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  • Jesse driving off cackling like a madman is immediately followed by a POV shot of a car crash. Just as you're thinking that's some oddly bad CGI, it turns out we're actually seeing Skinny Pete and Badger playing a video game and sniping at each other over Skinny Pete's lack of "apex".
    Badger: You couldn't drive Miss Daisy.
  • Old Joe admits he had zero confidence in Jesse’s magnet idea.
  • In an incredible bit of Black Comedy, Todd says that he was thinking of buying Jesse some pizza and beer because he "earned it" while Jesse has a loaded gun practically pointed at him.
    • Todd's canned soup stockpile is overwhelmingly rich in creamed chicken variants. Even himself considers beans and bacon to be a luxury.
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    • The entire sequence of him singing "Sharing the night together" and trying to get a truck driver to blow his horn. We're treated to a long tracking shot focusing on Todd in the driver's seat and when the camera finally pans over to the passengers seat, it reveals that Jesse isn't there, but instead hidden in the back of his car with the corpse.
  • After Jesse tries (and fails) to blackmail Ed the Vacuum Cleaner Repair Guy, Ed calls the cops on him. Jesse spends about a minute listing various points that "prove" that the call was obviously bullshit; as soon as he finishes, a cop car comes to a stop outside the shop.
    Ed: Gotta love that response time.
    • Ed reminds him to not leave his money as he is running to the back door, prompting Jesse to hurriedly come back to grab the bag and run again.
  • During the flashback that reveals Neil helped build the tether Jesse was fastened to while enslaved, Todd can be seen dicking around with Neil’s welding helmet.
  • In a flashback, Walt suggests that Jesse get his GED and study business and marketing. The only problem is that Jesse already had his diploma. In fact, Walt was there when Jesse got it. Walt just forgot.
    Jesse: I totally graduated high school, dick.
    • In the same flashback, Jesse loads up a plate at the salad bar, then bribes the waiter to "leave the pitcher" of water.
  • Todd's chatty neighbour routinely breaking the tension by showing up and talking the person he find's ear off.
    • Once Jesse and Neil find the money, Neil calls Casey (who is currently keeping said chatty neighbour occupied) to tell him they need a little time.
      Neil: [through the phone] Don't react, just listen. I got the money! Just keep him talking for the next five minutes.
      [Casey looks at the neighbour who is pouring water through a filter and not paying any attention to the phone call]
      Neighbour: Since I got the Britta I find the tea tastes noticeably better!
      Casey: [into the phone] Not a problem.
  • The showdown between Jesse and Neil is an awesome moment for Jesse, but his gunfight with Casey has a touch of Black Comedy as both are wildly firing at each other from a short distance and missing until Jesse finally gets a somewhat lucky headshot on Casey.
    • Casey gets a bit of an Undignified Death as well, as Jesse's shot sends his body collapsing inside the vending machine.
    • During the showdown, the four other chickenshits are hugging the wall, trying to get out of the way of the firefight, and the camera cuts to each of their expressions, mounting the tension, until it cuts to the last guy, who is still holding on to his plate of coke.
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  • When Jesse lets the other welders leave unharmed, one of them points out that he's "on fire" while leaving. And Jesse looks down and sees that his jacket is literally on fire. He then puts the fire out with his hand in exasperation.
  • The whole sequence of Todd and Jesse at Todd's apartment has comedy so black light can't escape. The reason Todd has Jesse out there is that he's murdered his housekeeper because she found his secret money stash and needs to get rid of the body. Todd casually offers to make him soup with her body lying on the kitchen floor. They start to wrap the body in a rug, before Todd realizes he left his belt around her neck, nonchalantly putting it back on. Then he has Jesse toss the body in the rug down from his balcony. After driving out into the desert and arduously burying the body, Jesse looks exhausted. You can tell he wished Walt was still around so they could have just dissolved the body in acid.
  • When Jesse pulls the El Camino into Skinny Pete's back yard, he knocks down a basketball hoop.
  • Todd's 1970s apartment decor.
  • After El Camino released, AMC produced a short of Todd making the snowglobe of him and Lydia that Casey observes in his apartment. It features him awkwardly trying to ask her out on a date over voicemail while he's making the thing. Lydia then picks up, Todd claims that it's nothing important, and she hangs up. Cringe Comedy featuring two of the show's coldest characters. The choice of music helps sell it.



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