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Heartwarming / Sons of Anarchy

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"I don't know how to break this to you, kid, but I'm your old man."

  • Gemma's conversation with Chibs.
  • Jax tying Clay's hands to his handlebars when they hurt too much for him to ride.
  • Clay gets his in the Season 2 finale. The Sons have cornered Zobelle and evacuated a store so they don't kill him in front of kids. Remember that Zobelle is a Neo Nazi, he had Gemma raped, he's in league with the Mayans and has done everything he can to destroy the Sons. And until Gemma revealed her rape Jax and Clay had been at each other's throats threatening to tear the club in half. When Jax's son Abel is kidnapped, Jax phones Clay, saying he needs him. Clay doesn't hesitate, he doesn't take five seconds to kill Zobelle, he immediately goes to find his son.
  • Though it edges into Tear Jerker territory, Half-Sack's funeral especially when you see how many people show up, not just members of the club but soldiers too.
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  • Pretty much any time Chibs and Juice interact with each other, including their conversation about Juice being half-black, and his concern for Juice after he's attacked returning a brick of cocaine and stabbed - even if that did come across a bit Ho Yay with all the "Juicey! Juicey boy!" comments.
  • Tig's interactions with his daughter Dawn - especially after she attempted to con him out of $1200. He gives it to her so that she'll come back and see him again.
    Gemma: She'll be back for more.
    Tig: Yeah, I know. (Gemma smiles wryly and shakes her head)
    • This just makes it all the more heartbreaking after Dawn is burned to death by Pope in order to "teach Tig a lesson".
  • Chibs' speech at Jax and Tara's wedding.
    Chibs: May the Lord hold you in His hand and may He never close His fist too tight. Bennachd dia dhuit. I love you both.
  • Tig rescuing the dog from the fighting ring.
  • Season 6 intro + "R.I.P. Opie" on Jax's cut = Feels man, lots of feels.
  • Chibs handing Jax the gavel in the opening of Season 6's 'Salvage'.
  • Tig genuinely showing concern for Venus as she sends her son to stay with some family in Seattle. Clearly she's not just some fetish plaything for ol' Tiggy.
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  • Though there is some Nightmare Fuel to it, Unser's genuine fear for Abel and Thomas after his run in with the new Nords.
  • "I love this club, and I love you." Cue manly hug.
    • Extra points for prior episodes making it seem like Bobby was preparing to turn his back on Jax and SAMCRO for what happened in season 5.
  • All the West Coast charters banging on the table to show their support for Jax's decision to get out of the gun business.
  • Venus and Mama Bear Gemma. We love you, you crazy bitch.
  • That little moment between Gemma and Nero after her freakout at the police station. Hey, this is what you signed up for ese.
  • Ratboy earning his top rocker. Prior to that, the club acted as if he had just been voted out, and we see him die a little inside. The look on his face afterwords, manly hugs all around.
    • This is also special since after six seasons, we finally get to actually see a prospect getting patched in.
  • SAMCRO working together to salvage what they could from the destroyed clubhouse. Saved items include JT's blue panhead, some framed mugshots (which also included JT), and of course the Reaper Table, blackened but otherwise still in one piece.
  • Chucky and the three former nomads handing out candy to some kids in their new clubhouse/ice cream shop.
  • Instead of leaving Teller-Morrow like everybody else, Chibs waits for Jax to get Abel from the backroom before the Irish King's bomb goes off.
  • Tig's reaction to a man abusing his son is to put a round into the door frame not two inches from the man's head and dare him to "Go ahead, hit him again'. Looks like he isn't entirely joking about his father's abuse, and metes out a little justice now and then. (Season 7, Episode 8)
  • When the club finds out that Juice is half black rather than drum him out the reaction is "We need to change the bylaws." Come the final season, it seems Jax is intent on changing that rule, since in the sixth episode, he asks T.O. Cross of the Grim Bastards, an MC made up of African American members, if he and his club would like to patch over into SAMCRO.
  • Before Gemma leaves, Chucky tells her that she is his best friend. She simply responds "I accept that."
  • When Oswald's 13 year old daughter is raped he goes to the club to find who did it. Tig expresses his doubts because it would distract from the gun selling and Clay patiently explains how the community goes to them, not the cops, for help before letting anyone who wants to back out. Even quicker than jumping on the idea of making porn everyone, even Tig, is all for hunting down the rapist.


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