Wrestling: Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor is perhaps the closest thing to a third major Professional Wrestling company in North America, or at least the continental United States (after WWE and TNA).note 

Founded in February 2002, ROH began as a company to take the place of ECW for RF Video - the supplier's main stream of revenue. In 2004, thanks to dramatic Real Life happenings, RF Video and ROH went through a messy divorce, leaving the company with Cary Silkin as owner but leaving Gabe Sapolsky as booker/writer. In October 2008 Sapolsky was replaced by former ROH in-ring wrestler Adam Pearce. Pearce was later replaced by a team led by the wrestler Delirious and longtime wrestling booker Jim Cornette.

Placing more importance on in-ring action than promos or story lines, ROH is the alternative to TNA's alternative(even taking the slowdown that came with getting a television product into account). It is also a breeding ground for new talent for TNA and WWE - World Champions Samoa Joe (TNA), CM Punk (WWE), Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) (WWE), Austin Aries (TNA) and Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) (WWE) all initially found fame in ROH, and a host of other names did the same. A number of ROH wrestlers have done tours in Japan with other promotions as well as vice versa; 2005 had the famous Joe vs. Kenta Kobashi match, which led to Kobashi's home company Pro Wrestling NOAH working with ROH for over three years, some ROH wrestler tours in NOAH, and eventually even a few ROH shows in Japan. The dedicated Internet fanbase are either affectionately or mockingly named ROHbots.

ROH's former sister promotion, by way of sharing a booker, was Full Impact Pro, based in Florida. The FIP title has been brought to and defended on ROH events. As Gabe Sapolsky, the booker for each promotion, left both companies in October 2008, the relationship wound down, and FIP is now running pretty much on its own.

In 2011, ROH was acquired ... but not by another promotion. They were instead, acquired by the Sinclair Broadcast Group of Hunt Valley, MD, who bought it mainly to give themselves weekend programming on its huge chain of The CW and MyNetworkTV stations, though other Sinclair stations with a big four network also carry it, particularly if they don't own a CW or MyTV station there. Sinclair has begun to syndicate the program in markets where they don't own a station. On May 27th, 2015, Sinclair partnered with Destination America to air their syndicated program on the network.

The all-women promotion SHIMMER is featured off and on (mostly off since the Sinclair purchase) and though the shows quickly became incongruous, ROH continued to recognize SHIMMER's Champions as ROH's play-by-play announcer Dave Prazak is SHIMMER's founder. Ring Of Honor is a former affiliate of the World Wrestling Network and later become one of the Global Professional Wrestling Alliance.

As an addendum, Ring of Honor was prominently featured in The Wrestler as the promotion for Randy "The Ram" Robinson's 20th Anniversary rematch with The Ayatollah, and the match itself was filmed at a Ring of Honor show.

Ring of Honor recognizes three titles that are defended at its shows;
  • ROH World Heavyweight Title: Jay Lethal since June 19th, 2015
  • ROH World Tag Team Titles: The Kingdom (Michael Bennett and Matt Taven) since September 18, 2015
  • ROH World Television Title: Roderick Strong since October 23rd, 2015

Will life ever be the same again? It's the final trope list!

