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  • In Blindsprings, Tamaura is this, although she may not be really as old emotionally, due to the time passing differently in the forest where she spent the past 300 years.
  • Amusingly subverted in Slightly Damned. Kieri mentions that the war between angels and demons ended when she was a child. Rhea assumes that she is at least 300, even though she is actually 15, and looks the part.
  • MAG-ISAClaudita is a lot older than she looks. She has been around... since the dawn of time.
  • The Jägermonsters in Girl Genius look fairly young — well within the range of a human lifespan. However, they remember events of over a hundred years ago, and one of them (who looks like he's in his late 20s, maybe) has an adult human great-great-grandson. (Jägermonster-ness is caused by a potion and not passed on in genes, so even if his kids were born after he transformed they'd be fully human.) And The Secret Blueprints say that Jaegers are nearly indestructible and many of the original company are still around, so the oldest Jaegers may well be some unknown number of centuries; at the very least, the oldest we know (the current generals) are over 600 or so. No Sparks are known to be so old, which raises questions.
    • To be fair, they've mentioned several previous Heterodyne family members as masters of theirs, and have bloodline loyalty, so how old a Spark could be doesn't really matter.
    • No Sparks reach that age because Sparks tend to be...well...stark staring mad, and many end up meeting a horrible end as a result of either personal overconfidence (taking on an entire army with a faulty death ray) or experimental screw-ups ("There have been three explosions so far.")
    • Other examples include Heterodyne-show member Embi, a relative stripling at roughly 130 (after taking a Sacred Vow to "see the world" before he dies) and the Master of Paris, who is at least 200 years old, although he appears rather elderly and definitely odd-looking. Also evidently Queen Albia of England, who is yet to appear in person.
      • Albia is more of a Time Abyss, having ruled England for all of it's recorded history, and conversations with her suggest she is many millennia old.
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  • Most of the cast of Charby the Vampirate look like children but are hundreds of years old or at least Older Than They Look with few exceptions. Of course this sort of complicated when it comes to love even if some of the cast were not already kind of messed up.
  • The demons of Heart Core can possibly live forever if they can consume Heartcore on a regular basis and not have their head or their own Heartcore destroyed, and they are good-looking. Protagonist Ame, herself, is almost 400 years old, while her father, Royce, is millenia old, and doesn't look like he's a day over 25.
  • The butterfly-like Nemesites in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! are extremely long-lived (a useful trait for a starfaring people without faster-than-light travel), but use shapeshifting technology to look like humans—typically, like young and very attractive humans.
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  • Eerie Cuties: Maria Delacroix and her husband, Eugene, barely look a day older than their late 20's, despite being over two centuries old. That's because they're both vampires. Maria has even given birth to 13 children and has raised all them. Only their two youngest daughters, Layla and Nina (ages 16 and 14 respectively), are still living with them.
  • In Fallen, Void can't buy cigarettes. She also happens to be as old as the planet.
  • DDG doesn't specify how old Netta is, but she predates the discovery of electricity by a fair bit.
  • In Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures, almost all Creature species have average lifespans measured in centuries. For some it's measured in millennia. Dragons and Fae outlive civilizations.
    • The Fae are essentially immortal, since they exist until they get tired of being around and release their spirit to be reincarnated into a new Fae. It's also been hinted that they don't experience time as other beings do, as they refer to other races as "linear beings".
  • Angels in Misfile. Rumisiel introduces himself as being 437 years old, but looks about 18–20. Vashiel is his older brother who doesn't look older than 25. And Rumisiel dated Cassiel for 50 years.
  • The One Electronic from Rice Boy has roamed Overside for thousands of years. The number "three thousand" gets tossed around.
  • In The KA Mics, ex-valkyries Gertrude, Brunhilda and Nikki are several thousand years old, although they appear to be in their 20s.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Redcloak is kept from aging by the Crimson Mantle. Unlike most examples of this trope, it's indicated that he still has the mind as well as the body of a teenager, but chronologically, he is in his 50's, implied in the prequel to be at the very least an extremely old age for a goblin. Of course this isn't visually all that apparent, due to being a stick figure.
    • Vaarsuvius the elf is over 100 years old, but doesn't look any older than the rest of the Order. As they are based on D&D 3.5 edition elves, OOTS elves take a very long time to reach adulthood, as well as aging slowly once they're there; V's children, who are in kindergarten and look the part, are stated to be 26.
  • The three main characters in the furry webcomic At Arm's Length appear to be in their late 20s, but are actually closer to three hundred years old. Ally's mother appears to to be in her late 40s/early 50s, but is actually several thousands of years old.
    • The dragon characters Kaige and Kiley appear to be young adults, but Kiley perkily comments at one point that she and Kaige have been working together for more than 400 years.
  • Jade's Guardian, Becquerel, in Homestuck, arrived on earth from a meteor impact during the Carboniferous period, which puts his age at 413,000,000 years.
    • Also, some of the pre-scratch Ancestors have been hanging around as ghosts for so long that time has lost all meaning for them but they still look exactly the same age as Meenah who only reappeared today.
    • Her Imperious Condescension. Enough said.
  • Corporal Vog from Schlock Mercenary estimates his age at 12 million years with a 1% margin of error. Notably, that rounding error is longer than the history of human civilization even accounting for the series being set a thousand years in The Future.
    • Also, this little gem (from a member of the same species):
      Fobottr Tenant: Are you claiming that your people have been on the surface for over ten million years?
      Rod: Oh, my people have been down there for much longer than that. No, I was just talking about me, personally.
