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Danganronpa might not have any direct romance (at least early on in the franchise whereas Danganronpa 3 and Danganronpa V3 have plenty of official couples) but, sometimes it seems that the friendships formed between two guys or girls seems like something that goes beyond simple friendships. Let's take a moment to count those moments.


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    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc 
  • Mondo and Kiyotaka; if someone were to confirm that they're a couple it would come to the surprise of nobody.
    • To elaborate, the two become True Companions after a willpower duel in the sauna, despite having nothing but contempt for each other prior to this event. There's a lot of one armed hugs and exclamations of "kyoudai/brother".
      Aoi: They've been pretty disgusting all morning.
    • Said willpower duel has such lines as Kiyotaka's "You'll fall down in front of me, down on your knees, I'll show you how to do it..."
    • Also, when Aoi complains about Mondo and Kiyotaka acting so friendly, we get:
      Kiyotaka: Forget her, bro. A girl like her just doesn't get our manly bond! Friendship between men is stronger than blood! A woman could never understand!
    • Mondo's trial only brings the Ho Yay into the spotlight. Usually, after the suspect is found out, Makoto has to destroy any of their remaining arguments in a Bullet Time Battle; Mondo is different however, in that he accepts his fate as soon as he's found out. The one whose arguments you have to destroy is Kiyotaka's. And even after Makoto usually breaks the other character down, Kiyotaka is completely convinced that Mondo couldn't have done it, to the point where he votes for himself as the murderer.
      • Keep in mind that as the rules state that if the wrong person is voted as the murderer everyone dies, Kiyotaka proves he would rather risk killing his entire class, including himself, than admit Mondo is a murderer.
      • Made even worse in the stage show, where the punishment for voting wrong in a class trial is to be executed alongside the murderer. At least in the game, Kiyotaka might have recognized that he would be saved by the majority vote; in the stage show, Kiyotaka basically committed suicide.
    • The official promotional artwork also doesn't help, if anything it increases the Ho Yay between them. Almost all art that has one of them has to have the other (there can be a third person involved, mostly Chihiro, but it seems interchangeable). One of the most notable ones being the White Day magazine art.
    • A few of the official art pieces featuring Kiyotaka, Mondo and Chihiro can also be taken as a Threesome Subtext case of this trope.
    • Minor example. During one of Makoto's free time segments with Kiyotaka, he insists that you can tell whether or not to trust someone after they take their clothes off.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the Anime!Manga's rendition of the scene where Kiyotaka becomes Kiyondo Ishida, which features Kiyotaka and Mondo naked together, with dialogue stating that they're "becoming one".
    • Spike Chunsoft's PR rep even stated that Mondo and Kiyotaka would have ended up living together had they both survived, the PR even adds that they might have been in love but never actually realized it.
  • Aoi/Sakura is quite popular among some circles. In-game, they become such close friends that their relationship even gets lampshaded by Shō at one point. They're also described as a "couple" when students pair off in a tie-in Yonkoma (the other pairs being Makoto/Kyoko and Byakuya/Toko). Canon partially sinks the pairing with the reveal that Sakura has a boyfriend named Kenichirou, but fans often ignore this. Bringing it up in School Mode will cause Sakura to grumpily accuse Makoto of acting like Hifumi and storm out in a huff. The spinoff Ultra Despair Girls confirmed that Kenichirō was alive at least up to the attack on Towa City, which took place several months after the end of the first game. This probably didn't make many Aoi/Sakura fans too happy.
  • The ending of the third trial has Celeste choosing Kyoko out of everyone to give the key to the locker she stored Alter Ego in. The anime makes this seem even more romantic and the abridged thing takes it even further, causing the Celegiri fandom to rise. It helps that even before this Celeste often showed that she was impressed by Kyoko's intellect, and with their interactions in the third trial prior to that point having a definite Worthy Opponent vibe.
    • In School Mode, Kyoko becomes self-conscious and jealous if you have Makoto talk about Sayaka in the Music Hall. If you have him talk about Celeste in the Rec Room, however, Kyoko will immediately light up and have a good time discussing her.
  • Genocide Jack herself also makes some suggestive comments about Aoi's bust.
  • In Chapter 4, Toko goes on a disturbing tangent speculating on Aoi's supposedly vulgar club activities. By the end of it, she's sweating and making suggestive noises, and it leaves Aoi rather flustered. The bit ends with Sakura threatening Toko, which, given the subtext between Aoi and Sakura, makes Sakura come across like a Violently Protective Girlfriend.
