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Tear Jerker / Danganronpa

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    Danganronpa Zero 
  • The flashback at the start of the second volume to Junko comforting Matsuda after his mother's death and promising to be his girlfriend. Knowing how the story ends makes it that much worse.
  • Even if you disliked him beforehand, its hard not to feel when Kamishiro dies especially given the fact that the previous scene basically was about giving him a better side.
  • Really, everything to do with Junko is this from a certain point of view. As Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School shows: Junko's inclination to Despair is less to do with her nature than her ability as the Ultimate Analyst. Which is further supported by Ryouko who is, while a bit selfish and weird, completely harmless and the main factors between them is Ryouko almost never remembers her Talent and she lacks her memories as Junko. If she had literally any other Talent or if she got amnesia earlier: most of the tragedy in Danganronpa could have been avoided.