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There will be a Time Skip (acknowledged in-universe of course).
Given that this movie is coming out 6 years after the original series ended. Though exactly how much time passed within the Breaking Bad universe (as opposed to real life) is still an open question for now.
  • Jossed. Both the second teaser and the first trailer have firmly established this is an Immediate Sequel to "Felina".

Some guesses about Jesse's life as a fugitive.
  • Like many other people have already suggested, Jesse is living in someplace remote such as Alaska. And he tries to work an honest job by putting his woodcarving skills to use.
    • The trailers have established that Jesse is still in Albuquerque, but he could still have escaped to Alaska by the end of the movie.
      • Confirmed.
  • Jesse has found another girlfriend, though probably not married because of obvious legal complications from living under a false identity. Perhaps she also has a kid (which he may even be the biological father of).
    • Jossed.

Jesse's parents and his younger brother will appear in this movie.
They were barely present in the original show, only appearing about a few times. It would be interesting to see how Jesse's parents reacted to Walt involving their son in his meth business, given how in the show they thought Walt was a positive influence on Jesse as his chemistry teacher.

Walt will (somehow) return in this movie.
Though obviously, the actual character himself is dead, and he won't be coming back to life, because that would just be stupid and unrealistic. Though of course, Walt could easily make a cameo appearance within another character's flashback. Perhaps he could even manifest as a figment of Jesse's or Skyler's imagination, talking to them as if he were a (nonexistent) ghost.
  • Confirmed. Walt appears via a flashback taking place after "4 Days Out".

There will be a subplot involving the surviving members of the White family.
Because of course we're all curious about what exactly happened to Skyler, Marie, Walt Jr, and Holly after the deaths of Hank and Walt Sr. Holly, who would likely now be old enough to be in elementary school, would have to be rather confused about having a father whom she doesn't even remember.
  • Jossed. None of the White family aside from Walter appear in the movie. Also, there is no timeskip between the end of the series and this movie.

The movie will tie into the fifth season of Better Call Saul somehow.
Jesse will either somehow track down "Gene" (aka Saul/Jimmy), or Gene will hear about Jesse's exploits on the news.
  • Jossed. Saul doesn't make any appearance in this movie, and there are no direct plot connections or allusions to Better Call Saul.

The titular car is being tracked by the DEA.
The DEA will catch wind of the car's license plate (probably by checking the Aryan Brotherhood hideout's security camera footage), and try to track down Jesse with it.
  • Confirmed. In fact, this forces Jesse to abandon the El Camino early on.

There will be two different antagonists in this movie.
As the first teaser already showed, the DEA and other law enforcement are attempting to track down Jesse's whereabouts, and if successful that will obviously cause a lot of problems for our protagonist. However, it's also possible that Jesse may face off against a more personal enemy, such as a local criminal (living in the same town he's in) who is harassing Jesse (or some other local person he befriended) for some reason.
  • Confirmed. Jesse confronts two gangsters (Neil and Casey) in this film, however they are local associates of Jack and the Aryans, rather than being crooks from outside of Albuquerque.

There will be a female character who not only serves as Jesse's new love interest but she will be the protagonist of her own storyline and unlike Jane and Andrea, will make it out alive at the end.
Hopefully they feature a female character who ends up being a deuteragonist of the movie. She might be a journalist who travels to Albuquerque for a report on the anniversary of Hank's and Gomez's deaths and is tasked to search for Jesse.
  • Jossed, there's no significant female characters aside from Jesse's mother and Jane (who appears via flashback).

El Camino will conclude with some sort of Bittersweet Ending.
Because we can't get our hopes up enough for Jesse Pinkman getting an unambiguously Happy Ending too much.
  • Well, the movie ends with Jesse successfully escaping to Alaska, with a rather hopeful and optimistic tone. Though it's still kinda bittersweet, because he's forced to leave behind everyone he knew and loved in New Mexico.

Jesse will end the film either dead (or wishing he was), and/or the White family will still be considered pariahs.

  • Jossed. The classic Theme Tune doesn't play at all.

The person Jesse buried in the desert is Andrea.
Jesse has a full head of hair when we see him digging a body in the desert in the trailer, but his hair isn't neck-length like it was when he escaped from the Nazi compound — but his hair is about the same length as it was when he was forced to witness Todd killing Andrea. It would make sense to bury Andrea's body in a remote area, since she was shot in the head and a police ballistics report could trace the bullet back to Todd if her body was left at her house. Also, making Jesse bury Andrea is exactly the kind of cruel, messed up thing Jack and Todd would do.
  • Jossed. It's actually Todd's cleaning lady.

Jesse goes to Hank's funeral.
The long line of cop cars seen in the trailer are for Hank's and Gomez's funeral. Jesse is there (at a safe distance) to either pay his respects to Hank and Gomez or to try to approach Skyler or Marie about something.
  • Jossed. That line of police cars are making their way to Skinny Pete's house after the tracker in the El Camino goes off. Also Hank and Gomez are not relevant to the story, nor do Skyler and Marie ever appear.


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