by ship, she's swallowed by the Leviathan and taken to the Feymarch, where she is forced to live for years (to her) without any of the supporting figures that she knew. And FINALLY, upon returning she has to watch as some of her friends slowly go off to their apparent deaths, as well as atrocities such as what becomes of Edge's parents. And keep in mind, most of this starts when she's barely SIX!
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    • Edward. He had his entire castle nuked, nearly everyone, including his parents, killed, and his lover dies in his arms after protecting him from the soldiers. This was implied to be mere DAYS before they hoped to marry. And on top of this, the guy isn't even given time to grieve before he agrees to help Cecil acquire a sand-pearl to help Rosa. Finally, he's confronted by the spirit of his lover, watches her move on, telling him to have courage. Subsequently he's horribly injured in the Leviathan Shipwreck, and washes ashore near Troia. When the party finds him, he saves them from the Dark Elf with the whisperweed, which leads his would-be Father-In-Law Tellah to finally accept him. And then Tellah dies fighting Golbez.
  • Final Fantasy V:
    • Bartz may be one of the more cheerful protagonists but he is really hiding a lot of emotional trauma. His mother died when he was very young, and his father sacrificed himself to save his world. Throughout the game, Bartz sees terrible things happen to people he cares about, including his own hometown Lix sucked into Void Between the Worlds. After that, he's utterly broken and vows vengeance on Exdeath.
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    • Gilgamesh is an unlikely Woobie, who despite being an enemy, becomes progressively more lovable and sensitive (as well as an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain) as the story progresses, culminating in the complete respect and sympathy he demands after his Heel–Face Turn Heroic Sacrifice to save his enemies.
    • Krile is a fourteen-year-old orphan who nearly loses her beloved wind drake and does lose Galuf, her only living relative, to Exdeath. Then she has to take his place immediately to defeat the enemy that just killed him after begging him not to die. In the end, she's left feeling lonely because her fellow Light Warriors have their own lives to lead—thankfully they come to cheer her up. The poor kid really needs a hug.
    • Before both of them, we have Lenna. Losing her father, her mother, and her wind drake: walking across poisonous plants to try and save it. And when she finds her long-lost sister in Faris, Faris initially denies it. By the end of the game, Faris is her only relative still living.
  • Final Fantasy VI:
    • Terra's first memories are being brainwashed by the empire to kill people. Feared by people both because she worked for the empire and because she knows magic, she questions her ability to feel love. She finds that she is half "esper" and that her people are being tortured to provide the empire with magic, at which point she goes crazy and flies into the sky as a flaming purple banshee. Shortly after that, every esper apart from herself is brutally killed by Kefka, leaving her as The Last Of Her Kind shortly before the apocalypse.
    • Celes Chere can lose "Grandfather Cid" on the Solitary Island, which then precedes to attempt to kill herself, with Sparkling Stream of Tears. She struggles with her loneliness throughout the game—it's implied that until she joined the Returners, she never had any real friends or family. But she becomes sort of the main protagonist of the World of Ruin and helps Setzer in his "Woobie moment".
    • Locke. A good hearted "treasure hunter" with a tragic backstory. He used to date this girl named Rachel and they went on adventures together. On one of their adventures, just as Locke was about to propose, she saves his life and falls, gaining a concussion and amnesia. When she awakens, she doesn't even remember Locke. Locke is then thrown out of her house by her father, and Rachel says she never wants to see him again. Then he meets Celes who reminds him of Rachel only to watch her nearly get killed by Ultros. Later he's a lone wolf thief in the World of Ruin having pretty much lost everything that matters to him. It's only through the Power of Friendship, that Locke is able to rejoin Celes. Poor guy...
  • Final Fantasy VII:
    • Aerith. An adorable flower girl who just wants to be happy with her adopted mother, but, since she's the offspring of a forgotten race, is constantly being pursued by Shinra's top agents, is at one point captured by them and (almost) forced to 'mate' with a wolf-creature (albeit an awesome wolf creature, but still, furry and four-legged). Oh yes, and then Sephiroth kills her.