  • One of Kyoko's absolute favorite presents is a perfume reputed to attract women (the other two who like it most are Casanova Wannabe Leon and Wholesome Crossdresser Chihiro).
  • In the murder-free School Mode/Dangan Academy, once Chihiro reveals his gender to Makoto he grabs his hand and presses it against his own body (likely his penis) when Makoto refuses to believe him. In the English localization, Chihiro has Makoto specifically feel his chest.
  • All underwear collection aside, Makoto can also weird out Leon during a one-on-one dinner in Dangan Academy by asking what he likes to do at night. Made better in that if Makoto agrees with Leon's idea that he still wants to play baseball in Trigger Happy Heart, Leon will remark that Makoto is like his soulmate.

    Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair 
  • Nagito towards Hajime, though in the canon game itself Nagito's affections are very understandably one sided and even more so if the players don't do any of Nagito's very optional (and easily missed on a blind first play through) free time events. Hajime's responses in Dangan Island can be rather flirty towards everyone so it is unclear if there is meant to be an Incompatible Orientation issue or not as well though. Nagito's feelings towards Hajime are clearly confirmed in the Drama CD, but in the actual game we have several instances:
    • In Chapter 2, when Hajime goes to bring Nagito breakfast while the latter's been tied up at the site of Byakuya's murder, he reacts by asking if Hajime will feed him, noting that he can't use his hands and asking a girl would be embarrassing, so he's glad that Hajime's there instead. He later reacts with audible disappointment when Hajime storms off before feeding him.
    • In Chapter 3: To provide a motive for murder, Monokuma spreads a weird "despair disease", and it has a different nasty effect depending on who catches it (Akane ends up crying uncontrollably, Ibuki is extremely gullible, etc.). Nagito also catches it, and it makes him spout nothing but crazy lies. When Hajime visits everyone in the hospital, Nagito tells Hajime to go away because he doesn't want to see Hajime's face, and that he feels disgusted when he is all alone with Hajime. Now keep in mind Nagito says this while telling nothing but lies. Speaking to him again after this even causes him to smile.
    • Later after he recovers, the first thing he did was to ask Hajime to watch a movie with him, knowing that he can later use that as evidence to prevent Hajime from being accused as the culprit during the trial. Of course, in full Nagito fashion, the way he went about protecting Hajime was so convoluted and confusing that it just got Hajime even more annoyed at him, thinking that Nagito was just dragging him around for no particular reason and deliberately making a big deal out of it during the trial.
    • In Chapter 4: Nagito risks his life in the Final Dead Room, and plays Russian Roulette with a gun loaded with five bullets in six chambers, and ends up finding a file with all the student information. The first thing he thinks of once he finds the file that he nearly died to obtain was how happy Hajime will be once Nagito comes back with information on his talent, and that he is so glad that even someone like him can be useful to Hajime. The entire sequence in which you play as Nagito reiterates his devotion to the Ultimates, but Hajime is revealed to to be someone he loves even more than everyone else.
    • Also in Chapter 4, after Nagito finds out that everyone, except the traitor, was a member of Ultimate Despair and was responsible for the destruction of the world, he started treating everyone coldly and insulting them. However, right before the trial, Nagito catches Hajime's eye and quietly tells him that even though he knows that Hajime shouldn't matter to him anymore, he doesn't know why he still cares for Hajime in his heart.
    • The fifth free time event with Hajime raises a particular eyebrow in that Nagito initially starts off with specifying Hajime himself before switching to describing his love for "the hope sleeping inside [his] heart", in a possible Aborted Declaration of Love.
      • In their Drama CD, Nagito tells Hajime: "I like you. I love you, for being willing to talk to me like this, even after knowing what a hopelessly incompetent person I am." It should be noted he uses daisuki instead of aishiteru this time, though.
    • In Dangan Island, one of the suggestions Hajime can make to Nagito at the beach is stripping (to go swimming). Nagito remarks he'd rather not go swimming, but he wouldn't mind if Hajime just wanted to see him naked. In fact, several of his Dangan Island events are like this, ranging from getting flustered while sitting next to Hajime to admitting that even silence is enjoyable when he's with Hajime. Nagito's inner thoughts also reveal that he's really afraid of saying something stupid that will cause Hajime to hate him. After a trip, if he has a particularly good time, he refers to the hotel as their "love nest" (which, in Japanese, tends to have a connotation of a domestic, romantic marital home rather than having mainly sexual connotations).
