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Where War and Exploring go hand in hand.

Conflict is inevitable.

Star Trek: New Worlds is a Real-Time-Strategy game published by Interplay Entertainment in 2000, where you take control of either the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire or the Romulan Star Empire in missions to explore and control numerous unknown planets which spilled into the universe after a weapon's test went awry, while battling off competing factions, before getting embroiled in a full-scale interstellar war against ancient races...



  • Auto-Save: A rather poor example; while you can't save the game in-mission, completed missions will be listed when you select the faction you want to play, so you can choose to play them again if you wish.
  • Book-Ends: The Romulan Shiva Weapon's Test brought all the Anomaly Worlds into the universe. You can play as the Romulans to use a similar device to send all those Worlds back to where they came from...
  • Critical Annoyance: The famous Star Trek Red Alert horn blares whenever your units are under attack.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point: Admiral Narok appears to be a strict yet ingenious commander, planning strategies that involve gathering resources, capturing specific buildings and taking a Metar Leader hostage, only to use this against the Klingons in order to exact vengeance for the Romulans' humiliating defeat by the hands of the Klingons in the Briar Patch before. Later on it is revealed that the use of Metar technology can be used to defeat the Metar themselves rather than the Klingons.
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  • Enemy Mine: While the Hubrin, one of the ancient races that inhabit the Anomaly System planets, appear hostile against either of the three playable factions, they eventually request an end to hostilities and propose an alliance to fight against the Metar together.
  • Energy Weapon: Your defenses and vehicles mainly use Disruptors, Phasers or Photon Torpedos to attack. The defenses will not work if your colony does not have enough power available to operate them.
  • Friendly Fire Proof: All weapons fired by your troops will not harm anyone of your units who are in the line of fire or anyone allied to you (except when on Neutral).
  • It's Up to You: Some missions require you to send your units to capture specific buildings or retrieve a specific unit and escort them safely to your colony.
  • Living Ship: The Metar Starship qualifies as this with the inside walls pulsating and what appear to be tendrils moving around as seen in the ending cutscene.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Whenever you're low on colonial power...
    "Warning! Colony power insufficient. Systems shutting down. Build power generators."
  • Optional Stealth: When playing as the Klingons or Romulans, you can choose to build Cloaked Disruptor Tanks to strike enemy bases from a poorly defended position. Pluspoints for the Romulan Cloaked Assault Vehicles for having a high rate of fire AND being able to capture buildings without being detected.
  • Regenerating Health: Most of the buildings, defenses and vehicles have shields that regenerate over time after taking damage.
  • Time Trial: More of a Time Attack variety; the hidden Romulan Bonus Mission requires you to complete your objectives before the Federation and the Klingons arrive on the planet you're on. While there is no actual time visible, the dialogue box of the commanding officer will let you know.
  • Top-Down View: The main sight of the game on two different altitudes, but it is possible to go in a sort-of-first person view, as the camera there will let you circle around a selected structure or vehicle.
  • Zerg Rush: This can be done by pretty much every faction in the game, but you can take it Up to Eleven with Romulan Cloaked Assault Vehicles, due to their ability to cloak and having a high rate of fire on their disruptors.


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