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American Version:

  • Seeing Season 1's Team Guido (who have since been redeemed in the fans' eyes) get their comeuppance after been mean and rude to most of the other teams on previously legs, deciding to dilly-dally in getting to the pit stop (many hundreds of miles away) and just avoiding elimination due to Nancy and Emily having given up on a task. And then in the finale, the slam cut to Guido (running 24hr behind the other teams) getting their last clue in Alaska and learning the race is over.
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  • Danny & Oswald going shopping with their race money on Season 2.
  • Ken and Gerard in Season three, the Crowning Team of Funny. Perhaps the best part is when they arrive second to last and burst out laughing in the middle of Phil's trademark Dramatic Pause.
    • Flo's ridiculous, over the top meltdowns (with Zach being her beleaguered team-mate) and Teri and Ian's constant but playful bickering in addition to Ken and Gerard made Season 3 enjoyable to watch.
    • In one leg in Switzerland, teams were given a clue consisting of a flag of Malaysia (but not told the country) and told to get there. Teri and Ian manage to find a local who not only identifies the flag but provides the helpful advice that "You are in the wrong continent" in the most monotone, Anne Robinson-like voice.
    • The editing of the "dieselgate" situation, when four of the teams, driving from Portugal to Spain, fill their diesel-based cars with gasoline. The music editors were spot on.
  • From Season 4, loud and proud virgins Millie and Chuck providing numerous Double Entendres, the best being Chuck's bout of claustrophobia in a race car: "I'm feeling hot! Hot and tight!"
  • Season 5, and perhaps the quote of the series: "My ox is BROKEN! This is bullshit!"
    • The entire ox plowing dialog between Colin and Christie is a thing of beauty.
      • When they competed in season 31, they had to do a task where they had to walk a cow around a town in Switzerland. Colin quipped that Christie is now in charge of all bovine-related tasks.
    • Revealing that Brandon and Nicole, the annual team who can't shut up about their religion, are basking in the heavenly glow airport's arrival/departure monitors.
    • The check in mat for Leg 3 was a small rock island surrounded by a body of water, but with a shallow rock path allowing racers to wade over to it - except Kami and Karli who did not see this and swam across, with Phil pointing this out to them with "That's what everyone else took..."
    • One from the editors. The penultimate leg had a task in which Racers had to use binoculars to look for a particular flag placed on an island. As each team performed this task, we were treated to a Binocular Shot for each. However, Brandon neglected to remove one lens cover from his pair of binoculars, so his particular shot was a single off-set circle instead.
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    • In the second Eqypt leg, Colin bumped into Mirna. Mirna said with a completely straight face in the interview " A crazy person is trying to assassinate me."
  • Season 7, seeing mastermind Rob (this after his two appearances on Survivor, and already have played many mind games with the other teams including rule-abuse on quitting Roadblocks) over-strategize to the point where they were racing for last place. Rob and Amber along with Ron and Kelly had secured earlier flights than the ones Uchenna and Joyce and Merideth and Gretchen had already gotten. Rob decided to brag on this point to Merideth and Gretchen, which as a result had them scouring with Uchenna and Joyce to find better ones, and ended up with even a better arrival time than Rob had found. The look on Rob's face - after their arrival in the next city - when he discovers this is perfect.
  • During the Family Edition season, one team was a black family who happened to have the last name Black, thus lending an unavoidable touch of Unfortunate Implications any time someone talked about "the Black family." Unfortunately, they were the first team eliminated, so the fun didn't last long.
  • When Kellie & Jamie from Season 10 guessed father/daughter team Duke & Lauren were either brother and sister or dating, Duke quips that he's been trying to ask her out for years.
  • From that same season, Peter's surprisingly accurate impression of Mary.
  • Season 11 (All-Stars), leg 5: After a Detour which included hand-shoveling charcoal into bags, Oswald and Danny (along with the other teams that took that task) wound up with filthy hands. They then attempted to hug Phil at the pitstop and ended up chasing him for a while.
