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Fanfic / The Two Year Emperor

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Now, since talking is a free action, let me proceed to tell you the story of my last couple of days in great detail, which won’t take any time here in the present because your world is broken. Specifically, let me spin for you the tale of how the gods told me, again, to please stop breaking the world.
Jake, preparing to regale his latest exploit

A Dungeons & Dragons fanfic by David Storm (available on his Patreon page).


Jake is a 40 year old programmer who has been yanked to the land of Flobovia and made ruler of said country, due to a quirk in local law. He is thus in the unique position to be the de facto dictator of about thirty million citizens and having to deal with the invading army of Deorsi.

To deal with that, he has only his wits, his encyclopaedic knowledge of the world (courtesy of a mind whammy by the wizards who summoned him), and the outsiders view on the rules governing Flobovia and what he soon comes to call Stupidworld. You see, the world as it is, is modelled after the rules of Dungeons & Dragons, with the Rules As Written interpretation. So Jake naturally has to employ munchkinry to have even a chance of saving Flobovia and its capital city, Capital City…


The Two Year Emperor provides examples of: