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  • Acting for Two: Mario Perez played a Calavera on Season 3, a Lobos Sonora gunman on Season 4, and a Byz Lat on Season 5 and 6.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Stephen King appears in a cameo role as a "cleaner" called Bachman, a reference to his old Pen Name, Richard Bachman.
    • When planning Gemma's hiding in Canada, Tig suggests that she "go redhead," referencing Katey Sagal's role as Peg Bundy in Married... with Children. Gemma states that she'd rather shave her head.
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    • When Jax takes Luann to the new porn studio she is initially afraid that he is going to murder her. Jax tells her he isn't going to "go Adrianna" on her. A reference to Drea de Matteo (who played Jax's son's mother)'s character from The Sopranos.
    • Chibs' name dropping another movie he was in.
    Chibs: I love the green! All about the Benjamins!"
    • A basketball player calls Kozik a "lemonheaded sucka." Hmm, didn't Kenny Johnson play a guy in a certain TV show where his nickname was "Lem," which was short for "Lemonhead"? Also, his final line of dialogue, before being blown up by a landmine, was "You gotta be shittin' me", one of his Shield character's catchphrases.
    • When Walton Goggins, of The Shield shows up playing a transsexual hooker, his character is named Venus Van Damme. His character on The Shield twice used Cletus Van Damme as an alias.
    • Charlie Barosky is a history buff, much like Peter Weller himself.
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    • Ashley Tisdale guest stars as Emma Jean, one of Nero's escorts, in one scene there is a Cheerleader costume resembling the one from Hellcats on the bed
    • AJ Weston, played by Henry Rollins, has a Black Flag tattoo on his left arm and the back of his neck. Rollins absolutely hates the neo-Nazi influence in early hardcore punk, so its seems like its played for the ironic factor.
  • The Cast Showoff: Katey Sagal has worked as a professional singer. She provides vocals for several songs used in the show.
  • Cast the Expert:
    • David LaBrava (Happy) and Rusty Coones (Rane Quinn) are real life Hells Angels.
    • Chuck Zito (Frankie Diamonds) is also a real Hells Angel. In fact, he was president of the New York chapter.
    • Sonny Barger (Lenny Janowitz) is not only a real Hells Angel, but he is also the founding member of Oakland, one of its initial charters, and at one point was its president.
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  • Cast Incest: Nero and Carla, played by Jimmy Smits and his partner Wanda De Jesus. She's later revealed to be not only a Clingy Jealous Girl for him with an unrequited crush, but his half-sister.
  • Casting Gag: Somewhat, but in the Japanese dub of the series, Jax is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa, who previously voiced Takakura Kojuro from Sengoku Basara, who is the Number Two of Date Masamune, whose design is heavily based in a typical Japanese Delinquent and Masamune has a horse that looks like a bike, and that without going into the point Kojuro himself speaks like a gangster and acts like a Yakuza.
  • Creator Backlash: Kurt Sutter came up with the idea of a big Sons guide that would go into detail of all the episodes. It ended up being released and sent to fans a week before the final episode, spoiling the ending. Feeling it was a long time since he called someone a (^~+ Sutter went on a Cluster F-Bomb rant where he promised fans a basket full of heads of those responsible, asked those spoiled not to air their views online and given the book was his idea took the blame for what happened.
  • The Danza: Courtney Love — born Courtney Harrison — plays the teacher Ms. Harrison.
  • Dueling Shows: A very narrowly averted example. Right around the same time Sons was being produced, HBO had a show titled "1%" in the pipeline. The show would have starred Donal Logue as Misfit, a biker who is forced to move to another charter after they start trouble for the club. Sutter himself, on the "SutterInk" blog, voiced approval for the show. A pilot was filmed, but the show never made it to the airwaves, since Sonny Barger sued HBO for turning to Michael Tolkin to write it and trying to cut him out, even though both men had pitched the show together. Additionally, Barger's lawsuit stated that the script depicted characters too closely resembling living persons and locations too identifiable with the Hells Angels. The suit was successful and the show never saw the light of day, aside from a script that can be found online and a Vimeo video with a few clips from one of the stars, which is no longer available for viewing.
  • Fake American: Jax. Charlie Hunnam is from Newcastle, UK.
