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The storyline

In comic 115, Edd found out about Rule 34.
Why else would he appear traumatized? Fridge brilliance kicks in when you remember rule 34. Edd turned off Google Safe Search and fell for some Schmuck Bait.

  • Deep inside he felt that the cancer will defeat him, so he decided to play it for laughs and make his Author Avatar die as many times as possible.

A theory about Fun Dead
  • There will be a few small Left 4 Dead references. Admit it, "Fun Dead" is the type of slightly punny campaign title that would fit L4D to a 'T'. That and the fact that a crying woman is the main focus of the zombie ending of "The Snogre," with no reason given for WHY she is crying. Finally, judging from the teaser, THE GROUP WILL BE GOING TO KIDDY LAND! Maybe Tord will even have a cameo fighting zombies in the background, because back in an old video on Tom's other account (EDDSWORLD VLOG - Tord, Edd and Charity) Tom said that even though Tord himself will never return, his character... "...we'll see."
    • Do I look like some sorta queer to YOU? References aside, Tord's shadow DOES show up while Paul and Patryk fight off the zombehs. So kinda confirmed about Tord's cameo.
      • Funnily enough, the L4D references are Jossed, but there are very small references to Resident Evil, Pokemon, The Walking Dead, Super Mario, Scary Movie, Yogi...that's all of them, I think.

Ruined is canon
  • It seems like it wouldn't be the last in the timeline, because Tord with them.
    • It could happen during The End.

That wasn't the real Tord in "The End"....
Hence why he sounds different (although that's for obvious reasons as explained in YMMV) and acts more antagonistic to Tom.

Tord in The End was a defective Evil Genius Tord clone from Spares
Spares is one of the last episodes where Tord really does anything noteworthy, and while he never spoke much before, he had one line aside from screaming with the gang in Moving Targets. Maybe End!Tord is an evil clone of Tord, who just so happens to have a Russian accent. He managed to appear normal due to his intelligence, hence why he wasn't sent to a reject chamber, and in the clone fight at the climax of Spares the original Tord died and the evil Tord took his place and left soon after to join/take over the enemy army the gang met in Moving Targets.

Possible episode plots for the upcoming revival...
  • Edd and his gang (or Ell and her gang) end up becoming the royal rulers of their own fantasy kingdom for some wild reason (it might be All Just a Dream).
  • A sequel to "PowerEdd" where Edd and Eduardo, now more powerful than ever, get serious and have a real showdown.
  • An episode parodying video games.
  • An episode featuring the show's equivalent to Edd's mum, who visits the boys, since Sue Gould is now the show runner it would be very fitting wouldn't it?

Matt has ADHD/Autism
  • He’s unable to focus for too long, has a ton of comfort objects, doesn’t get social norms, has sensory issues with the cold, doesn’t get sarcasm....

After the show's revival, Tord will come back...
And he'll eventually have a Heel–Face Turn and reconcile with the guys, explaining why they're apparently on good terms with him in "WTFuture". Before that happens, he'll probably be retooled into a recurring antagonist rather than a maniacal Big Bad, as an even ground between his current characterization and his old one.

Tord asked Edd if he could move back in offscreen in "Fun Dead"
Tord was implied to have been fighting zombies at ASDFland after all, seeing as Paul and Patryck were there. It's possible that Tord bumped into Edd at some point, then, realizing it could benefit him, asked him if he could come back to the house, to which Edd of course said yes.

The revival will retcon "The End" out of canon somehow
Possibly by having it be All Just a Dream that Tom had or something—perhaps they'll kill two birds with one stone and have the first installment be Tord's official farewell episode. The reason for this guess is partly to give the new season a fresh start and partly because, from what I can tell, "The End" was not a popular episode among both the fans and the crew.
  • Seemingly jossed, as the first revival episode both doesn't involve Tord as the focus, and as Matt reads an email stating "Why did Tord go this time?", it seems that they still acknowledge "The End" as canon.
  • Completely jossed. In "The Beaster Bunny" Jon is nowhere to be seen and Eduardo is clearly depressed, implying the events of "The End" are still canon.

Todd, the neighbor Tord, will appear in Eddsworld: Beyond
Since Jon's gone, he could come back to accompain Eduardo and turn the group back into a trio again. It's possible he will fill the same Butt-Monkey role Jon had, as he's been stated to be a Nice Guy. That is, of course, if the crew is comfortable having a character at least based on Tord, since they seem to want to focus in him as little as possible, with a few exceptions such as official posters of episodes he was im.

Alternatively, there will be another episode about Ell, Matilda and Tamara, and this time a longer one
Maybe Tori will appear as well.

The Evil Director from "Spares" will have another major role.
It seems almost inevitable, since his voice actor is the current showrunner. Also, he's been getting several appearances in comics and drawings lately.

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