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Jax Teller is really Jax Morrow
In Season 1 Gemma burns an old photo of Gemma, Piney, John and Clay with a very pregnant Gemma in her wedding dress and in her husband John's embrace. Everyone in the photo is looking at the camera except Clay, who is looking at Gemma. In Season 2 Gemma suggests John subconsciously intended to cause the accident that took his life for reasons of unspecified pathos.

Speculation? Clay and Gemma had been having a relationship on the side for some time after Gemma became John's 'Old Lady', possibly even being the true sire of one or both of Gemma's sons. John found out about this and in anguish aimed his Harley at the front grill of an oncoming semi.

  • Unlikely, since Jax and his brother were born with the same heart defect as Abel, and Gemma calls it the "Teller family curse," suggesting that it was in JT's blood and not hers. She could have been lying about that, I guess, but why?
    • I'm pretty sure she just says "the family flaw," and she has a heart surgery scar on her chest, which suggests strongly to me that it was from her.
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    • Apparently jossed in "John 8:32," when Gemma tells Nero that she didn't start growing closer to Clay until after Thomas died and JT had started cheating with Maureen. While it's true that Gemma is flexible with the truth when it suits her, the framing of the scene strongly suggests that she was being truthful (at least, from her perspective).
  • There's also the fact that Jax is blond, while John Teller has brown hair. Clay, on the other hand...
  • It's since been revealed that Clay definitely had Lowell Sr. tamper with JT's bike. If JT decided to end it himself, he sure picked a very coincidental time to do so.
  • Piney also remarks on several occasions Jax bears a resemblance to JT. This could, however, be Piney seeing what he wants to see.

The Hamlet parallels.
Start with the obvious — Jax, Clay and Gemma are Hamlet, Claudius and Gertrude, and Daddy Teller's book is the ghost. Moving on from there...
  • Horatio — Tara
  • Polonius — Piney
  • Ophelia — Opie
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  • Laertes — Possibly Opie again.
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern — I'm betting Bobby, and possibly Chibs or Juice.
  • Fortinbras — Hale. The Nords may look like Norway, but Hale's the guy who's going to inherit Charming when the Sons are all dead.
    • Except now, he's dead.

Kozik is gay/used to be Tig's boyfriend.
The rivalry between Tig and Kozik ultimately played out in season three as if the two were ex-lovers, as seen by Tig's refusal to allow Kozik to transfer to SAMCRO Charming and the reveal at the end of the season that the reason for Tig's hate for Kozik stems from the as of yet stated fate of a dog that both men loved.

Kozik is gay and at some point in time (possibly after Tig was divorced from his wife) entered into a sexual relationship with Tig. The dog was something Tig purchased after his divorce and he saw it as a replacement for his daughters, who he may have been denied access to after the divorce. Kozik in turn also saw the dog as a surrogate child, in the way that many gay couples treat their pets as their surrogate children since they can not have children on their own. But the relationship fell apart, most likely because Tig isn't exclusively gay whereas Kozik is exclusively homosexual. And in the midst of the break-up, something happened to the dog while it was in Kozik's company.


It also explains why Kozik is constantly trying to start a fight with Tig/violence prone: as a gay man in the insanely masculine world of outlaw bikers, Kozik feels he has to be quick to violence in order to ensure no one thinks of him as a sissy incapable of holding his own due to his homosexuality. Tig might have also made homophobic remarks to Kozik, calling out his manhood due to him being gay and accused him of stalking Tig after the fact (which would explain the dialogue from Kozik's first appearance in terms of him getting into Tig's face).

  • This seems incredibly unlikely and actually a little ignorant to me. There's a lot of assertions about gay men/couples here that aren't true.

The Sons of Anarchy are in fact sons of Anarchy Panty.

Season 4 will include a Time Skip and will open not long before the sons get out of prison.
  • The show has a fairly long production time between seasons, but in universe the time between seasons is fairly short(matter of weeks), and a given season rarely covers more than a couple months. Barely a full year(if that) has passed since the first episode in show. Season 4 will bridge that gap.
    • Confirmed. Season 4 picks up 14 months later with the cast getting out of jail, enough time for Abel to become a toddler and Tara to give birth and have a seven-month-old.

