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Following the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a new motion picture studio was created in mid-2016 by Warner Bros. to oversee the production and creative control of theatrical films set in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), the cinematic Shared Universe adapting DC Comics characters, with veteran comics writer Geoff Johns and veteran studio executive Jon Berg appointed as its chairmen.

Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League were the first batch of films to be released under the new DC Films banner, although production on them had started earlier. Berg left the studio in December 2017 after the underwhelming results of a heavily reworked Justice League, and Walter Hamada (New Line Cinema producer who worked on the Conjuring Universe films most notably) was made chairman of DC Films in his stead in January 2018, with Johns stepping down from producing and remaining as consultant and co-writer. Hamada is assisted by fellow New Line producer Peter Safran, who has a more hands-on management of the films.


Rocky beginnings with Executive Meddling and Troubled Productions aplenty in 2016 and 2017 and ensuing changing of heads aside, the studio's current official policy for its films is to be "director-driven", unlike Marvel Studios, in which there is a tighter leash on directors (even though there have been cases of Executive Meddling at the studio since Justice League). The studio has branched out to produce other DC Comics-inspired films that have no connection to the DCEU whatsoever, the first of them being 2019's Joker. Aside from films, the studio also produces streaming Spin-Off series related to some films for HBO Max.

A massive new studio overhaul is expected following the creation of Warner Bros. Discovery.

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