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Because the Humiliation Conga doesn't end with death

"I'm scared, confused, and think I need to use the bathroom."

DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous) was a donation based Web Comic from Sins Venials which updated every 75 dollars (more or less) dealing with the trials and tribulations of the recently deceased Zip.

After having died under mysterious circumstances, Zip finds himself in purgatory having neither been good enough to go to heaven nor bad enough to go to hell. Hindered and occasionally helped by his guide 'Netta, Zip tries to rack up enough karma points to move on while coping with day to day life in the land of the dead. After accidentally donning a magical cloak that gives him minor shapeshifting powers (and turns him into a girl), he becomes Ms. Fanservice on an afterlife Game Show called You Bet, eventually moving on to being a Grim Reaper (in training).

The strip wrapped up on 17th October 2011 after 136 strips.

This webcomic provides examples of: