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Classic Eddsworld (Edd-run era)

  • One of the best ones was the "Personal Hells" section in Hello Hellhole. Edd got a broken Coca-Cola machine, Tom was stuck with a black man (Wait I'm not racist) FROM OUTER SPACE!, Matt got stuck in a room full of Edd clones, and Tord got a karaoke machine that wouldn't stop playing Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.
    • Also from the episode:
      (The group walks up to the desk for "Personal Hells")
      Lucifer: (looks up from magazine, sighs) Always tourists. Never Girl Scouts.
    • The premise of "Hello Hellhole". The guys are about to watch a movie, only for their TV to randomly explode for no reason. Tord then comments that it'd be fun to go to Hell, which for some reason they all agree on, and they Google how to go to Hell on Edd's computer. And then they go to Hell, via elevator.
      Tom: How convenient!
      Edd: (happily) LET'S GO TO HELL! (goes crosseyed)
      (the boys enter the elevator)
      Tom: Weeeee!
      Tord: Wahoo!
      Edd: Broccoli!
      (Matt just enters without saying anything and looking annoyed)
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    • One moment is Tom's return from the Jehovah's Witness thing, which is just him falling from the sky. Normally this would just be worth a few chuckles, but then you can see Tord's face, and it. Is. Priceless.
  • Don't forget Edd and Tord in Zombeh Nation:
    Edd: We need to find a way to break down this gate...I say we throw Tom at it.
    Tord: Sounds good to me!
    Tom: Or, we could press that big red button clearly marked 'in case of zombie outbreak, press to open gate to free any ginger civilians trapped inside'.
    Edd: (excitedly) Throw Tom!
    Tom: I hate you all so much.
  • While the boys dying in the 2007 Halloween special is terrifying (see Nightmare Fuel), Tom's death is darkly funny:
    Tom: (upon being stabbed with a sword) What the-?! Since when do axe-wielding maniacs carry around swords?
    • Matt's death also qualifies too:
      Matt: [upon seeing his friends as ghosts] Agggh, ghosts! Agggh, my heart! [collapses dead, the others glaring at him as he also becomes a ghost, complete with "pop!" sound effect]
  • From Zanta Claws II:
    Matt: Wait a minute! How can a CAR fly?!
    [The car stops and falls onto a passing plane]
    Pilot: We appear to be experiencing some minor turbulence; so please note that the seatbelt sign— wait. Do you ever wonder how planes can actually fly? I mean, they're pretty heavy and... Uh-oh.
    [That plane promptly proceeds to fall out of the sky, only to land on another passing plane]
    Second Pilot: We appear to be experiencing some minor turbulence...
    [A plane lands with at the North Pole Airport ("you might need a coat") with five other planes on top of it, including the car, each having questioned the flying capabilities of the machines]
    Edd: Remember where we parked the car...
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  • In Ruined, Tord accidentally lights Matt's hat on fire, causing him to run into and set off a booby trap.
    Tord: Okay, how can this get any worse?
    (A speaker emerges from the wall)
    Speaker: Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...
    Tord: Son of a-
  • Tom's reaction to (and subsequent shotgunning of) Skeleton Tord from Zombeh Attack 3. He screams for about 5 seconds without a break somehow getting a shotgun while the camera focuses on Tord's reaction.
  • Comic 61: "Burger"
    Matt: You know, I think I fancy a burger... Edd: What the hell kind of porn do you look at?
  • Edd impishly asks if he could call a character by a feminine name. For example, in "Moving Targets"...
    Edd: Sir! Can I call you Hilary, sir? *Cat Smile*
    • And in Hello Hellhole...
      Edd: Can we call you Lucy? *Cat Smile*
    • And in Mirror Mirror...
      Ell: Can we call you Daisy? *Cat Smile*
    • Inverted in Saloonatics with Edward Gold naming his gun "Brian".
      Sheriff Thompson: What!? No! You can't call it a man's name!
  • "Spares". Just..."Spares".
    • To start with, we have Bing and Larry's mutual Establishing Character Moment.
