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"Do you believe in God? Please pray for the sake of your happiness!"
A Crisis Crossover, plus classic Nasuverse shenanigans, equals a game that can grow many a meme.

Fan Nicknames for the large cast of characters go here.

For the playable Servants, go here.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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    Character-related memes 
  • The Protagonist/Ritsuka Fujimaru/Gudao/Gudako
    • Rin and Shirou's children. Explanation 
    • Gender Bender/Crossdresser Guda Explanation 
    • Beast VIII: Riyo GudakoExplanation 
    • Harem Protag EX Explanation 
    • We are hot.Explanation 

  • Fou

  • Goredolf Musik

  • Galahad
    • Galahad the pervert Explanation 
    • That's Lancelot's son, alright. Explanation 
    • Galahad tempted Ritsuka, so it's not their fault. Explanation (Spoilers) 

  • Crypters
    • Kadoc got locked in a trunk and NTR'd. Explanation 
      • Such is the fate of Crypters.Explanation 
    • Pepe is a JoJo character Explanation 
      • Because of Scandavinia Peperocino's obvious fake name, many NA players came up with silly names which are usually "[name of country] + [name of food]" such as "Yugoslavia Peperoni" etc.
    • The Cautious Crypter.Explanation 
    • DAYBIT!!! DAAAAAYBIIIIIT!!! HELP ME!!!Explanation 
    • Oh, ORT, it's so good...Explanation 
    • Kirschtaria giving away Golden Apples.Explanation 
    • Kirschtaria Brodime Explanation (spoilers) 
    • The Crypters practice social distancing. Explanation 
    • KodacExplanation 
    • Kadoc wakes up to see XExplanation 

  • Enemy-exclusive
    • Goetia was right.Explanation 
    • Zeus' crotch bulgeExplanation 
    • Ultimate Floof Explanation (spoilers for Lostbelt 6) 
    • Mr. Camazotz, the creator of Alter Servants.Explanation (Nahui Mictlān Spoilers!) 

    Gacha-related memes 
  • Black Keys Explanation 
    • Mapo Tofu Explanation 
    • Saber Gilles Explanation 
  • Spook! Explanation 
    • Don't spook me Kirei Explanation 
  • Unlimited Reroll/Waifu/Husbando/Jeanne Works Explanation 
  • EX/C/E Rank Luck. Explanation 
  • OMAE JA NAI!! Explanation 
  • It's a bait. Explanation 
  • You need a catalyst to summon X. Explanation 
    • Using mayonnaise to summon Hijikata. Explanation 
    • Similarly, use an Eyecon to summon MusashiExplanation 
    • Alternatively, people have used thisExplanation 
    • Using Touken Danshi to summon Nobunaga and Okita. Explanation 
  • Gacha salt.Explanation 
  • Rate Up Is A Lie Explanation  (pictured above)
    • Desire Sensor at work Explanation 

    Maintenance/Post Maintenance/Event Rewards-related memes 
  • Unlimited Maintenance WorksExplanation 
    • 48 hours Explanation 
    • "So, what happens when the maintenance is over?" Explanation 
  • ONE RIDER GEM Explanation 
  • Long Servant for maintenance Explanation 
    • Look how they massacred my streak... Explanation 

  • 10 Saint Quartz Explanation 

    Gameplay-related memes 
  • One Buster Man Explanation 
  • The Lancer Curse. Explanation 
  • Grail for Love. Explanation 
  • 80% Explanation 
  • QP Hell Explanation 
    • Reverse QP Hell Explanation 
    • Bone/Dust Hell Explanation 
  • Buster memes Explanation 
  • Arts/Quick memesExplanation 
  • Caster BallsExplanation 
  • The Waver ticket.Explanation 
    • Pick Xiang YuExplanation 
    • HELP! MY FREE SSR IS GONE!Explanation 
  • 2018: Year of Quick Explanation 
    • 2020: Year of Arts Explanation 
    • 2021: Year of Buster Explanation (slight spoilers for Lostbelt 6) 
  • NP Charge Explanation 
  • We've got wyverns!Explanation 
  • The Saber ticketExplanation 