    • On that topic, the possibility of Hajime and Nagito having a sweet, traditionally domestic relationship has been played with several times in canon material. At the beginning of the game, Nagito was said to be good at and enjoy cleaning, and was referred to as a "housewife" by other characters. While that seems to be an offhand remark, a few times in canon and supplementary material he does in fact take on such a role to Hajime, with Nagito calling Hajime to come have dinner before the food gets cold in Danganronpa 3, referring to Hajime as a "chestnut" in an Otomedia interview, and baking cookies for Hajime.
    • Nagito's official Image Song opens with him stating he loves and wishes to understand someone, heavily implied to be Hajime.
    • On a less serious note, Nagito does do many things during the game that can constitute major Ship Tease - which occasionally creeps Hajime out and contributes a bit to Nagito's Memetic Mutation portrayal as a "slutty Yandere hope fetishist who wants Hajime's dick".
      • For example, in Chapter 2, when Nagito is all tied up, he is lying on the ground in a suspiciously seductive position, and asks Hajime to "feed" him. Hajime is naturally creeped out and refuses.
      • Nagito's 'seduction' was hilariously parodied in the comic anthology.
      • On several occasions throughout the game, he asks Hajime if he's going to 'do something to him', and that if he is, Nagito is 'fully willing to accept anything Hajime wants to do to him', since it's Hajime after all. Plot-wise, Nagito is talking about killing, but the language used is a tad bit suspicious. In Chapter 5, Hajime walks Nagito to the hotel, all with Nagito babbling excitedly about how he can't wait to see what Hajime is planning to do to him.
      • This scene is played Up to Eleven in one of the side mangas, where Hajime is carrying Nagito on his back to the hospital, and this scene happens.
      • Whenever Nagito is not busy cleaning, being tied up, or unconscious in the hospital, he keeps randomly appearing in front of Hajime, to the extent that Hajime accuses him of being a stalker. At one time, Nagito gushes happily about how glad he is that their eyes have met, even if Hajime ignores him.
      • Nagito even seems to like Hajime treating him badly, as seen in his inner thoughts in Dangan Island, when he says that it feels pretty good to be 'verbally abused' by Hajime.
      • The English localization seems to add to this portrayal by having Hajime accuse Nagito of 'tempting' him in Chapter 2. The context was that he was unhappy at Nagito's attempt to trick him into playing the Twilight Syndrome game, but the odd choice of the word is a minor Ship Tease, especially after this scene being soon after the infamous 'feed me' scene.
    • Contrasted with the plethora of evidence for Nagito's crush on Hajime, however, there is much less evidence that Hajime reciprocates Nagito's feelings. However, Danganronpa 3 does show that they have regained a friendly relationship at least, with Hajime eating next to Nagito while standing apart from the rest of the students. Hajime also admits that Nagito has a cheerful and serene demeanor (when he's not talking about hope or making crazy plans) that makes him feel better. He clearly considered Nagito to be important to him in Chapter 1, to the extent that after Nagito's revelation at the trial, he felt so betrayed that he couldn't stop thinking about whether he was still the Nagito he knew for the entirety of Chapter 2, and whenever he was reminded of his relationship with Nagito pre-Chapter 1 trial, he reacts very badly.
      • Hajime also spends a lot of time worrying about Nagito when Nagito gets sick in Chapter 3. While staying at the hospital, Hajime keeps checking up on him. At one point, when it looks like Nagito's condition might stabilize, Hajime even wonders why he is so excited over this.
    • If we include evidence from Dangan Island, Hajime shows obvious disappointment when Nagito bashfully tells him he wants to ask him something, building it up to the extent of sounding like it's going to be a love confession, and then simply asking Hajime to be his friend. Naturally, Hajime accepts, but his inner thoughts seem to hint that he's a little annoyed at being led on.
  • Contrasted with Hajime/Nagito is Nagito's relationship with Hajime's alter ego, Izuru. Nagito is in love with Hajime because of how similar he feels Hajime is to him, and how much he longs to be understood by Hajime who was his first and only friend, even though Hajime has no talent. On the other hand, his infatuation with Izuru is likely from his obsession with talent/hope, and Izuru is someone who possesses all of the talents. Like with Hajime, though, it's fairly one-sided (if not moreso), as Izuru just regards him as both boring and annoying.
