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"That's how we do in Mexizona, Mr. Crow!"

  • Gemma's confession of her rape to Jax and Clay in "Balm". Also qualifies as Tearjerker.
    • Also the scene in the following episode when Clay reveals the information to the rest of the club.
  • Tara's beatdown, physical and psychological of Margaret Murphy in "The Culling".
  • Unser, upon being confronted with video tape of Hale being offered a bribe by Zobelle, yelling at Hale for letting him get caught in such a compromising position and pretty much acknowledges that he needs Hale and his by-the-book, squeaky clean way of doing things intact in order to keep the entire department from being 100% corrupt cops.
  • Ally Walker (the actress playing Agent Stahl) gets one in Season 2. Jax taunts her by asking about fellow agent Kohn (whom he has murdered) "Ever hear from Kohn? (Beat) Dangerous being a fed." Her facial expression is completely unchanged, the only thing revealing her recognition and seething rage is the subtlest of facial tics.
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  • The Season 2 finale would definitely qualify. As all around megalomaniacal super villain Ethan Zobelle begins his escape guarded by several unfriendly looking Mayans, The Sons are seen off by their respective women. On the highway, they meet up for what looks to be a motorcycle mounted very blood battle. Suddenly, Zobelle notices a passing truck with Unser printed very clearly on the back hatch. Qualifying as one of the most epic Oh Shit moments in television, the back hatch flies open and a truck full of heavily armed Sons unleashes hell on Zobelle's escort well the rest of the Sons begin firing at them from behind. Shakespeare himself couldn't have planned a more perfect ambush.
  • Gemma literally not even flinching as she's dropped into an ice bath while faking a fever in season 3.
  • Gemma and Fiona versus Jimmy in the kitchen.
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  • The Plan in the Season 3 finale, which the club pulls off flawlessly. For context: the boys spend most of Season 3 awaiting trial for their armed attack on a church in Season 2, knowing full well that they'll probably be sent to prison for years. In order to keep the club together, Jax makes a deal with Agent Stahl, agreeing to deliver Jimmy O'Phelan to her in exchange for getting their sentence reduced to 14 months. The problem? The rest of the club are all determined to kill Jimmy after he detonates a bomb that kills multiple club members, and Jax knows that the club will disown him if he tells them about the deal that he made with the Feds. In the end, he's forced to bite the bullet and hand Jimmy over to Stahl. With that, his friends furiously condemn him as a traitor, and the Sons are all cuffed and shipped off to their trial while giving Jax the Death Glare.

    Or so it seems. As soon as Stahl drives off with Jimmy, Unser tricks her into stopping on the side of the road by claiming that there's an IRA ambush waiting for her. Minutes later, Piney, Opie and Chibs—the only club members who weren't arrested for the church shooting—arrive in a school bus. Opie kills Stahl in exactly the same way Donna was killed, Chibs gives Jimmy a "Glasgow Grin" to match his own before slitting his throat, and Piney tears up Jax's statement of cooperation. As Ratboy and Filthy Phil follow the boys in the paddy wagon, they begin honking their horns at them to signal that their plan succeeded, and the Sons all burst out laughing. Turns out that their anger was just an act, and they were all in on Jax's plan. They got their sentences reduced, Jax doesn't have to testify to the Feds, and they got their revenge against the two people who hurt them the most. Damn.
  • Pictured above, SAMTAZ's crafty way of losing a tail by blowing up a grease truck.
  • Katey Sagal's cover of Strange Fruit. Ye GADS. Awesome Music and Nightmare Fuel all in one (the song is about lynching, and is played over Juice's attempt to commit suicide by hanging for fear of being found out as half-black.).
  • In the Season 4 finale, Lincoln Potter walks into a session of the city council and dumps a bag full of sex toys and porn on the table to illustrate where exactly Jacob Hale is getting the funding for his new housing development. He then points out that one of the sex dolls manufactured by Hale's Japanese backers is that of a child and sold to pedophiles.
  • Throughout the series Chucky had been the Butt-Monkey and Plucky Comic Relief. When he hears about the Sons trying to gather the money to pay ransom however he tries to talk to several members; but they are wrapped up with the Russians, before he takes one of the boxes he was trying to show them and opens it in front of Jax before he can put it off: sheet after sheet of misprinted counterfeit money that Chucky was told to destroy when the Sons offered him up to another gang. The Sons use the fake money to save the day.
  • Juice navigating a mine field, rather than go around it. Sure he had a death wish, but even Romeo looks at him all "what the fuck?"
  • Jax double-crossing Pope, saving Tig, and setting up Clay as the fall guy.
  • Tara getting her bitch on and beating the crap out of the inmate who stole her blanket and is about twice her size.
  • Otto killing Toric. He didn't see it coming.
  • Clay, Gemma, Zobelle, Potter...all master manipulators. And Tara manages to pull off perhaps the greatest and most devastating move in the entire show by faking her pregnancy and miscarriage.
  • The Sons getting back at those dirty cops for trying to scam them and chopping up poor Juice's Harley. Made better when they're forced to apologize to each of the members individually.
  • The Sons voting to get out of the gun trade. Particularly Jax's speech and the Sons showing their support. Good job kid, you're one step closer to fulfilling your old man's legacy.
  • Jax realizing the Irish King's betrayal and properly getting everyone to safety.
    • Jax's running to save Abel before Teller-Marrow gets blown to hell.
    • Bonus points for Chibs staying behind to make sure Jax and Abel got out alright.
  • Juice going toe to toe with the dirty cops, with one of their own bikes. Then getting his Bruce Willis on, hopping from the bike into a moving van.
    Juice: I'm just a guy who knows a coward when I see one.
  • "Time to go 'hood sister."
    • Extra points for going about it the right way and not the crooked way like Stahl, Potter, and Toric.
  • Seeing Tig still alive after getting sold out by Jax. Be honest - you rejoiced when you saw it too.
  • "I didn't say we were even." Switchblade. Throat Slice. Pointed Gun. "Now that feels like even." Kick ass RoboCop.
  • Jax killing Alice Noon. Kind of hard not to cheer after it's shown she raped babies.
  • In Los Fantasmas (Season 6) when one of the school shooting victim's father tries to run down the Sons and Nero's gang, Juice holds his ground as the car barely veers past him without even flinching. Easy to forget that this is the same guy who was left unconscious wearing a diaper with a sign stapled to his chest in the middle in Charming back in season one.
  • Father Kellan Ashby aside, we've seen Jax dominate every brawl he's been in. Though the fight could've went either way, Nero demonstrated that Jax wasn't the only one who could throw down.
  • The final episode where Jax ties up loose ends on his way out of the club. He kills August and Barosky before leading the police on an epic chase, where he comes across the trucker who helped Gemma. Not only was it an epic way to go, dying in a blaze of glory that would make him remembered forever, but shows what a Magnificent Bastard he is in that such infamy would deter his sons from following in his footsteps.
    • The way Jax killed August was particularly awesome. He sat on the steps of the courthouse draped under the blanket given to him by the homeless woman, looking very much like the Grim Reaper, before he cast off the blanket and shot August to death.
  • Tara gets a pretty awesome moment in "Fix". Towards the end of the episode, she gets humiliated by a pornstar named Irma after she tries to walk into a private party at Caracara to talk to Jax, only for Irma to refuse to let her in—insisting that Jax Teller can't be bothered to talk to her. A distraught Tara walks into the bathroom to collect herself, and Jax goes into the bathroom to comfort her when he finds out that she came to see him. One thing leads to another, and the two of them end up having loud, rough sex against a wall. A few minutes later, Irma walks into the bathroom to find the owner of the studio passionately making love to the woman whom she'd just told to take a hike. Jax doesn't hear her come in, and keeps going right at it. But Tara makes eye contact with her and grins maliciously, as if to say "How do you like me now, bitch?"
  • Meta: The original song "Lullaby for a Soldier" went on to so much acclaim that it was eventually used in the official trailer for Alita: Battle Angel in 2018. Which is even more impressive when you know that Maggie Siff is not a professional singer, and that was the first song that she ever recorded professionally. Not many performers get to see their very first song used in a major Hollywood movie.


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