  • A Lighter Shade of Grey: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team started out as the lighter shade when the All Night Express were coming off of their feud with Delirious and Jerry Lynn. The Express were the lighter shade when Haas and Benjamin were coming out of their feud with the Briscoes. Both teams were made up of jerk jock but Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team started out as a lot more appreciative and respectful of ROH. Then they weren't over the deep end while the Express learned to be a little nicer.
  • Aborted Arc: The Pick Six contenders' series. Kevin Steen and Steve Corino's attempts to lure Tyler Black to their side. The latter got dropped when Black left the company.
  • Acquired Situational Narcissism: American Dragon after winning the World title. Matt Sydal after winning the Tag Team Titles with Christopher Daniels. Sydal was already sort of a narcissist but before it was an act he put on. But after his time in Dragon Gate and the title wins he started to believe his own hype.
  • All American Face
    • American Dragon when he still had his mask from New Japan. Best known here for being without the mask, and eventually, without the "face" part either.
    • Sara Del Rey, early on. At ROH The Fifth Year Festival: Finale The Dangerous Angels sparked chants of "USA" while competing in the UK against UK natives even, even though one half in Allison Danger is Canadian (they chanted for her too though)
  • Anti-Villain
    • CM Punk was a firm believer in (if not practitioner of) the honor code and of course had the noble clean life style stance. Samoa Joe was only interested in money, but not to the extent he'd violate the honor code.
    • The Age Of The Fall began after Lacey's surgery caused Jimmy Jacobs to turn against the American healthcare system.
    • Jay Lethal may have been an ass, but he was fighting for his mother's honor.
    • Decade at some level really do care for the company's well being.
  • Ascended Meme: Between Glory By Honor VIII and Supercard of Honor V, Austin Aries's matches included a "TWINKIES!" chant. At SCOH V, what would Aries give Delirious a peace offering? Well, Twin.. err, Golden Snack Cakes! The fans even responded with a "Golden Snack Cakes" chant, prompting a fitting quote from Aries:
    Aries: "Oh, to be the puppeteer! Oh, to be the puppets!"
  • Ax-Crazy: Kevin Steen. Or until El Generico sent him packing.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: The Age of The Fall at Final Battle 2007, Roderick Strong at Final Battle 2010. SCUM Lost as a group by Steen beat Generico at Final Battle 2012, which also saw Mike Bennett beat Jerry Lynn in his last ROH match. Adam Cole at Final Battle 2013.
  • Badass Creed: Those associated with Generation Next had "For a few seconds, this place was Armageddon...AND THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT!!!!"
  • Battle Couple: Possibly Buff E and Mace Mendoza. Confirmed with Steve Corino and Simply Luscious, Raven and Trinity, CM Punk and Lucy, Mike Bennet and Maria Kanellis, Michael Elgin and MsChif
  • Berserk Button
    • Disqualifications, unclean finishes, under two minute squash matches? The ROH crowds hate that stuff.
    • TNA, for the live crowds. TNA and ROH shared some of their wrestlers back when both were starting out, but when TNA stopped the fans took it badly. Even years later, merely alluding to TNA's existence at an ROH show is guaranteed to start loud "Fuck TNA!" chants. Not helped by TNA rekindling hostilities through similar stunts later in time, though some of the wrestlers did come back, one way or another.
  • Big Damn Hero: CM Punk's return from OVW at Unscripted II, Austin Aries's return from TNA at Driven 2007, Chris Hero's return from NXT at Final Battle 2013.
  • Boring Invincible Hero: A complaint frequently directed toward the Briscoe Brothers, especially by detractors of the promotion in general. This only applies to them as a team though.
  • Breakout Character: Jimmy Jacobs had spent a few years as a comedy Jobber and underwhelming tag wrestler on the indies, and was on the verge of being cut from the roster going into 2006. Then he became a Wangsty Emo Teen Stalker with a Crush who sang hilarious Narmy songs and worshiped his Defrosting Ice Queen manager, Lacey. He quickly Took a Level in Badass and became a major player involved in some of the promotion's most intense feuds.
  • Breakup Breakout