The Homeless Woman is an angel/ The Angel of Death

  • She appears at random times and places and always to push one member of the Teller family in a particularly destiny laden direction.
    • She showed up in Charming, just outside of Charming at the revival, in Ireland, and at the California/ Oregon border.
    • She actually does say "Abel will help my boys." The second line "Able to help my boys," is a correction. That makes sense if one sees "her boys" as the members of the club.
    • Her original appearance comes just after at the same time as Donna and Opie's decision to take the family to Abel's coming home party.
      • Donna's appearance at the party led directly to her death at Tig's handswhich led to a number of other deaths throughout the series.
    • Her second appearance leads Gemma to the conclusion that she is meant to be a "fierce mother." This leads her to follow Polly Zobell which leads to the deaths of Edmund and Polly and through those deaths, to the death of Half-Sack.
    • Her blink and you miss it appearance in Ireland leads to the deaths of Abel's adoptive parents and pretty much everyone else connected to the kidnapping.
    • Her most recent appearance keeps Jax from preventing Tara's career-threatening injury, which keeps Jax and his children in Charming and in the MC. If they are providing her with a steady body count why would she let them leave?
    • As on John 8:32 we see her again watching a young girl who's mother was killed in a pileup caused by the semi that killed John Teller. Jax claims an old photo of her looks familiar and its insinuated that she is the homeless woman. Bear in mind, that the daughter herself suffers from bi-polar disorder as her late mother according to the father. The homeless claimed the same condition to Gemma.
      • I'm not sure where Sutter is going with this woman. Right before this scene Tara is singing to Thomas a song about angels before the actual song fades in and we see these two. Maybe this woman is actually some sort of guardian angel.
    • She also appeared in season 5 talking to a plush horse in a trash bin. This was during the big shakedown at the dog fights. I don't remember what she said, but Jax seemed to be the only on who noticed her. Right after this Jax set into motion his plan to set up Damian Pope and Clay Marrow.
    • In the series finally she appears at the Courthouse and tells Jax "it's time" and gives him her blanket. Right after there's a scene showing what she was eating: bread and wine. It can't be much clear than that that she is either God or a servant of Him.

The Tellers are descended from the Marstons
  • It would explain the angel of death theory above, as he and John were "well acquainted," and lawlessness is sort of a family tradition for the two clans.

The Homeless Woman is a Time Lord.
  • Seriously, how else could she have shown up in Ireland?

Jax's endgame...
  • Will be to get Clay (or possibly Tig) to kill Damon Pope, then kill Clay (or Tig) and collect the bounty for killing Pope's killer. Then he and Tara will ride off into the sunset with their babies.
    • Jossed, mostly. Jax did get Tig to kill Pope, but his play was to hand Tig over to Pope, kill Pope's goons and then grant Tig his vengeance, framing Clay in the process. The ride into the sunset was made impossible by Tara's arrest over the death of the nurse.

Nero will become a major problem for the sons
  • The club owes Nero a lot of money, but he will not accept cash as payment. Seeing how Nero is slipping back into his old gang ways, this will most likely lead to him forcing the Sons to do things they don't want to.
    • It's actually shaping up to be the opposite; with the club drawing more heat, Nero reflects on how small time he's always been and is intimidated by the weight of problems that SAMCRO has.
      • At least until he found out about the things Jax has been doing behind his back...

Lincoln Potter will return.
  • He was at this stage the Big Good, if a Manipulative Bastard, and in light of the events of the events of season six so far it's hinted that the Rico case may be opened up again. With the school shooting and the Sons having to silence witnesses it seems that it will be something even the Galinda Cartel and CIA will have to let go of the deal they made. And with Lee Toric on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge who is to say he won't work with a like minded oddball, or at least bring him in?
    • Otto, that's who.
    • I did not see this coming. Well the door may still be open for Potter's return but somehow I think the series is going more into the destruction of Jax and the Sons instead. This Darker and Edgier direction is hinted at in clothing of a rifle firing reaper before the season began, so I would say now they Shoo Out the Clowns and if it ends with Kill 'Em All it would not be a big surprise.

More Hamlet Parallels.
  • Since the ending of the quite eventful Season 6, things have cleared up quite a bit more, and this is how I think Season 7 will be set up: Unser will be Claudius, Juice will be Laertes, and of course Jax and Gemma are Hamlet and Gertrude. So, the layout might go something like this:
    • Ghost of Hamlet's father: J.T. and his writings. Could also be the Homeless Woman, in a weird way.
    • Polonius: Clay (Interesting note: In very early drafts of the script, he was to be the father of Tara, and throughout the series he has played a father-like figure to Juice.)
    • Ophelia: Tara and Opie.
    • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Hard to say at this point, but it will end up being two members of the club, maybe Tig and Bobby.
    • Fortinbras: Again, hard to say, but it could end up being Chibs. After all, Chibs came from the Irish charter (In this instance, it could be seen as Norway), and his father (Keith McGee, in this case "King Fortinbras") was killed by someone close to Jax (Though not "Claudius" in this instance).
      • Alternatively it could be Marcus Alvarez and the Mayans MC. Throughout the series they've always been looming in the back round and have always wanted Charming for themselves and now that Nero has allied with them against August Marks (which by extension means SAMCRO) and the fact that they're opening up a charter in Stockton (a move that threatens their new escort business) the stage is set for them finally settling their bumpy history with SOA.
      • Best candidate for Fortinbras right now is Gaines, the new Indian Hills prez. Jury (old Norway) becomes a vassal to the Sons (Denmark). Then his Gaines becomes the leader and takes over when the club is at its weakest. Besides, while Fortinbras is a minor character, he's important to the finale. And you don't give a bit part to Tony Curran without there being a larger scope to the role.
    • Horatio: Abel and Thomas, who are told of all this through Jax's journals. This role could also end up being played by Nero.

Season 7 prediction

From what we've seen, Jax is definitely getting out of prison in the first episode and his main priority will be to find the person who killed Tara. We also know that something huge will happen by the third or fourth episode, and that Jax will take out his rage on the person he thinks did it. Of course he won't figure out that it was Gemma who did the act at first. From what we know, it seems like Jax will think Juice, who is on the run already, presumably for his betrayal, did it, and Gemma will back this up to avoid any heat being brought on her. Jax will kill him, and then the rest of the season will focus on all of the conflicts, primarily the war with the Mayans and possibly Biz-Lats, as well as the many arcs established by all the guest stars this year. The last few episodes, or possibly just the finale itself, will see Jax finding out the truth and, as he'd put it, "Getting to the bottom of things, bro."

If it isn't Juice, then it may be Unser who is framed, or maybe some kind of secondary character, although how either of those would work is beyond me. Chalk it up to Jax being blind with rage, I guess?


The very last shot.
  • Y'all know the Every Episode Ending of the emblem? Well given the direction the series is headed this had been on my mind ever since...Donna's death actually. What if for the Season Finale they have the reaper come up as normal, then we hear a Nightmare Fuel inducing sound and it turns blood red? Maybe even have it animated and come alive. Kurt Sutter take note, I think with the dark direction the show has taken that would be a powerful way to end the series.

One way or another, Jax's days as club president are numbered.
  • Either he gets out for good, or he checks out, as it were. I strongly doubt he will finish the series still at the gavel.


Either Gemma or Jax will die. Maybe both.
  • It's unlikely both will be drawing air at the conclusion. But either way, he may never find out it was her who killed Tara.
    • The Hamlet theme practically demands they both die.
    • Confirmed for both.

Abel is really three, not five.
  • Jax just referred to him as a five year old instead of his proper age because he's a bad father and can't remember his own son's age. Think about it: A lot of dialogue from season six indicates that at most, only three years have passed since the pilot episode. Wendy mentions that Jax almost caused her to "throw away three years of sobriety" in an early season six episode, and she only sobered up after she gave birth to Abel, and Tara tells Nero that Clay was killed because he murdered Piney "a few months ago" in the eleventh episode of the same season. In addition to that, the math just doesn't add up. At most, eight months have passed during the first two seasons, with only a week passing in season three. Then fourteen months pass between three and four, and coupled with Tara's dialogue, only a few months passed between the deaths of the two First 9 members two seasons apart. So unless there was a huge unmentioned time skip prior to season four's eighth episode, or after the eleventh episode of season six, there's no way Abel could be five. Also, Thomas is only a year and a half younger than Abel, so if Abel was five, wouldn't Thomas be three and a half and capable of moving around on his own instead of being carried all the time like he is in the show? Jax is just a bad dad or one with a bad memory, and that's quite a depressing WMG.
  • Jossed. Explicitly stated by several people that he's five. Writers Cannot Do Math

Ratboy is a Meaningful Name
  • With one episode left, five days to go, let's throw this out in the open. Ratboy is seen as a loyal member who had been given quite a bit of focus. Hints had been dropped a couple of times over him doing the right thing. What if for the last episode it turns out he actually is a rat and working towards taking down the Sons for another gang or the law?
    • Jossed.

Milo is Vic Mackey
  • After finishing his time at ICE, Vic became a trucker. Come on. How hasn't this been proposed yet?
    • However, The Shield is shown to be fictional in the world of Sons of maybe Milo is actually...Michael Chiklis whose acting career didn't continue in this universe?


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