  • Fake Irish: Jimmy O'Phelan and most of the rest of the Irish characters in season 3.
  • Fake Nationality: Jeff Wincott, playing the Italian American Jimmy Cacuzza, is Canadian.
    • Adam Arkin, who plays white separatist Ethan Zobelle, is Jewish. It's unlikely he would be welcomed by most white nationalists.
  • Fake Russian: American actor Keith Szarabajka, an American of Polish descent, plays a Russian gangster in a few episodes of seasons three and four.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Henry Rollins, a man who frequently speaks out against racism, plays a white supremacist, right down to having 'I kill niggers' tattooed on his chest in large letters.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Clay is also the name of one of the bikers in the similarly themed Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned.
    • Hector Salazar is the same name as one of the Mexican drug runners trying to obtain the Cordella virus in 24, whose brother Ramon is a nutcase just like Ramon Salazar, a Spanish nut job involved with viruses in Resident Evil 4.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • The prostitute Emma Jean is portrayed by Ashley Tisdale (who had previously been known as a Disney Channel teen actress).
    • Tom Arnold, known mainly for comedic roles, plays a sleazy pornographer and murderer.
  • Real-Life Relative: Donal Logue (Lee Toric)'s real life sister plays his murdered sister on the show.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The reason for Hale's rather sudden death in the Season 3 premiere was that Taylor Sheridan decided to leave the show to pursue a screenwriting career. As the point below makes, the decision paid off.
  • Retroactive Recognition: In a way; Taylor Sheridan, who played David Hale in the first two seasons, has gone on to have a successful screenwriting career, penning Sicario and Hell or High Water.
  • Star-Making Role: For Charlie Hunnam, Ryan Hurst and Kim Coates.
  • Stunt Casting:
    • Walton Goggins of The Shield and Justified has a small part as the transsexual escort Venus Van Damme. Made even more amazing by the fact that it was completely kept secret until the episode aired, to the extent of pushing Goggins' on-screen credit to the end of the ep. Even the name choice was great, as his character on The Shield twice used "Cletus Van Damme" as an alias.
    • Marilyn Manson as a white supremacist prisoner in season seven.
    • Courtney Love as Abel's teacher in season seven.
  • What Could Have Been: Lots of examples.
    • Lowell Harland Jr. was supposed to have a much bigger role.
    • Half Sack was intended to be around the entire series. He was only killed off because Johnny Lewis wanted to leave the show.
    • Likewise, Hale was supposed to be around much longer than he ended up being. He was only killed off so abruptly because Hale's actor was considering leaving the show, so Sutter wrote two story lines. The actor ended up deciding to stay, but because Sutter liked the plot where his character died so much, they filmed that one anyways.
    • Very, very early in the development of the story, Tara was intended to be Clay's daughter.
    • Emilio Rivera played a SAMCRO member named Hawk, who was a precursor to Tig. Alvarez was invented so Rivera could play him instead. On another cast related note, Clay was originally played by Scott Glenn. You can still see footage of them in the pilot episode, when the boys are running away from the warehouse explosion.
    • Opie was supposed to be killed off in the first season.
    • Jury and the Indian Hills charter were intended to appear more over the years, but for some reason disappeared after their first appearance, only to reappear once in season six before being regular in the final season.
    • Wendy was supposed to die in the pilot episode originally. After this was changed, she was supposed to appear again, but according to Sutter during an after show, the actress couldn't come back until season four due to her pregnancies.
    • Lee Toric was intended to be the main antagonist of season six and be on the run for all of season seven. His shakes would have been explained as an effect of Huntington's Disease, which Tara would realize he had during one of his visits to her, and use the fact to her advantage. Donal Logue's busy schedule meant that Toric had to be killed off much earlier than expected. His absence is likely why the final two seasons, or at least six, seemed so directionless at points.
    • According to Ron Perlman, Clay was supposed to survive until the very end and even get a redemption arc.
    • Kozik was also supposed to be around longer, but Kenny Johnson left to do another TV show. Originally it was intended to just have his character transfer out, but the writers opted to kill him off instead. Pity, since the show Johnson left to be part of ended up being cancelled not long after.


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