    • Said awesome wolf creature, Red XIII aka Nanaki, had lots of shit happen to him too. His mom was dead, his father was Taken for Granite and he didn't know it for years, then was captured and used in experiments, and by the time we found him he was pretty much the Last of His Kind. And then we have the Tear Jerker of a scene in which he learns what his Disappeared Dad was not the Dirty Coward he always thought...
    • No love for Cloud? Sure, he started out as a Jerkass, but that's actually because his true personality is merged with his late best friend Zack's due to the Mako that Hojo has injected in him. He's has a rough childhood and ended up as a regular infantry man after being rejected by SOLDIER, then got experimented on for five years. This especially takes effect in Advent Children, where Cloud spends most of his time lamenting over his failures before finally getting better to defeat Sephiroth and his Remnants.
    • Tifa certainly counts. She loses her mother at a young age, and then almost dies herself when she tries to follow her soul into the dangerous Nibel mountain range. Then her father is murdered in front of her by Sephiroth, she's stabbed by Sephiroth herself and almost dies, and her beloved hometown is burned to the ground in front of her very eyes. And this is all before the game actually begins. Tifa then has to try and coax her childhood friend and crush out of his Mako induced stupor, and then she has to spend the first half of the game worrying about Cloud because his personality has clearly become merged with Zack's own. Then she loses Aerith, who at that point is a very close friend of hers, and then Cloud falls into the Lifestream and becomes comatose...
    • Jessie. Her few scenes show that she's clearly carrying a torch for Cloud and desperately wants his approval, but the most she gets, if the player so chooses, is slightly less abrasive replies than he'd give otherwise. Even when she apologizes for her fake IDs setting off Shinra's security systems on the train (because she'd put extra effort into Cloud's, making the others in more of a rush), Cloud doesn't even reply. It's one of the last times she ever speaks to him before her death when Sector 7 is destroyed.
  • Final Fantasy VIII:
    • Almost everyone in Final Fantasy VIII could qualify due to them being orphans, but there are some examples that especially count.
    • Squall. Like Cloud, he started out as a Jerkass but also like Cloud, he has a very good reason for doing so. His birth mother died at childbirth, and his father didn't even know he had kids aside from Ellone, because he was kidnapped by Esthar to be their leader, meaning he grew up as an orphan. His only support was Ellone, his big sister and disappeared shortly after they were adopted by Cid and Edea Kramer. Unlike many of the other heroes, Squall was never adopted and as such, was raised by the military. This gave him a very gray outlook on life and made him very cynical. Everyone thrusts the world's safety on his shoulders when he's pretty emotionally messed up and as such, ends up being quite abrasive to his companions. It's also implied he's only abrasive because he doesn't want to be hurt by the loss of a friend like he was with Ellone. He also blames himself for his friends almost dying to the exploding missle base. They survived, but imagine the self loathing Squall would feel if they didn't... But since he had not childhood, basically being raised by the military, it's understandable why.
    • Quistis, who had a crush on her student, Squall (which was later found out to be merely a brother/sister relationship) was told by the Garden Faculty that she failed as an instructor and was fired, and made a regular SeeD. When she tries to get support from Squall, he immediately shuts her down and acts like he doesn't care. Granted, it's revealed he does care, but acts like he doesn't to avoid being hurt. She was originally going to be adopted, but it didn't work out, and because of this, became a student of Balamb Garden at 5, then became a SeeD at 15. She's also potentially one of the characters who could be "sacrificed" at the Galbadian Missle base, which is a lot for her to go through.
