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    Episode 1: Glorious Purpose 
  • Loki is a Physical God strong enough to require one of the heavy hitters on the Avengers to fight evenly. Hunter B-15 shows how little that matters to the TVA when she strikes him with her baton once and arrests him with ease.
  • It's revealed that, as part of a bet he lost with Thor, Loki was the infamous D.B. Cooper, and we get to see him pull off the heist with all the suaveness and confidence that you could imagine the real one having, casually flirting with the flight attendant with a confident smirk as he leaps out of the plane and escapes with the money before getting teleported via the use of the Bifröst. By the end of the recording, Mobius is outright Fan Boying about this.
  • While he was wrong about the reason that the Avengers travelled back in time, Loki was still able to figure out that they'd time-travelled at all. And he managed to deduce this simply by recognizing the scent of Tony's cologne on two different Tonys.
  • Loki is able to freely roam the TVA after swiping Mobius' time twister device from his pocket and reversing time to when he was outside the room. Upon getting the Tesseract and getting caught by B-15, he cleverly uses the device again to end up back in the interrogation room that he was just in before she can prune him. Even more impressively, he did all this without his shapeshifting abilities, proving that even without his magic, he's still a force to be reckoned with.
  • Loki is later able to repay B-15 for her earlier humiliation of him when she finds him in the recording room. He initially goes for the attack, only for her to grapple and slam against the table, but he's able to grab the key to the time device on his neck and, after reversing the grapple and unlocking it, puts it around her neck and then takes full advantage of his newfound ability to reverse and accelerate her time, Trollishly rewinding and fast-forwarding her.
  • More subtly, the scope of the TVA in demonstrating that they possess a collection of Infinity Stones from the timelines they pruned. How powerful are they? They negate these primordial relics that can rewrite the universe of all their power, and use them as paperweights. Between this and their surviving of a war spanning all spacetime, it gives the TVA an impression of being the MCU's Time Lords.
  • A being, apparently another variant Loki, effortlessly defeating a group of TVA agents (who as described above have taken down foes with Infinity Stones), seemingly with just their wits and no powers involved at all.
  • Agent Mobius having enough know-how on Loki's backstory and personality to get him into a mental state where he's willing to comply, without even having to use any TVA weapons or even really outfox the God of Mischief, only needing the rewind collar to make sure that Loki sticks around long enough to hear him out. Although nothing the TVA does is really "normal", Mobius is probably the closest that the show has gotten to a Badass Normal by this point.

    Episode 2: The Variant 
  • The Variant Loki's fight against the Minutemen team is a one-sided affair. She reaches out of the darkness to enchant C-20, turning her against the others. They are in total disarray, enabling her to kill all of them quickly. She does all of this while "Holding Out For a Hero" plays from an in-universe source, suggesting that she did it to mock them for not being hero enough to stop her.
  • Mobius is able to see through Loki's lie and prevent him from getting an audience with the Time Keepers. It was a good try, and Mobius told Loki that he had him going for a second, but it all came to nothing. What's really impressive is that Loki was almost successful. As Mobius states later, he has studied almost every moment of Loki's life, knows him to be a trickster and a liar and a schemer, but Loki still came within a stone's throw of deceiving him anyway.
  • After Loki buckles down and actually does some digging, he realizes that the reason that the Variant Loki is able to avoid the TVA is that they're hiding out in worlds or places that are about to end, as actions that take place before they end will have no consequences and therefore not create branching timelines. And he's right.
    • Adding to this, based on Loki saying "sad little boy", Mobius is able to remember his interaction with the kid in the first episode, and realize that the Variant is specifically hiding in an apocalypse timeline that sold "Kablooie" candy, which the variant gave the boy.
  • Variant Loki is not only able to give Loki trouble in a fight, while possessing a mortal at that, but she's then able to enact her plot: transport a bunch of reset charges throughout the Sacred Timeline and effectively nuke it, creating branch timelines on a scale that the TVA has never seen before. And impressive as that is, that's just her distraction.

    Episode 3: Lamentis 
  • While she's caught off-guard by her inability to use magic, Sylvie is still able to defeat the Minuteman that she ends up picking a fight with, pruning at least three as she makes her way to the Time Keepers' elevator.
  • Loki is able to get the drop on Sylvie by unknowingly dragging her outside of the TVA, where he's able to catch her off-guard with his powers back.
  • Tom Hiddleston gets one of these for singing in modern Norwegian (and not Old Norse, which might have been expected since Loki is out of Norse mythology), surprising a number of Scandinavian fans. He's almost perfectly understandable to native ears.
  • Loki and Sylvie team up to fight against the guards on the train, with Loki using his magic to knock back a guard and kicking one out of a window, while Sylvie uses her crown as a makeshift weapon. Among the gods of Asgard, Lokis may not be renowned for the warrior aspect like Thors, Odins, Heimdalls, or Tyrs, but they're still Norse gods.
  • Unlike with Loki and Frigga, Sylvie didn't have any formal magical training. Her ability to enchant and control people is entirely self-taught.
  • The episode ends with a long take tracking Loki and Sylvie as they attempt to make their way through Shuroo to the Ark. They have to fight through the crowds and dodge the damage to the area from the rapidly disintegrating planet. At one point, Loki stops a building from dropping onto him and Sylvie, pushing it back with a simple gesture of his head.

