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"Lord Yuan Kafei, illustrious leader of the Renegades, was unhappy with the re-uniting of his worlds and the eternal lost of his dead fiancé. He begins playing with the concepts of planar physics and eventually discovered a method to which he could locate genetic matches to his fiance, Martel, on other worlds far quicker than it would take for Mana to decide her soul could be reborn in the world again. Unfortunately, in a freak accident, Yuan managed to send himself and his brilliant invention, The Bio-Gate, to a strange world. It seemed that little pieces of his world along with other worlds begin to gather on to this new world. Intent in his mission, Lord Yuan began to summon others through the Bio-Gate, hoping to find the one who could replace his lost love, Martel. However, as it has been with his invention so far, it still has a few kinks to work out which includes a GPS in order to find the others he pulled through the Bio-Gate and the random ones that have nothing to do with Martel that are being pulled through..."

The Biogate is a ongoing play by post game on Website/Gaiaonline set in a What If? world set after the end of Tales of Symphonia. Starting off as a extension of another roleplay done by the mods, the Roleplay was made January 16, 2011 by Shadowkeykeeper, Iceenchantress 09 and Neka 1. Not long after it started, The Biogate quickly filled with dedicated members who have become Fire-Forged Friends over the course of Roleplaying together for years.

If you can't tell already, The Biogate is one of Gaia Online's largest roleplays ever made. It current has over 1,700 pages of posts and has well over a hundrded characters in it.

There's a character sheet with tropes associated to the characers now! It's right here.

Note, Spoilers are unmarked!—-

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Contains Examples Of:

  • Action Girl: And how! Judith, Rukia Kuchiki, Aki Izayoi, Chie Satonaka, and many more.
  • And I Must Scream: Chosens, Dark Signers and Judith get hard with this. Chosens can't speak and are unable to do anything of free will. They have to follow a specfic person they are attached too. The Dark Signers have no idea they are evil and when they do, the Earthbound takes control, invoking this. Judith gets this because she becomes trapped inside her own body, unable to speak and losing her will and ability to fight back against Yubel.
  • Anti-Villain: Many villains fall into this, as many are not evil by choice.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Many characters have attacks that are this. Yugi and Marik's God Cards are this:Awesome but can be impractical in a long term duel if they aren't able to get the power needed for it. Certain attacks too are this such as Emil's Ain Soph Aur. However, the arte Judgement fits this. Flash and bright, it can easily miss and takes a lot of time to charge.
    • Arc 3 shows why Megidolan is too. It eats up too much SP and it isn't too useful when you fight someone like Vanitas.
    • Remilia's True Gungnir also somewhat falls under this, being sealed by the Spellcard Laws for the time.
  • Badass Adorable: Cutemon doesn't do much, but has super strength, healing and is adorable. Oshawatt plays this straight though. The little adorable Pokemon fought in a War and helped repel Maia's Metal Head's as well as Mithos's Angels.
  • Badass Normal: In a world full of magic users and the supernatural, there are surprisingly only a few characters who can hold this title. Currently consistent of Yui, Sundown and Kamina.
    • Even by the standards of the Biogate, characters without a Cross Series are this. Martha herself is also a example, being the most normal person in the entire Biogate yet still being Badass.
  • Battle Amongst the Flames: Dai Gurren fights off Da Ji and her snakemen in one.
  • Big Bad: Each arc has these. Arc One has Mithos and the Dark Signers. Arc two has Gol and Maia followed by The Enchantress, Vanitas, The Queen and Divine. Wiseman seems to be this for the main RP thus far however.
    • Arc 3 has revealed that Wiseman is The Dragon to a bigger threat called the Black Winged Devil. What this means is unknown but its obvious the Black Winged Devil will appear soon
  • Big Damn Heroes: Happens quite often. Examples go to anyone who ends up being saved in the T.V World, and Guy Cecile and Hong against a Hydra. However, a truly epic moment happens in Arc 2 where Edge Geraldine attacks Yubel who has transformed into her final form, with ramming her giant form with his Airship's Drill.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Several.
    • Its a known fact that every character gives off a mana level or spiritual pressure. When the dopplegangers how up, guess how you figure out whose the real thing?
    • In Arc 2, Lelouch and Keima's game of chess seems pointless after. Later on both use codes for strategics using chess terms.
    • Yukari's explanation of what a Persona was and how to get one in Arc 1 proves to be this.
    • Rukia mentions wanting to train with Zelos and learn to use Artes. As of Arc 3, she has done so.
    • Dragon Kid makes a joke that kissing Ion will wake him up from the Queen's poisoned apple, which turns out to be true.
  • Clear My Name: In Arc Two, Aki spends most of the time trying to do this. Much to her dismay, Zaphias and Neo Domino know about her, Inaba finds out and her bounty is fairly high.
  • Darker and Edgier / Lighter and Softer: Doubles as both. The ending to Arc 1 was dark, but the start of Arc 2 is noticibly darker. In fact, Arc 2 is much more dark then Arc 1. However, Arc 2 is very lighthearted after the Dark Signers are killed. Then Wiseman makes himself known...
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Severa
    • Vanitas defeats Jiyu with her Lovely Eye-patch on. Keep in mind nobody has ever won against Jiyu both in series and in the Rp up till now. Keep in mind that Vanitas was fighting THREE other people at the same time.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Dying doesn't mean you stay dead. When you die, you end up in the Shadow Realm where you must find a way out. Still, escaping can be hard.
    • Given there's a chance you could run into Freakazoid on your way to escape, This can easily become a lot worse.
    • Dark Signer's have to face their Dark Signer self to get out, and [[Enemy Without considering what they are], it's not easy.
  • Did Not See That Coming: As noted by Carly, Simon is the weakest link at the end of arc 1, so when he summon's a Persona, it shock's her and Yukiko, but ironically it shock's Junpei AND Yukari, who was responsible for him getting one! In fact, its almost outright stated that his action's singlehandedly turned the battle.
  • Disc-One Final Boss:
Mithos(Both the real and copy) and his army, Dark Signer Carly and Yukiko count for sure since they were the final bosses faced in arc 1.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: The Queen receiving the ability to summon Unversed. And her treating them as "Servants" will most likely come back to get her. True to the trope, Vanitas betrays her when she begins having a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Excuse Plot: The starting one at least. Yuan Fucked Up and now random people are being pulled into a random foreign world. Hilarity Ensues. Subverted later on, as the Villains needed something to do, and had an entire new world to conquer.
  • Fake Defector: Kratos and most, if not all members of Cruxis and Chosens are this way to Mithos. Kratos only acts like he's following Mithos because he knows he can't defeat him by himself and thus waits for the right time. The battle of Zaphias lets him, Yusei, Yuri and Yuan drop the act and turn against him.
  • Fighting Your Friend: Happens to a few characters. Yuri and Flynn duke it out once in the only instance of actual bloodshed between the two after Yuri becomes a member of Cruxis. Yosuke and Chie have a friendly fight.
  • Five Rounds Rapid: Played around with. NPC Police forces, whilst they have grown more Genre Savvy, have had their moments.
  • Follow the Leader: While cross over Rp's of this nature have been done before, many massive cross over's sprung up noticeably after the Biogate hit arc 2.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Averted. Artes, Spells, cards, Spellcards, etc are all in the Biogate and are used in combat and have to follow both game and story logic, meaning if your character can use a spell in a cutscene, they can use it.
  • Hero Killer: Holy Hell, if you thought the Dark Signers or Mithos were bad, Walpirgus knight easily has the highest number of kills. Most of them are actual characters such as Zelos, Teddie, Judith, Torn, Trigger and the list goes on!