    • When Nagito meets Izuru on the boat before the events of the game, he tries to awkwardly strike up conversation, and babbles excitedly about how he really wants to see Izuru again.
    • The first memory that Hajime remembers from his time as Izuru was his meeting with Nagito on the boat.
    • With that in mind, however, note that after Hajime and Izuru finally combine into one single personality in Hope Arc, Nagito calls him "Hajime" rather than "Izuru", whereas other characters like Ryota and the real Byakuya still referred to Hajime as Izuru.
  • Kazuichi's has a bit of this with Hajime based on insistence on Hajime being his "Soul Friend/Soul Brother," since Hajime might be one of the few people in the game that humours him. In chapter two he gives Hajime a very revealing swimsuit (to match with his, even!) for his plan to crash the girls' beach party, and in chapter four Kazuichi has a "breakup" of sorts with Hajime due to his trust issues acting up again (which was started by his previous "best friend" leaving him over what Kazuichi saw as a minor issue) which can seem suggestive. He is also the one boy, not counting Fuyuhiko due his thing with Peko, most heavily implied to be straight thanks to his very open crush on Sonia and both of his DI ending's bad options which can make his overreactions to the more "flirty" DI responses Hajime has in various locations come off differently to some fans.
  • Hajime and Fuyuhiko get this as well, starting when Hajime outright mentions that Fuyuhiko has a baby face in the character introductions. Hell, in Fuyuhiko's final Free Time Event, he and Hajime even become blood brothers! Fuyuhiko gets mad if you ask if he's proposing, but it still feels a lot like an actual proposal. His remark about giving Hajime half of his life and later declaring that Hajime's life is already his in Dangan Island brings Ed's proposal to Winry to mind.
  • Gundham's Dangan Island ending has him state that he wants to live a quiet life with his hamsters, their families... and Hinata. He refers to him as his "soul's chosen companion" and declares that until he dies, Hajime must "stay by [his] side as [his] slave/manservant/sacrifice/housekeeper/friend".
  • There's also Kazuichi and Gundham, because while Kazuichi is mostly jealous that Sonia is interested in Gundham, their arguments (particularly during the third trial) come off a bit like Belligerent Sexual Tension, especially on Kazuichi's side. In the anime Kazuichi even admits that he sees Gundham as his friend when he accidentally bigs up his "rival" to Sonia, and the feeling seems reciprocal.
  • Kazuichi and Fuyuhiko have a few moments of this, most notably during Chapter Four when Kazuichi latches onto Fuyuhiko because he was beginning to panic. In the Japanese version after Kazuichi is done retelling this to Nagito, Nagito makes it worse by Comically Missing the Point by questioning Kazuichi for latching onto Fuyuhiko's "crotch".
  • While possibly leaning more towards No Yay, Teruteru makes his interest in Hajime in particular very clear, to the point that not only does he possibly try to roofie him at the end of his Free Time events, but his Dangan Island ending has him imply that he wants Hajime to visit his hometown and mother as a means of furthering courtship as Teruteru's "wife".
  • Nekomaru has a fair share too. He is quick to get touchy-feely with others to "see what sport suits them", will happily do "that" to any and all of his charges (most of which sound to be male), often addresses the DI dates as dates which is rare among the guys, has a DI bad option that makes Hajime confuse his meaning to be a love confession, and in his free times you learn he got inspired to be a team manager by seeing how a boy with a similar condition to what he has been struggling with did as a team's manager to help others that seemed to be rather close to.
  • On the more "Les Yay" side of things we have Hiyoko and Mahiru which while like many others here can be interpreted as simple friendship on Mahiru's part, Hiyoko's clinginess and excitement at giving her friend "soapies" are more suggestive. On a more serious note Mahiru is the only other student Hiyoko treats with a measure of friendliness. Examining the dead students' final thoughts even reveals that Hiyoko seemed to think of "big sis Mahiru" just before her death.
    • The official translation/dub only adds to this, via the beauty of hilarious and inappropriately timed innuendo in the case 2 Closing Argument narration:
    (when Saionji finds Koizumi's body): "I can imagine how badly Hiyoko must have panicked when she came out of the closet."
