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Nightmare Fuel / Crossed

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Crossed in general is all the horror of the zombie/infected apocalypse, turned Up to Eleven.

  • The Crossed in general. The Reavers from Firefly are known for their horrific M.O. of raping people, eating them and sewing their skins to their clothing, but for the most part, all of this horrificness remains offscreen. What the Crossed do to anyone they come across? You get to see it.
  • The first issue ends with a pointed lesson for anyone looking for a "magic bullet" solution to being chased by evil zombies: just keep running.
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  • The Crossed are capable of using weapons and reasoning out how they get "made". Speaking of magic bullets, at one point they actually lace bullets with their own semen in order to turn more folks.
  • From Wish You Were Here, Shaky and certified badass Scary Black Man Des finally go to Clay Loan to deliver the envelope to the Nun and set up a meeting between her group of organized Crossed and the Cava-ites. As soon as Shaky writes his answer, Des takes the envelope (which Shaky had been carrying around the whole time in his pocket and handling with his bare hands) and licks it in order to seal the thing. The action is so unconscious, so simple and ingrained, that it doesn't even register that the thing might have been booby trapped until he mentions that it tastes "sorta salty". What follows is equal parts Nightmare Fuel and Tearjerker as the stone-faced and previously-unflappable Des is immediately thrown into a massive Freak Out! as he frantically explains his past to Shaky before he can turn completely.
    Des: *licks the envelope* .... Sorta... salty. *realization sets in, he begins to panic* Sh-Shaky. Listen... Listen! I lost my son inna first fuckin' days of all this!
    Shaky: What?
    Des: Oh God. Oh God! M-My boooooy! I left 'im behind! Fuckin' ran! My poor Isaac...
    Shaky: *turns around* Des, what's with y-
    Des: *falls to his knees, clutching the sides of his head* Hhhhhate! You 'ear me? It's... It's fuckin' overwhelmin'! of you? I've seen, bruv. Believe! Survival. Fear, innit? That's what drowns the noise... But me? I hated. Hated myself for losing one kid. Hated the other one for survivin'. And hated every fuckin' thing in between cos it's easier'n thinkin'! *pulls off his helmet* Truth is. Ffffffuck! T-Truth is...
    Shaky: *realizes what's happening* Oh no. *points his gun at Des*
    Des: *grimaces as the Cross forms on his face, tears welling up in his eyes* Truth is I'm lookin' forward to this. *reaches for his gun, the transformation starting to take hold* My daughter. HA!!! T-Tell her. HA HA HA!!! Tell her I love her.
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  • In the final issue of Thin Red Line Tom and Jackie are shown listening to distress signals from numerous passenger planes under attack from the Crossed as they fly towards the rogue Russian nuclear bombers. Just enough is heard to elicit all sorts of fridge horror, particularly towards the end, which is too much for Jackie.
    This is American Airlines Flight One-Zero-Seven broadcasting on all channels..
    ...Virgin Two-Six-Two declaring an emergency, we are descending..
    ...into the cockpit jesus stop them
    We're in hell those are kids we're in hell
    Jackie: Kill it, will you?
    Tom: Sorry.
  • At the end of the Thin Red Line arc Harry and Gordon Brown part ways. Just before the bunker door closes, an infected Dr. Chopra suddenly appears behind an oblivious Brown, ready to pounce. A shocked and horrified Harry can only watch as the door closes shut.
  • "Quisling" features a Crossed, nicknamed Smokey by the narrator, who is genuinely smarter and less impulsive than 99% of the Crossed seen elsewhere in the series. He's able to rally the other infected to him and force them to use actual tactics, which are effective enough to allow him to attack and take over a surviving military installation. The Crossed have their Genghis Khan and he's still out there.
    • Though Crossed +100 shows that the Crossed population in North America is severely reduced 100 years later, and these Crossed are largely inbred wretches who have no knowledge whatsoever of modern technology. Whatever Smokey did, it looks like it didn't stick. Beauregard Salt, on the other hand...
  • The advanced but unbelievably cruel and sadistic civilization of the Homo Tortor from 75,000 years ago is made of this.
  • The fact that we never get any sort of understanding of where the virus came from: Was it a genetically engineered weapon that accidentally was released? Was it a mutated strain of rabies that jumped from apes to man? Or perhaps the most terrifying possibility is simply that God decides that he's fed up with humanity's shit, and sends a plague to purge humanity. Given the... signature shape of the rash that forms on the faces of the victims, the argument for the last one can definitely be made.
    • The Thin Red Line outright reveals that the Crossed Virus really IS supernatural, which does not help matters at all. For even more added horror, while we already know that the Crossed Virus is supernatural, we still don't know if it was kind of supernatural entity that caused the pandemic to happen, or if the Crossed Virus somehow started the pandemic by itself.
  • Serial killer and cannibal Beauregard Leander Salt, the "Phonebook Killer," who was already so twisted, evil, monstrous and insane when he was "normal" that he didn't notice anything different at all when he was infected with the Crossed Virus. The infection did not reveal to him anything he didn't already know.
    • Salt's reaction upon seeing a crossed wearing babies as shoes was that of pure joy, because the world was finally seeing things as he did.
    • The beginning of the outbreak doesn't even change Salt's morning routine. He goes to the coffee shop, grabs coffee and a danish and reads the paper, all while the rest of the patrons are being brutally raped and/or murdered. He displays more interest in the news about the financial crisis than in the activities of the Crossed in the cafe. The Crossed don't attack him at any point and he doesn't even notice the cross on his face until he returns home in the evening.
  • The end of Crossed +100. One of Salt's descendants successfully infects the bulk of the army sent to destroy the Salt Clan for good. This is after it was revealed said descendant wanted to finish off the humans rather than following Salt's plan that required the survival of at least some uninfected humans. The final shot of the last issue is that descendant raising her arms to the sky in front of the new horde.
  • A group of survivors are telling tales of the past. An older man starts talking about his romantic lovers...and how he would tie them down and murder them. This was before the Crossed virus. The older man is taken out into the woods. He is not seen again. This is the human court system now.
  • One Crossed special titled The Folly' centers on Isaac, the son of the previously-mentioned Des. Isaac is a heavyset, overly imaginative and asthmatic kid who had broken his foot in the days before the outbreak began. His dad ends up abandoning him when he trips while trying to run away, but surprisingly he does not get killed in that moment, instead managing to take refuge on the top of a tower (the eponymous 'folly,' or ornamental building) located nearby. While he's safe at the top of the tower, he's stuck with the decaying body of the farmer who blew his head off with a shotgun right after Isaac reached the top, he has a limited supply of food, he dropped his inhaler while fleeing the Crossed and his broken foot limits his ability to run so he can't escape. As the comic goes on, he begins trying to pass the time by devising a backstory for an elderly lady Crossed (who is regularly beaten and maimed by the other younger Crossed, many of whom used to bully Isaac before the outbreak) at the bottom of the tower. Eventually, she lures him down by putting his inhaler at the tower's door, which he goes to retrieve as he's having an asthma attack and will die otherwise. Surprisingly, she doesn't attack him when he goes to get it, but instead goes to the top of the tower to get the keys to the barn she used to own before the outbreak. Isaac gets detected by the other Crossed, but before they can get him, she attacks and butchers her fellow Crossed with a combine harvester. The way it's set up implies she retains some capacity for compassion despite being infected and that Isaac might manage to get to safety after all. That is, until the final panel, when she shrieks about how she's going to get the 'pigboy' as Isaac looks over his shoulder in terror.

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