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About the Heart of Kandrakar
  • The Heart of Kandrakar is not a completely positive force. Overuse can lead to madness, and it did for Nerissa.
  • The Heart of Kandrakar is the prison of an Eldritch Abomination. The guardians exist not only to ensure a balance, but also to use the Heart and drain the abomination of energy regularly.
    • Jossed. The comics and cartoon clearly state it's the Nymph Xin Jing combined with the spirits of the four dragons, but since she's an all-powerful nymph I guess she's an Eldritch being. We also see the Heart has the power to absorb magical items and gain their powers like when it absorbed the Seal of Phobos so presumably it can be used as a prison for human beings,but highly unlikely as Kandrakar has the Tower of Mists for that.
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  • The Heart of Kandrakar is The Dark Tower. It's the reservoir of mystical energy for the world at the centre of Infinity.
  • The Heart of Kandrakar is a deposit of Zfylud Crystals. See below.
  • The Heart is a fragment of a supercomputer Lost Logia that was used to create Kandrakar by its founders.
  • The Heart of Kandrakar is a corrupted copy of the Ginzuishou.
  • Candracar exists in a pocket dimension within the Heart itself! Every time the girls go to the fortress they're Folding into the Heart while still carrying the Heart... it's a Mind Screw, granted, but one of the comic specials showed the girls traveling in the Heart itself as test while still believing they were in Candracar.
  • The Heart of Kandrakar was created by Urza or a similarly powerful planeswalker as another (successful) attempt to create a device that allows non-planeswalkers to travel between planes.

The show is somehow connected to The Transformers.
First of all, the TF:G1 episode "Microbots" features an artifact called the Heart of Cybertron, which grants Megatron enormous power. Secondly, the episode "Call of the Primitives" involves all the Transformers with animal modes going to a mysterious planet at the centre of the universe, which is a source of great power and the birthplace of Unicron. This world may be Kandrakar's surface.

Lillian is an alternate version of Haruhi Suzumiya
The episode "U is for Undivided" shows that Lillian has the same reality-warping powers as Haruhi. They manifest when Matt and Cornelia tell her a story, which is reminiscent of Haruhi.
  • Which then makes Matt an alternate Itsuki, who is driven to keep her from changing reality on a regular basis. By relation => ESPer boys = Regents.

Kandrakar is Balmar
Both have elderly men who are immortal and omnipotent: the Oracle and Keisar Ephes.
  • Like Ephes, the members of Kandrakar's council are essentially immortal, which means they are cut off from the Ide.
  • Both possess crystals of allegedly unlimited power, the Heart and the Zfylud. Worship of the Zfylud requires several priestesses - one senior one (Keeper of the Heart), and lower-ranking ones who are regularly killed. It is possible that Cassidy's death was planned for as one of these "sacrifices" at the hands of Nerissa.
  • Both conscript prepubescent girls into service of doing battle, with the Guardians and Levi Tolar/Mai Kobayashi. In both cases, the girls are artificially aged.
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  • Both support an antiquated, arguably feudal system of ruling.

The animated series was made after Will (the comics version) wrote a book of their adventures
In the look-in-the-future scene in the comic, we see that Will did write such a book. The series differences to the comic stem from Adaptation Decay and some gaps in Will's memory that she had to fill. (You can forget a lot in 20 years.)
  • She would naturally want to omit the way her first set of friends in her original town turned on her like rabid dogs. Plus, she gets her guy!

W.i.t.c.h. and Captain Planet share the same Universe.
Gaia was one of the wise ones of Kandrakar, and the rings only filtered powers from the aurameres, which is why they could chose male "guardians"
  • There has never been confirmation that Guardians must be female, and there are implied cases of possible male ones.
    • Actually there are two. The first is the special 5: in it it's showed that Kandrakar has a wall with the portraits of all sets of Guardians, and while we don't see it all the Guardians seen are all females, a fact reinforced by the dialogue of the original Italian edition implying they were all females (the Italian language uses the male version of a term for mixed-gender groups, but the Guardians are always referred with the female version). Later the Trials of the Oracle arc has potential Guardian candidates, and they are all females.

The Astral Drops Destiny.
Remember the Astral Drops and how they were sent away by Himerish? He said they would be called again to serve Kandrakar, and that their physical appearances would change, to be unique. In Teach 2b Witch, it is revealed the existence of more magical people, specially on Heatherfield. My theory?The Astral Drops weren't sent away to some random place. They were reincarnated as magical children on earth, with their own families and personalities.

Aang is the Oracle/This world is the distant future of the Avatar world.
First of all, that Oracle looks really like an adult Aang. Second, think about it. It's not about four nation, but it still has the four elements as a main theme. Will, or basically every other person who possesses the Heart of Kandrakar is a new, modern incarnation of the avatar. Instead of bending the four elements, though, (which Will seems to be able to do, at least the very basics, like stopping Irma and Cornelia from attacking each other with water and earth respectively early on in the series) these avatars have mastered "soulbending" or developed a new technique based on it. Former incarnations of the avatar end up in Kandrakar. Not to mention that there are many recurring Asian themes (the four dragons, with the nymph who freed their souls -> soulbending.)
  • Alternatively, Basiliade IS the Avatar world and Aang changed his name to Himerish(Or Himerish is his son)
  • Will's power is technically the power over "Pure Energy" (The TV Series names it "Quintessence", which is actually something different, and Will herself calls it "The Power to Unite", which is just Will sort of making it clear that she's the leader. That, an Will probably watched too much Magical Girl Anime as a kid). This explains Energybending.
  • Perhaps Kandrakar is the spirit world? Since Yan Lin ends up there after dying. And in The Legend of Korra, Aang is shown to have the ability to make people able to bend, which would explain the Oracle giving the Guardians their powers.

All the W.i.t.c.h. are related to C.h.y.k.n.
Well, we know Hay Lin is Yan Lin's granddaughter, now, this is exclusive to the comics:Irma's birth mother is said to have dissapeared, and which former guadian we know dissapeared? That's right, Cassidy was Irma's birth mother. (Either if you consider them to dissapear on the literal sense, or having been killed by Nerissa)Taranee Is revealed to have been also adopted, which opens the possibility for her to be related to Kadma either by her mother's side, or his father's.Cornelia looks awfully a lot like a younger version of Halinor, a great aunt, maybe?and finally Will... she might not look anything like Nerissa, but... Susan does... Will's mother looks * awfully* a lot like Nerissa. She's Will's granny.Remember that Kandrakar is outside of time, so it allows the possibility for Cassidy to be the mother of Irma and the others being from an older generation.
  • I don't think it's likely Cassidy would be Irma's birth mother. Cassidy died pretty young, probably around her early twenties, judging from how she looked. Also, the timelines wouldn't add up, since If Cassidy was Irma's mother, Irma's would have to be an adult by now. I get that aka dramam is outside of time, but Cassidy would most likely have to have been on earth in order to give birth without giving away the secret to Irma's Dad. Fitting in with this theory, perhaps Cassidy is a great aunt, like you said with Halinor and Cornelia.
    • The timeline in W.i.t.c.h. is confusing at best, downright impossible at worst: Yan Lin looks to be in her 60's(at least) while her comrades Halinor and Kadma look middle aged at worst, and it's canon that they were expelled from Kandrakar way before than Yan Lin(If anything, she should look younger). But yeah, Cassidy as a great aunt work too.

Caleb and Cornelia's dreams.
The reason behind their shared dreams is Cornelia's powers. Cornelia is the Earth Guardian, Caleb is essentially a flower: they were connected trought the Earth Element.
  • Which would explain why they broke up permanently in the comics: the relationship was largely subconscious mind control on Cornelia's part. The visions the Oracle showed them in the Caleb/Cornelia special were to help them work through their issues without revealing too much of their false affection. Still... ouch.

The Season 2 is a dream
The Guardians never woke up in 'E is for Enemy'. Being a Dream Weaver, instead of nightmares Nerissa could give the girls a dream about how they defeated her in their shared dream and then 'woke up' and later defeated her in 'reality'. So, everything we see after this episode is a dream.

Kandor is a Time Lord.
He is a telepath, centuries old and drives a van that is bigger on the inside. Yan Lin died before taking residence in Kandracar, who says that Kandor is not a Time Lord that died, maybe during the Time War, and was ofered a position in Kandracar?

Kandor is the Doctor.
Following the the theory above, Kandor is the Doctor. In fact, he's the Doctor in his last incarnation. Yes, people, he finally is ginger.

Alchemy knew all along about W.i.t.c.h., Elyon, Kandrakar, and etc.
Well, why do you think she has minor appearances?
  • Alternately, Alchemy was a potential Guardian candidate, maybe the Earth Guardian instead of Corny. It's suggested in Season 2 by Luba that Cornelia has her position largely due to her status as the sister of the Heart of Earth and this may have knocked Alchemy out of the running.

