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Japan Animation song Makers Project. As their name suggests, they often make songs for various anime and even video games, especially those featuring Humongous Mecha. Some of the most Hot-Blooded musicians in the UNIVERSE solo, let alone together.

  • SKILL (2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha) is basically JAM's calling card, their "Bohemian Rhapsody". They play it as the end of the final encore of nigh every concert they do, and they go long. They engage in "MOTTO! MOTTO!!" call and response and engage in all kinds of hijinks to send the song into the 8, 9, 10 minute range. When a handful of songs were picked to re-record for a 15th anniversary album, "SKILL" was done in this style, and got a music video that includes a similarly hyped crowd.
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  • GONG (Super Robot Wars Alpha 3) is another staple for making a sing-along in a JAM Project concert. Moreover, it was once the go-to music for making badass-themed AMV; If something has even an ounce of bravery in it, Gong will do the rest of the video, easy. Here's a decade-old example from Touhou Soccer.
  • Hagane no Resistance (2nd Super Robot Wars Z: Saisei Hen). So epic, you'll be listening to it on repeat and never get tired of it.
  • MAXON, made as the OP to Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector. It begins with Ominous Latin Chanting, before going into an AMAZINGLY hot-blooded track jam-packed with guitars. Many say that this is probably what's playing when you're beating the snot out of enemies with your mech.


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