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  • After a 10-Minute Retirement in the episode "The Mudslugs", Cornelia returns with a vengeance, picking up a huge section of earth that the mother mudslug is embedded in and tossing it into a nearly portal after a serious show of exertion.
  • The All Your Powers Combined finale for season one was wicked. The girls manage to defeat Phobos even after he'd turned himself into a giant five headed dragon.
  • The Elyon vs Phobos battle at the end of The Twelve Portals arc.
    • Also, in the first-season finale "The Final Battle", Elyon unleashes the full extent of her powers on Phobos after learning about his true nature. For half of the season, Phobos had been manipulating Elyon, pretending to be a loving big brother to her as he prepared to steal her powers. Just before imprisoning Phobos in a magical cage, Elyon says this:
    Elyon: This castle, hundreds of guards, your creatures! All that energy just to perpetuate an evil lie. Goodbye Phobos, you were never my brother.
  • The utter ownage Phobos inflicts on Nerissa in the episode "W Is For Witch".
    • Phobos in general is an awesome villain, and in the comics and cartoon whenever he fought the Guardians he overpowered them very easily even though it was five against one, and his plan to become the Oracle in the comics and his backup plan were awesome even though they both failed.
  • Blunk biting Cedric's tail in the season one finale, finally showing his own action chops.
    Blunk: Blunk not scavanger. Blunk warrior!
  • The So Last Season battle in "J Is For Jewel," with the girls completely curb stomping the guy who gave them so much trouble in season one.
  • Matt freeing himself from Shagon's control during the episode "S is for Self". First, he convinces Shagon to give him brain and body control to sing a song. Just when Shagon's about to kill Will, Matt takes over and starts singing, tipping off Will and cutting off her hatred so that he can finish Shagon off. You wouldn't expect a guy like Matt to be a Guile Hero, would you?
    Matt: Game, set, match, Shagon. So Shagoff! *blows him to bits*
    • Some more information to add: Matt combined the "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with The Power of Rock. After attempting to overpower Shagon with his fists ("wrong weapon"), he materializes a guitar out of sheer willpower and blasts the demon out of his mind with a series of power chords ("right weapon"). After doing so, he not only regains control of his own body, but absorbs Shagon's powers as well, giving him the ability to take Shagon's form and use his nifty demonic attacks.
  • Will versus Phobos at the end of the Trial of the Oracle arc. Phobos, using his status as temporary Oracle, subjects Will to a Mind Rape to try and convince her that if she doesn't surrender the Heart of Kandrakar she'll end alone and abandoned in a Bad Future. Will falls for his lie... and then proceeds to try and disintegrate him, stopping only because Phobos had pulled a Grand Theft Me with one of the Wise Ones of Kandrakar and she had to fix that.
    • Their following encounter ices the cake: Phobos is rightly worried when he's left defenseless and the Guardians have decided to take no more chances with him, but what makes him cry "Nooo!" in holy terror is Will's demand that she will give the killing shot. Quite justified, given that Will ended up disintegrating his soul...
  • We're probably not supposed to think so, but Elyon completely owning all of team WITCH at least twice in the show, and the amounts of power she displays while making her big bad brother look meek by comparison, is pretty awesome.
    • From the comics, there's the time she disguised herself as a swimming instructor using magic well enough to fool Will, then she brought all the water out of the pool as a weapon.
  • In "Y Is for Yield", the reveal of Will's plan to defeat Phobos if (actually when) he betrayed them.
  • W.I.T.C.H. going into Zenith form in a Big Damn Heroes moment for the season two finale "Z is for Zenith".
    • The Guardians going One-Winged Angel and kicking Cedric's ass in the series Grand Finale.
    • The Guardians' allies got their moments in the finale as well. From Matt, Huggles and Napoleon creating a glamour to obscure the Guardians' battle from Heatherfield, to minor character Captain Drake figuring out how to kill the Tracker, to Sandpit saving Caleb and Blunk from Miranda and protecting the Aurameres. And of course, Elyon and the original Guardians giving Cedric was Yan Lin refers to as a "Mega Kong Pow case of indigestion".
  • Every once in a while, Caleb gets an opportunity to show that it is possible to be Badass Normal in this magic-filled world.
  • Irma's Shut Up, Hannibal! moment with Ember in L is for Loser:
    Ember: Your misery will make me more powerful than ever!
    Irma: Here's the thing. My misery? Not so important right now. What's important is making it up to Martin! You? You are just a Knight of Distraction!
    Ember: ...I don't feel any pain!
    Irma: Aw, really? Here's some!
  • "N Is For Narcissist", Cornelia absorbing all of the Guardians' powers and getting a major upgrade. She then proceeds to curb stomp the Knights of Destruction before returning to normal.
    "Hey, Ice-guy! Chill! "
  • Yan Lin and Caleb are the only two people Nerissa approaches who resist her attempts to make them join her. She manages to get three of the former guardians by finding each one's Fatal Flaw but it doesn't work with either Yan Lin or Caleb.
    • For Yan Lin, she doesn't have one flaw to really draw on so she tries to convince her to join her friends and regain her youth and beauty. Yan Lin responds that youth is overrated and she's still beautiful, forcing Nerissa to capture her rather than gain her powers willingly.
    • She plays on Caleb's sense of duty and family but he flat-out tells her that doesn't apply to her and (with the help of his father and the guardians) escapes.
  • How about how Dean saves Susan from falling to her death in M is for Mercy? What makes this scene even more epic and beautiful is the line he states after Susan frantically tells him that she's slipping:
    Dean: NO! I won't let you fall!
    • A second after this line, Dean does pull her up.
  • Awesome Music: "We are, we are, we are, W.I.T.C.H.!/We are, we are!"
  • Will calling out her mom in "H is for Hunted" for lying about her relationship with Dean, while lecturing her [Will] on responsibility. Susan is just stunned into silence, especially when Dean admits Will has a point.
  • Hay Lin saving the rest of W.I.T.C.H. from a Swamps of Sadness-ish monster in the Ragorlang arc. She defeated an enemy with just her optimism alone!
  • Whenever Cedric is on his game in the comic:
    • As soon as he meets Elyon he turns her against the Guardians (including Cornelia, her best friend) with nothing more than a single talk and some carefully presented truth. It takes months and seeing Cedric attacking Will after she had just saved his life for Elyon to even start suspecting she had been had...
    • Getting Vathek to roam free through Heatherfield by nothing but his skills in mundane disguises. And on Halloween, without any disguise at all. Vathek even wins the prize for the best costume at the party they infiltrate...
    • Cedric can make magic bubbles that keep the Guardians sealed inside and can resist to their powers, no matter what. Only a furious Taranee can break out... Because her wrath made her flame become too powerful too fast: had it been slower they would have adapted to that too.
    • Staying on Earth and becoming an acquaintance of the Guardians for months. They don't discover him, he reveals himself right before locking them in a painting where their powers won't work, and that's because that was supposed to get him rid of them for good.
      • After a while in the painting the Guardians guess a way to recover their powers and get out... And Cedric promptly sends Frost in to deal with them (Frost is just plain big, so he's still dangerous): he was keeping an eye on them, even if they were the very first who even thought about trying to get out.
      • While in the painting the Guardians meet the painter, Elias Van Dahl. He had been Meridian's court artist until Phobos rose to the throne, at which point he escaped to Earth in the seventeenth century... And one day Cedric showed up at his home and sealed him in the painting.
    • When captured by the Guardians he's sealed in a cell made just for him: he, the Prince of Lies, is locked in his human form, with the only entertainment being books that contain nothing but fiction and lies. These cells are a terrifying torture for the other inmates... But he actually likes it and plays along whenever he gets visitors.
    • After he's broken out by Phobos in Endarno's body he's assigned the mission to steal the Heart of Kandrakar, something just plain impossible unless you get the Keeper herself to give it to you. It's only made more difficult by the fact Will has already been tricked once, so she'll expect tricks... And he nearly succeeds by just popping out at the right time. Had Matt not slowed him down, he would have done what Phobos himself would later fail miserably at...