W.I.T.C.H takes place in Ireland.
It's an English-speaking country, that uses euros (comics) and that faces sea. They live in Ireland or in another English-speaking country that is part of the Eurozone.
  • Wait, when did the Euro thing happen? Ireland is one of the few possible locations (the other being England, United Kingdom), true. But Euro would seal the deal.
    • Forget it, everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road... Next country!
    • UK is part of the European Union, not of the Eurozone.

Atlantis exists in this universe

No one knows where Heatherfield is, sometimes they use euros and in the next issue they're using dollars, they live next to the sea... Heatherfield is in Atlantis! Why? Rule of Cool.

Instead of being in the Strait of Gibraltar, Atlantis is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in this universe and they have decided to use both euros and dollars because of trade-related reasons. Same goes for the language.

Killing someone with Quintessence leaves their spirit in limbo.
Using life force to murder is just so wrong it breaks the metaphysical laws and that's why Cassidy was able to be summoned by Nerissa and be permanently resurrected by the end of Season Two.

The Guardians are immortal.
Because of Xin Jing's gift, Guardians are immortal (Type II or III). The current ones gave up their gift to Maqi, so he could live, but it's possible that they have it once more: using their powers without the gift used to tired them, but now they have the Aurameres inside their bodies without any negative effects...

Heatherfield is in the State of Clerville.
When Elyon disappeared for no apparent reason, they called the Interpol. Why taking the case away from the police? Well, when something strange happens in Clerville they always think it's Diabolik preparing a new theft, and they called Interpol because when they called Ginko he deduced it wasn't him (he never harms children). Also, Clerville used to have an unspecified currency later replaced by Euro, and people in Heatherfield acts almost like Italians, exactly as people in Clerville.
  • Alternatively Heatherfield is in the neighbouring Republic of Benglait, right on the border. The reason they called the Interpol was because Benglait had recently barely avoided a civil war and still had an hell of a terrorist problem (Diabolik still hadn't got the chance to settle his score with them), and the people in the country police who would normally deal with a possible Diabolik heist were too busy with the terrorists.
  • Different alternative: they live in the Clerville of the Alternate Continuity of the cartoon. They suspected Diabolik, but didn't send Ginko because there wasn't enough evidence yet.
  • Another different alternative: they live in the Clerville of the other Alternate Continuity, the one that is similar to the US as seen by the Europeans (just like Heaterfield) and where Diabolik (here called DK) is still a metropolitan legend. Given the mysterious cases of almost impossible heists where every possible witness has been killed, someone in Heaterfield's police department believed that the mysterious Shadow of the Night had come there and called whoever he could, with the Interpol sending their people because they were the only ones to believe them (as the Diabolik of that continuity is believed by most to be a hoax from a terrorist group, with only Ginko and said terrorists knowing he actually exists).

The W.I.T.C.H. series takes place in the same universe as Yu-Gi-Oh!.
More specifically, the W.I.T.C.H. series is set in the future (possibly extreme far future?) of the YGO universe. The recent villain Nihila is an Egyptian sorceress whose name was erased from history after her first defeat caused her to become Sealed Evil in a Can. Although the motive wasn't exactly the same, YGO set a precedent for this with what happened to the identity of a certain Nameless Pharaoh. There are also hints that the magic in both series may be the same magic.note 

Around the time of the New Powers arc when the girls get their upgraded transformations, Will's element/power begins to be referred to as the "power to unite." In the YGO manga, Shadi's first appearance leads to him challenging the Pharaoh to a shadow game to test the unknown power of the Millennium Puzzle. At the end of the 3rd round, the pharaoh boldly declares that the puzzle's power is the "power of unity.note " This means that Will's magic is the same power as the Millennium Items. Or at least the same as the puzzle.

The girls' powers are tied to their friendship. When they are united they are strong, and when they are divided their powers weaken. They even manifested the incarnation of their "victory" to defeat Dark Mother. The 4Kids dub makes it impossible to forget that the YGO series relies heavily on The Power of Friendship, and this theme is in the manga too (though thankfully not as blatantly obvious or annoying).