    Miscellanous memes 
  • "Fuck off Reddit." Explanation 
  • FGO chibis. Explanation 
  • TWO YEARS Explanation 
    • It's been 3 years. Explanation 
  • After the Japanese version got the "random Servant" feature for My Room in 2018, fanartists used it to get two random Servants, then draw the first cosplaying as the second, frequently with hilarious results.
  • RULE BREAKERExplanation 
  • EX Clairvoyance Explanation 
    • EX Clairvoyance will go down in two ranks Explanation 
  • When did Fate become Dark Souls?Explanation 
  • The Real-Life Grand Order has started! Explanation 
  • "Goodbye Korea!"Explanation 
  • Jokes Are Deepest Lore. Explanation 
  • Winter is coming Explanation 
  • ENDLESS BATTLE Explanation 
    • ENDLESS FLUFF Explanation 
  • Halloween is cancelled Explanation 
  • "X has been left behind in the Heisei era." Explanation 
  • The State of NA Explanation 
  • 10am Explanation 
  • We're taking back our future. Explanation 
  • This is where our Whale Gacha money went. Explanation 
  • Did you know Team Desert Beauty has never won a single round? START YOUR ENGINES Explanation 
  • Welcome to my Chaldea - We have [x]Explanation 
  • Paying tribute to the search results of historical figures that have been freshly turned into servants. explanation 
  • Rie Takahashi's PogChamp face Explanation 
  • 2021 is the year of dead memes/meme-slaying. Explanation 
  • Buddy Ring (GOLD) Explanation 
  • Toranoana in the AbyssExplanation 
  • Grand Berserker Usada PekoraExplanation 

    Wishlist/Prediction-related memes 
  • [POPULAR SERVANT] WHEN? Explanation  The meme got ascended a little during the All the Statesmen! event; while Altera is 'masquerading' as Wyatt Earp, the protagonist can reply with "Oh, come ON! Wyatt Earp Servant when!?" Variants of the meme include:
    • SITA WHEN? Explanation 
      • Curse of Separation EX/Mad Jealous Rama/Bruh-Mastra Explanation 
    • MURAMASA WHEN?Explanation 
    • Swimsuit X when? Explanation 
      • Male Swimsuit when? Explanation 
      • SWIMSUIT OKITA WHEN? Explanation 
      • OKITA STRENGTHENING WHEN!? Explanation 
  • Shinjuku Salter when? Explanation 
  • Skip NP when? Explanation 
  • Saber buff when? or Instinct upgrade when? or Avalon when? Explanation 
  • Animation Update When?! Explanation 
    • Ushiwakamaru's Animation Update. Explanation  To take it even further 
    • "This is for not giving me an animation update, DW!"Explanation (Spoilers!!) 
    • Leonidas' Animation Update. Explanation 
    • Animation Updates Never. Explanation 
    • Mooks Animation Update. Explanation 
  • "[X] is a Massive Ghost? RIP their chances of playability."Explanation 
  • X will be a Saberface. Explanation 
  • The "Sea Monster Crisis" event welfare will be three Kons in a trench coat. Explanation 
  • Ea-Nasir, the copper scammer Explanation 

    Story-related memes 
  • Sandstorm Explanation 
  • Furries!! Explanation 
    • Man With a Mission Explanation 
  • GIVE ME MORE, BARBATOS Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • How to counter Cosmic Horrors or Eldritch Abominations? Use giant robots.Explanation 
  • The Lostbelt No. 3 ExperienceExplanation 
  • Lostbelt 4 When? Explanation 
    • DW doesn't want Nasu to end FGO. Explanation 
    • Who let Sanzang drive?!Explanation 
    • Lostbelt 4 exists! Explanation 
    • Lostbelt 4 is Dragon Ball ZExplanation 
  • The Brexit Lostbelt Explanation 
  • Many Christmas-related jokes for Lostbelt #7 Explanation 
  • Arcueid help us.Explanation 
  • Permadeath.Explanation 
  • YOU'RE GOING TO BRAZIL.Explanation 
  • ORT is fine, but the Alter Egos have to go.Explanation (Major Nahui Mictlān Spoilers!) 
    • "Oh, no! Anyway..." (summons another Alter Ego)Explanation (More Spoilers.) 
    • "I don't think this is helping to prove our innocence in the Ordeal Call."Explanation (3rd serving of Spoilers) 
  • Ordeal StallExplanation 

