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  • The Cast Showoff:
    • He sings most of the review of The Man Who Fell to Earth, to the tune of various David Bowie songs, along with The Nostalgia Chick, Todd in the Shadows, Lupa and JewWario.
    • He also has one of the best solos in The Nostalgia Chick's Les Misérables review.
    • Oancitizen opens the Channel Awesome Holiday Greetings with a one-person quartet choir.
    • Teased in To Boldly Flee, where he desperately wants to show off his singing talent, but doing so would blow his cover as a mute.
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    • Likewise in The Nostalgia Critic's review of Moulin Rouge!, where he gets really angry to find that he wasn't invited to sing in their musical review.
    • After not being allowed to sing became something of a running joke ("It is literally the only character trait that Doug has ever written for me!"), his character was justifiably smug about being prominently featured in the Nostalgia Critic's Les Misérables (2012) review.
      Oancitizen: [to the tune of "At The End of the Day"] I might have known the cat had claws, I might have known the bitch could bite, I might have guessed your singing secret—
      Linkara: Okay, if you're going to insult me, don't do it in song.
      Oancitizen: Fine. I'll just say it's my time to shine and shut the door on you. [Does so.]
    • He decided to make his review of Beauty and the Beast a musical, parodying the Disney version despite it being mentioned that's not the one he's reviewing.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • His moniker. As of the Mister Lonely review, he's dropped it from the title sequence and goes by just his real name.
    • Kyle's expressed regret about his Primer review, feeling he was way too hard on the film.
    • He also turned against the Spring Breakers episode just a day after its release, admitting it wasn't his best work. While he considered doing a follow-up video to it, Kyle eventually decided on just covering those aspects next time he reviews a Korine film.
    • Kyle's largely turned against his pre-Melancholia reviews, feeling he was trying too hard to be funny over being informative. As such, many of them on Channel Awesome had disclaimers saying that the video is "a work of satire and does not reflect the critical opinions of the author". Save for his episode on Kenneth Branagh, most of them were not imported to his YouTube channel when it became his main platform.
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    • For whatever reason, he deleted his review of Steve McQueen's Shame.
    • He's called his review of The Man Who Fell to Earth a "an embarrassing poorly mixed vanity project piggybacking off of a true artist's talents."
    • After both episodes of his "Cinema Antifa" series were subjected to endless pestering by fascism apologists, Kyle made both videos private and declared the series a mistake.
  • Fandom Nod: The Origin of Escargoancitizen, a live-action fan fic about Oancitizen turning into a snail, which was written In the Style of... Uzumaki. Escargoancitizen has also made appearances in few other places, including a cameo in To Boldly Flee.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Kyle has somewhat of a following in Russia, if the various Russian subs found on YouTube are any indication. So do most of the TGWTG contributors, though.
  • Missing Episode:
    • The sans-commentary version of "The Girlfriend Experience" (which he felt completely misrepresented him) and "What Is It?" which got removed after Crispin Glover took umbrage at its existence. note 
    • His Pinocchio episode also has gone missing.
    • After Blip shut down and he permanently moved to YouTube, many other reviews simply never got reuploaded due to his dislike of them or for copyright reasons. Some such as Zardoz are downright impossible to find (if not by the help of his Russian fans...) and he claims to have never been able to reedit his "Between The Lines" episode on The Beatles well enough to suit the demands of the site's copyright standards.
    • Aside from the stealth pilot episode on To Be or Not to Be, the two episodes of Cinema Antifa on Casablanca and Triumph of the Will were taken down due to ongoing harassment surrounding the project.
  • Old Shame:
    • When he posted the old review of The Girlfriend Experience on TGWTG, some comments came in, which he agreed with about the review coming off as Slut-Shaming, and he contemplated removing the review altogether. He did say the intent wasn't to mock Sasha Grey for her adult film work, but the message he meant didn't come across clearly.
    • At the beginning of the Taxidermia review, Kyle mentions that he's been hesitant to upload his older episodes to his YouTube channel, since the show has moved away from being a straight Caustic Critic show into more analytical ground, and those early episodes don't reflect that.
    • His own changing feelings about what counts as high or low art and his growing social consciousness about racism, particularly once he discovered that that the terms "highbrow" and "lowbrow" had roots in phrenology (a pseudoscience which claims that the shape of one's skull is directly linked to their intelligence, generally used as scientific "proof" that white people are intellectually superior), have soured his opinion on the name of the show itself.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: "Procession of the Nobles" from Mlada by Rimsky-Korsakov.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: He's somewhat bemused by all the fangirls and Slash Fic he's received already.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: In the Blip era, What Is It?, as noted above. In the YouTube one, most of his early work is not found in his account due to "copyright bots."
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Kallgren stated that, at one point, he thought of being an actor.
    • During the break between Melancholia and Mister Lonely, Kyle suggested a temporary series where he would rewatch the films he reviewed early on and recap them with a new perspective. He eventually discarded that for a new Between the Lines.
    • There was going to be a joke in the Mister Lonely review involving the scene in Grizzly Man where Werner Herzog listens to the recording of Timothy Treadwell being eaten, only with the audio replaced. Kyle ended up cutting the gag out.
    • Another canceled video was one where Kyle would review Citizen Kane while drunk. In his own words, "getting sloshed for a joke just came off as sad the more I thought about it."
    • The "Between The Lines" episode on Batman originaly started out as a Linkara-style voice over of his origin story, but was cut for being indulgent and unintentionally evoking the Aurora massacre.


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