For a place that's supposed to be located in the middle of infinity, Kandrakar is a rather easy place to get to if one has the means. In the YGO universe, anyone with the necessary magic could get into the Shadow Realm from any location. In the W.I.T.C.H. comics, anyone with the proper magic or access to a portal can get to Kandrakar from any location. Kandrakar is the Shadow Realm in A Form You Are Comfortable With. The founders of Kandrakar decided to exploit the accessibility of the Shadow Realm so they could keep watch over all worlds. While they were at it, they changed the Shadow Realm from a dark place that used to be a Fate Worse than Deathnote  into the cloud-filled sanctuary of peace and order that the W.I.T.C.H. girls know it as. This would mean that Kandrakar was founded sometime after the events of YGO, since Yugi and co. had to deal with the full blown horrors that lurked in the Shadow Realm.

Atem might even have direct connections to Kandrakar. The way Kandrakar records its history with pictures on its walls (it's not clear if these images are painted or carvings) is kind of reminiscent of the scenes that ancient Egyptians would portray inside temples and tombs. If Atem helped in founding Kandracar or was even its first Oracle, his Egyptian heritage could have left its influence on the way certain things are done in Kandrakar. Kandrakar is also an afterlife of sorts, since Yan Lin ended up there after she passed on. The other founders could have used magic to specifically bring Atem's spirit to them since he had experience with the Shadow Realm. It could also explain how Will's power to unite is so similar to the power of the Millennium Puzzle, since that was the Millennium Item that Atem was the most familiar with.

  • Jossed by Core of Kandrakar. Kandrakar was created by the Five Nymphs and N'ghala, the Nymph of the Stars, was the first Oracle. However, we don't know how long ago Kandrakar was created from Earth's point of view (time is not the same in all dimensions) and it's possible that Atem was brought to Kandrakar after his death at some point, so he might have been part of the first group of "wise beings" to arrive at Kandrakar.

When Nerissa led her march into Kandrakar, she pointed out the tower to Shagon and stated that despite the name, the place was actually the prison of Kandrakar. Later in the arc where Phobos had swapped bodies with Endarno, it was revealed that the prison cells inside the Tower of Mists change themselves to suit a particular person, much like a penalty game can be different for each person it's inflicted on. The Tower of Mists is filled with the remains of the Shadow Realm's dark power, and each prisoner gets his or her own penalty game inside their cell. There also could be other signs of Kandrakar's once dark nature that haven't been shown yet, as Nerissa also stated there were many more secrets hidden within Kandrakar.

  • oh my god, That's Awesome! Fanfic Time!

Kandrakar is Kingdom Hearts.

W.I.T.C.H. is Disney, and Kandrakar happens to be the center to all worlds. The Runics are against Kandrakar because the Oracle didn't intervene when their worlds were destroyed; the Oracle can see the future, so he/she knew that everything would get fixed without the Guardians.

  • The Hearts of worlds mentioned in the W.I.T.C.H. show are the same kind that are in Kingdom Hearts, only they're avatars of the world's power instead of being sealed behind a door. The back stories for The 'Verse are even similar in that all the dimensions were one world until Darkness destroyed it, which then became many worlds. The Guardians were formed after the Keyblade Wars with the reasoning that one small group of protectors was better than a larger organization of conflicting individuals with too much power.
  • About the powers of the Oracle: he can communicate telepathically, feel people's emotions and feelings, erase memories and see what is happening in that very moment if he pays attention to it (the more attention he pays to something, the more detailed he can see it, but if he doesn't pay any attention to something then he'll miss it) and possible futures, with no guarantee those futures will come to happen (he stated it himself such after temporary Oracle Phobos Mind Raped Will with visions of a bad future). What the Oracle can see is actually a plot point in many occasions, as many enemies advanced their plots thanks to the Oracle not paying sufficient attention to their hiding places until it was too late, Luba (one of the most important members of the Congregation) thought she could hide her actions from the Oracle only to have a memorable Oh, Crap! moment when he told her to stop lying, and the new Oracle Yan Lin stated she had no way to see what the Runics were doing as long as they remained in their hideout (but once they left it she found out their plans instantly) and no knowledge or way to look at the Fast World.