      Bing: Four viewers?! How did my film only get four viewers? Do they know how many monkeys I had to tape together to make that monster? (dramatic pause) MANY! How could this be? How is it possible? No one has EVER seen a movie like this!
      Larry: (counting on his fingers) Apart from Godzilla, King Kong, Jurassic Park...
      Bing: There has to be some way to get more than four viewers to watch my film!
      Larry: Make a better one?
      Bing: YES! That's PERFECT! If I take the four people that came to my film...(pulls a massive blackboard out of nowhere and starts writing on it) And we multiply the mass of the route of the volume over the common denominator divided by pi and remove three decimal places then it will result in my film being successful! (reveals cloning machine, which has a live monkey inside of it ) It's a good job I used the leftover monkeys to make this cloning machine!
      Larry: And how is that supposed to help?
      Bing: Isn't it obvious? If four people came to see my film and I make four million clones of those four people, then I'll get at least four hundred and forty-four more viewers!
      Larry: And how exactly do you intend to clone them?
      Bing: With the DNA left on their seats! Ahaha! AHAHAHAHA!
    • When Bing and Larry are searching for the clones, they ask a random guy (based on Edd's real life friend Ian), if he's seen a large group of identical looking people. He points them in the direction of a twin convention.
    • Hellucard's Establishing Character Moment, when a whole onslaught of Edd clones walks past him.
  • "Moving Targets":
    • After the group botches their air drop from a helicopter, Tord lands on one side of a plank resting centrally on a steel drum. Edd, Matt, and Tom land on the other side. Tord eyes them nervously, fearing he'll be see-sawed into the air. Instead, the board snaps, and he breathes a sigh of relief. Only to look up and scream as a completely random hippo falls on him.
  • "Matt Sucks" has Matt turning into a vampire. We see a bat with Matt's hair flying over to the house...only to scream as the real Matt falls on top of it.
  • "MovieMakers" has quite a few.
    • The CEO of the Internet loves the boys' video. Unfortunately he trips over a plug cord, which results in the Internet exploding and the boys losing views.
    • The episode introduces a new character named...Shoe. He's a shoe. Who can apparently move and do things on his own. And people can apparently tell what he's saying despite the fact that he never speaks. He ends up casting a girl named Laurel as the movie's star because he falls in love with her own shoes.
    • All of Tom's movie ideas end up devolving into being about space cats.
    • The entire moviemaking montage. In particular...
      Laurel: The space cats will kill us all!
      Edd: Kill us all!?
      Laurel: KILLUSAAWLL!
      Edd: KILLASAW!?
      Laurel: KILUZSPEZSPA!
      Edd: FLURGERBLA!?
    • And later, in the same montage:
      Laurel: I wonder what happened to those space cats.
      Edd: Well you see that tiny speck in the night sky?
      Laurel: Yeah?
      Edd: That isn't them. They're dead.
    • Laurel is really excited to watch the finished film, and declares that she and the boys are a great team. Then Shoe kills her so he can have a threesome with her shoes.
    • The finished film itself:
      Matt: (as a military man) Time to take out the trash! (takes out a trash bag)
      Edd: Let's rock and roll! (plays a rock song on a drum set)
      Laurel: Guys, seriously, attack the space cats!
      Edd: Okay space cats! LET'S DANCE! (starts literally dancing with one of the space cats)
    • Tom says that if the movie isn't popular, it won't be the end of the world. Guess what happens immediately after...
      Random man: IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!
      Random woman: THAT MOVIE WAS TERRIBLE!
      Tom: See, this is why you guys should never listen to me.
  • The beginning of WTFuture:
    Tom: Ugh, this rain is so annoying.
    Edd: You're so annoying.
    Tom: Yeah, well, I hope it ends soon.
    Edd: I hope you end soon.
    Tom: Agh, I'm getting soaked.
    Edd: You're getting soa— (Beat) And you're ugly as well.
    Tom: As ever, Edd, your sense of humor never ceases to amaze me.
    Edd: Was that an insult?
    Tom: You figure it out.
    (They walk away, and as they leave, an older Edd generates on the sidewalk.)