  • Headbutting Heroes: Just because their on the same side doesn't mean many heroes get along well. In fact, many have gotten in fights.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Raven/Schwann performs one on Mithos Yggdrasil to end the Battle of Zaphias.
    • Averted in several cases. Raine sacrifices her life to save Carly and Yukkio when they actually were probably safe from Momentum. Likewise, Zelos pushes Teddie to save him and dies but Teddie goes into such a shock that he gets killed too. Emil tries one in early Arc 3 to save Naoto though Yusei heals him. These cases count more as Senseless Sacrifice more then anything.
  • Heroic BSoD: Flynn has a slight case of Heroic BSOD after Yuri and Kratos betray him and Wasp, Estelle, and Static get turned into Chosens. Judith has a severe one when she is saved from Yubel. Ventus is going through one now in fact.
    • Happens again to Flynn when the Arcana Shadow kills Zelda. Luke goes through one after accidentally killing the Fanboys in the forest.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Naoto Shirogane is the prime example of this. She is the only chosen to not be taught in any Angelic spells or abilities. Leaving her to learn her newfound skills on her own. By arc 3 she seems to have averted this though.
  • Hub City: Neo Domino City takes the cake with being the largest location in the Biogate.
  • It's All My Fault:
    • A few characters have instances of this. Zelos Wilder, Rukia Kuchiki, Teddie and Johan Anderson each one after Judith gets possessed by Yubel as revenge for knocking her out of Johan. Bonus points for Rukia being responsible for freeing Johan and Jubel.
    • Aki Izayoi goes through this for almost all of arc two when she nearly kills Flynn Scifo at the battle of Zaphias. In her defense, it wasn't truly her fault and was a accident.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Never played any of the games with characters in it? Have fun having out Naoto is a girl, Mithos was the main villain of his game, and several others.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Quite a bit for a forum based role play. even more so, as many characters get cycled out with the coming and leaving (Or changing of interests) of players, means that the number isn't static, and that the total amount of characters only rises...
  • Lethal Chef: Raine, Rise, Yukiko, Chie, Flynn, Luke, and Elise are more noticable examples.
  • Lemon Wacky Hello / Intoxication Ensues: After getting shot with a Sedative Dart, Yusei falls into this. With Hilarious Results.
  • More Than Mind Control: Divine and Wiseman's mind control abilities actually play off the persons mental weaknesses.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Team Twilight had this issue. On their trip to the Tower of Salvation Genis Sage and Naoto Shirogane were kidnapped. And due to Edge and Haseo the Tower of Salvation collapsed. Almost landing on the small town of Inaba.
  • Not So Different: Many characters realize this about this self, so we'll leave it blank to avoid a ling list.
  • One-Man Army: Just about any character becomes one provided they be strong already. Rukia, for example, jumps from Faux Action Girl to one over the course of the RP for example.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Remilia Scarlet Kratos,Mithos, Yuan Wiseman, Atem, and Gig play this straight.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The entire group that went to fight the Dark signers, including Simon and Minako Arisato, fly into one when Junpei Iori is killed by Carly Nagisa in early Arc 2.Mithos goes on one when Martel's Cruxis Crystal is destroyed by Raven/Schwann.
    • Happens again in arc two when Walpirgus Night throws Momentum and causes a second zero resverse. Seeing their friends die, Rukia, Akihiko, Carly, Johan, and Jack get super pissed and attack with their strongest.
  • Running Gag: Kefka has a notable tendency to show up anywhere. Oftentimes to humorous effect.
    • Everytime a character runs into another character who has the same voice actor as them someone must comment. Example, Soul said Rise was as bad as Maka, who ironically is voiced by the same voice actress.
    • Zelos being a drop zone.
    • Junpei, Touma, and Carly are going to have bad things happen every time.
    • Alphonse being reluctant to call Saber his Servant.
    • Zack getting called something related to a dog or puppy.
  • Talkative Loon: When under the effects of the Sedative Darts, Yusei quickly becomes this.
  • The Ace: Several characters are this way. Zack Fair, Dante, Kamina, Judai Yuki, and Flynn Scifo are already considered this on their respective pages so its no surprise that they are this. Sundown Kid and Yugi are very much a straight example, Sundown is ace with his gun, and with all the Duel Monsters players in the word, Yugi is considered the Ace of Duel Monsters.
  • The Chessmaster: Wiseman and Divine are becoming this quickly, though Yuan, Lelouch, and Keima, who are this already, may be able to out do them.
  • The Gunslinger: Sundown is the exclusive owner of this title as of it stands. A mixture of Type A&D, with D being more prevalent.
  • The Hero: Several characters count but Emil, Yusei, Minato, and Souji stand out among several with Naoto, Lan, and Raine being close as well.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Flynn tries to pull this on Yuri during the battle of Zaphias. That is, until Yuri betrays Cruxis and helps the defenders. Hooded Man holds this trope though as he wants to defeat his Dark half, Dark Kain. Raven/Schwann pulls this on Mithos though with mixed results from the fellow Rper's though..
  • Undying Loyalty: Teddie fit's this description toward each of his friends. Mostly to Zelos in a way that he would die to protect his 'sensei' The knights of Zaphias also fit this description. Leading to them being easily tricked by the Flynn Doppleganger
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Arc Two's the one where this happened more. The Dark Signers, and Yubel-Judith were quickly this, letting the Rper's know how powerful and dangerous things were to come.
  • What Could Of Been: Some idea's brought up were never followed through with sadly. For example, Artwork of Dark Signer Aqua was made but deemed Out of Character, Flynn was going to die fighting Mithos which would of given the group a Roaring Roar Of Rampage as well a fight between Cruxis Yuri and Flynn , and several character's were going to get kidnapped by Gol, Maia, and Model W and be turned into servants of theirs.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Many characters are surprisingly showing this side to them. Raine Sage and her younger brother Genis, as well Naoto Shirogane, are noticeable cases, but most young characters are showing signs. Subverted with Wisemon. Wisemon is a Digimon and therefore has no real age but is rather smart and true to his name, wise.
  • Wide Open Sandbox: This can be an (un)fortunate fate of some characters. usually averted, but has happened enough to be notable.