Each Guardian takes turns being the Keeper.
Going with the above WMG about the Heart being addictive to the Keeper, it would make sense that no one Guardian would hold it for very long. When the Heart was taken away from Nerissa it wasn't a punishment but a procedure; the Oracle noticed Nerissa was quickly succumbing to the Heart's effects and took action, but Nerissa was too far gone. He acquisition of Hearts isn't just regular megalomania, she's feeding her addiction. This explains why she was only imprisoned twice for murdering Cassidy, the Oracle and her teammates realize she's not entirely in control of her actions but also know she's too dangerous to be free. Trapping her in the dream world was the best they could come up with in the end.
  • According to the comics, imprisonment seems to be the usual punishment. Cedrid and Phobos (between others) were trapped, without magic, in the Tower of Mist.

WITCH's mothers will get magic powers.
That's what the title "Magical Moms" would mean.
  • Jossed. They don't have powers and it's just a sitcom like issue.

Cassidy's element was Fire.
The original comic never mentions neither Halinor's nor Cassidy's elements. However, we figure out that Cassidy became a star which is obviously a fire entity. So Fire as her element seems to fit better than Water.
  • A big hubbub was made about Cassidy's love for water, though. I thought that was a rather clear implication.
  • Will has a great love for water and is a capable swimmer too.

WITCH will become jerks as the animated series progresses.
Isn't it obvious that they never got punished of their misdeeds such as covering up Elyon's disappearance and sabotaging Will's mother's document of going back to Fadden Hills?

Alchemy is working for Interpol!
It would seem that Elyon's disappearance attracted the attention of Interpol. They needed someone who can easily be persuaded into keeping tabs on her close friends for information; that's when they got to Alchemy. When Will is sent to the principal's office, Alchemy has planted a wire on her to slip up of why didn't she and the others reported of Elyon's disappearance. Because of the wire, Alchemy and the Interpol found out about their powers and Elyon's identity as the Queen of Meridian. Additional, when Miranda tries to get the police to suspect WITCH, Interpol made Alchemy sell them out by letting the police and Mirinda attack them as part of the gambit to get Elyon back. The plan is successful and Alchemy has successfully managed to get them in one go. It is assumed they when they got inside the school, WITCH and Elyon are taken by Interpol for their actions.

W.I.T.C.H. is in the same universe of Empowered
Thus explaining why two Interpol officers were so confident at facing Vathek: they face monsters and other creatures on a daily basis, even if in Heatherfield's area they're rare enough that Vathek would be an unusual sight or the girls are skeptic about magic in the beginning. It would also explains Cornelia's wish to pass her powers to the next generation of Guardians: she knows what kind of jerkasses are the local superheroes, and doesn't want to become one herself or get involved with them.

Matt is the reincarnation of an ancient hero sent by the Oracle on Earth as a sleeper agent
The New Power saga revealed that Matt actually is a captain among the White Heralds of Kandrakar, yet Orube (another Kandrakar resident) failed to recognize him (and he failed to recognize her, or even to guess she was an alien), he was ignorant of Kandrakar until Will told him about it and we have seen his mother and grandfather many times. The only explanation I can find is that Matt's past life was a hero elevated as one of Kandrakar's White Heralds upon death that the Oracle reincarnated on Earth just to be safe, suppressing his memories until needed.

In the animated series Cornelia described the look of Elyon's ideal man as tall, blonde and blue-eyed. Cedric fits this to a T, but so Cornelia. And they were best friends. Or it wasn't just friendship, for Elyon?
  • That could explain why she was taken with Cedric in the first place, it's much safer to crush on an older man than admit you have those kind of feeling for another girl.

Irma is a follower of Discordianism because of Cornelia
In the comic book their group pre-Guardians (that included Cornelia, Irma, Hay Lin and Elyon) had the rule that for every bad grade you had to do something embarrassing. Quite easy to have Cornelia suggest her to join a Weirdo Cult only to have Irma agree and go before she could admit it was a joke, and return as a Discordian because she could justify her jokes as 'acts of faith' (since then, Cornelia refrained from suggesting dares for Irma to prevent them from backfire even worse).

Caleb is a Composite Character of comics!Caleb and Orube.
While he has the name of Caleb and the Meridian backstory, there are also some attributes he shares with Orube including his Fish out of Water status on Earth, his Sixth Ranger status and the occasional spat with the Guardians. Even his character design looks more like a male version of Orube than the Caleb from the comics.

The infinite city was created the Passlings.
Thousands of years ago a disaster ravaged the surface and forced the Passlings, who had an advanced society of magic and science, to escape to their underground city. The city is enchanted to stay clean by itself and the rebels found it with help from Passlings that remember the city from old folktales. The disasters were the fault of the Passlings and that is why they abandoned their magic upon returning to the surface.

