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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Juice's closely-cropped mohawk haircut makes a lot of sense after it's revealed that he's hiding his African-American heritage.
  • Jax pumping a speedball into Wendy's arm to keep her away from his kids, seems frighteningly similar to what Gemma did to her back in season one. Looks like Clay ain't the only devil's foot steps Jax is following in.
  • Look at what Tara did to Gemma in Season 6's "Sweet and Vaded" and think about what Jax did to Clay in Season 5. From Gemma to Jax to Tara, the poisonous cycle continues.
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  • The song playing during the intro of Season 6's "Salvage" was an instrumental version of John The Revelator, the same played during the finale all the way back in season one when Jax dedicated himself to saving Samcro before it crashes and burns. Pretty much what happened in "The Mad King" was exactly what Jax was trying to prevent. And considering this is the second to last season, its also a sign of the beginning of the end for SAMCRO.
  • In Season 2 when Jax & Opie are about to kill the Mayan that supposedly killed Opie's wife. Opie wants to talk to him first, but Jax stops him. Opie then tells Jax that if it were Tara who had been killed that he (Jax) would be ripping the guys fingers off one at a time. See Season 7.

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