  • In Chapter 3, Mikan, who murdered Hiyoko and Ibuki, claims she did it for the sake of a person she loved. Towards the end of the game, it's implied that this person was Junko Enoshima. Junko is also implied that as per her normal Depraved Bisexual sexual harassments of her peers as Monokuma and the Junko AI at the endgame that her relationship with some of her other Ultimate Despairs, male and female alike, may have played out similarly to how she manipulated Mikan into thinking her interest sexual or otherwise was genuine.
    • Then we see exactly how it went down in Danganronpa 3. Hospital Hottie indeed.
  • Also, in Chapter 2, its stated that Mahiru had a very close friendship with a girl named Sato during the students normal time at the academy, so much so that Sato murdered Fuyuhiko's sister because she was bullying Mahiru. The following line, around the time Koizumi confronted Sato about the evidence and what she'd done, most likely was a case of Satu being evasive, but you have to wonder, given the circumstances.
    Sato: So why did you call me over here? Don't tell me- you're going to confess your love to me?
  • Ibuki is also noted to be interested in her female peers. Not only was she close to Hiyoko, Mahiru, and Mikan during her school days, and was a part of an all female band some fans like noting that upon finding Mahiru's corpse Ibuki has the same reaction to when she found out Byakuya who was actually the gender neutral Ultimate Impostor though she wasn't aware of this fact, was discovered dead. She is also just as quick as Teruteru to humiliate Mikan over her "sexy" poses caused by her tripping despite seeing how uncomfortable it makes the girl and happily hangs a lampshade on how suggestive Hiyoko's interest in Mahiru can appear.
    Ibuki: “Welcome to the world of girl love! It's slippery when wet!”
    • Not to mention, Ibuki is just as excited as Kazuichi and Hajime to see the other girls in bikinis, and talks enthusiastically about Peko's boobs.

    Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls 
  • Komaru and Toko are the most subtext heavy despite Toko's (and by extension Genocide Jack's) sexuality being a very important plot point from the first game, as not being interested in females sexually was used as evidence multiple times in trial 2 (as Jack only kills in accordance to who she and Toko lust after, and despite all of Toko's female bullies Jack has never claimed a female victim). From the fact that their development is like something from the Yuri Genre, to the amount of dialogue they have that could be treated as love confessions out of context, to Toko stating that Byakuya and Komaru are her most important people, let's just say there is a lot.
  • The Room Full of Crazy that Monaca has of Junko can be more than a little eyebrow raising for some people.
  • Two random Monokuma Kids can be seen hugging very closely, to the point that their masks are practically touching. Two female Monokuma kids.
  • During the boss fight against Kotoko, she mentions wanting to buy a stork so she and Monaca can have a kid. Even after Monaca betrays her, Kotoko claims she still loves her, before leaving her to die under the rubble.
  • Kurokuma asks Nagito if he finally realized he's "hard gay" (which is a joke about the collar and chain he wears). In the English version, he simply asks if he's finally going to come out of the closet.

    Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School 
  • Starting with the most obvious one: Juzo and Munakata. While Munakata is seemingly in love with Chisa, the entirety of Juzo's interactions with him are even recognized in universe by Chisa, who sees him as a love rival for Munakata. In the end, Juzo is confirmed to be in love with Munakata, even using a Longing Look to look at a picture of him.
    • As of Despair Arc, Juzo is the first (and only) male character with canonically confirmed romantic feelings for another man. When Junko defeated Juzo, she revealed that she knew all along that Juzo is in love with Munakata, and heartbreakingly uses that information to blackmail him.
  • There was already an Incest Subtext between between Junko and Mukuro in previous installments, DR3 takes it to whole new levels. Their first meeting involves Junko trying to kill Mukuro with a lot of sexual undertones involved as Mukuro is clearly getting aroused from her sisters attempts to murder her, and Despair Arc Episode 11 shows Junko giving Mukuro a footjob through her clothes with the heel of her boot.
  • Despair Arc seems to teasingly invoke Meet Cute between Izuru and Nagito, with Love Bubbles and hints of Love at First Punch. Namely, Nagito's reaction to Izuru shooting him in the chest? Is to blush with half lidded eyes, laugh, and reach out towards him before passing out.
  • The Despair Arc shows a bit more of the friendship between Mahiru and Sato that was mentioned in Danganronpa 2, but the nature of it is still unclear: In Episode 2, Mahiru visibly blushes when telling her teacher she made plans to eat lunch with her friend, and in the following episode gets incredibly flustered when Sato tells her the world will someday "see all the beauty she brings into it". She dodges the compliment by immediately redirecting the conversation to their lunch, which she made for the two of them herself.
