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Awesome Music / Ichiro Mizuki

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The King of anime. He's been singing since the 1960s and never stopped. Mizuki's music maintains an old school style and sound over the years. It's one of the things that distinguishes him from JAM Project, especially all the ballads he's done. Ichiro could probably become the King of Enka if he tried hard enough.

    Mech Anime 
Just like JAM Project he's sung a lot of mech theme songs. It's some of the earliest music he's done so lets start there. A lot of the early music consisted of listing the mech's special attacks, so the lyrics aren't too inspiring. Later on this music gets more Hot-Blooded and becomes the mech music we all know and love.

    Other Anime 

Ichiro has also done music for many live action shows (Tokusatsu), and it is some of the earliest music he did in addition to mech anime.

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