    • This gem from Eric, after Dustin & Kandice had to eat tons of Kielbasa:
    "Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss California!"
  • Season 12, Donald, a 68-year-old man, pole-vaulting a ditch in his underwear
  • Dandrew of Season 13 is either hilarity-inducing or What an Idiot! in equal measure. The two even pointed out how much they flat out sucked at the race and said there needs to be a YouTube compilation video of all their mistakes. And there is, so chances are they were laughing at themselves.
    • Dan's marching "prowess"
  • Terrence, already infamous for his less than masculine behavior like whining endlessly about bumping his head on a cab trunk and insisting his girlfriend Sarah blow on it, asks her late in the race "Who's my girl?" She instantly replies "You are! No, I am!"
  • Season 13, the Pit Stop Greeter at Humayun's Tomb in Dehli was the tomb's gardener. Unlike every other greeter in the show, he was not standing next to Phil, but instead watering the lawn, and would run up next to Phil every time a team would run up to the mat.
  • In season 14, one of the tasks involved carrying 50lb cheese wheels down a very steep hill. Unfortunately the equipment provided was (probably intentionally) really really shoddily built, so just about everyone either broke them or fell and broke them. People were sliding on their rears down the hill, especially since it was slippery, or were just rolling the cheese down the hill. The episode quote literally came from one contestant:
    "Don't let a cheese hit me!"
  • One of the detour choices in Germany is LITERALLY a pie fight for cherry filling.
  • A roadblock task in Russia has them literally running to the pit stop in their underwear!
    • Phil demonstrated that by zooming out to show him in just his underwear.
  • Listening to the teams trying and badly failing to pronounce the names of certain of the locations visited on the race.
    • Special note goes to Viktor from Season 14, who managed to pronounce a REALLY LONG Russian place name "badly". The camera just pauses on him with no music while he reads it out.
  • A forgotten gem from Season 15: Matt of Gary and Matt is tasked in their penultimate leg with finding a candelabra. The only problem is Gary has absolute zero idea of what a candelabra is. At one point he asks one of the people at the detour if *they* are a candelabra. Needless to say, they placed last that leg.
    • Zev being a "duck whisperer". Made better with having shirts with that phrase when they returned in Unfinished Business.
  • Inaudible dialogue is often subtitled to make things easier for the viewers, but when Season 16's Jordan (the female one) attempted to speak to teammate Jeff with a mouthful of baguette, the subtitle simply read "??????????"
  • In The Amazing Race 17, Stephanie finally gets tired of her boyfriend Chad always blaming her for the things that go wrong for them on the race. Then, later on in the race, Chad proposes to her... and she accepts!
    Stephanie: I just think that's really shady.
    Chad: Shady?!
    • The on-screen chevron - which normally names the racers and their current relationship - even "rolled over" after she accepted.
    • Nick and Vicki having a clue eaten by a goat.
    • Come on, who didn't laugh at the famous watermelon moment?
    • Brooke and Claire's "kiss tally".
  • Season 18: everyone running around an Australian mining town in kangaroo costumes, completely weirding out the locals they ask for directions.
    • Half of episode 4, with Kent and Vyxsin screwing up everything they touch (including managing to lose their passports twice in one leg), Ron wanting to stop and eat every thirty seconds to Christina's dismay, and Flight Time being completely unable to guess his Zodiac sign.
    • All the teams arrive at the next clue box area at the same time, and the Globetrotters shout that they've found it, causing everyone to race around also trying to find it...except it was a prank, as they won't be able to get inside to get the clues until the next morning.
    • Mallory doing a task involving manure, wearing the exact same outfit she wore for the big manure task of her previous season. Unsurprisingly, she then says she's getting rid of it ASAP.
    • Zev & Justin getting Brazilian Body Waxed in the Penultimate leg, as they were the hairiest team up to that point (even pointed out by another team). They even said themselves: "this is not a leg for us".
      • Earlier, Zev & Justin were stuck in a Fondue eating challenge. As Nausea Fuel as it was, the camera focuses on Zev making a very funny face as Justin goes to hurl.