  • Kizakura and Jin are practically a married couple throughout each arc, Kizakura seemingly raising Kyoko with Jin.
  • Hope Arc has a brief moment between Naegi and Komaeda, what with Komaeda holding Naegi's hand and staring rather intently. An ad-lib by Bryce Papenbrook in the English dub ramps this up further by having Komaeda say "His hands were so soft" (and Makoto asks "Why was he sticky?") while his classmates carry him away.
  • A poster came in Otomedia's November issue which showed Nagito sharing a gift (a bag of cookies) with Hajime. The magazine also included a two page spread of the same picture, except with a pink background and hearts everywhere.
  • A smaller example, but one of the few times Byakuya smiles in this series is when he's reunited with Yasuhiro and while he acts like his usual self towards him, it's obvious that he's relieved to see he's alright. He's also the one who convinces Yasuhiro not to join the final killing game, with the obvious intent of keeping him safe.
  • On the more Les Yay side, Kirigiri and Asahina have gotten a lot closer since the first game. Asahina is now on a First-Name Basis with Kyoko, but oddly enough not with Naegi, despite Aoi's close friendship with him. Asahina is also one of the few people who could get Kyoko to smile, something that originally only Naegi could do. In Episode 4, when they reunite after spending nearly two episodes apart, Aoi runs up to Kyoko and gives her a hug. Kyoko responds by smiling, giving Asahina a pat on the back, and returning her hug. Keep in mind that Kyoko never actually embraced Naegi on screen, with her most significant known form of physically affection towards him was holding hold his hand with her ungloved one.
  • While the two were still friends, Seiko and Ruruka occasionally gave off this vibe. As children, Seiko offered do to anything for Ruruka. In Despair Arc, Ruruka was able to convince Seiko to give her the strength drug by acting cutesy, getting into Seiko's personal space, and offered to hand-feed her one of her treats (keep in mind that the other person that Ruruka would hand-feed is Sonosuke, her boyfriend).
    • Though it's definitely meant to be more taken in a platonic sense, there's also a moment in Future Arc Episode 5, when Seiko gets angered by Ruruka's taunting and goes after her. During her maddened pursuit as Seiko punches the glass, both girls lament during that moment. While Ruruka thinks, "You were my hero, Seiko,", Seiko herself thinks, "You were my friend, Ruruka. I loved you!" Both then think, "Where did it all go wrong?" which makes it sound more like a messy break-up where both individuals got severely affected.
  • The subtext between Komaru and Toko manages to carry on from Ultra Despair Girls. In their very first scene in the anime, Komaru was trying to get Toko to take a bath, with the intent of washing Toko herself. Not to mention the position the two of them were in when they heard Byakuya's phone call is rather... suggestive. In Episode 7, they even hold hands when about to fight a bunch of mechas.

    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony 
  • Tenko is heavily implied to have a crush on Himiko, and with her Does Not Like Men personality it's not hard to assume that she's a lesbian. Many people actually thought they were an Official Couple thanks to the fake spoilers.
    • This is taken up further in the anthology manga which has art with Tenko princess-carrying Himiko and looking a little too into it, Tenko calls her "The girl of her dreams", Himiko sleeping on Tenko's lap, and her being jealous that she's spending more time with Angie. Her jealousy towards Angie almost push it into Love Triangle relationship if not for the fact that Angie's feelings are ambiguous and Himiko makes it very clear that Tenko's advances are not welcome.
  • Shuichi is strongly implied to be bisexual, or at the very least bi-curious.
    • The game heavily indicates that he developed feelings for Kaede during Chapter 1, and she ends up becoming something of a Lost Lenore for him. However, should he pursue Kaito's Free Time Events, the two became so close that, towards the end of them, Shuichi outright blushes when thinking of Kaito and realizes that his feelings for him may not be entirely platonic, telling himself that he "shouldn't be talking about another boy like that." Spending time with him in the gymnasium in the extra mode of the game, they can play basketball, and among the options Shuichi has when talking to him, he can tell that they can take their clothes off to keep playing.
    • He isn't averse to a possible romantic encounter with either Kaito or Keebo if they visit him at the Love Hotel, although whether or not this can be considered canon is debatable.
