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Several Servants who were considered bad (whether from a gameplay standpoint or a character standpoint) were eventually redeemed in the fans' eyes.

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  • Initially, Waver's buffs were ineffectual and his NP merely reduced enemies' NP gauge and Cursed them. This is what led to such a negative reception and his incredibly large update to upgrade all his skills and NP. Now he's considered one of the game's best Servants and is highly sought after by many players for his sheer utility.
  • EMIYA has an Arts-focused skillset but a Buster NP that deals very low damage. With his unique Bond CE that gives him a flat chance of dropping critical stars per hit (which makes his NP good for next-turn critical attacks) and a Rank Up Quest which changes his third skill's effect to giving all attack types a buff, he was finally seen as useful. Furthermore, he received another Rank Up Quest in October 2016, turning his Clairvoyance skill into Hawkeye, which increases his star generation and critical damage. Now he's considered a top-tier 4* Servant. And the Fate/EXTELLA event finally gave him an upgrade to his animations, including firing actual arrows for his attacks, and using Crane Wing Three Realms (with Overedge) for his Extra attack, making him visually interesting and replacing his bland, generic attack animations that were considered unfitting for him.
  • Stheno initially only had Alluring Voice and Bloodsuckingnote , and was one of the few 4* Servants with only two skills. Her Rank Up Quest gave her a third skill that boosts ATK (up to a 40% multiplier) with a bonus attack buff to any Servant with Divinity. Considering how most Divine Servants (eg: Heracles, Gilgamesh, Quetzalcoatl, and Raikou) are some of the most potent damage dealers in the game, she's considered rather useful to help them dish out even more damage. Even a Gorgon Sisters party with her, Medusa, and Euryale is somewhat viable (and was made even moreso once Medusa got a couple of alternate versions, one of which is a rare Class). Her Noble Phantasm also got an upgrade, giving it blanket buff removal, making Stheno a viable — though gimmicky — support.
  • Arash used to be derided as one of the worst Servants in the game for his self-destructing NP which didn't do much because of his bronze Servant status. This looped back into being hilarious for some and was quickly used for shits and giggles. Then he received a new skill which regenerates his HP and NP bar and his interlude buffed his NP greatly, giving him the potential to be a Game-Breaker with the right setup. And with Palingenesis he's become even stronger. Helping this was his role in the Camelot chapter, which gave him a lot of characterization, helped introduce his myth to a lot of players, and gave him a number of fan favorite moments including his Heroic Sacrifice which involved deflecting a Rhogomyniad blast a thousand times more powerful than Excalibur with his Stella arrow. He rapidly became a favorite of the fanbase after this, his popularity exploded even more due to his voice actor doing the full Stella chant in the Agartha livestream, and thus more people endeavored to use him seriously out of respect.
  • Mash is a complicated example. She's the starting Servant and is supposed to slowly grow stronger as the story progresses. However with the long gap between chapter releases and level cap, Mash was almost fated to fall behind everyone else. By the London update, she had unlocked all her skills and the 6 Million Downloads Campaign had raised her level cap, making her a decent tank, but she was still outstripped by other Servants because of her low stats. But with the Camelot chapter came a slew of new buffs, including another level cap raise and an upgrade to her rarity, giving her an extra boost in stats, a buff to her first skill which includes a huge, one-time damage cut, and most importantly, an upgrade to her Noble Phantasm that lets it give a very powerful attack buff to her other party members.
  • With Palingenesis, now lower rarity Servants can even outperform higher rarity Servants. It also can pseudo-increase the Servants' rarity, increasing them to the "rarity they deserve".
  • Several upgrades are released via interludes to help boost Servants who were suffering from Power Creep:
    • Berserker Vlad's Transformation skill was turned into Legend of Dracula - Succession of Fresh Blood, increasing the value of his defense buff and adding a new attack buff on top of that. If he was usable when teamed up with Tamamo-no-Mae, his utility when teamed up with her increased exponentially.
    • Jeanne's NP upgrade in 2017 removed her self stun and adds a party debuff removal, making her one of the best supports in the game (especially in an Arts team), being able to actually complete Brave Chains without the stun getting in the way.
    • Medb's Charisma was buffed tremendously. It was changed to Queen's Admonition, giving a bonus ATK buff to male Servants on the field and also healing herself. She's considered a solid support Rider, especially in male-focused teams, and when fighting male bosses.
    • Astolfo received a skill upgrade on July 2017, which gave his third skill a 50% NP gauge fill to compensate for his low NP generation.
    • Siegfried actually gets a Rank Up Quest that buffs his third skill, giving a hefty increase to his attack and buster card effectiveness. At level one it gives a nice 50% attack up and 30% up to his booster effectiveness, and it scales up to 80% attack and 50% buster card effectiveness at max skill level. This means that it strengthens his Noble Phantasm, giving him a much higher tier ranking.
