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Fridge Brilliance:

  • At the end of Poweredd, Edd appears to still have some of his powers left, while Eduardo is completely drained of them. Fast forward to The End Part 1, and we see him drinking coffee out of a mug with a radioactive symbol on it.... and for a brief second,his hair glows the same way it did when he had his powers. There are three ways this can be taken.
    • One: Both him and Edd have lost their powers. The hair glow is just a residual affect that sparks up whenever he takes in energy/has an adrenaline rush. (Hence why drinking coffee activated it.)
    • Two: Both of them still have their powers, having slowly regained them after the episode, but have just decided not to use them as to avoid more chaos.
    • Three: Edd lost his powers, while Eduardo managed to gain them back. When you consider the neighbors are meant to be polar opposites to the main characters, this makes perfect sense when you take into account the end of Poweredd. Edd seemed to have his powers for a minute longer than Eduardo, only to lose them mid-flight. However, Eduardo seemed like he had lost them for good, only to gain them back.
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    • A fourth possibility: whatever was in the mug was radioactive, and Eduardo was drinking it to try and either regain his powers or to keep them if he got them back.
  • Matt’s whole gimmick is that he’s unlikably vain. However, in Fun Dead, when it seems like they’re all going to die, the first thing he does? Offer his novelty toy collection to Tom. And in Space Face, an episode where Matt is so vain he’s able to power a spaceship, the desire room shows that his greatest desire is to be surrounded with clones of himself...who all like him. The kicker? One of them says “I can tolerate your existence.” The guy doesn’t think he’s better than everyone else, he just loves himself so much because no-one else will.
  • Sort of a Fridge Tearjerker, but Eduardo probably hates Edd for more than just making him come in second. Laurel, a one-off character, dies at the end of Moviemakers, and is passed off as a joke, until Comic reveals that she was Eduardo’s girlfriend. Of course he’d hate the person who is responsible for the death of his girlfriend!
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  • The "Matt on Matt Action" DVD from "MovieMakers" makes a lot more sense when you remember the Matt clone from the end of "Spares".
  • Possibly also Fridge Horror, but remember when Sheriff Thompson in "Saloonatics" said he'd wanted to nail down the nails in Spitbucket to keep them from being stolen? It's possible that he tried that...which could explain why he has an eyepatch.
  • Tord's betrayal of the gang and desire for world domination in the Series Fauxnale makes more sense when you remember the 2005 Christmas Special, which reveals that without Edd around to keep him in check, Tord would have tried to take over the world a lot sooner.
  • Meta brilliance: Jon was killed off at "The End" because his voice actor was leaving the show along with Tom.
  • Tom's tendency to make friends with inanimate objects makes sense when you remember that his parents were inanimate objects.
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  • More meta-brilliance: You may notice that Kim and Katya only seem to appear whenever Tord appears; their first appearance was "Dudette Next Door", wherein he and Edd are the main characters, they reappear in "Zombeh Attack 2" and Tord's the one who points them out, they cameo in "Christmas Special 2005" as porn actresses who work with Tord and they cameo again when Tord's bus came back (albeit with a different voice actor). The brilliance comes in when you remember that the real life Tord Larsson created both characters. To make it even more noticeable, the characters were nowhere to be seen after Tord originally left, not even making cameos anymore.
  • In "Climate Change", there are five wires showing in the walls of the boys' house, each with colors that represent them: Green (Edd), blue (Tom), purple (Matt) and red (Tord). But the fifth one appears to be a slightly lighter shade of green. What does this one represent? Matt again! Because he doesn't just wear a purple hoodie; he also wears a light green overcoat!
  • According to "Saloonatics", Matt's the tallest of the group. But in real life, Edd was the tallest. Why the change? Because Edd has had two separate voice actors. The real life Edd Gould was taller than Matt and a bit on the chubby side, while Tim Hautikiet is shorter than Matt and thinner than Edd. The Saloonatics design is a compromise between these two—Edd's depicted as having Gould's body type and being taller than Tom, but he's shorter than Matt like Hautikiet is.
  • In Legacy, Eduardo has a new voice actor, just like Edd. Meanwhile, both Tom/Matt and Jon/Mark have the same voice actor from "Hammer and Fail", their only appearances in the original version. In "Space Face 2", we see that the neighbors were also in space, and Edd's voice changes earlier in the same episode. Eduardo may have been hit by the voice changer by Mark, just like Edd was hit with it by Matt.
  • Some people in "Saloonatics" are historically inaccurate (as some fans pointed out), wearing clothing that didn't exist at the time, for instance. However, the episode is most likely Edd's imagination (as implied by the scene where he reads "bear" instead of "beer") than an actual flashback.
Fridge Logic:
  • Tom, the child of a male pineapple and female bowling completely normal except for his black eyes.
    • Gets even more confusing when you take Sheriff Thompson into account. Is he an ancestor, or just someone who happens to look a lot like him?
    • If "Beaster Bunny" is to be believed, then the pineapple and bowling ball aren't Tom's real parents.

Fridge Horror:

  • Word of St. Paul has stated that Tom is possessed by a demon that takes over when he gets angry and turns him into a monster. Considering his personality as a whole, how many times has Tom transformed prior to Poweredd? And how many people has he killed while changed?
  • The start of Snogre shows Paul and Patryck in a plane, which crashes and releases toxic waste everywhere. And at the end of the episode, it turns out this caused the zombie apocalypse seen in Fun Dead. So hundreds, possibly thousands of people were infected and killed.... all because these two couldn’t drive the plane properly. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!
    • On the topic of Snogre...what were they going to use that toxic waste for in the first place?
      • Given the fact that it's strongly implied that Tord was in the plane with them and that he has some level of authority over them, it's possible that it had something to do with his plans for world domination which...isn't good, all things considered...
  • As apology for punching Matt in the face, Tord asks Matt if he wants ice cream. Matt hesitantly replies with an affirmative...but back in Hammer and Fail part 2, we found out that Matt doesn't even like ice cream. To Matt, Tord just punched him in the eye seemingly out of nowhere—was he afraid that disagreeing with the ice cream suggestion would get him another punch?
  • Wasn't Zanta Claws still buried under the house? What happened to him when Tord blew up said house?

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