    Future Edd: Finally after many years, I return. Now it's time to— wait. ...That WAS an insult!
    • After seeing Future Edd, Matt comments that he looks like Edd, but with a beard. Edd replies that it's ridiculous, as of the three of them only Tom can grow a beard.
      Tom, suddenly fully-bearded and upset: I have a disorder!
      • Followed by the whole beard just popping off in surprise when Future Edd approaches them.
    • Also from WTFuture:
      Customer: I wanted my chicken extra crispy! [laser from future!Edd hits his hand, disintegrating it and completely burning his chicken] This changes nothing!
    • There's also the part with the gang escaping from Future Edd with small little red cars and for some reason wearing 3D glasses.
    • When future!Edd explains why he came back (to kill present!Edd so he doesn't have to live in a cola-less future) he pulls out an ordinary hand gun. Edd responds with "But that doesn't look futuristic." The gun then transforms into a VERY futuristic looking laser blaster.
    • How Edd found his lucky can.
      Edd (in a flashback): Lalalalalalala- Ooh, a can! Shove! Lalalalalalalala!
      Edd (after the flashback): He's RIGHT!
    • Nobody seems to mention the glitch scene. During the scene, Edd questions Future!Edd if killing him will cause a paradox. Future!Edd simply states that only happens in the movies...but then the scene glitches out, and then we cut to the real world where Bing (a close friend of Edd, Tom, and Matt) is watching and shows annoyance over the fact his computer is glitching out. When he gives it a small smack, it causes a Blue Screen of Death, and he runs off screaming. And then the screen snaps back with a "JUST KIDDING".
      • Makes it ten times funnier when the computer Bing is using is a Mac with the Apple logo being covered by a post-it bearing the words "PC" on it.
    • The ending of WTFuture. Matt gets his hands on the time machine, and pretty much takes over the world.
      Edd: (watching Matt's interview on TV) I hat- (TV gets replaced with a picture of Matt) LOVE MATT!
  • "Obligatory Building Montage".
    • Also from Hammer and Fail we have Matt and Tom ready to work. Quickly followed by "No wait! What are you doing with that hammer?!" *crash*
    • "No Tom, put down the drill!"
    • Matt's Imagine Spot.
    • Part 2 has this:
      Edd: I'm impressed! Being tidy, not caring about your looks-
      Tom: Using words with more than 2 syllables!
      Edd: Yeah, who are you, and what have you done with the real Matt? (laughs, only for Matt's head to turn around with a demonic look) ....Oh. *boom*
    • Once the ghost leaves Matt:
      Matt: Guys, I think our house might- MIGHT, be a little possessed. Or nothing. Or maybe it is something.
      Tom: And the last horse crosses the finishing line.
      Edd: Can we still get in?
      Tom: I don't see why not, we just open the door and- Oh, now I'm going backwards! (flies into his car, setting off the alarm. He weakly clicks a button on his car keys to turn it off.)
    • The reveal that Eduardo's cool-looking additional section to his house was just a cardboard prop. He tries to save face about it, but it doesn't work.
    • When Matt and the worker at Insta-Roof get into a random off-topic argument over Matt not liking ice-cream.
      Tom: Wait, when did we start talking about this?
    • This bit:
      Edd: So any luck with the psychic?
      Eduardo: She said haunted houses are stupid and that you guys are stupid.
      Jon: I thought she said we were stupid?
      (Eduardo puts his head up to Jon's very slowly)
      • Made funnier by the fact that he actually DOES so later on:
      Mark: [about the boys' armor getup] Nice armor, idiots!
      [Eduardo glares at him, only to randomly punch Jon in the face]
      Jon: Owwww! I didn't even say any-
      Eduardo: SHUT UP.

Eddsworld: Legacy (Tom-run era)

  • At least 80% of Matt's dialogue in Space Face:
    • "I really captured my grassiness."
    • "Yay! I'm popular!"
    • This:
      Tom: Wow, who know vanity and stupidity were so closely related.
      Matt: Ha, ha, I don't get it.
      Tom: I know.