    • Osakabehime got both a 30% Buster buff and doubled the Max Health bonus from her NP during the 2017 Halloween rerun, which while not exactly fixing her problems, has made her into a niche Quick medic, especially considering that Scathach-Skadi doesn't have any Healing skills or any defensive options.
    • Paracelsus is mostly considered to be a Master of None Caster that is rarely used in many team compositions (not to mention, he isn't even that popular among fans due to his Never Live It Down moment) and his noticeable quirk is his third skill that grants an ally member Guts. While his skillset is relatively decent, he is completely held back by the long cooldowns of his skills (most of them being 7-8 turns when they are max ranked). Not to mention, many of what he does is Overshadowed by Awesome by Irisivel (who can apply Guts more consistently than him, and can apply it to the entire team) and Helena (another Caster with a well-rounded supportive kit with a more powerful AoE Noble Phantasm). He was later given a Rank Up Quest that buffs his third skill that not only grants the party member Guts, but also bestows them NP generation with a total of 50% NP generation at max rank. Combined with his 2nd skill that improves Arts performance for the entire team, this allows Paracelsus to fill a niche for NP spamming for various Arts servants (i.e. Fionn, Nitocris, Sieg, Nursery Rhyme, Rider Mordred, etc.) and serve as a viable budget alternative to Tamamo. With the right setup, he can even allow an Arts servant to fully regain their NP bar after using their Noble Phantasm, this allowing the said Arts servant to use their NP again in the next wave.
  • With the second anniversary, Instinct skills began slowly being upgraded, as Mysterious Heroine X Alter had a Quick buff on top of the skill's regular effects and Mysterious Heroine X had one-turn invincibility added to her Instinct. Their names were also changed. By the time of the third anniversary, the original Saber Altria had her Instinct upgraded to Road to Victory, which generates up to 30% NP charge alongside its previous effect on a 5 turn cooldown. While it's not an insanely huge buff, it's still an incredible improvement.
  • The Quick meta as a whole was revived from the grave in the wake of the Merlin and Buster-oriented meta, with the release of Scathach-Skadi during the third anniversary, whose first skill is a huge Quick card boost and boosts its critical damage immensely. In addition, many popular Quick servants such as Meltryllis, Medusa, Cú Chulainn, Cursed Arm Hassan, Edmond Dantes, and Sasaki Kojirō, were given Rank Up Quests that put them in the same level with Arts and Buster servants. As a result, Quick teams have gained more popularity and have given powerful Quick based servants their time to shine. In fact, Scathach-Skadi easily rivals Merlin when it comes to appearing on the Caster support tab, thanks to her kit massively benefitting farming, which is considered to be more than half the gameplay.
    • In particular, these buffs greatly benefited Dantes. Dantes as a servant has always been sub-par, with a focus on Quick cards making consistent performance with him difficult. Compared to the other Avengers (except Angra) Edmond's kit was all over the place. While this made him a great servant for solo'ing since his kit covers a wide variety of areas and his crit stars will feed back into himself, allowing him to charge his NP startlingly fast, it ultimately caused him to fall behind the more specialized Avengers like Jeanne Alter and Gorgon. Now, Dantes is a terrifyingly strong servant, able to more consistently deal damage and provide stars for his team as well as dish out a very strong AOE NP quite quickly (especially with his Rank Up Quest for his Noble Phantasm, which makes him even viable in challenge quests that involve a Boss Rush setup).
    • Similarly, Berserker Lancelot was considered very average for a Quick based AoE Berserker since his kit is considered subpar or average for an AoE Berserker. Not to mention, he was completely outclassed by Raikou, who does the same job as an AoE Berserker, but with more consistent NP charging due to her having 2 Arts cards and having a more consistent Critical Hit Class kit. With the introduction to Skadi, Berserker Lancelot becomes one of the most fearsome AoE Berserkers in the game, and if the player manages to get a team of two Skadis to support him, his kit becomes incredibly overloaded, allowing him to be just as good as, if not even better, than Raikou, thanks to the increased NP refund he gets from the Quick boosts, potentially allowing him to use his NP again the next 2 turns, making farming all kind of nodes a breeze.
    • Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) was considered to be a rather mediocre SSR Berserker on release as she had relatively low attack, a Quick-centered card set without the star generation for it, and very weak skills that did little for herself or others. During the Second Anniversary, however, the infamously terrible Instinct was replaced with a Quick buff that also happens to generate more stars than her old skill did. And with the advent of Scathach-Skadi, she became an incredibly powerful alternative to the more Buster-oriented Berserkers, with her fairly good NP gain potentially giving her enough gauge to reuse her NP again the next turn.