A Religious Parallel based on the original Gnone story ideas.
We all know that gnone and her team was kicked out of the project after Issue 6. Building from the stage set, I started to notice things. We are never given an actual timeframe for the meridian tale. What do we learn? All evil in the universe was poured into Metaworld(but it seeps out, explaining evil elsewhere). Essentially, Meridian could be considered a parallel of Hell. Phobos interestingly hangs out in his court- surrounded only by his whisperers, extensions of his person, with weapons much like pitchforks. His court is also explicitly stated to be in a place that doesn't exist. Interestingly, the whisperers, who are actually Phobos, are a multitude of personalities that bemoan the oracle. Essentially, Phobos is the Satan of Gnone's W.I.T.C.H., and more akin to an eldritch being than the maniacal royal he'll end up as under the new writers. Phobos is Satan. The Oracle is a stand-in for God. Cedric is the damned soul that Phobos has granted greatness to- he is allowed in the Garden of Phobos, and is for the first time able to see Phobos. Elyon is the hope for redemption, which has been corrupted. The Guardians are angels sent to protect the veil and stop Phobos(Satan).

Future Comic Appearance
Pk or Xadhoom will appear in a future issue. If it's PK, the girls will fight Evronians... And maybe point out how different he is from the comic books they read as kids. If it's Xadhoom, the girls will realize exactly what will's powers are: pure energy, like Xadhoom.In universe, it's plausible. Dimensional travel has been in the Pk comics and is, literally, the Guardian's job. Also, the Oracle will inform the Guardians that, somehow, their Timeline diverged off from Xadhoom's.
  • Jossed by the end of the comic.

Nerissa's Astral Drop became Carmen Sandiego
Just look at the animated version of Carmen: she is Nerissa with shorter hair. She started stealing because she had no Undead Tax Exemption, then stole eternal youth.
  • Alternatively, Carmen is Will's grandmother, and chose both of their names as Stealth Puns: Susan because it derives from the Egyptian name for the lotus flower, a symbol of non-attachment (as Carmen, being first an international cop and later a wanted criminal, couldn't stay with her enough for Susan to grow attached), and Wilhelmina (meaning protector) because she had somehow recognized her as a future Guardian of Kandrakar.
    • Why not both? It would explain how Carmen recognized Will's fate.
    • This parentage would explain why Thomas Vandom was so desperate for money in his appearances in the comic book: he had sold Carmen Sandiego's house. When Carmen arrived to make him pay, Thomas, not knowing that Susan's mother was the royally pissed wanted international thief before him (and assuming he had just messed with her organization by chance), begged to be allowed to pay her back, and was given a time limit. We can imagine Thomas got what he deserved because Susan in the end decided that the gloves were off and contacted her mother, who wouldn't have appreciated...
A requisite for being Guardians is to be a Covert Pervert
Just look at all the crap the current set got past the radar, how Nerissa was eager to get back her looks, and how Orube (all but stated to be a potential Guardian) is apparently capable of tying herself up and mastered how to act sexy on Earth very fast in spite of being an alien with little knowledge of Earth's customs...
Hay Lin had to wear braces for so little time because of magic
In-universe, Hay Lin wore braces for two or three months at most. In Real Life, you wear them for years (I speak from personal experience). I can imagine her using magic to accelerate the job, and a very puzzled dentist wondering what the hell has just happened..
  • Not necessarily in a conscious way. Just like Xing Jing gift healed Taranee's eyes to the point of no needing glasses anymore, Hay Lin might have been healed by the same thing.
    • Maybe at the start. But she gave it away at the end of the Arkhanta saga.
      • Yes, but the only time they experienced the lack of the gift was in the same issue and never else, so it's pretty safe to assume that the gift is not something they can just give away, and replenishes on its own.
The Keeper of the Heart manipulates the Interactive Forces
According to Will, the origin of her power lies in the bonds. Incidentally, the Interactive Forces are not only at the origins of any physical bond but also explain a good deal of what she and Nerissa have pulled, namely glamours, energy blasts (that other Guardians can only create on Kandrakar and in absence of their elements. The Fire Guardian can do them by focusing her heat into beams instead that fireballs) and barriers, permanently conjuring things out of thin air (Irma did the same once, but was tired and almost fainted, while a weakened Nerissa could do it without ill effects), and disintegrating people.
  • Also flying: in the comic version only the Guardian of Air can fly, at least before the New Power arc, yet Nerissa managed to fly without even transforming. Interactive Forces may explain it with gravity manipulation, with Will's inability to do it being because she still has to figure how to manipulate gravity.

On the possible futures
Thanks to the reigning Oracle at the time we've been shown three possible futures of the Guardians. That from Phobos had Will progressively isolating herself from her friends and being dumped by Matt, until she remained alone. The one from Himerish had the girls quit being Guardians at some point and using Orube's home as meeting place until it's seized by the city, after which Will manages to buy it back with the money from her novel inspired to their adventures as Guardians. The last, from Yan Lin, is a collection of what the girls would do in this future, with Will being a successful but overworked CEO in a company making pet food, Irma being a math teacher at an unidentified high school, Taranee being an olimpionic-level runner (and actually competing in the Olympic Games), Cornelia being a successful actress (and still having enough magic to scare into submission an arrogant actor), and Hay Lin being an housewife. How could they have happened?
  • First possible future:
    • Will surrendered to Phobos, but the others managed to save the day anyway, opening a rift that, with time, increased. and Matt's memories of Kandrakar were never awakened, with the end result being the glimpse we saw.
  • Second possible future:
    • During the New Power Saga Will never asked Matt if he still loved her, and they didn't get back together. After that adventure Matt returned to Kandrakar, and, when Oracle Yan Lin asked them to choose between taking the tasks or quitting being Guardians, Will was for quitting too, and convinced the others.
    • The alternative past given to us by Himerish, where Will didn't immediately take the Heart of Kandrakar. With time things snowballed in the future we've seen.
    • When Will and Matt broke up again there wasn't the old couple that told Matt to tell Will how he really felt, and they didn't get back together. With that, Will decided to quit when the tasks were offered.
  • Third possible future:
    • Will never moved to Heatherfield but stayed in Fadden Hill and didn't become a Guardian. As result the Guardians had another leader (possibly Orube), while Will, with little friends, threw herself into study and work, becoming a person who has "no time for a coffee, much less for love".

Miranda was intended to be Cedric's adopted daughter
They have a deep bond, and Miranda's human form is nearly identical to that of Orube, Cedric's love interest in the comics, only younger and with Cedric's eyes.

Cartoon!Phobos is a bastard
Nothing in the series suggests that women are the dominant sex of their society yet Elyon widely considered the rightful heir. We also see in season two that the former queen favored Phobos over her new born child. Along with the huge age gap between them it all suggests they don't have the same parents (though both are probably the queen's children since he is considered an heir later in the second season. Likely the Queen had a lover before being forced into the undesired, but legal marriage that resulted in Elyon.

W.I.T.C.H is at least partially inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer
It was made well after Buffy became iconic, so it's possible.I'm not saying that it's a rip-off of Buffy, because it's far from it and they actually are very different (and equally good) shows, but there are a few subtle Shout Outs which imply that the creators could have taken inspiration from the 90s sensation.

Firstly, Cornelia Hale is exactly like Cordelia Chase. Both the Rich Bitch / Alpha Bitch, as well as both being The Lancer, the Butt-Monkey and they both even have similar names! In one episode of the cartoon series, a character even accidently calls Cornelia Cordelia!

Secondly, Will Vandom looks a lot like Willow Rosenberg, don't you think? They're also both dorky, shy and good with computers/electronics. The only difference is that instead of being The Chick, Will is The Leader. They both also take slow but seriously major levels in badass (Willow become a seriously powerful witch/Will gaining the power of Shock and Awe in season 2). Again, Will's name is Willow without the 'ow'.

Caleb in the cartoon at least appears to have at least been mildly influenced by both Angel and Spike. He has the broodiness and loner archetype that made Angel so popular, for example. You could also compare his persona to that of Spike's if he wasn't evil. A Bad Ass Longcoat? Check. A young wild man into rebellion and impulse? Check. A man living a completely different life to the protagonists forced to join them before discovering he doesn't really fit in with the human world (but staying anyway for that special blonde someone)? Check.

Both Buffy and W.I.T.C.H also have elements of Feminist Fantasy, and are very big on the idea of Action girls.

Comic Book!Nerissa is a Spark.
The Oracle took away the Heart because she had awakened and planned to take it apart to see how it worked.

Alternative to the WMG above: Yan Lin is the Spark, and the whole series is the result of her experimenting on a number of people (including her own grand daughter) and then setting them on each other, For Science!
And Hay Lin and her Astral Drop are willing accomplices, because they too are Sparks.

