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Headscratchers / Eddsworld

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  • So in Hammer And Fail, the ghost realizes he is haunting the wrong house when Tom says "Edd!" because he is supposed to be haunting Eduardo. How could he tell this wasn't short for Eduardo?
  • If there's a neighbor version of Tord, why does he only show up once (and only part of his body) and never appear alongside his neighbors? Even assuming he moved in only in "PowerEdd", he still does not show up in "The End". It seems more like he doesn't even live there at all.
    • Tord also rarely shows up anymore, and doesn't live in the house anymore. Who is to say that Neighbor Tord is any different, and only ended up in the house for the Neighbor's version of "The End"?
  • In "Spares", Edd and the rest of the gang kill their clones... but how could they tell who is the original and who is the clone?

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