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Manga / O-Inari JK Tamamo-chan!
aka: High School Inari Tamamo Chan

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Tamamo Fushimi is a transfer student from Kyoto. She likes collecting acorns, fruits, and pretty stones. Her specialty is divination. By all accounts, she looks just like an ordinary high school student. least, that's what she thinks.
—From the first page of the manga

Tamamo Fushimi has just transferred from Kyoto. Like many high school girls, she goes to school, studies, hangs out with her friends, and has hobbies she enjoys. Unlike many high school girls, however, Tamamo is a divine messenger, a white fox from the Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto who has taken on human form because she was curious about high school life.

What Tamamo fails to realize is that she isn't very good at taking on human form. She fools adults and cameras all right, but her classmates can see her true nature plain as day. Fortunately they're happy to pretend they don't notice and Tamamo remains oblivious, even as her classmates regularly leave her offerings in her shoe locker and greet her with prayers or as she turns into a statue when frightened.

Such is the story of O-Inari JK Tamamo-chan! (High School Inari Tamamo-chan!) by Yuuki Ray, a Yonkoma about Tamamo's life in school and her friends' efforts to keep her secret from being revealed.

O-Inari JK Tamamo-chan! contains examples of:

  • Academic Athlete: Nakki is the best between herself, Tamamo, and Mikki at academics. She's also a naturally gifted athlete, as she's shown outperforming Tamamo at multiple sports with minimal effort. She declines to join any athletic clubs, however, because, gifted though she is, she can never remember the actual rules of any sport.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Tamamo finds all sorts of modern day objects, from trains and bicycles to Tokyo Tower, to be utterly amazing and worth pointing out.
  • Invisible to Adults: With the exception of Reiko-sensei, every adult Tamamo encounters sees her as a human with silver hair and red eyeliner. On the flip side, the only student who doesn't see Tamamo as a fox is the Public Morals Committee girl.
  • Open Secret: Tamamo's nature as an Inari is pretty much common knowledge to the students at Tamamo's school. However, none of them advertise this fact and let Tamamo think she's getting away with fooling them.
  • Petting Zoo People: Of the Wolf Man variety. Tamamo and Tenko appear as humans to adults (and the Public Morals Committee girl), but children and teenagers see them as humanoid foxes.
  • Pun-Based Title: The "JK" in O-Inari JK Tamamo-chan! is typically taken to mean joshikousei, or high school girl. The title/Alt Text of an early page states, however, that the "JK" stands for jitsu wa kitstune, or "actually a fox".
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: Since Tamamo's being able to go to school depends on no one finding out her identity, the peole who do know, which is the entire student body minus the Public Morals Committee girl, don't let on that they know her secret.
  • Sensei-chan: Reiko-sensei is the only teacher who can see Tamamo as a fox. Nakki suspects it's because she's childish at heart. Indeed, Reiko would love nothing more than to snuggle up with Tamamo's fluffy tail.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: Tamamo falls asleep in her first period class on her first day of school. During this time she talks in her sleep about how she was granted permission to pose as human and go to school by Inari Okami, but that she would be punished if her true nature became widely known. Her classmates, upon hearing this, all decide they can't let her know she isn't fooling them.
  • Wolf Man: The fox spirits' humanoid forms resemble humanoid canines to those who can see past the illusion.

Alternative Title(s): High School Inari Tamamo Chan