    Developer/Storywriter-related memes 
  • DW hates dudes. Explanation 
  • Nasu's still got it. Explanation 
  • LasagnaExplaination 
    • LazengannExplanation 
  • Intern-kun and the NA 6th AnniversaryExplanation 

    General/Group Servant-related memes 
  • [X] Santa Lily. Explanation 
  • Genderbent Chaldea. Explanation 
  • Who's this Servant you speak of? I only see a Mana/Rare Prism.Explanation 
  • "The Archer class is really made up of Archers." Explanation 
  • Sabers fire beams! Explanation 
  • Ruler HeartGold and Ruler SoulSilverExplanation 
  • The seven bronzes are the real 4th Anniversary Servants. Explanation 
  • Hassan of the Sliced Onions Explanation 
  • Altria Grail War Explanation 
  • Overworked Support Servants Explanation 
  • Bunny Girl Servants Explanation 
  • Type Moon wants your penis. Explanation 
  • X character is an XFace. Explanation 
  • Sus ClassExplanation (Spoilers for Lostbelt 6) 
  • Pretenders singing 'Pretender'Explanation (slight spoilers for Lostbelt 6) 
  • The Dragon Slaying families. Explanation 
  • Hassan of the Giant SpoonExplanation 
  • The "'Missing Spouse' Support Group"Explanation 
  • Paradox Kyogre.Explanation 

    Craft Essence-related memes 
  • The outfit that Mash wears in the "Dangerous Beast" CE is often put on other characters, both male and female, by fan artists. Most of the art, especially the ones of female characters, tend to be very NSFW.
    • This has been a ongoing theme for Halloween. One of the exclusive CEs for the 2017 Halloween event features artwork by the doujin circle ReDrop similar to the "Dangerous Beast" outfit note . Prior to it, for 2015's event, there was the "Halloween Princess" note . For 2017, there is "Trick or Treatment" note . For 2018, there is "Royal Icing" note . They all tend to get popular around fan artists rather quickly.
    • And then it was made canon during the ServaFes 2023 event, when Chloe (Avenger) has a variation of Dangerous Beast as her Third Ascension and is given a reason to wear it in the event's main story.
  • Useless, just like Shinji Explanation 

    Arcade-related memes 
  • X will be Arcade exclusiveExplanation 
    • I'll never forgive the Arcade!! (raises hand)/ONORE, ARCADE!Explanation 
    • Onore Mobile!!!Explanation 
  • Arcade Suzuka vs Mobile Suzuka Explanation 
  • Sheep yeetingExplanation 
  • Stupid Sexy NoahExplanation 
    • Drunk Noah / “Where’s my Good Morning Kiss?”Explanation 
    • Isn’t it sad? Even Draco forgotExplanation (Spoilers) 

    Crossover-related memes 
  • With the abundance of reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the involvement of Arthurian characters here, some of its memes start to leak around here.
    • Brought to its logical conclusion in this video, which features all in-game members of the Knights of the Round Table who were also in the movie.
    • Fou is the Killer RabbitExplanation 
    • Sir Robin Hood. Explanation 
    • The capital of Assyria.Explanation 
    • Revisiting Castle Anthrax A LotExplanation 
  • FGO x Pokémon CollabExplanation 
  • FGO x Fire Emblem: Three HousesExplanation 
  • FGO x Black PantherExplanation