    • Always common in wrestling, but special mention goes to Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer. After a run as tag champions, the two engaged in a hot year-long feud with each other - and while Jacobs reinvented himself with a fresh and innovative Emo Teen gimmick, Whitmer relied on bloodbath wrestling to keep his popularity up during their feud. While Whitmer seemed poised for greater things, especially during the feud with CZW, he completely lost his momentum and direction after taking a definitive loss to Jacobs - who went on to be successful as the leader of Age of the Fall.
    • Also seen with Age of the Fall in Jacobs' feud with Tyler Black- it propelled Black into the main event picture, while Jimmy's momentum was stunted.
  • Butt Monkey
    • Davey Richards was the Butt Monkey of the No Remorse Corps stable. Roderick Strong and Rocky Romero would frequently task him with watching their bags while they went bar-hopping, resulting in a particularly funny promo where Davey, at their urging, tried to ask out a girl with this oh-so-tempting offer:
      Davey Richards: "Wanna watch bags with me?"
    • Even worse: Bobby Dempsey for Sweet 'n' Sour, Inc. Entire segments would be devoted to Larry Sweeney, Chris Hero, and Tank Toland abusing him in every way possible.
    • Senior referee Todd Sinclair will always be at the top of the Butt Monkey food chain.
  • CamelCase: Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly's team is called reDRagon.
  • Cameo
    • Gypsy Joe, an innovator of the "death matches" in Puerto Rico, accompanied Necro Butcher and Eddie Kingston to their unsanctioned match with the Embassy at the 8th anniversary show.
    • Terry Funk was a ringside enforcer at Glory By Honor IX
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Suffering CHAOS Ugliness Mayhem, SCUM sought to tear down the company, well because they were evil.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Paul London, Spanky, Delirious, Ace Steel, Lucy and the Bravado Brothers. Also, Mad Man Manson on loan.
  • Coconut Superpowers: More like Coconut Wealth. Prince Nana would constantly talk up the luxuries he was providing for his wrestlers and claiming that they had just flown in by helicopter; none of this was actually shown.
  • Code Of Honor
    • The defining trait of the promotion is the code. There have been two versions of it. The first:
    1: You must shake hands before and after every match
    2: No outside interference
    3: No sneak attacks
    4: No harming the officials
    5: Any action resulting in a disqualification violates the Code of Honor.
    • Refusal to follow any part of the code could result in disciplinary action against the offending wrestler, 4 and 5 were particularly important, as violating them could lead to being dismissed from the promotion. Gabe Sapolsky eventually did away with the code however, when he felt there were too many wrestlers violating it to punish them all. After he was fired the code was reinstated but simplified and with no punishment for breaking it:
    1: Shake hands before and after the match if you respect your opponent
    2: Keep the playing-field level
    3: Respect the officials.
  • The Comically Serious: A role frequently taken by anyone feuding with Colt Cabana, such as Homicide and Nigel McGuinness.
  • Commuting on a Bus: Ricky Reyes is a former Tag Team Champion along with Rocky Romero, but he has made sporadic appearances in the promotion since 2007.
  • Cool Old Guy: Bruno Sammartino, Ambassador Ric Flair, PAPA BRISCOE~!
  • The Corrupter: Special K would expand its membership by drugging other wrestlers and gradually turning them into addicts. Jimmy Jacobs would get Delirious into Age Of The Fall as well as Ta'Darius and Adam Page in Decade through emotional manipulation.
  • Creator Cameo: ROH's founders appeared as commentator Jimmy Bowers and manager Fun Athletic Guy.
  • Crossover
    • With Shimmer often and CZW famously. Ring Of Honor also made some pretty big stars by having them defend the title belts in other promotions. Formerly did these with FIP and TNA. The commentators will tell you where in the world their absent talent is currently performing too.
    • Other promotions extends to those across boarders and over seas. Ring Of Honor used to crossover with Dragon Gate to the point Dragon Gate wrestlers Naruki Doi and Shingo held the World Tag Team titles. They also crossover over with NOAH and it resulted in Takeshi Morishima, holding the World titles at the same time as the Dragon Gate Wrestlers, making them the first North American promotion to have all its titles held by Japanese men. They continued to see Noah but less so with Dragon Gate. Global Wars and War of The Worlds featured collaboration with New Japan Pro Wrestling.
