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Drinking Game / Sons of Anarchy

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"If you ever want to own a top rocker, prospect, you'd better bring a strong liver to the table, sharpish."

Take a shot every time:

  • Anyone from SAMCRO takes a drink.
  • Jax and Clay disagree with each other.
  • SAMCRO members hug each other.
  • SAMCRO members fight each other.
  • Someone from SAMCRO refers to another member as "brother."
  • Someone talks about how their actions are "protecting the club."
  • Someone calls out Clay when he screws something up and he snaps back with "Don't you think I know that??"
  • Gemma calls someone "Sweetheart" or "Darlin'."
  • Chibs refers to Jax as "Jackie Boy."
  • Juice says or does something stupid.
  • Half-Sack says or does something stupid.
  • A prospect says or does something stupid.
  • Chucky says, "I accept that".
  • Someone reacts with a frustrated "Jesus Christ." Two if Chibs says "Jaysus Cryst!"
  • Someone says "shit".
  • Someone uses a racial or sexual slur.
  • Anytime there's a song Katey Sagal sings.
  • Jax is seen shirtless. 2 shots if he's totally naked.
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  • Two characters are shown having sex.
  • Every time something horrible happens to Juice.
  • Juice cries.
  • A SAMCRO member is non-fatally shot or stabbed.
  • A named antagonist dies.
  • A named ally, family member, or friend of the club dies.
  • Take 2 shots if a member of SAMCRO dies.
  • Finish the bottle at the end of "Papa's Goods".

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