  • The poster girl of Fate series, Altria Pendragon was long considered the worst SSR Saber, as her skillset had remained the same since Day 1, having the completely and utterly awful Instinct. Her damage output wasn't really anything to shake a stick at, and her sole form of utility was a Charisma buff, so most players let her stay in storage. She later received an Interlude that boosted her NP's damage, making her hit harder, but her other flaws still remained. And then the 3rd Anniversary came, upgrading Altria's Instinct into Radiant Road EX, which added a 30% NP charge to go with the stars. This instantly rocketed her utility as a farming unit. With innate 30% NP charge, you can use a starting 50% NP gauge CE (Golden Sumo is recommended) and borrow a Merlin, enabling Altria to burst a wave of enemies easily as her AOE damage combined with her NP Interlude, Mana Burst, and Charisma, allow her to even outdamage her male counterpart (who has much higher Attack and has an NP damage buff built into his NP!). Nowadays, she's considered one of the most reliable AoE Sabers in the game.
  • Like Altria, the most derided Lancer, Fionn mac Cumhaill also received a NP charge in his skillset alongside cooldown reduction in New Years 2019 campaign. With 30% NP charge, an Arts buff and newly upgraded Arts supports such as Tamamo or Paracelsus, Fionn became a reliable farming Lancer. It proves that for many Servants, their biggest problem is how to reliably fill their NP gauge...
  • Karna was also considered a mediocre SSR unit. When 2nd Anniversary came, he received a NP upgrade, which increases the multiplier and adds an unique debuff of Buster resistance reduction. This means that after NP, Karna can burst a surviving enemy with hilariously high critical damage boosted by his third skill and the debuff, so he can even be used in Challenge Quests!
  • Arthur Pendragon, Altria's male counterpart, also suffered from having the terrible Instinct skill, until an Interlude buffed it to grant him up to 30 stars, as well as boost his critical damage by 50%, letting him dish out some pretty powerful critical hits on demand!
  • Mysterious Heroine X was always a decent Quick-based beatstick, hampered by the weaknesses of the Quick meta and an atrocious skillset for many, many years. However, after years of extensive upgrades, including upgrading her Instinct skill to also grant a turn of invulnerability, attaching an immediate, three-turn Defense down debuff to her timed Stun skill, and adding a flat attack boost to her anti-Saber skill, she is now considered effective and useful, and can outdamage some of her competitors, even if she's still not necessarily top-tier.
  • Gawain was generally considered one of the weakest 4* Sabers in his class, with a number of weak skills, one of the best of which needed a specific field type, Day, to work at full effectiveness or scale at all. Then, a Rank Up saw his weak Charisma E skill changed to Nightless Charisma B, not only dramatically increasing the attack buff he grants the party but granting the field the Sun property for a turn to let him gain the scaling benefits of his Numeral of the Saint skill. In one fell swoop, this skill fixed much of what was wrong with Gawain, allowing him to brawl with the best of his competition.

  • In light of the SE.RA.PH event, many fans expressed their respect and sympathy to EMIYA (Alter) - despite his much derided design - after the story told his tragic past.
    • The NA release of Epic of Remnant also gave EMIYA Alter a simple visual redesign that made him look a lot more like an altered EMIYA than before.
  • Fionn was widely despised among the fandom for various reasons, and one of the problems were his bad skills (as mentioned in the Tier-Induced Scrappy subpage). The New Year 2019 event, on the other hand, greatly improves his reputation by making him The Leader of the team, allowing him to use his full potential to solve the event; his badmouthed second skill also receives vast improvements, by adding NP charge into the skill and significantly reducing the cooldown, going from a painful 10 turn cooldown at max level to a much more respectable 7 turns, making him a much more viable Servant.
  • If a Servant in their original run didn't leave a good impression to the fans, being heavily featured in a scenario (especially those written by Nasu) can help increase their reception. Some examples include:
    • Hassan of the Cursed Arm, who was previously often thought to be the least liked Servant in Stay Night due to only appearing in one route, killing off several fan favorite Servants despite weak stats and being the Servant of Zouken Matou. Him introducing the now-defunct rule of 'all Assassins must come from the Hassan-i-Sabbah group' was a turn-off for those looking for flexibility of the Assassin class during his time. The Camelot Singularity greatly fleshed out his character, revealing his more honorable side, and as a result, he gained his own following; this, along with the introduction of First Hassan at the same time, also lightened people about the Hassans as a group overall.
    • The same can be said of his fellow assassin, Hassan of the Hundred Personas, who previously existed as merely Cannon Fodder to show off the awesomeness of Iskandar and making sure their Master, Kirei Kotomine, could begin his Start of Darkness by contacting with Gilgamesh a lot more. After Camelot gave her a prominence, Hundred Personas started receiving a lot of following on her own (and it also helps that her 'main face' is the ponytailed muscular woman).
    • Gawain wasn't well liked for being a dick to most of the characters back in Fate/Extra as well as how he lacked much Hidden Depths like many of the other Knights of the Round Table had in their works. Here, he was given more time to be fleshed out and now he's more well liked for being a lot kinder and chivalrous to both the player and other servants.
    • Passionlip used to be hated by the community due to her over the top design in combination with her both a Yandere and an Extreme Doormat towards the player character. The CCC event greatly improved fans perception of the character by making her experience Character Development, and altering her design a bit to be more modest. Both of these helped her stand out and be more likable, thus earning her a lot of love from fans.
    • Amakusa's role in the Christmas 2016 event storyline increased his stock in the eyes of the fanbase substantially. Given that he acted like a Tuxedo Kamen wannabe, complete with rose-hilted Black Keys and incredible theatricality, all for the sake of helping an innocent little girl get to the sea and fulfill a deep, unrealized wish, so that she wouldn't disappear in a Puff of Logic, it's not too surprising. Even people who disliked him in Apocrypha have gained new respect for the man. And when his Rank Up Quest was introduced, he became the MVP of several Challenge Quests due to its new effect of removing buffs before dealing damage. Additionally, most people agreed that he's written more competently here than in his home light novel. Since Amakusa's appearance in FGO was long before the Apocrypha anime aired, fans warmed up enough to him thanks to this game that they were more looking forward to his appearance in the anime.
    • Avicebron, who was the least popular Servant to come out of Apocrypha, became a far more fun and interesting character in the First Lostbelt. This was due to him being nothing but helpful towards the protagonist, from repairing the damaged Shadow Border, to playing Double Agent to get information on Ivan and Kadoc, to sacrificing himself by using himself as the core to Adam so that the protagonist can engage in a Kaiju fight with Ivan's Divine Beast Mount as atonement for betraying Roche and using him as Adam's core.
    • Sieg, at least characterization-wise, is much more accepted here, due to being Older and Wiser, having been through Apocrypha, while retaining some of his more Adorkable traits even as a gigantic dragon and also not having an Ass Pull-derived moveset. While his light novel self is still widely disliked, most players can agree that he's improved in Grand Order.
  • The Caster of Nightless City ( Scheherazade) was widely disliked upon release for her petty motives for her role in her Singularity, misunderstanding of a beloved character's Heroic Sacrifice, and often one-note thanatophobic characterization. Years of Character Development have fans appreciating her and her growth more and more over time, from befriending Nitocris, to revisiting the protagonist's old adventures and gaining new appreciation for Solomon / Roman's sacrifice and her own role as an heroic spirit, and finally culminating in the Tokugawa Labyrinth, where she willingly risks her life because letting the friends she's made die would hurt her more than dying again.
  • Jason was pretty close as a Hate Sink when he debuted at first, being a high caliber Jerkass and having a ton of Adaptational Wimp treatment where nobody liked him. When he was Promoted to Playable into a 1-Star Saber, those who hated him quickly warmed up to him where he was turned into a Butt-Monkey extraordinary, where the Argonauts he commanded had no problems in inflicting him harm as part of his attacks. In other words, his fighting style and Noble Phantasm caused a positive riot and while he's never going to be viewed as badass, he has already won the hearts of the fans.
    • It also helped that the new voice lines and flavor text introduced with his playable form shed some extra light on him as a character. He may have been an egotist, insufferable asshole, and borderline abusive toward Medea, but he did have some positive traits mixed in. He was disgusted by Medea's lack of regard for human life, honestly believed that he could make the world a better place, and speaks nothing but praise for his old crew.
    • Lostbelt 5(A) further boosts Jason's rescue attempt, where his capability jumps across the whole Atlantis and reminds everyone why he's a famous Greek hero, with his jerkass-titude toned down significantly.
  • While Lostbelt 5(A) did further rescue Jason, the real rescue by the Lostbelt is none other than Orion. Beforehand, he was mostly derided for being a teddy bear plushie that hangs around Artemis and only made perverted jokes or being the victim of Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male. The Lostbelt reveals that if Artemis didn't make him a teddy bear, his true form is that of a heavily muscular superman that could give Heracles a run for his money and reveals that he's the Grand Archer. All that while still keeping his perversion in a more tolerable level and also showing his much more noble side, including his love for Artemis, and also having a humorous callback to his teddy bear self when Artemis chokes him to give him buff for his Noble Phantasm.

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