    • Jim Cornette got them to do some crossovers with OVW in 2010, to help that company get back on its feet after WWE severed ties with them and revived FCW. OVW has since had crossovers with Ring Of Honor's regular affiliates too, excepting 2011-2013 when TNA had decided to use OVW for developmental.
    • Super Card of Honor 2014 crossed over with Preston City Wrestling and saw the return of Lance Storm.
  • Darker and Edgier: This happens to many wrestlers who stay in Ring Of Honor an extended amount of time. Delirious was an unhinged madman who lost himself trying to emulate the unfinished character on his mask, but he was always somewhat methodical, pragmatic, had a lot of humorous quirks and notably was not Ax-Crazy, until he got in feud with Hang Men Three at ROH. Jimmy Jacobs was a wannabe Kevin Sullivan Barbarian Berserker but had plenty of adorable traits too, until they ended up being exercised after an extended stay in ROH. Chris Hero went from a silly superhero fan to a "Knockout Artist". El Generico was a parody of Lucha Libre but nearly became a garbage wrestler during his feud with Kevin Steen. With the exception of a few such as Jacobs though, most of these end up shaking it off if given enough time.
  • Deadpan Snarker: CM Punk and Bryan Danielson had many moments, but Austin Aries has always been the chief snarker. That title now goes to Steve Corino.
  • Democracy Is Flawed: ROH Generation Next was supposed to be an event where the fans voted on who was the top upcoming star in the company but Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong declared themselves the best things in the company and trashed the ballots.
  • Demoted to Extra: Mia Yim was the only woman of honor to keep her roster spot during the HD Net to Sinclair Broadcast Group transition. MsChif would eventually return by the end of year but it'd take until over half of next year before they got back in focus.
  • Determinator: Fighting Spirit is all over the place, but Nigel McGuinness's face gimmick was nothing but this. (This would end up being part of the reason for his gimmick sliding into becoming less popular and eventually turning heel).
  • Deep South: The Briscoe Brothers embody just about every nasty Southern stereotype in the book: they're drunkards, loud, reckless, ugly (Mark even lost two teeth, which fit in phenomenally well with their image), implied to be a little stupid, clad in Confederate flags, and they constantly brag about their exploits in bar brawls. Ironically, they're from Delaware and announced as such. They don't call it Slower Lower Delaware for nothing. Alexis Laree from Virginia had a noticeable Southern drawl and had come to Ring Of Honor to get away from the ridiculousness of other Northern promotions. Then there was AJ Styles from Georgia, who showed up on the third show and became Ring Of Honor's first pure wrestling champion.
  • Didn't Think This Through: As of the first tournament to crown a Pure Wrestling Champion no less. No more punching in the head? Then we'll forearm, elbow and kick each other in the head and punch each other everywhere but the head. Only three rope breaks? Great, that means three forced breaks before my "illegal" hold is now legal. Speaking of "illegal" holds, who does that count as a break for anyway? Eventually the pure belt was just absorbed by the World title. (Of course the real reason for the pure title was not to showcase pure wrestling but to showcase matches unlike anything anyone else was doing at the time, which in that case it was a success. It was retired due to running its course)
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Homicide tried to murder Colt Cabana in the ring three or four times over a few insensitive and borderline racist comments. You'd think the original parking lot beating would have been enough.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him
    • BJ Whitmer was written out of ROH after objecting to Sweet 'n' Sour Inc.'s takeover of the Hangm3n. The angle aired in clip form during a short highlight package on ROH PPV.