    Episode 4: The Nexus Event 
  • The opening scene showing that Sylvie was able to free herself from the TVA and escape when she was only a child.
    • She also survived all that time, hopping through time until she found out that she could hide in apocalypses.
  • An Offscreen Moment of Awesome for the TVA: when we see the monitor for the Sacred Timeline, just prior to Loki and Sylvie getting off Lamentis (via creating a Nexus Event that can be detected even during an apocalypse), it's shown to be perfectly fine. Sylvie's catastrophic bombing plan, which created dozens of branches and was a threat that the TVA had never seen the like of before, was ultimately handled by them, however close the calls may have been.
  • The Nexus Event triggered by Loki and Sylvie connecting with each other is of a kind that nobody at the TVA has ever seen before. The branch graph, instead of growing parabolically, is close to linear and almost vertical. The other Events shown would have taken minutes or hours to hit red line, this one nearly did it in seconds.
  • Unexpectedly, after having been absent since Thor: The Dark World and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Lady Sif finally makes her return to the MCU... by (hilariously) subjecting Loki to a "Groundhog Day" Loop of slapping him (just like Jane did in the aforementioned movie, no less) and kneeing him in the groin.
  • Mobius standing up to Renslayer after discovering the truth, even if it got him pruned.
  • Hunter B-15 showing up in the Time Keepers' chamber to help Loki and Sylvie, both deactivating their collars in mid-attempt, but by bringing the latter's sword back. Loki and Sylvie then drop into a Back-to-Back Badasses position to help each other fight the rest of the Hunters.
  • Sylvie manages to take down Renslayer, but is disheartened at discovering that the Time Keepers were fake all along. Loki tries to console her and say that they'll figure it out... only for a recovered Renslayer to strike him In the Back with a pruning weapon. Sylvie is predictably furious, overpowering Renslayer and taking the weapon before turning it on Renslayer. The judge just tells her to get it over with and, after everything that Renslayer has been personally responsible for doing to Sylvie, not a soul would blame her for just pruning the woman. But Sylvie chooses to spare her and get answers about everything out of her. Death can be mercy, and Renslayer just took away the last reason she had to be merciful.
  • The entire goddamn Stinger. Not only does it turn out that Loki is alive and well after having been pruned by Renslayer, but he's also joined by several variants of himself, including Classic Loki and Kid Loki, along with one that's an alligator.
    Loki: ...Is this Hel? Am I dead?

    Episode 5: Journey into Mystery 
  • It was mentioned in episode 2 that Lokis are one of the most common Variants, but by no means the only ones. That must mean plenty of other Variants end up in the Void. Despite that, the only Variant of someone else than Loki we see in the void is a buried Throg.
    Classic Loki: We're Lokis. We survive.
  • Sylvie is so determined to get answers and find out the truth that she prunes herself to reach the Void, despite not knowing for sure what's waiting for her there. She also steals Renslayer's TemPad and brings it with her so she'll have a way out, though she ends up giving it to Mobius.
    • Sylvie even knew better than to trust the woman who just pruned the closest thing she had to a love interest. When she shakes hands with Ravonna, she keeps her grip until Miss Minutes finds the file about the "Void spacecraft". Turns out that Ravonna and Miss Minutes were both lying and stalling for security to find her, so Sylvie's suspicions about Ravonna lying to her were right.
  • The reason Kid Loki is the leader of the group of pruned Loki Variants? He killed his version of Thor. The circumstances around him doing so aren't made clear, or whether or not it was on purpose, but it makes him a version of Loki who was actually able to best Thor, which earns him a measure of respect from the other Lokis.
  • Classic Loki was able to fake his death with an illusion that even Thanos couldn't see through, and lived in solitude until he was an old man. Considering that in Thor: The Dark World Loki claims that they live for about 5,000 years, Classic was able to avoid detection for almost 4,000 years.
    • The TVA apparently were willing to let him live alone on some unknown planet, which is mighty generous of them all things considered, especially when they were adamant that Loki is scheduled to die against Thanos. The only reason they showed up to arrest him was because Classic Loki eventually missed his Thor enough that he planned to contact him, which would break the illusion that he died.
  • Alligator Loki does not take kindly to insults, attacking Boastful Loki when speaking of his Nexus Event (eating the wrong neighbor's cat). Then when President Loki – betrayed by his own group – demands to know why there's an alligator in here, he attacks President Loki and bites his hand clean off!
  • Mobius rescuing Sylvie from Alioth and out-driving the killer cloud-dog.
  • The fact that Mobius has a car in the first place. Kid Loki tells Loki that a car usually means cannibalistic marauders or cannibalistic pirates. That means Mobius possibly was badass enough to successfully fight off dangerous cannibals and steal their car.
  • Classic Loki makes illusions of himself, L1130, Kid, and Alligator Loki that attack President and his goons before he conjures up a portal and escapes with them.
  • The USS Eldridge crew actually trying to make a stand against Alioth despite having no idea what is going on or where they are.
  • L1130 brandishing Lævateinn, Loki's ancestral sword, which bursts into flames along its length.
    L1130: Come and get me!
  • Classic Loki making an illusion of Asgard itself to draw Alioth's attention to himself, buying Loki and Sylvie enough time to successfully enchant the entity. Both Sylvie and Loki are astonished by this display of power, with Loki reasoning that they're both far stronger than they think they are if Classic can pull off something like that.
    • Classic Loki's last words as he faces his death.
      Classic Loki: (smiling from ear to ear) GLORIOUS PURPOSE!
    • While the above happens, a variation of Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" is being used as the soundtrack, adding to the awesomeness.
  • Loki is able to work together with Sylvie to enchant Alioth, despite never having done this before. It's implied that seeing Classic Loki's strength and realizing how powerful Lokis really are gave him the resolve he needed to do it. It retroactively gets even more impressive after the reveal in the finale that it is Alioth that has ended the multiversal war, so the power of this creature is immense.