  • In leg 8 of Season 19, Bill tells Cindy the story of how he met Cathi in middle school and dated until they got married shortly after college, Cindy responds that she just Ernie in a bar
  • In Season 20, leg 2: Vanessa mistakes the chasqui who would be giving out the next clue for a dog (and then realizing that it's not bilingual). She also stated that the dog is "giving" out a clue by moving around a stone.
  • First task in Amazing Race 21, they must play ping-pong against a ping-pong champion. She would switch to various items after they lost one or two matches, and against one team, she used the clue.
    • James and Jaymes manage to walk right to the pit stop before finding a woman using an abacus. They even follow Caitlin and Brittany, see them at the pit stop. James was priceless, as they immediately turn around, since they went the wrong way
    "Oh no that's the pit stop!"
    • In episode 3 of season 21, Nadiya hitting her face on the camera while leaving the U-Turn station.
      • This quote from Season 21, leg 4:
      Brent: Josh used to sew a lot of his costumes when he was a drag queen.
      • Followed by Jaymes & James asking Josh what his Drag name was (Aquadisiac) and Josh commenting that a certain partner is going to be sleeping on the couch tonight.
    • In another complicated Season 21 leg, Jaymes and James have no idea what position they are in, so as they discuss what their plans are to the camera, one of them points to the bottom of the camera's view, where the chevron for the team name and position would be superimposed during post-production, and tells the viewers to look there to figure out where they are.
    • The bamboo Detour in leg 5 of Season 21, which involved the teams repeatedly smacking locals with their bamboo poles as they turned corners.
    • The intro sequence for the season has James playing guitar while Abba covers his ears.
  • Season 22, Jessica & John just randomly wandering into some guys backyard in Bali and copying what the guy was doing, thinking it was the Detour.
    • Chuck thanking a Vietnamese person with "mucho gracias."
  • In season 23, Rowan & Shane complaining about Marie, calling her "el Diablo". Tim, Marie's teammate and ex, agreed with them.
    • By extension, Leo & Jamal calling them "Pinky and No Brain."
    • In recent seasons, the end credits which show the planet in the background include an ethnic song or version of the theme song. In episode four, which took place in Norway and with the Detour side that most teams choose hard on fish heads, they play the song "Fish Heads" over the credits.
    • The jokes made about Chester & Ephraim's muscularity in leg 2 count. One was they were talking about why they couldn't do the Brining Detour involving adding salt to water to make you float with them saying it would take a mountain of salt to get them to float. At the Mining Detour where you had to break a large rock of salt, when Chester & Ephraim arrives Brandon says "They're just gonna bite it in half."
  • Brendon and Rachel may have been more annoying than funny, but their introduction in Season 24 was fairly amusing with them only showing Rachel crying.
    • Brendon doing a silly run.
    • On Leg 2, SEVEN teams checking to the mat nearly at the same time. Even Phil was so surprise and confuse that he mistook Dave and Conner for being 5th place instead of 4th place even starts joking around by counting the teams once Jet and Cord arrived. Some of the quotes by them regarding this rare occasion:
    Caroline: It IS a party! XD
    Phil: I dunno if we ever have this many teams at the mat at one time.
    • Leg 8. Monks wearing the Cowboys' hats. That is all. Made funnier when the monk who's wearing Jet's hat is standing near Jet while he's busy doing the roadblock.
  • Leg 1 of Season 25. Lisa's answer to Adam's question that the sun sets at the east and rise in the west. Cue to Amy (who happen to be near them) and Adam's long pause while looking in a 'Did-you-really-say-that' expression.
    • Plus Adam hinting her it's the other way around and she STILL don't get it.
    • Leg 2. The punting challenge especially Shelley and Nici antics including Nici taking a pee in the river where Shelley and 4 locals (who happens to row near them) laugh themselves silly; unbelieving what Nici did. Before that cue to this lines about punting when they hit on the bridge:
    Shelley: (In the commentary area while both can't stop laughing) Punting is designed by the punish the English.
