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The Undertale cast makes a glorious return in this continuation of the game's story.

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Main Characters

"Just figuring stuff out."

A human child who became the ambassador of all monsters after freeing them from their prison underneath Mt. Ebott. Carries a dark secret within them that no one must ever find out.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Averted. Word of God states they're supposed to be male in this comic.
  • The Atoner: Lists this as the reason they let Chara put them through Mind Rape for more than two years.
    Chara:"You mean to tell me that you knew about thisnote  the whole time? And you STILL took all that punishment from me? WHY??"
    Frisk: "Well it's not like I didn't deserve it. I deserved everything you dished out. I guess it's just my consequences...
  • Bad Ass Adorable: Can pack quite a punch with their fire magic.
  • Berserk Button: Making racist remarks against monsters can really tick them off especially when they're already running low on patience due to sleep deprivation.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Frisk is generally a nice person, but you really shouldn't push them too far.
  • Cool Big Sibling: To Asriel, although he's technically way older than they are.
  • Death Glare: Can throw quite the impressive one, even without Chara "helping".
  • Happily Adopted: By Toriel.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Though they were a Silent Protagonist in the original Undertale, in this comic Frisk is fully capable of communicating verbally.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Delivers quite the impressive one to Chara when they finally get fed up with the latter's constant verbal and physical abuse.
    Frisk: It's like what dad said, obsessing over the past isn't healthy-
    Chara: HE'S NOT YOUR DAD!
    Frisk: What, is THAT what this is about now?? Because that's another thing! Your motivation for all of this is about a straight-forward as a hedge maze! You punish me for killing but then you want to go back and finish the job! You get angry about resets when that's exactly what you want me to do anyways! And then when I try to finally come clean about it, you always stop me even though you want me to admit what I've done! And to top it off, out of nowhere you don't want me to call Asgore dad??
    Chara: Don't act like you know...
    Frisk: Oh I know alright... Either you're the world's biggest hypocrite. Or you're so hell-bent on being angry at me that you've forgotten what you were even angry about in the first place!
  • Took a Level in Badass: Since their time in the Underground, they've apparently learned how to use fire magic and their dodging skills come close to Sans-level.

Click here to see them in Frisk's body 
Click here to see them when they were still alive 

The first human to fall down Mt. Ebott. Not quite ready to move on to the afterlife yet.

  • And I Must Scream: They've been forced to accompany every human that fell after them, with no one else being able to see them or hear their voice.
  • Bad Black Barf: Sometimes toxic determination will flow out of their mouth and eyes.
  • Big Bad: The main antagonist of the comic.
  • Came Back Wrong: Whatever compassion they might have felt for the monsters once, it seems to be mostly gone now.
  • Creepy Child: True to canon.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: They don't take well to Asriel calling Frisk his best friend, a title that had originally belonged to them.
  • Jerk Ass Woobie: It's heavily implied that a majority of their bad attitude towards Frisk actually stems from jealousy over seemingly having been replaced by them by their former family.
  • Madden Into Misanthropy: Though the cause of it has yet to be revealed.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: They want to erase the entire world because they believe it to be too corrupted to be allowed to exist.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Their eyes start glowing a piercing red whenever they get angry about something.
  • Stepford Smiler: It makes them all the more creepy.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Well, "sweet" might be pushing it a bit, but they were far less genocidal and aggressive when they were still alive.

"I have a hunch... hopefully I'm wrong..."

Frisk's adoptive brother and best friend. Was brought back to life with half of Frisk's soul.

  • Bad Ass Adorable: Can conjure up his God of Hyperdeath-swords to defend himself.
  • Came Back Wrong: As Flowey the Flower, a soulless husk that took pleasure in killing and torturing others.
  • Came Back Strong: In his current, restored body. He's strong enough to fend off a possessed Frisk by conjuring up the swords of his god of hyperdeath-form.
  • The Cutie: With his fluffy appearance and big, kind eyes he definitely counts.
  • Heroic Bsod: Still has horrible nightmares about his time as a soulless flower.
  • Morality Pet: To both Chara and Frisk. To Chara when they were still alive and to Frisk in the present.

Side Characters

"me? worried? heh, you know i'm too lazy to act like that."

A lazy and pun-loving skeleton. Knows more than he lets on.

  • Beware the Silly Ones: He may not look like it, but he's incredibly perceptive and quick to pick up on it when something's wrong. He's also way stronger than he appears to be, as Frisk and Chara found out during the genocide route.
  • Parental Substitute: To Frisk, although he really doesn't like to admit it.
  • Pungeon Master: Makes a skele-ton of them.


The younger brother of Sans. Aspires to be a great chef.


"Gracious, Frisk..."

The former queen of monsters and the mother of Frisk and Asriel.

  • Almighty Mom: Not afraid to call someone out if she thinks they're endangering her children.
  • Good Parents: Is a loving mother to both of her children and supports them wherever she can.


The king of monsters and the father of Asriel and Frisk.

  • Badass Beard: Spots quite the glorious one.
  • The Good King: Used to be this to the kingdom of monsters.
  • Good Parents: Cares just as much for his children as Toriel and is always willing to lend them an ear.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Frisk notes that both he and Asriel are "fluffy pushover[s]".

"Looks like there's only one thing to do here...MORE SPEARS!!!
Click here to see her in her Undying-form 

The former captain of the Royal Guard. Now lives a (more or less) peaceful life on the surface.

  • Blood Knight: Is visibly excited during the "workout" with Asriel and Frisk and seems to lighten up at the thought of "learning" a guy who almost drove over Frisk a lesson with her spears.
  • Butch Lesbian: The physically strongest in the cast and in a loving relationship with the female lizard-monster Alphys.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Wears one on her right eye.
  • Irony: Rags on Frisk for watching too much anime - while striking a rather anime-esque pose herself.

"Bad Dreams? You'll have to be more specific"

The retired Royal Scientist. A dorky lizard woman who loves anime.

  • Bi the Way: Was once said to have a crush on Asgore and is in a loving, healthy relationship with Undyne in the present.
  • Hidden Depths: It's hinted that she still feels guilty over the Amalgamates.
  • Nerd Glasses: As is befitting for a former scientist.
  • The Smart Guy: Seems to be the go-to person for science-y problems in the cast.



    Monster Kid
"Yo, Frisk"

A classmate and friend of Frisk and Asriel. Always up for fun and games.

  • Ambiguous Gender: They're referred to with gender-neutral pronouns and don't seem to have any bodily traits identifying them as male or female.
  • Armless Biped: Which proves to be their undoing when targeted by Ryan, who trips them up while they play tag. Due to not having arms to catch themselves with, they land head-first in the snow.
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep": Monster Kid seems to be their real name, not just a nick-name.

"Well...I know one thing that always cheers them up!"

A human kid who befriended Asriel, Frisk and Monster Kid.

  • Nice Guy: Suggested playing tag upon realizing that everyone was feeling somewhat down and immediately defended Monster Kid when Ryan started harassing them.

"Wow, walk much? Doesn't look like it"

A rather unpleasant boy attending school with Frisk and their friends.

  • Asshole Victim: His racist behavior and refusal to apologize for his actions get him on the receiving end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Frisk.
  • The Bully: Tripped up Monster Kid for little to no reason other than that he felt like it.
  • Fantastic Racism: Hates monsters due to having lost his uncle to them and some teen-monsters regularly vandalizing his father's shop.

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