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  • Cindy and Stan taking down the remnants of Horsecock's group in the last issue of the original series.
  • Harry, Paddy, Taff and Jock wiping out a group of Crossed before they can butcher Father Dennis and the children in The Fatal Englishman.
    • At the end of that arc, Harry faces his practically inevitable death at the hands of the Crossed with a stiff upper lip.
  • Aoileann disarming the Gamekeeper with only words in Volume 2, Chapter 20 of Wish You Were Here, turning him into a cringing little boy.
    Aoileann (to the Gamekeeper): "You stop that right this instant, you silly little man."
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  • Jackson killing Don with a thrown knife and thwarting the Cavaites' invasion of the driftfleet in WYWH.
  • Anytime a cover depicts the survivors turning the tables on the Crossed. Humanity may be fucked, but covers like these let you know they (among other species) certainly are going out swingin'.
  • In Psychopath, Harold manages to perform a villainous example of this, as he is able to carry out his plan without a hitch up until the very last step. He wipes out the entire group of survivors he joins (bar Amanda) and Amanda doesn't realize what he's doing up until the moment he attempts to feed her Lori's remains. Ax-Crazy Harold may be, but he's also one hell of a Magnificent Bastard.
    • Amanda also deserves one for sawing off her own hand with barbed wire in order to escape Harold.
  • Wentz gets the last laugh in issue #70; Land finally kills him, getting his revenge for the deaths of his family, but when Land and Haley disembark, they find that Wentz left an immense amount of cyanide-laced heroin out for the Crossed to find. Since the Crossed have virtually zero impulse control, they took it and died in droves. Wentz was undeniably a monster, but the survivors have a safe harbor thanks to him.
  • Anytime Yamada's lion is taking on the Crossed in Five Bloody Fingers. Given that he's immune to the Crossed virus due to his nonhuman status and is, you know, a freaking lion, the battles between him and the Crossed are extremely one-sided.
    • A villainous example with Yamada himself, as he remains unflappable throughout the arc. Despite finding himself in a hellish apocalypse, he remains cool and collected and completely focused on rescuing his daughter. His only response to learning this is global is to note that he has a bunker ready. The only time he shows any weakness is when Hazuki gives him a "Reason You Suck" Speech that ultimately drives him to suicide.
  • Oliver managing to outwit Smokey and infect himself before he can be forced to give up any of the secrets he uncovered in Cheyenne Mountain in Quisling.
  • The biker gang coalition in Yellow Belly actually is successfully able to defeat the Crossed in their confrontation with them. This is especially remarkable since it is so early in the outbreak and this is around the time the military and police are failing to contain their spread. Unfortunately, a group of Crossed police officers proceed to attack them while they are distracted by punishing Edmund and wipe them out.
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  • In The Golden Road, Clooney attempts to kill Gideon Welles by trapping him in the freezer with one of the Crossed. Welles makes it out of the freezer unscathed and angry.
  • The Lesser of 2 Evils sees Tyree and Richie both survive to the end and reunite because they both manage to land feet first in the river, the latter despite being pushed off the bridge.
  • In American Quitters, after being freed by Elena, Errol proceeds to inflict a world of hurt on the Corrupt Church. He ends up wiping them all out, freeing Frank and making sure the priest who tried to use them as bait for the Crossed gets his just desserts.
  • Patient Zero in The Thin Red Line resists the effects of the Crossed virus through sheer willpower. Unfortunately, Alistair has him tortured which causes him to give in to it.
  • In Gore Angels, when Emiko has Ryan tied up in her room and goes over what she plans to do with him, she makes him piss himself. Definitely a moment of comeuppance.
  • An Evil vs. Evil example shows up in the final arc of Badlands, the fact Smokey manages to survive his wives' betrayal. It's implied as he walks away he's going to continue his efforts to build some sort of Crossed society.
  • The thorough curbstomp beating Bailey and his team of Trackjacks gave to the Crossed envoys in issue #12 of Crossed +100 was nothing short of magnificent. Not only is it one of the few times we have seen humans gain the upper hand against the Crossed, but those were Crossed of the Salt Clan, smart and well-organized. And their leader Bashful was among those killed.
    • There are a few villainous examples from the Salt Clan themselves. That's right, the Salt clan have a few moments. Beauregard Salt was certainly a Magnificent Bastard and his plan successfully allowed for the Crossed to survive. And in the end of Crossed +100 sees one of his descendants infect Bailey's army that had up to that point been wiping the floor with them.
  • Leigha succeeding in freeing herself and getting revenge on her captors/rapists with the help of the gay couple in Anti-Crossed, making it one of the very few uplifting endings of a Crossed arc.

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