Time flows differently in Meridian and Kandrakar.
  • Think about it. Phobos took over Meridian 13 years ago, but he seems pretty young. Also, if Meridianites are anything like Earthlings, they would be on the same technology level that we're on. They seem to act closer to people from the 15th or 16th century. According to the comics, Phobos and Elyon's human ancestors arrived on Metamoor around the time of King Arthur, in the late 5th or early 6th century. If time was slower on Meridian, that would mean that it is more than half of ours. So, 13 years here, maybe 6 or 7 there.
    • The technological level isn't an indicator: our own technology has passed through a few cycles of having little to no improvement for centuries before the right combination of economic and political factors, refinements on already existing technologies, random discoveries or importation of inventions and one or more people combining them all of this into something new spurned a new temporary cycle of technological evolution... At the end of which there would be another cycle of relative stasis. Given Meridian's apparent feudal government and economy, it's likely they're stuck into one such cycles of relative stasis, cycle that Elyon's rule (who grew up in a more economically advanced society with a more innovation-friendly political clymate) may or may not be about to interrupt-certainly she has shown inclination to change the political situation (if nothing else because she is the whole government, with next to no bureaucracy), and that could be enough to spark a cycle of technological innovation.

Cornelia's mother is actually Megan Williams, and is over a thousand years old. She also knows Celestia and Luna personally
She originally was from Anglo-Saxon England, and arrived in a far away corner of future Equestria. She lived many adventures with a herd (the specials, the movie and the series being the versions she told her daughters as fairy tales, with some adaptations to hide her origins), with some members leaving for some reason after helping with Tirek. She also had only a fragment of the Rainbow of Light.
Then Discord came, and, in an adventure she never told her daughters, Megan and her siblings joined forces with Celestia, Luna and a third unknown pony to find the Elements of Harmony and stop Discord, the fragment of the Rainbow leading the way to the Tree of Harmony acting on Kandrakar's indications (Discord mostly kept himself to what would later become Equestria, so the Congregation of the time did not see reason to intervene directly). In the process Molly, Danny and the unknown pony died, and Megan sacrificed herself to slow down Discord and give Celestia and Luna time to retrieve the Elements, with her succeeding but getting sent a thousand years forward in time to appear at his feet in an Equestria he ruled for a thousand years and see her failure. Fast forward a thousand years, and she reappears before Discord's laughing statue, and gives him the middle finger.
She then returned to Earth and aquainted with the changed world with Kandrakar's help, choosing Heatherfield (the one area of the US where people are more like Europeans than the other Americans, as W.I.T.C.H.'s original creators tried to make an American setting but didn't make enough a good job of it) because America has more open spaces than modern England but people there spoke with an accent she could understand. Once in a while she returns to Equestria... And was there when the current Guardians were sent in their journey to visit all worlds under Kandrakar's protection.

The series is going to experience a revival in 2016 or 2017
Disney's comic book series starting in the late nineties/early 2000s have been experiencing revivals, with Paperinik New Adventures receiving a continuation in 2014 and Monster Allergy receiving a Distant Finale and a deluxe reprint in 2015. As W.I.T.C.H. is the last and longest-lived of the big three, it's likely it will experience some sort of revival too.
  • Confirmed: the first saga started being reprinted in April.

After the last issue, Will becomes the greatest peeping tom in the universe
She's a Covert Pervert, and the last issue gave her the ability to see anything anywhere in the universe. Help...

Heatherfield's mystery location is somewhere in Florida
It would explain everything.—-

Kandor married Margaret Hope and they had a daughter who became Ms. Frizzle
Think about it; Ms. Frizzle is a redhead who has a magic bus and uses it to teach children.Sound familiar?This explains her wacky outfits; I can't imagine any store selling those dresses. She must've asked Hay Lin to make them, and I bet she had a blast. Irma probably helped also by changing the colors when necessary. I bet the children in The Frizz's class are all magical, and one or more of the girls are future Guardians, which explains why the class is so small(she used magic on the principal to make him put only those kids in her class)and why a magic bus is used for something like teaching children. This is how Ms. Frizzle is getting them comfortable around magic, and she probably told them or will tell them about their powers. Perhaps she herself is a Guardian, and that's why she takes them on such dangerous trips by herself; she knows if something really dangerous happens she has the power to save them. She probably also used magic to make Liz more intelligent.

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