    • Irvine could count being a genuinely Nice Guy who is the only person who remembers the party's childhood at the orphanage, and remembers that Sorceress Edea, the person they are supposed to assassinate, is in fact their adopted mother and the matron of the orphanage. Because of this, he acts all cocky and tries to be a womanizer to hide his fear and self-loathing at not being able to spit it out to the others that they were orphans together raised by Cid and Edea. Quistis says it's because the SeeDs used Guardian Forces. Irvine was one of the lucky ones to be adopted, but he was raised in Galbadia, and never met the party until the end of Disc One, meaning he couldn't tell them they were all orphans raised in the same orphanage.
    • Seifer is a Jerkass Woobie. Like Squall and Quistis, he was never adopted and unlike those two he's been failing the SeeD exam for at least 3 years. The other SeeDs (particulary Xu) show him No Sympathy, and say he'll never be a SeeD. It's also revealed his only friends were Raijin and Fujin, and the reason he acts like a Jerk Jock is because he wants friends. He's also shown to have much potential which was only recognized by Quistis, who pitied him. After attacking the president of Galbadia, it's implied he's been executed and the party, despite not liking him very much, feels bad for him. Turns out, he was mind controlled by the sorceress, and because of this, kicks the dog on several occasions. As bad as he can be, you can't help but feel some sympathy for him.
  • Final Fantasy IX:
    • Vivi. The way he trips and falls, how everyone is out to get him because they think he's a soulless monster when he's really just the woobiest thing on the surface of Gaia. Insecurity and adorableness all in one little package, complete with sad glowing eyes and a mispointed pointy hat. Comes to a head when he finds out that he's the prototype to a lesser version of an Artificial Human, and he doesn't know just how long he has to live. The ending heavily suggests that he had less than a year as of when he found out.
    • Princess Garnet, or Dagger, had her father die when she was young, her mom go bat-shit insane and try to take over the world, is hunted down when she tried to tell her "uncle" about her mother's genocidal tendencies, had her magic ripped out of her by two freaky clown guys, is sentenced to death by her mom after she is seen as having no more use, had the stolen magic used by her mom to kill countless innocent people, and then watches her pathetic mom die at her feet. This is all before she finds out that she wasn't the queen's real daughter and her real mother had also died getting her to safety. Eventually, this gets too much for her, she has a nervous breakdown and goes mute.
    • Also Freya, who loses everything she has during the first half of the game. Everything.
    • Zidane. He spends the majority of his life trying to find a place where he belongs, being that he had dreams about Terra and all. When he doesn't find it, he returns to his adopted father Baku. Just like Tidus, Zidane is welcomed back with a punch from Baku. When he finds out he is not from Gaia and realizes he was created to be Garland's puppet, he has a breakdown rejecting his friends and all. The whole game for him, he's basically a Stepford Smiler.
    • Eiko is the sole survivor of the summoner tribe aside from Garnet, making her an orphan with only moogles to look after her. She's an adorably cute six year old girl who has no family aside from the aforementioned moogles. As her quote in the game suggests, she doesn't want to be alone anymore and is overjoyed at Zidane coming to her home. In the third disc, her love letter to Zidane is misplaced, she's kidnapped by Zorn and Thorn (who are now working for Kuja), loses her guardian Mog, and finds out Zidane loves Garnet more. After all this she gets her happy ending when Regent Cid adopts her.
    • Even the eventual true Big Bad himself Kuja could qualify, though he's probably a Jerkass Woobie. He's a product of an assimilation plot started by the Terrans and while he did have a good life, Zidane and Mikoto came along, and were to replace him, meaning he'd end up having to give up his soul just because Garland didn't think he deserved to live after better prototypes were made. And he does eventually redeem himself by teleporting the heroes out of the Hill of Despair, using the last of his strength. With all this, can you blame his selfish outlook on life and eventual Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum? Even Zidane and Vivi felt sorry for him by the end.
