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Book Two of the Angelic Crisis Saga. Vayne Shirewood, ruler of a budding empire, returns home from war in a distant part of the world. A year later, a terrible illness strikes his country, killing those with magical blood. Unfortunately, this includes his wife, whose death almost destroys him. Driven by grief, he tries resurrecting her. This backfires, horribly.

On the verge of death, Vayne is forced into a deal with the Angel of Chaos, Katosiel, and to do whatever bidding the angel wants him to do. For Vayne, and his planet, this means the destruction of the magic that flows through the world. Vayne is more than happy to oblige.


However, Vayne's mysterious friend Qin just might have other plans. Toss a budding rebellion into the mix, and things really start to hit the fan.

End Of An Era is part of a prequel series to a collaborative project that themagicdance and crystallacrymosa are working on. Presumably, it will be completed during NaNoWriMo's new summertime counterpart, Camp NaNoWriMo.

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