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  • Every single Judge Trudy sketch.
  • Penelope's video of Amanda arguing with an umbrella.
  • Penelope also has a video of Amanda singing to a birdhouse. It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context.
  • At the end of the first "Stranded" sketch, The Bailiff and Judge Trudy are the only people left in the car. Then, they realize the keys to the car are still in the ignition—and naturally, they take advantage of this, after also realizing that the prize money is in the trunk.
    Narrator: No, no, no, uh-uh, wait, wait, you can't do that! That's not in the rules! Alright, come back! Alright, bring that car back! Hey...HEY, COME ON! I'M SERIOUS! (sigh) Next time, take the keys out!
    Agent: Sorry!
    • Prior to that, when it comes time to vote someone out of the car, everyone votes Debbie out, whose repeating of "I like eggs." has clearly gotten on everyone else's nerves. Debbie doesn't even vote for a fellow contestant or complain about being voted out; she just casts a vote for "eggs". She's pulled out of the car by force immediately afterwards.
  • The "Blockblister" sketches are full of this. 3 Funny Foreigners who are happily immune to criticism deal with angry customers complaining over receiving the family's special bootleg movies rather than the real thing. Hilarity Ensues.
    "This movie better! MUUUUCH BETTER!"
    • The kid's dumbfounded reaction to receiving Stuart Lipple instead of Stuart Little.
    "...lipple? (beat) What the heck's a LIPPLE?!"
    • In the same sketch, (a prototypical) Lewbert shows up completely angry at the store, upon getting F-Men instead of X-Men. Then, after they play the bootleg tape, proto-Lewbert responds by screaming, then tearing his arm off his socket and using that as cash.
      • Better yet, usually with the second guy's unconventional reaction to the video, "Papa" rationalizes it as something positive. Somehow. Always. But here?
    "I think it means... (Shakes his head in alarm) HE CRAZY!"
    • Even better near the end of the show, he has to recreate the scene for an audience member who was in the bathroom and missed it.
    "I’LL PAY YOU WITH THIS! (normal voice) And then I rip my arm off..."
  • In one "Dooper" sketch, a lady is given pea soup.
    Woman: Ooh! This smells odd yet kind of familiar! What's in this pea soup?
    Doreen's Dad: Well, let's just say I made it myself.
    (The woman takes 2 seconds to realize what he means before doing a Spit Take and running out the restaurant)
  • Totally Kyle appearing on So You Wanna Win Five Dollars?.
    Host: Name any color.
    Kyle: 7! (buzzer)
    Host: Name any number!
    Kyle: Andrew Johnson! (buzzer)
    Host: What's the opposite of hot?!
    Kyle: WAY hot! (buzzer)
    Host: How do you spell "PAPER"?!?!
    Kyle: R-A-D-I-O! (buzzer)
    Host: What's 5 + 3?
    Kyle: Australia! (buzzer)
    Kyle: FALSE! (buzzer)
    Kyle: many things. (2 buzzers; 1 short, 1 long)
    • And then the one with Tony Pajamas and Judge Trudy. It can be perfectly summed up with 7 words: Tony uses his lifeline to order pizza.
    • "So you wanna win five dollars?" was a surprising role reversal - Amanda plays the straight man against all the funny characters who end up on the show. It almost always ends with her gradually losing it and, in a bit of Tranquil Fury, says "Who picks the people? WHO PICKS THE PEOPLE?"
  • A poem by Mother Caboose. In particular, this line:
    Mother Caboose: Since she never wore shoes, she had many a blister
    People would ask her "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, SISTER!?"
  • Pretty much all of the crank call segments.
    • Special mention goes to one (that used to be on the website) wherein Mr. Oldman is told "Please knock yourself out with the phone." and he smacks himself. "It didn't work! I'm still conscious! Still not working! It didn't-that did it" and then he falls down.
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    • One episode had an extra minute to fill after Moody's point, but it managed to be one of their funniest ones:
    Mr. Oldman: Hello?
    Girl: Hello?
    Mr. Oldman: Hello?
    Girl: Hello?
    Mr. Oldman: Hello?
    Girl: Hello?
    Mr. Oldman: Hello?
    Girl: Goodbye (hangs up)
    • In the last episode, Mr. Oldman never makes it to the phone, as a series of falls prevents him from reaching it. The girl just gives after awhile.
  • During one of the Penelope sketches, Penelope's little brother, Preston, is accompanying her on her latest Zany Scheme. He asks her, in the funniest but most serious little voice, "Does Mom know you missed your psychiatrist's appointment?"
  • Both of the times Melody and Thad sing as entertainers at a restaurant and a wedding especially: “Bring me a bag I am vomiting!”
  • The Rock-A-Bye Ralph sketch. Amanda gets scared during a thunderstorm, so her parents get her the Rock-A-Bye Ralph doll to help her go to sleep. The problem is, Ralph will not shut up about going to sleep. He continues talking after Amanda removes his batteries, and she tries to destroy him with a chainsaw. When that doesn't work, she gets Scooper, her dog, to tear him to pieces... and Ralph still talks from inside Scooper's stomach.
    • She throws him out the window, and he flies back in.
  • The one-time sketch Smelling Bee which involved kids smelling incredibly obscure items and being able to correctly identify them down to the last detail.
  • The "Totally Kyle" skits, though particularly ''that'' one:
    Kyle: "...then the spider like fell, on my face, and I was all, 'AHH! SPIDER!' and the spider was all, (Drake nearly corpses) "AHH! KYLE!"

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