  • Final Fantasy X:
    • Tidus may be cheerful but he is actually going through a horrible life. He is an orphan whose father verbally abused him. Growing as a teenager, his city was attacked by a monster and Tidus was transported to another world. He learns that there is no way for him to come back home across his journey but at least he makes friends, right? It gets worse, his love interest intends to sacrifice herself to destroy the monster who doomed Tidus, who happens to be Tidus' dad. Intending to save his love interest, Tidus learns another way to kill his father but without sacrificing others. However, at the same time he learns he was never real to begin with and going through this road he would stop existing... He still does it. Poor guy. Tidus does come back in X-2, but as of the Eternal Calm, he's broken up with Yuna leaving yet another sad ending.
      • It's not just his father who was abusive. Tidus' mother was at the very least extremely neglectful if the flashbacks are anything to go by. When his father died that is, became Sin, his mother lost the will to live and left her then seven year old son with no one but Auron to look after him. Ouch.
    • Yuna. At the beginning of the game, she appears like The Heart and a basic White Magician Girl. Later we learn that her Al Bhed mother was killed when she was barely old enough to remember; this pushed her father to become a Summoner, which resulted in his demise. After growing up in Besaid, she sets out to follow in her fathers footsteps, with absolute resolve. Then she meets Tidus, and begins to fall in love, which she admits is making the journey extremely difficult to continue. She's later kidnapped by an undead man, forced to marry him, learns her whole faith is a lie, branded a traitor by said faith, and learns that her sacrifice would have been a pointless one. There seems to be hope that Sin can be defeated without anyone dying. Then Tidus starts to fade away. Someone give her a hug.
    • She spends the majority of X-2 looking for Tidus in the hopes that he will someday come back. When it seems hopeless, she finds a sphere of what appears to be Tidus actually Shuyin, who Tidus was presumably based off of and gains hope. Though it turns out not to be who she was looking for, she still presses on and ends up reunited with Tidus at the end. As of FFX The Eternal Calm though, for some unknown reason, he broke up with her and both their tales end in tragedy.
    • Lulu and Wakka, to a lesser extent. Though talking to them on the SS Winno reveals both lost their parents at a young age, Wakka couldn't even remember his father and mother, and Lulu barely remembers her parents. Throughout the whole journey, they have to cope with the fact that they are (in essence) leading their surrogate little sister to her death, they both lost Chappu - Lulu lost her First Love, Wakka his little brother - and they're both failure knights; Lulu's first summoner died because she wasn't powerful enough, Wakka's first summoner (also Lulu's second) quit because he wasn't focused enough on the journey. They both lose Tidus (both of them having formed a bond with him similar to their bond with Yuna) at the end. Makes you wonder if Wakka's cheerful disposition is really a coping mechanism for what he was going through.
    • Rikku could also qualify. Despite being incredibly upbeat and keeping the party's energy up, she's one of the persecuted Al Bhed, has had to watch her brother and father blow up her Home, and her cousin almost sacrifice herself. At times it looks like she's just holding back the tears. Especially when her Home is attacked by fiends and her friends slaughtered before her eyes.
    • Auron is an example of an Iron Woobie. He doesn't say much but that's because he witnessed his two closest friends (Jecht and Braska) give their lives to protect Spira after growing to like both of them so much. And it's a senseless sacrifice too! Jecht leaves Auron with one last task: to ensure the next generation fulfills their duty and defeats Sin. Seeking revenge for his fallen friends (one who is now Sin), Auron attempts to attack Yunalesca, but is promptly killed by her. He makes it back down Mt. Gagazet only to meet up with Kimahri and tell him to look after Yuna. Auron makes it to Zanarkand by riding Sin, but realizes he'll be leading both the daughter and son of his two best friends to their deaths. Auron feels so much guilt for all this that he barely talks, only telling the others to hurry up. It's only with Tidus' sacrifice that Auron is finally able to help destroy Yu Yevon and make everything right so he can rest in peace. Even Sora admitted Auron had a rough life.