    • In Keebo's fourth Free Time Event, he and Shuichi are discussing possible career options for Keebo, and Shuichi suggests care taking. Keebo then requests that they role play a care taking scenario, to which Shuichi actually agrees to and asks Keebo if he can help him change into his pajamas. Keebo is too embarrassed to do it, while Shuichi is actually rather insistent, since that would be a basic requirement of caring for someone. Keebo instead ends up trying to carry him to bed, which isn't exactly much better.
    • After Kokichi leaves the room when his advances don't seem to be well received in his Love Suite scene, Shuichi tries to get up to run after him but his "knees were weak as [he] tumbled off the bed", as well as the line "I caught myself wishing he would stay before I smothered the thought", which, considering this is a Love Hotel, has the effect of making it seem like Shuichi wanted to engage in sexual acts with Kokichi.
  • Kokichi provides many examples throughout the game.
    • He at one point confesses to having romantic feelings for Shuichi, but then passes it off as a lie right afterwards. But given how obsessed he becomes with replacing Kaito as Shuichi's partner later in the game, it may not have been much of a lie after all. Having said that, it might be that he saw working with Shuichi as the best chance of stopping the Killing Game, as Shuichi has solved every case up to that point while Kaito nearly dooms everyone to death in Chapter Four because he doesn't want to face the truth, and it's implied Kokichi figured out Kaito was Secretly Dying.
    • In Kokichi's Love Hotel event, his fantasy is the only one where Shuichi is himself as a detective rather than another person. Korekiyo might be an exception to this, however, seeing as he was perfectly okay with Shuichi playing as himself in his own Event (and their heavily implied BDSM play).
    • During his introduction, he runs after Keebo trying to touch his body, and asks him an interesting question.
    Kokichi: “Hey, do robots have dicks?"
  • Shuichi can invite any of his classmates to a Love Hotel where they will play out that student's most desired fantasy, with Shuichi being seen as their "ideal partner". Keep in mind, many of the Love Hotel events end with an ambiguous Did They or Didn't They?.
  • Kaede manage to get a few Les Yay moments in despite being the protagonist for one chapter.
    • It is hinted a few times that Miu may have been attracted to Kaede. During their first Free Time Event together, Kaede has finally had enough of Miu's rude behavior and she tells Miu that her breasts are actually pretty big. Miu then wants to rub Kaede's breast to make sure, saying there's no problem because they're both girls, however the uncomfortable Kaede smacks Miu just as she is attempting to touch Kaede's breast. During their second free time event, despite her rude behavior it's revealed the Miu actually likes spending time with Kaede. If Kaede gives Miu a gift she really likes during the free time events, Miu will come to the assumption that Kaede is in love with her. Miu actually seems to be rather happy about this. In the main story, after Miu agreed to create the cameras that Shuichi and Kaede requested, Kaede instinctively grabbed Miu's hand and thanked her. When asked by the embarrassed Miu to let go of her hand, Kaede comments that Miu's hand is surprisingly clammy causing Miu to leave mortified, with Kaede noticing her uneven walk. In Chapter 3, Miu tries to see if the wax figure of Kaede that Angie made is wearing any underwear.
    • Throughout her interactions with Tenko, Kaede would repeatedly refer to Tenko as "cute", with Tenko responding in embarrassment and giving a I Am Not Pretty response. During their free time events, Tenko acts like both a Clingy Jealous Girl and Violently Protective Girlfriend towards Kaede after she notices how close Kaede and Shuichi have become and tells Kaede to come to her if Shuichi tries anything, Kaede tries to assure her that won't be necessary.
    • When first meeting Tsumugi, Kaede admits she find Tsumugi's worried face as "kind of sexy". Kaede states that she could feel some sort of "pheromones" that can't stop others from falling for Tsumugi because she was out of costume, with even Shuichi telling her that she sounds like a dirty old man. During the investigation in Chapter 1, when Tsumugi acts unresponsive at one point, Kaede jokingly threatens to lift up Tsumugi's skirt for Shuichi to see unless she interacts with them. And then of course there's Tsumugi getting Kaede to take off her clothes.
  • In the "Gun of Man's Passion" hidden scene, Angie is impressed by the size of Tsumugi's breasts, and asks to touch them. She also cuddles Tsumugi and Himiko during Chapter Three to induct them into her cult (though she also does this to Gonta).