      Edd: Joyride?
      Tom: (starts smiling) Yep.
  • Fun Dead'':
    Edd: Did you see that?
    Tom: See what?
    Edd: I just changed the channel with my tongue! (licks the remote)
    Tom: Yyyyoou're an idiot.
    Edd: (tongue out in a stupid, childish voice) YOU'RE an idiot!
    • The TV telling Edd to stop interrupting it, even making the "I'm watching you" gesture at him.
    • The running gag of Mark getting splattered with blood.
    • Or at the end of it when they turn ASDF Land into a zombie theme park.
      Child: Amazing!
      Man: Wow, that was a short apocalypse.
  • PowerEdd:
    Matt: HEY! Stop undressing me with your eyes!
  • Mirror Mirror may be short, but it isn't without its moments.
    • In the alternate universe, Tamara (Tom's Rule 63 counterpart), opens the box she got, thinking that it might be doughnuts, only for the box to make a bunch of frightening noises.
      Ell (Rule 63 Edd): Was it doughnuts?
      Tamara: No... nuts.
    • Later on, in the ensuing battle with Dazeem:
      Ell: (picks up the glowing sword) Guys, I have an idea!
      Tamara: Duck! (throws a chair at Dazeem, which he turns into Donald Duck)
      Ell: No, seriously, I—
      Matilda (Rule 63 Matt): Heads up! (throws a bowling ball that gets turned into a balloon with a face on it)
      Ell: Why don't I just throw the glowing swo—
      Tamara: Eat THIS! (throws a toaster, which is turned into a piece of toast and eaten)
      Ell: Rrr! ABRACA-STABRA! (throws the sword)
      Dazeem: (before the sword hits him) Oh, no-nuts!
  • Saloonatics:
    • "My knee! My second-favorite knee!"
    • Edd drinking a 100-year-old bottle of cola his wild west ancestor drank from...and the scene cuts to him puking in the toilet.
      Tom: Why would you drink a hundred-year-old cola?!
      Edd: I DON'T KNOW! (continues puking)
  • From The End Part 1, why Tom didn't know Tord was coming back to stay.
    Tom: What!? Edd!
    Edd: Tom, stop being so rude! I told you last week!
    Edd: Oh, Tom! I've been meaning to tell you! (takes a spoonful of cereal and continues talking through a mouthful of it) OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.
    Tom: Um...okay?
    Edd: (takes another bite of cereal with an adorable little Cat Smile on his face) Nom!

Eddsworld: Beyond (Matt-run era)

  • In Fan Service 2, Matt makes the mistake of reading Eddsworld fanfiction. It goes as well as you'd expect.
  • Casting Call:
    • The Running Gag surrounding tons of establishing shots of the Eddsworld building accompanied by a Seinfeld-esque bass sting. And each time, the building goes further and further into the territory of Alien Geometries.
      • On top of that, the bass sting gets more and more bizarre with each shot, until the last one where it's literally just a single note.
    • First to audition is Jamie Spicer-Lewis for the role of Matt. Matt Hargreaves, who is somehow present alongside Matt, Edd and Tom inside the recording studio, is not at all pleased to learn he's being let go. Matt's attempt at an explanation, well...
      Matt: Look, it's nothing personal. We just don't like you. Or your voice. Or your ugly, ugly face.
      Hargreaves: Well, that feels very personal.
    • What follows is Hargreaves pointing out one glaring fact:
      Hargreaves: You can't do this.
      Matt: (smugly) I think you'll find we can, and are.
      Hargreaves: No, I mean you literally can't do this. (Gilligan Cut to Hargeaves in the recording booth) I'm providing your voice right now!
      Matt: Oh. Well, nevertheless, you're fired.
      Jamie Spicer-Lewis: This is weird. I'm... I'm gonna go.
      Hargreaves: You can't fire me, I quit!
      (The two leave the recording booth.)
      Matt: Ha! Classic Matt... Okay. Moving on!
    • Christopher Bingham's audition is met with Matt pointing out that he's already the producer. Bingham responds with "EVIL producer!", prompting a confused reaction from Matt.
    • Shortly afterward, Bing tries auditioning as Tom by using Tom's old Mad Libs Catchphrase. Matt comments that they don't do that anymore, prompting Tom to look a little sad.
    • Rob's audition. He's covered in blood, and he walks out after Matt near-instantly ends the session. After he's left, in a very, VERY quiet volume outside the room...
      [police sirens and thumping]
      Police Officer: THERE HE IS!
    • Brock Baker comes in to once again audition for the role of Eduardo who he voiced in the Legacy era... only for Chris O'Neill, the original voice actor for Eduardo (accompanied by lackluster fanfare), to walk in and argue he's Eduardo. A hilarious argument ensues.
      Chris: I'm Numero Uno!
      Brock: No, I'M Numero Uno!
      Chris: No, I'M Numero Uno!
      Brock: No, I'M Numero Uno!
      Chris: NO, I'M UMERO BLUNO!
      Brock: SOY. NUMERO. UNO...! That's Spanish...
    • Zombies suddenly appear in the booth...only for Matt to reveal that they are the video's animators wishing to take a stab at auditioning. Then Matt realizes that since they're in the booth, nobody is animating the video, causing everything to suddenly revert to crappy mid-2000s Flash animation.
      • Made even funnier by the fact that the quality is purposely extremely low and the "Unregistered Turbocam" watermark.
      • This bit is visualized as an equivalent to the "but if you're here, then who's flying the plane?!" joke, complete with frantically showing an empty cockpit that apparently only animators are allowed into.
    • Not Matt auditions for the role of Matt, at which point Matt Hargreaves enters, furious that Matt, Edd and Tom didn't know that Not Matt is just Matt Hargreaves in disguise. This impresses everyone so much that everyone in the recording booth begins applauding Matt's performance...including Not Matt.
  • The Beaster Bunny:
    • Edd's idea of a surprise is blindfolding everyone and taking them to a park celebrating Easter. This causes them to crash Tom's car. Which then bursts into flames and is reduced to ashes.
    • The opening dialogue between Edd and Tom is the icing on the cake:
    Edd: No peeking! I promise it's a great surprise.
    Tom: (gasps) You found my real parents!
    Lady: So, which one's yours?
    (Tom looks at Edd, who's fighting, and losing, to a little girl over an egg, then at Matt, whose getting his face painted as the children he pushed aside are crying.)
    Tom: None! I'm...alone. Yeah! In this park. Full of children. Drinking. (Realizes what he said) Wait-
    Creepy Guy: Weirdo!
    Other Creepy Guy: Weirdo!
    Tom: No, you don't understand! I don't even celebrate Easter, I'm just here for them... (Gestures towards Edd and Matt, but a bunch of children are in front of them)
    (Tom's head slowly cocks clockwise as people look at him weirdly)
    Tom: My friends. (Drop his drink upon realizing what he said) Who are adults! (Everyone around him leaves) Aw... (To the sweaty guy sitting besides him) It's bad that you're still here, isn't it?
    Sweaty Guy: Oh yes.


  • The official Eddsworld Twitter account has had a lot of pics celebrating weird or obscure holidays, but nothing could prepare them for the absolute madness that was the fan reaction to their art celebrating "Working Naked Day". Let's just say Tom's butt became something of a meme afterward. Yes, really.
  • Non-canon example: Eddsworld: By someone who has never seen Eddsworld. Matt's Establishing Character Moment tells you exactly what you're in for.
    Edd: Hi, my name is Edd, I like soda and I have a green hoodie.
    Tom: Hi, my name is Tom, I'm an alcoholic and I have a blue hoodie.
    • The Running Gag throughout the video about touching butts.
    • "Tom, I want to make out with you. Because.. uh.. apparently that's what everyone thinks happened."
    • Combining both above, "Tom, I want to touch your butt."
    • There are a couple of moments where the artist has trouble with their editing software and it gets lampshaded. For example, Tom showing up with the tip of Tord's foot stuck to his head and Tord briefly getting sliced in half and saying "circle" when they use the circle select tool instead.

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