     Arc 1 
  • Big Bad: Mithos for most of the RP, and the Dark Signer combination of Carly and Yukiko to Team Dai-Gurren.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: Zelda delivers one to Flynn to get him out of his Heroic BSoD.
  • Love at First Sight: Flynn and Zelda fall in love the moment they meet.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: Junpei Iori faced this issue after he betrayed the Dark Signers deal. In which the Dark Signers made it a goal to track him down. Which Ultimately led to his own demise.

     Arc 2 
  • Enemy Mine: Vanitas saves Ventus from a Scorpiomon after he gets poisoned by it. Justified in that he needs Ventus alive.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Yubel thinks taunting Team Flirt about the damage she's done to Judith's mind after months of torture will break their spirits. All this does is make Zelos angry for the first time. The Dark Signers likewise try taunting the group after killing Junpei, which equals the same results as the former.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: The final battle against Yubel-Judith is one. The Dark Signer fights also turn into these when their Earthbound Immortals go berserk and take control of the person. Also applies to Chosen's without a Rune Crest though deconstructed in that there was no fighting involved for any of them.
  • Mercy Kill: Judith begs for one to prevent Yubel from taking control of her again. Subverted in that Zelos refuses and they managed to free her.
  • Villainous Rescue: Vanitas of all people does this! He saved Ventus from being killed by a Skullscorpiomon because he was weak from it's poison. However, he only did this because he needs Ventus alive.
  • Wham Episode: The Yugi's death sets off the return of the Dark Signers with Zelda and Rise dying shortly after, and then Walpirgus Knight shows up
  • Worthy Opponent: Sort of. When Keima makes a cryptic message and has Elise deliver it to Lelouch, he worries Lelouch will fail to get the meaning. When he does get it and responds with a equalyl cryptic message, Keima remarks: " If their was anyone he would set as an equal, it would be him.


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