    Shelly: (Gilligan Cut back at the bridge) Are you trying to kill us?!
    Nici: It's not that easy.
    • Leg 7: Kym and Alli writing "Team No-Fun" and a ridiculous smilie in the dust on Misti and Jim's car.
    • The preview for Leg 10 taking full advantage of this being a Switchback to season 5 and Colin's infamous "My ox is broken!" line.
  • Leg 2 of Season 26, Libby and CJ, already in last place, missing the bullet train from Tokyo to Nagano, Japan...because they were taking a selfie. The editors adding a "#Selfie Fail" graphic/hashtag just made the moment even funnier.
    • In leg 6 during the Roadblock while there's some Heartwarming moment where the guys gets flowers and chocolate for the partners, the guys (especially Tyler and Jelani) are kicking back relaxing and joking about it.
    Tyler: (In the commentary area) While my partner is getting me some gifts...(wears a pair of shades) I kick back in the yacht chilling out and relaxing.
    Laura: You're so obnoxious.
    • And then after Jenny and Laura regroup with them, Jelani and Tyler bows down before them while the other waiting members laughs regarding their greetings and response to their partner.
      Jelani & Tyler: (bowing down while praising them like a god) We're not worthy!
      Jenny: (jokingly to be angry) HERE'S YOUR DAMN FLOWERS! (shove the flowers to Jelani) AND HERE'S YOUR DAMN CHOCOLATE!! (gives it to him normally).
    • If you're curious how Laura's not too happy of him being 'obnoxious', she hits him with the bouquet of flowers much to everyone's amusement.
    • Leg 7 of Season 26: Blair being grateful that Hayley's crush on their bush pilot keeps her from yelling at him about being last. Said pilot is immediate identified as Hagen - Handsome Bush Pilot.
  • Season 29: Scott wailing like a little girl when he's forced to conquer his fear of heights and bungee-jump.
  • Leg 10 of Season 29, Brooke and Scott are trying to make their way through Vietnam to get to the Pit Stop. However, Brooke is having a tough time with it and screaming in frustration.
    Scott: Oh, she's giving birth again. It's twins this time.
  • Season 29: watching everybody struggle at fighting match video games and cup stacking against seasoned pros. Gamers will be shaking their heads for ages at how many scrubs managed to get so far in the race.

Season 30:

Episode 1: "You're a Champion, Prove It"
  • We get our first look at the new season's intro, which starts with...Cedric and Shawn dabbing.
  • Cody (facetiously) boasting he's smarter than a pair of Yale students.
    Cody: I are smarter.
  • One task involves figuring out what beverage in Iceland is called "The Black Death". A guy off the street tells the Yale pair "It's literally coffee." The correct response is a brew called Brennyvin. In other words, alcohol is his coffee.
  • We see several teams complete the first leg and it's quite dignified. When we get to Conor Daly and Alexander Rossi, there is no fanfare or anything- they're already at the mat and past the "you are the X team to arrive" statement, and Rossi is goofing around and making the blonde Icelandic gal greeting them crack up.
Episode 2: "You're the Best French Fry Ever"
  • Cedric's comments about the printing press make the station attendant laugh.
    Cedric: I was- I was surprised that they didn't have any Emojis. I mean, early centuries, they should have had some facial expressions, Emojis, or something.
    • There's also the zinger from Eric and Daniel:
    "There's no Autocorrect on this."
  • Cedric loses the first friet race and proves he is literally one salty sack of fries:
    Cedric: I look crazy with these fries on... Some seasoned salt on them, that's all I need... (mockingly) Little bit of seasoned salt on, that's all you need, is just seasoning salt!
  • Alex commenting on his friet race like it was Formula One racing:
    Alex: The most difficult part of the race was the damper program [suspension], when the dolly was lacking on that.
    Alex: I appreciate that.
    (Conor is busy cracking up)
  • Joey brags about being a world champion fry-eater at the Pit Stop.
    Joey: I hold the world record: just over six pounds eaten.
