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Sayaka's dream come true.

A whole cast of teenagers trapped together with nothing but each other for support... and with the amount of love already present in Corpse Party, it's no surprise that some of it is aimed towards members of the same gender.

Female x Female
  • Seiko likes to tease Naomi with this, along with baiting her about her crush on Satoshi. The splash images for their chapters love playing this up as well by posing the two girls in various embraces. The first promotional images for Book of Shadows follow the same motif. Comes to its logical conclusion when Seiko actually ends up confessing her love in Book of Shadows.
  • Corpse Party 2U gives so much from Sayaka. At one point when Sayaka, Naho, Aiko, Inumaru, and Taguchi are partaking in a game to rescue Kibiki and they're stuck in a blacked out toilet, when the lights are back on, Sayaka finds herself on top of Naho...and starts nosebleeding. And that's not even getting to the fact that prior to that, Sayaka was constantly swooning over Naho. At one point she also gropes Naomi and as part of the quiz where they have to find out who has the biggest chest out of the three girls of the group, she and Naho start groping Aiko.
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  • One of the Corpse Party 2U chapters has a King's Game going on between Naomi, Seiko, Naho, Sayaka, Inumaru, and Taguchi. It ends up with the four girls receiving commands to do increasingly sexual acts towards each other, with Seiko/Sayaka getting jealous whenever Naomi/Naho receives love from a different character.
  • 2U also introduces Azusa and Ran. Ran proclaims Azusa to be her 'wife', saying they just need the documentation to make it official, and she becomes incensed at the thought of Azusa even pretending to be someone else's girlfriend. In Blood Drive it's revealed that Ran actually went Yandere on a guy who'd once dated Azusa, thanks to the influence of Heavenly Host.
    • There is also a scene in 2U between Ayumi and Azusa where they're seen embracing, and Ayumi seems content about it later on.
  • Escalated in EX Chapter 4 of Blood Drive. A large chunk of the chapter involves Sayaka, Magari, and Aiko all vying for Naho's attention. They not only feed her but kiss her on the cheek and agree to flirt with her equally. When Naho tries to comfort a despondent Sayaka, Sayaka talks her into going shopping with her and wearing matching outfits.
  • The final confrontation in Blood Drive is a mix of this and No Yay. Ayumi confronts the Queen alone, who represents herself as a young, bare-naked woman. They embrace and share a kiss, but not before the Queen has all her skin burned off and gouges out Ayumi's eye.

Male x Male

  • In the drama CD based on a Wrong End where Yoshiki ends up Buried Alive, Yoshiki has a hallucination where everyone is in love with him. Including Satoshi and Sakutarou. Including Kizami, who he never meets in-game (except as the "Anatomical Model" in the Science Room).
  • In Extra Chapter 9 of Blood Covered, after accidentally breaking Sakutarou's glasses, Yoshiki has to walk him home. Sakutarou links arms with Yoshiki, who accuses him of feeling him up. Mayu then sees the two of them and gets the wrong impression, deciding with a blush that she'll pretend to have not noticed them. This gets a Continuity Nod in Corpse Party 2U; the students put on a play for Sachiko where the same event happens, except this time Mayu ends up murdering Yoshiki in a fit of jealousy.
    • Also from 2U is one of the Wrong Ends where, after being Dragged into Drag, Sakutarou is possessed by a masochistic spirit and begs Yoshiki to spank him. The only way to help him is for Yoshiki to rip off the possessed clothes, which is when Mayu again peeks in and gets the wrong idea.
  • It should be noted that Satoshi and Yoshiki are on a First-Name Basis, which is a bit unusual for teenage boys in Japan, plus Yoshiki's profile states that the reason he goes along with school events is because of Ayumi and Satoshi. In Chapter 4, Satoshi hears a conversation between Naomi and Seiko just before finding Naomi hanging in the toilet stall about a Noodle Incident where Yoshiki actually touched Satoshi's crotch.
    • There's a few more moments between them in Blood Drive:
      • Satoshi ends up coming to school without a lunch, so Yoshiki tells him to 'Open up' and tries feeding him some of his own lunch by hand.
      • It's revealed that the only reason Yoshiki started regularly attending school is because Satoshi dropped by his house each day and walked him there, and still does when he's not sidetracked by Yuka.
      • When Ayumi leaves for Heavenly Host without any of the original cast, Yoshiki catches up to her and admonishes her for it, telling her that he'll always be there for her and that he'd be completely heartbroken if she were erased from existence. And then they're split up again, after which Satoshi finds Yoshiki and gives him almost the exact same speech.
  • In Corpse Party 2U, you can choose to have a love scene acted out between Yoshiki and Kizami. The screen fades to pink, and Kizami can be heard doing... something to Yoshiki that involves a vibrator. Later on, in one of the Wrong Ends, Kizami is fatally injured and has a hallucination where Yuka is waking him up in the morning... except that Yuka turns out to be Yoshiki, who offers to give Kizami a good morning kiss while the latter screams in shock.


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