    • And on the villains side, we have Jerkass Woobie Seymour Guado. Yeah, he's an Obviously Evil dick with a lust for death, but his mother killed herself to become a fayth, his father was at the very least distant which left him very emotionally stunted. Then the woman he loved didn't even love him back. Though to be fair, he was mainly using her. Even so, you can't help but feel bad for the guy when Yuna finally sends him, regardless of how vile he was.
  • Final Fantasy XII: Oh Larsa, you poor, poor thing. First, he gives a pretty trinket to a girl he seems to have a crush on, which turns out to be nethicite, which could have possessed or killed her. Then, his brother kills his father, and becomes a bloodthirsty dictator in search of power. This means Larsa to help kill his own brother for the greater good. Near the end of the story, while the other character are looking towards the sky in hopeful poses, Larsa is inside in the dark crying over Gabranth's nearly-dead body.
  • Final Fantasy XIII:
    • Vanille. Tear Jerker Woobie. An exceedingly sweet girl who failed to be courageous when it mattered most. Results in pain, suffering, and fear for her friends and pretty much the world. Feeling her guilt, she carries a death wish for most of the whole game. And she's the cheeriest character of the cast.
    • Serah. Distressed Damsel Woobie. A quintessential cutie who just wants to get married and be happy for the rest of her life. But her older sister Lightning hates the fiance (Snow). She gets cursed into becoming one of her people's mortal enemies, and eventually her curse turns her into a Waterford decoration.
    • Hope. Teenaged Woobie. Mother dies in chapter 1. Wants revenge on the person responsible, who is really a nice guy and only wants to help the boy. Come on, the kid's also only fourteen.
    • Snow. Unlikely Woobie. A compassionate, upbeat guy. Then his girlfriend Serah becomes an enemy of the state against her will. Future sister-in-law hates him. Can't save fiance from turning to crystal. Feels horrible that he's inadvertently responsible for Hope's mother dying.
    • Sazh. Heavyweight Woobie. A kind and often humorous man whose son gets frozen in crystal. Finds out that the one responsible is the adorable Vanille whom he has grown quite fond of. She in turn feels so awful about it that she just stands there forlornly waiting for him to pull the trigger on her. Very nearly ends up shooting himself shortly afterward.
    • Lightning. Lost her parents at fifteen, and had to take an unwilling Promotion to Parent to look after Serah. Feels that she's become distanced from Serah, made even worse by her becoming a l'Cie. Watches her little sister get turned into a crystal. Later feels horrible for not being there for her, and is terrified of losing her forever (hence her animosity towards Snow).
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2:
    • Serah. The previous game's happy ending is erased because Lightning is erased from history, but Serah still remembers, leaving her emotionally distressed; Snow disappears to look for Lightning, leaving Serah alone with no word for two whole years. She's reminded by Alyssa of The Purge, which she still feels extreme guilt over. Near the end of her journey, Serah learns that she will die if they resolve the final paradox. She does it anyway. After this, she tries to console Lightning, but breaks from this to beg Lightning not to forget her. Ouch.
    • Noel. The Last of His Kind, who wondered the wasteland left behind, before finally being taken to Valhalla. As he journeys with Serah, he finds his memories are changing and/or simply disappearing, implying that as they fix the timeline, he is being erased from existence. At the very end, Serah dies in his arms, and he realises that the imminent Time Crash is all his fault.
    • Mog. His Character Development reveals that he has never had a home; wherever he came from, he can't remember it exactly, just how it felt. He was abandoned in Valhalla, where his weakness made him undesirable to every challenger he lost to (which would normally mean servitude; he was really that weak), except for Lightning, who took him in. He gets a chance at maybe getting back to his home, but gives it up because he promised he'd stay with Serah and Noel. Yes, even the moogle.
    • Lightning. After the previous game's ending, she is written out of history and denied her reunion with Serah. She eventually finds Etro's Throne, and realises that she has to fight, and that this means she'll most likely never get home. She learns of Serah's death, has a brief reunion with her spirit, and turns herself into a crystal to fulfill her final promise to never forget Serah.