    Episode 6: For All Time. Always. 
  • The episode opens with an Astronomic Zoom out from the Earth, to the Solar System, to the Universe. Then it reaches across other universes right to the end of time itself.
  • This episode finally introduces the true leader and mastermind behind the TVA: He Who Remains. Despite this ominous title, his goofy easy-going attitude helps to distract from him being The Omniscient who knows everything that's going to happen.note 
    • He Who Remains demonstrating his omniscience by repeatedly jumping away from Sylvie any time she would be able to land a killing blow. When she points out that he's just using a TemPad, he points out that he'd need to know when to program it ahead of time.
    • He Who Remains reveals the Meaningful Name: Eons ago, he was a renowned scientist on 31st Century Earth who discovered the means to contact and travel to an Alternate Timeline. There he met another version of himself, more afterwards, who exchanged knowledge and technology with each other. Unfortunately some proved to be more malevolent than others, ones who only "saw new lands to conquer". This led to the Multiversal War as hundreds of Variants of this man fought to conquer each other or defend against the conquerors.
    • Ultimately He Who Remains discovered Alioth, born from the tears in time caused by the war, and used it to erase the others and isolate his timeline, thus becoming the Sole Survivor of the original Multiverse. He created the TVA, the Time-Keepers, and the Sacred Timeline, all to ensure that no other, worse versions of himself could ever exist and start up the Multiversal War again.
    • When Sylvie and Loki ask for his name, He Who Remains states that I Have Many Names and never gives it, but does reveal other things he's been called such as "a ruler, a conqueror". It's from this one line that many long-time comic book fans will realize who he is.
    • After many weeks of speculation and anticipation by fans, (a variant of) Kang the Conqueror finally makes his debut in the MCU. Despite being wackier than his predecessor, it's immediately apparent that he has the potential to be a far more dangerous villain.
  • While He Who Remains isn't quite as impressive in his current state, one can't help but marvel at his achievements. The first ever being who successfully crossed the void into other universes, fought and won a Multiversal War against his own variants (who are implied to be as smart as he is, if not even more), and singlehandlely comes up with a solution that keeps his own timeline in a relatively peaceful state through TVA.
  • Loki's Character Development has him realize that He Who Remains is offering a Sadistic Choice, and tries to hold Sylvie off from killing him until they can find the best solution. Unfortunately, she doesn't listen.
    • After fighting for a little, Sylvie disintegrates an illusion of Loki and goes to strike He Who Remains... only for the real Loki to appear in the path of her blade, trusting that their bond would cause her to stop dead, even against a person she really wants to kill. He was right, but the sheer balls it took to put himself in that position is something to behold. When Loki is later sitting in the TVA alone, you can see a small fresh cut from Sylvie's blade on his neck, so she barely managed to stop in time.
  • This episode at long last gives fans what they've been waiting for since Spider-Man: Far From Home: the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. As Sylvie sits despondent next to the body of He Who Remains, outside the Sacred Timeline continues to branch out as dozens, if not hundreds, of Alternate Timelines are born every second.
  • You have to stand a bit in awe of Jonathan Majors, who was given a very intimidating task in this episode that would have been disastrous in the wrong hands. He has to basically take over the entire season finale as a character who’s only gotten the barest hints of foreshadowing (especially to those not familiar with the comics) and sell us on this guy being not only an appropriate ending to the story we’d seen building for five episodes, but the new Big Bad of the entire franchise, with Thanos as an extremely Tough Act to Follow, as well as make a massive Exposition Dump about his backstory and the TVA feel entertaining. But from the moment he first appears, he absolutely proves up to the task, seizing the story and having you hanging on his every word, and leaving you aching for more once it's over.


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