    • Later Phobos betrays him as soon as he doesn't need him anymore. Considering Cedric's loyalty to Phobos up to this point, this should be devastating... And a few hours later Cedric has Elyon's powers, and Phobos by the balls. Oh, and it was the Guardians who gave him the Crown of Light in which Elyon had put her powers for safekeeping...
    • At the end of the Endarno's saga he's sent to Earth without his powers and locked in his human form to redeem himself. Then Orube walks in his shop... And is terrified by his unexpected presence, and he had done nothing yet.
    • After he starts working with Ludmoore, Cedric has to get the Guardians inside the Book of Elements, but quickly realizes they've smarted up enough he'll fail. So, what does he do? He has Matt get imprisoned inside. Note that Matt knew perfectly who he was... And Cedric took advantage of it. He then escapes Will's wrath by pointing out the book's messages on how to get Matt out are in an old Metamoor dialect, and he's the only one who can understand it.
    • Cedric's Heel–Face Turn and Heroic Sacrifice: after everyone is in the book to try and save Matt, Cedric realizes that Ludmoore's avatar will try and kill Orube and he instinctively takes the energy blast for her, being severely wounded but he could go on, the girls can't go on anymore because Hay Lin's pen is out of ink... And so, knowing that those who die there are turned into ink and wishing to help the woman he loves, he wills himself to die.
  • In the comics, Uriah decides to get revenge on Nigel for leaving his gang by framing him for stealing a classmate's watch. Martin witnesses this (having been sent to the office for raising his hand too much) but is naturally afraid to tell. After the girls convince him to tell, Uriah and his two remaining cronies try to pulverize Martin. The girls manage to disarm the cronies but don't have much luck with Uriah. Fortunately Nigel shows up to save Martin as repayment for clearing his name but the fight suddenly goes against him and Uriah gloatingly gets ready to beat up his now defenseless ex-minion. Suddenly a polite tap on the shoulder gets Uriah's attention and while he's distracted, Martin decks him and despite the action being painful for Martin, it's enough to completely disarm Uriah.
  • Hay Lin gets two in "J is for Jewel":
    • First she manages to get the word out to the other guardians, all of whom are on vacation in different parts of the globe, that Phobos has escaped and then gets them to Kandrakar. She even lends her life force to her grandmother so she can teleport the other girls.
    • She tries to take on Phobos alone but he overpowers her and mockingly refers to her as the weak link. This proves to be a mistake.
    Hay Lin: If I'm the weakest link, then you must really be in trouble.
    • Elyon also gets one in the same episode for coming in putting Phobos in his place just as he gets his second wind. Especially impressive when you consider she was emotionally devastated from the false memories she'd been fed of her parents hating her and loving Phobos.
    Elyon: Phobos! Who said you could leave your room brother?
  • In "P is for Protectors" Taranee defeats Ember by draining the heat from her body.
  • The Guardians' Battle in the Center of the Mind with Nerissa in "E is for Enemy". Special mention to Taranee for being the one to figure out what Nerissa was doing and taking point by getting the girls to take advantage of the fact they were in a dream of their own.
  • "G is for Garbage": Despite dealing with a lot of jerkass behavior from Irma, Blunk repeatedly proves his mettle as an ally in numerous ways. He tracks down Jeek, uses a make shift go kart to escape the brainwashed guardians and Matt, uses ear wax to make him and Irma immune to the Horn of Hypnos' power and undoes the horn's effect on the guardians by remembering the notes needed to neutralize it. Irma also gets a greats moment when she creates massive armor made of water to fight the other guardians. Granted it fails when Will uses electricity on her, but it was awesome to see nonetheless.
  • Matt, Huggles and Napoleon revealing themselves as Lillian's Regents in "U is for Undivided".
  • Any time Nerissa's plans come to fruition is a moment of awesome. Special mention goes to how she spent an entire episode manipulating Kadma's pride without the latter knowing it.

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