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Tear Jerker / Sons of Anarchy

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Because nothing moves you to tears more than watching your best friend being beat to death and not be able to do anything about it.

  • "To a unified Ireland. It'll never happen throught non-violence."
  • The entire ending to "Balm" in Season 2 where Gemma realizes she has to tell Jax & Clay about the rape in order to stop the rift between them from growing further.
  • In the Season 3 opener, Gemma goes to visit her father and when he sees her he calls for her mother, not realizing his wife has been dead for several months due to his having dementia. The dementia actually makes many of their scenes really sad.
  • In season 3, Jax decides to give up Abel. Only for the adoptive parents to end up dead, and Father Kellan sacrificing himself to save Abel from Jimmy
  • Juice crying and hugging Chibs after he's found trying to hang himself in the woods.
  • Tig being able to do nothing but watch as his daughter was burned alive by Pope in season 5.
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  • Opie's death in season 5.
  • Opie's funeral was even sadder than his death. The music really makes the scene.
  • When the police come to arrest Tara, we hear Thomas crying in his room. Knowing she may never see her boys again, all Tara can say is "My baby's crying..." Damn, her baby is calling for her, and she can't go to him.
  • "I want Opie, I want Opie!"
  • Venus Van Damme's tragic history.
    • The moment before Jax pulls a Shut Up, Hannibal! on Venus's mother. She was going on about Venus's son growing up to hate her for the life he will live with her as his mother. Jax is seen with tears in his eyes, clearly thinking of his boys and the fear of them growing up to hate him for the life he may leave for them.
  • So in 'Los Fantasma', we learn that Nero's gang is catching heat from a rival crew. When SAMCRO meets up with them, some nameless guy tries to run them down and ends up killing one of the Chicano gang members. When they track the guy down, they learn that he isn't part of a rival crew, he's just a father in mourning to one of the kids that was killed in the school shooting SAMCRO and Nero's crew indirectly caused. The Sons spare his life, but the cops arrive shortly after. When they enter his house, he's holding a kitchen knife while staring at a picture of his son. After a moment, he drives the knife right into his throat and ends his own suffering.
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  • Clay's death and the moments leading up to it are oddly moving considering he was such a despicable character. In particular his final interaction with Juice, telling Gemma "I'm glad you're not alone", the expression on his face as he looks to her before his shot and Gemma's reaction to his death are heartbreaking.
  • In the Season 6 finale, Jax finding Tara murdered in their kitchen. After everything they'd gone through and how they were just starting to put things back together in their relationship, it's heartbreaking to see Jax breakdown while cradling his dead wife.
  • "I don't have a vision anymore." One can only pray that it isn't too late for Jackson Teller.
  • After showing that he understands that "people are always getting hurt" and that he recognizes that death is a bad thing, Abel takes a hammer and stands guard over his brother Thomas, saying that he won't let anyone hurt him. Then, after demanding to Wendy and Gemma that he wants to go home, he starts hitting the walls with the hammer, saying "Take me home now!". He stops only when he hears Thomas cry, and apologizes for scaring him. Bare in mind that Abel is in preschool, so the idea that a toddler is feeling the need to defend his infant brother from "bad men" with a hammer is saddening. A child that young should never need to worry about these kinds of things...
  • The Diosa Massacre. When the Sons burst through the doors only to find all the girls there, and any clients that were there as well, all brutally killed by the Lin Triad. Even worse when you realize that all of these poor girls who were friendly and nice to the Sons all died for Gemma's lies and twisted parody of family love. One can only hope that some of the ones the audience got to know didn't call into work that day...
  • Bobby's death.
  • Unser's death at Jax's hands. It was a completely needless loss. Wayne telling Jax that he can't leave because "This is all I got left" is incredibly heartbreaking.
    • Agreed, Unser would live to see the end of the show, EVEN THOUGH HE COMPLAINED SINCE SEASON 1 HE WAS A TERMINAL STAGE CANCER PATIENT.
  • SAMCRO voting that Jax must die. Not one of them wanted it, but Jax insisted it needed to be done in the interest of keeping the peace with the other chapters. Chibs (now President) could barely choke back the words.
  • Not really Gemma's death itself, but the context behind it was pretty sad, with Jax having to kill his mom.
  • Juice's death. "Just let me finish my pie." Expected by then, but still tragic.
  • Jax's death in the series finale. The thought of Jax making sure his kids would hate him for the rest of their lives was the saddest part ever
    • Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!


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