    Phil: (turns to the greeter dressed like a Belgian villager) What do you think?
    Greeter: (scrunches her face in puzzlement)
    (Phil gives her a dirty look)
    Greeter: ......Well, kind of.
    Phil: What are you talking about?!?
    Joey: The best in the world!!
  • Team Goat Yoga is having their work on Diamond Glint checked, tied for last place with The Firefighters.
    (cut to the twins)
  • During the downtime between friet races where Lucas and Brittany have just finished, a pigeon sneaks on to the racetrack in the background.
  • The firefighter twins sure do love making cringeworthy puns.
  • Leg 7's double mud-bogger fail. Lucas and Alex manage to get their off-road vehicle stuck in a mud pit... and then Daniel and Henry see the issue, know what not to do... and get stuck in the exact same way.
  • Leg 8's singing and dancing contest in Zimbabwe. Never again will you cringe so hard at the way a bunch of hapless Americans turn the local culture into a complete trainwreck. Even the natives are cracking up.

Season 31

  • Mixed with heartwarming but the difference in Colin’s attitude is also really funny. Who’d have thought the high strung guy who gave us the famous “My ox is broken, this is bullshit!” line that almost got arrested in Tanzania would now be a calm guy who practices meditation every day, hugs other racers, and talks about putting love into the universe?
  • During the Vietnam dancing detour, Becca and Floyd are stopped during their first attempt. Why? They didn't have enough energy. The two almost sound offended when they hear this.
  • Britney sledding into the polar bear handing out clues.
  • In a bit of Cringe Comedy, Corinne and Eliza raging at Rachel and Elissa once the former got eliminated. Corinne and Eliza misunderstood what Rachel meant when she said she was blessed. Rachel meant that she was blessed because she’s a well off American who gets to have this awesome experience with her sister but they took it to mean that she was rubbing getting eliminated in their faces. Things went downhill from there. Rachel and Elissa were genuinely trying to be polite and respectful but Eliza rolled her eyes at them and would later say she hated them. Phil didn’t know what to do as Eliza lost it, nor did Rachel and Elissa (who were standing probably fifty feet away as she raged about them), nor did the little girl who was the pit stop greeter.
  • Colin rolling out of the helicopter like he was James Bond.
  • When Rachel and Eliza and Victor and Nicole are fighting at the Pit Stop, Chris and Bret, who checked in in-between them, look like they have no clue what is going on.
  • Leg 9 has what may be the funniest detour in TAR history: trying to learn a poem, while being dragged across the water on a giant raft.
  • In leg 10 there was no roadblock but instead a pretty involved task trying to tie three boats together in a Dutch canal. The locals were not having it with these bumbling Americans. One guy straight up asked Tyler and Korey "Are you boys idiots or something?"

Season 32

  • At the beginning of the race, it starts with a bunch of clips being shown, as this season saw the race hit a 1 million miles around the world. And of course, the clip of Claire getting hit in the face with a watermelon is shown.
  • In leg 1, the teams had to search a bunch of fake fish for one that matched theirs and unlock a lock on it. However, Hung & Chee didn't memorize what their fish looked like and ended up deciding to just unlock every single one. It works.
    • Hung slipping and falling on the pit stop mat. She comes to the mat at a dead run (she's racing with a VERY fast goat) and tries to come to a halt, but her foot slips on the mat, and she goes down HARD, right in front of Phil and the greeter.
  • Depending on one's tolerance for racial stereotypes, one may get a kick out of Chee and Michelle (who are both of Asian descent) attributing their relatively easy time at the steelpan Roadblock to their parents making them play the piano at a young age. Meanwhile, DeAngelo (who's black) ends up regretting his decision to have Gary (who's white) do said Roadblock, with the latter needing at least 10 tries to get it.
  • DeAngelo's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! face when he learns that, after being spun around in the 'Wheel of Death', he has to walk on a tightrope. While balancing a bottle of wine on a tray. And once he gets to the end of the tightrope, he learns that he has to go back, now with the addition of two (filled) wine glasses.