    • Hope. After losing his mother, Vanille and Fang during the previous game (and Lightning, due to history altering itself), his remaining friends all disappear one by one (Snow to look for Lightning, Sazh and Dajh into a paradox, and Serah with Noel), and grows up alone as the Academy's leader.
    • Alyssa. She has frequent nightmares of her dying during The Purge, and makes reference to her best friend, who did die. Later it's revealed she sabotaged Serah and Noel because she actually did die in The Purge; she's only alive due to a paradox. Later, in Academia 4XX -AF-, you'll find she's disappeared. That's right, you resolved the paradox keeping her alive. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.
    • Yeul. All of them. The same face, the same powers, but a completely different girl each time. All doomed to die at a young age (between fourteen and eighteen, roughly) because of visions they can't control. The worst part? They all show mutual acceptance of this. And then there's the one who got transformed into a Ruby of Despair because she used her powers to try and save people...
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII with practically every person in the world, the only Hope Spot is, that the game ends on a happier note than the previous two.
    • Lightning gets awakened thirteen days before the world ends by Bhunivelze and is given the task of saving souls. Her emotions have been stripped of her, making it difficult for her to even feel emotion when she gets to see her sister's ghost talking to her; her friends' reactions differ from wanting to kill her or thinking she's an imposter. And at the end of the game, she learns that Bhunivelze never found Serah's soul, but was merely showing her a fake image; Lightning also decides to take over Etro's role as the goddess of death and rebirth, which would separate her from her friends and family forever.
    • Hope intended to lead the people into this new chaotic world they were in, alongside Noel and Snow, but ended up kidnapped and was tortured for 169 years by Bhunivelze, before his soul was locked deep inside his body, while Bhunivelze was using him as a marionette to observe Lightning's task in the world. Oh, and Hope's role as the observer is fulfilled on the final day, so his soul disappears.
    • Snow becomes the Patron of Yusnaan, never forgiving himself for letting Serah die and still mourning her. And speaking of Yusnaan, Snow is absorbing chaos that leaks into the city, to keep people save, but it advances his still-active l'Cie brand and he actually turns into Cie'th.
    • Noel has been blaming himself for Serah's death and for practically causing chaos to swarm over the world, to the point that he's locked himself into the slums of Luxerion. He also keeps watching a future vision in the Oracle Drive, which tells him that, if he kills Lightning, he'll be reunited with Yeul, making him become obsessed with that vision and telling a fanatic group of people, who swarm around him, to look for rose-haired women, so he can fulfill the vision. Only, the fanatics are taking his words a little too far.
    • Vanille still can't catch a break. She awoke thirteen years before Lightning, alongside Fang, but now obtained the ability to hear the voices of the dead in the chaos. The Order has taken her in and made her their priestess because of this ability, manipulating her into using the Soulsong, which will not do what Vanille thinks it does and likely kill her, too.
    • Sazh has hidden himself into a far-away piece of land with his unconscious son, Dajh, whose soul has been shattered and Sazh is out looking for them, to awaken his son. And he's been trying that for the past 500 years and still hasn't managed it.
    • Lumina is actually Lightning's emotions and weakness that were locked away for so long, she split off entirely. All Lumina wants, is for Lightning to accept her again, to admit that she has weaknesses and is horrified when Lightning refuses, up to the final day, where Lumina breaks down in tears, knowing that she'll disappear and be destroyed, if Lightning doesn't accept her soon.
  • Final Fantasy XV:
    • Noctis has suffered a Near-Death Experience when he was a child and was crippled for a portion of his childhood. His fiance Lunafreya is killed after finally reuniting with her. Gladio lashes out at him for being selfish after Luna's death. He gets tricked into attacking Prompto and is forced to abandon him despite his pleas to search for him. And at the end of the story he is tasked to sacrificing himself to save the world from the Starscourge and breaks down into tears trying to confess to his friends about it.
