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Shout Out / Danganronpa

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Other works:

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    Danganronpa Zero 

    Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls 

    Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp 
  • Genocide Jack has tally marks cut into her skin to count her victims, just like Victor Zsasz.

    Danganronpa Kirigiri 
  • Norman's Hotel is a fairly obvious reference to Psycho.
  • Several characters seem modeled on the characters of mystery writer Ranpo Edogawa. Shinsen is akin to the Fiend of Twenty Faces, Ryuuzouji has a number of similarities to Akechi Kogoro and Lico is a Kid Detective with effeminate looks who pursues mysteries out of curiosity, much like Yoshio Kobayashi.

    Danganronpa Togami 

    Killer Killer 
  • Hijirihara makes Asano recite several stock phrases from The Kindaichi Case Files to unnerve the first culprit. Turns out his grandfather was a fan.