    DeAngelo: And now I hate you.
    • Following the roadblock, all the teammates that did the challenge are still wearing makeup. Hung also can be seen still wearing her clown outfit.

International Versions:

  • On The TAR Asia 3, there was a Detour where on option was to play Blackjack until you win 9 times while wearing lavish outfits. Vince and Sam got there first so they decided to mess with Henry & Bernie by switching the name tags on their clothes so it looked like the dress was for Henry and the tuxedo was for Bernie
  • Hilda, from TAR Asia 4, borders between The Load, The Scrappy, and one of the funniest contestants that season. Highlights include being forced to repeatedly climb the steps of the Batu Caves when she keeps on writing down the wrong number of steps at the Roadblock, and convincing her husband to stroll with her to the pitstop on the second episode...with a team right behind them. Watch it.
  • The Amazing Race Australia, episode 1; half the teams are neck and neck at the final task, counting money and trying to find the right amount...when an ice-cream kart inexplicably shows up, with the tune playing loudly and annoyingly to the only team near it, Mo and Mos. It's funnier in the actual episode than on paper, really.
    Mo: "Yeah mate, just torture us."
  • Jo, while doing the frozen waterfall climbing task in TAR Australia 2, said she was going to draw inspiration to drive her picks into the ice wall by imagining it was Paul's face. She then yelled at Paul, who was getting ready right next to her, to make sure he had heard her. Cut to Paul and Steve in their post-leg interview, Steve laughing his ass off while Paul said:
    Paul: Gee, that was a nice thing to let me know.
    • Leg 4, the teams had a purely luck-based task involving picking the winner in a horse race. If they failed to pick a winner before the last race or they arrived after the races were over, one team member had to piggyback the other over the finish line. Hilarity ensues, particularly with Paul and Steve.
    • Leg 4. A number of teams know they are in last place getting to the mat and their reactions, most funny though is the 2nd last team.
    • The teams were required to drive to the village/township of Australia located within Cuba. The look on several of the teams faces when they read the clue as "drive yourselves to Australia" without reading the second line is priceless. It becomes even funnier when you realize that the first task they have to do in the town is feeding and catching a crocodile.
    • Teams doing an eating task as part of a detour. The teams that did the eating task were required to spin the wheel for themselves. As Paul spins the wheel, we get this gem:
    Steve: Come on testicle...TESTICLE!
    • It becomes funnier when Steve gets the testicles on his last roll.
    • All four of the contestants doing this challenge (Steve and Paul, Shane and Andrew) having a little fun with it also counts, especially in comparison to Joseph and Grace.
  • Leg 3 of TAR Latin America 1 had a Roadblock that took place in a vineyard. The team member had to search through the large grounds for hidden boxes that contained wine bottles, then they had to take 18 bottles to the front area, label them correctly and box them. Despite the cool weather, the sun was blazing and those who performed the task were exhausted with so much running and searching for the very well hidden bottles. And what were their teammates doing? Standing in the cool shade of the vineyard's main building, sampling wine and cheese and toasting each other like they were in some kind of posh get-together, and some of them could not help teasing their tired teammates over it.
  • From season 6 of HaMerotz LaMillion (the Israeli version of the race), a team triumphantly jumps on the pitstop mat to cement a first-place finish...only to slip and fall. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • In Season 2 of China Rush, teams had to make babas. The master nitpicking the smallest details and everyone trying to get her attention was Chewing the Scenery at its finest. The icing on top of the cake was Mary insisting her baba was good despite not being salted enough pointing out unsalted foods are healthier.
  • Leg 5 of TAR Canada features a challenge wherein the teams must perform a traditional Thai puppet show. The show is a three-person act and must be done in silence. Zed and Shabbir neglect to read the latter part of the clue, and repeatedly speak during the performance. At one point, when discussing their next attempt, they agree that they'll be able to succeed if they talk themselves through the steps. What makes it even funnier is the annoyed/exasperated look on their third puppeteer's face; it's a combination of What an Idiot! and "I am SO done."

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