    • Prompto is a Stepford Smiler who has a lot of insecurities of his worth and the fact he's from Niflheim, the second half of the game makes it worse by tricking Noctis (and the player) into attacking him and yelling at him that everything is his fault before throwing him off of a train and getting captured by Ardyn. By the time you rescue him he's heavily bruised and scarred, and almost breaks down having to reveal his origins.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics is loaded with woobies, the woobiest of whom is probably Ovelia. Unwitting substitute for a dead princess, confined to a convent for most of her life, then kidnapped, betrayed, betrayed again, continuously used in the political tug-of-war, and eventually killed by her own lover on her birthday...
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance also contains one very legit Woobie. In the end, Marche, Mewt, and Ritz decide to get over their real-world problems instead of going into a fantasy world where they're a stronger person naturally, have red hair, and have a mother. Even though that wasn't Mewt's true mother... However, Doned's wish for Ivalice was simply to be able to walk again - he has to go back to being a wheelchair bound Ill Boy. Even if he gains friends in the hospital, come on, anyone can understand his wish...
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy:
    • Cid of The Lufaine AKA the Great Will, the man who first started the cycles of war between Chaos and Cosmos. He started the wars in an attempt to get back to his homeworld, but he wanted to first make Chaos strong enough to attack the people who used them both and got them stranded in the first place. After the 12th war, Cid's so horrified by what he'd done that he sides with Cosmos to make things right. He's then caught and trapped by Shinryu in yet another world, this one ruled by Chaos as punishment for breaking the cycle.
    • Chaos, for spending his entire life as a tool to someone else's schemes.
    • The Warrior of Light and Cosmos, though they might be closer to Iron Woobies.
    • Another villain who may qualify is Kuja. In the twelfth cycle, he's willing to betray his fellow villains to aid the heroes because he remembers his backstory (of being Zidane's older brother.) At first things seem to be going well for him, (he even saves Terra from Kefka's grasp and convinces Cloud to join Cosmos' side) until Kuja unknowingly leads his friends into an ambush by Kefka. His allies think he set it up (when he didn't), call him traitor, and Kefka catches wind of this plan and decides to set up a fight between Kuja and Lightning. Lightning defeats Kuja and Kefka messes with Kuja's memories to ensure his full-on villainy in the thirteenth cycle. So essentially, Kuja could have easily pulled a complete Heel–Face Turn and helped the Cosmos warriors, but he couldn't because Kefka found out about the plan. You've got to feel for the guy, having never been able to tell Zidane anything.
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates: Both Yuri and Chelinka. Chelinka is Blessed with Suck, having the Starsinger abilities that make her a target for the Crystal Temple. Because of this, Latov pulls a Heroic Sacrifice to save her from their head goon. Although she and Yuri drive him off with their power, using it leaves her catatonic for several years. Which means that Yuri has to bury his father with his own hands and is completely alone for those years, caring for his sister without knowing if she's ever going to come out of her trance or when the Temple will come back for them. This is when they're about eight years old. And the revelations about their parents' and family friends' Back Story makes it even worse.
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time:
    • You—that is, the Player Character. First, everyone in your hometown vanishes inexplicably shortly after their sixteenth birthday. Then you find out that the friends and neighbors who raised you were already dead, all except Norschtalen, thanks to Larkeicus. Over the course of the game they come back, but doing what's necessary to stop Larkeicus also results in them fading from existence until you finally return to find only a couple of wispy spirits who pass on after saying goodbye. And in the end, you return to that empty little village with only Norsy and the Sherlotta cat for company.
    • Sherlotta. Larkeicus didn't slaughter her with the others. Instead, he abducted her and used her crystal-generating ability in his experiments for over two thousand years, keeping her body alive but inert. She was able to put her spirit into a cat, but spent two millenia with only ghosts for company—it was only finding the baby Player Character and raising them that gave meaning back to her life. In the end, she asks them to shatter the Crystal Core so that she can pass on.

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