  • The golem girls from Wapsi Square don't look like they could be any older that mid-twenties, but they are thousands of years old even before you factor in the "Groundhog Day" Loop.
    • And you can't forget Shelly, who got stuck in a forest while the "Groundhog Day" Loop ran in reverse for her and doesn't look a day older, and Mayahuel, the inventor of the golems, who got stuck in a demon dimension while working on a way to cure her daughter's dimensional abnormality. Both are over 82,000 years old.
  • In 8-Bit Theater, Word of God said Vilbert von Vampire could be anywhere from 16 to 1600 years old. Towards the end, he says he's 700 years old (though due to his roleplaying, it's hard to discern the truth of his statements).
  • Liz the vampire from Blip is about 5 centuries old. She lost count after the first two. It's hinted that Mary is even older.
  • In Wooden Rose, Aidan is five hundred years old.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Pandora Raven is an immortal and has lived for an extremely long time even for her kind, telling Sarah in Question Mark Part 3 answered to questions about her age as 299 for a few centuries (implying that she is at least 500). Despite this the most common form she chooses to interact with humans with is that of a little girl.
    • Adrian Raven, her half-immortal son, is also a good deal older than he looks, though he at least has the decency to make himself look elderly when in public. His true form appears to be somewhere in his mid-twenties. Pandora was 156 when he was born so, assuming that Pandora was telling the truth, then he is at least 350.
  • Nigel from Fey Winds also has this. He's about 150 yrs old and looks in his late 20's. you could also say it for the sylphe as she's over 200 and really doesn't look it but maybe not because she's far less human than nigel...and dead...mostly.
  • The Sages in Elf Blood are the only survivors of the original Kingdom of Alfheim, the elves' homeland and were among the last generation blessed with longevity. Although they do look to be in their 70s, they are around 600 years old or so, and may have used magical means to extend their lives given that no non-sage long-lived elves have been seen.
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic has the case calling for a Beat Panel. Past the first century one can't tell exactly how old those elves are...
    Meri Tai: Wait. That song is known to well over a thousand years old.
  • In American Barbarian, the scientists.
  • In The Water Phoenix King, several species like the Wyrds do this, but Vish inverts it, looking like a young adult but having come into existence 17 years ago.
  • Elves in Ears for Elves live into their 900s, and don't look old for any part of that. Luero is only a young adult, and in his prime at 77.
  • Off-White: The wolves Sköll and his brother Hati are at least over 300 years old. Yes, it's that Sköll and Hati.. Though they don't seem to live more than a normal wolf lifespan in any given Reincarnation.
  • Chapter 40 of Gunnerkrigg Court reveals Jones to have been alive during a world war, the colonizing of America, and the burning of Rome. She looks exactly the same as she does in the comic's present. She has always looked like a rather striking human woman despite her existence predating humanity itself. Or even life on Earth. She is really old.
    • She cameos in Chapter 47, revealing that She was around for both world wars. Mort was trying to rescue her from the Blitz when he died.
  • The Senkari has it's titular characters, the Senkari, who are all 80,548 years old despite looking like they are in their late teens or early twenties. This may be justified by their back-story however.
  • Mori of The Dragon Doctors is about 170 years old and appears to be in her/his mid-twenties. Mostly because she discovered a Fountain of Youth in her sixties and reverse-engineered it to make a Longevity Treatment that is now in common use.
  • Karin-dou 4koma has a large amount of this, what with most of the cast being youkai or magicians. Most adult-appearing characters are hundreds of years old, with some easily passing a thousand. Having the form of a child is no guarantee either.
  • Tower of God: All the Rankers have ageless bodies due to their extensive use of Shinsu. Yuri Jahad is 618 years old, but looks like she's barely of age.
  • Nintendo from Consolers is 126 years old (founded in 1889), but looks like she's in her early twenties at most. The other companies, though not THAT old, doesn't seem to physically age past this either no matter how old they get.
  • Rougina of Alice and the Nightmare looks like she's in her mid-thirties tops, but Creation Story puts her "birth" at the very beginning of Wonderland's existence, which would make her several thousand years old. Ditto for her sister, Bianchia.
  • Corrick of Plume is about six hundred years old, but looks younger than his forty-something friend.
  • Ringley and his father in The Last Halloween are both vampires really born sometime in the Renaissance or High Middle Ages. Ringley himself is an interesting case, because he's never developed emotionally beyond his age at the time he became a vampire. Shirley may also be an example (and possibly much older given that she was revived by the Canaanite deity Baal), but her decaying features make her a lot less able to pass herself off as a normal human child.
  • Several characters including the title character in Alice Grove are much, much older than they look. Alice and Sedna have known each other for at least 5000 years. Mr. Church is at least that old as well.
  • Patrik The Vampire looks,at most, in his late thirties, and he has done for over 700 years.
  • Mage & Demon Queen: Demon Queen Velverosa appears to be in her twenties, but is over 200.
  • All over the place in Dragon Sanctuary.
    • Elves often live for hundred upon hundreds of years, though they age incredibly slowly and aren't fully grown until they're a century old. Even half elves usually reach two centuries, sometimes even a third, though they age at the same rate as humans in adolescence and slow down upon maturity.
    • Half-fae are believed to function similarly, considering Elves themselves are descended from fairies.
    • Draconians are also fae creatures. They age rapidly until reaching maturity and then live essentially as long as they need to, only dying in battle.
  • This Grease Paint comic twists the concept — the Really 700 Years Old character arrested as a pedophile instead.


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