    • This also happened to The Resilience as a group. They lost most of their matches against the No Remorse Corps, most notably one where the loser of the fall was banned from ROH for 60 days. Not only did Matt Cross drop the fall, but Davey Richards injured Erick Stevens's arm in the post-match. At Glory By Honor VI: Night 2, Austin Aries quietly disbanded the group to put the final nail in..
  • Drugs Are Bad\Straight Edge Evil: Both had representation, Special K for the former, CM Punk for the latter(sometimes).
  • Dull Surprise: An attack thrown at Eddie Edwards by the House Of Truth and at Mike Sydal by fans. Austin Aries accused Jerry Lynn when proclaiming RoHbots deserved a charismatic champion.
  • Easily Forgiven: Christopher Daniels, Chris Hero but especially Kevin Steen, who was cheered when he was the head of S.C.U.M. and actively sought to bring an end to the company. Roderick Strong called the fans out on it, even.
  • Even Evil Has Standards
    • Cornette gets a beat down from the rest of the Prophecy because he decided to shake the hands of AJ Styles and Homicide, who came together to defeat The Prophecy, after they had injured AJ's regular partner Amazing Red. Also Dan Maff, who wasn't a big fan of the Prophecy's lying ways. The whole stable was against the code of honor but couldn't help but show respect for The Great Muta.
    • Not even Tyler Black or Joey Matthews could contend with Jimmy Jacobs's harassment of Lacey.
    • After having blood feuds with Austin Aries and Delirious within that year, Roderick Strong stood right beside them (along with Kevin Steen) at the Sixth Anniversary Show when Nigel McGuinness attempted to get out of his title defense against Bryan Danielson by getting himself disqualified. This was the same Roderick Strong who won the FIP World Heavyweight title a week prior via countout, which was the same exact way Nigel would retain the Pure division title belt.
  • Every Year They Fizzle Out: Homicide until he went on a path of vengeance that culminated in defeating World Champion Bryan Danielson. Tyler Black till he defeated Austin Aries for the same belt. A point was made that Roderick Strong was 0-15 in World Title matches at one point, though he'd be the one to stop Black from taking the title to WWE. Before Jay Briscoe challenged Kevin Steen, a montage of all his failed attempts at winning a singles title were shown.
  • Evil Feels Good: The reason for the 2012 Face-Heel Turn of Jimmy Jacobs.
  • Evil Mentor: Ta'Darius realized it and worked to distance himself from Truth Martini when transitioning form mixed martial arts and boxing to pro wrestling. Unfortunately he ended up with Jimmy Jacobs, which is just as bad...though he had the sense to drop Jacobs after awhile too.
  • Eye Patch Of Power: Bryan Danielson after Takeshi Morishima detached his retina. Jimmy Jacobs after Delirious beat him in a street fight.
  • Filler: At the time of its inception, Ring Of Honor was praised for trimming parts of the promos, brawls, entrances and such on their videos, shortening everything but the matches. When it started doing Internet Pay Per View, Ring Of Honor was criticized for going too long with intermissions.
  • Final Battle
    • Well, duh. It's only the name of one of their biggest shows, and, since December 2009, their last PPV, of the year, after all.
    • Glory By Honor VIII: The Final Countdown was supposed to put a cap on the Kevin Steen\El Generico feud against The American Wolves in the second ever ladder war but the really hyped up match was the last encounter between Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness before they both left ROH.
  • Fix Fic: Delirious and Machismo King Jay Lethal redid the Ultimate Warrior/Randy Savage retirement match the way it should have gone at "A Night Of Hoopla". It was almost a spot of spot reproduction, excepting Delirious's not gorilla pressing as high as Warrior and one small change however.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel: Subverted, as the foreign talent are usually the most popular wrestlers on a show, the ROHbots even took a liking to Rocky Romero and Alex Koslov. Played straight with "Very European" Claudio Castagnoli and Ares (who challenged for the World Title in Germany but is Swiss). Played straighter with Prince Nana.
  • Fun with Acronyms: When Roderick Strong turned fully heel in 2010, it was largely because he had chosen to make Truth Martini his manager despite several faces telling him that Truth was just using him and manipulating him. Truth Martini, by the way, describes himself as a "Life Intervention Expert".
  • Gambit Pileup: This is the Jimmy Jacobs-Austin Aries feud in a nutshell.
  • Genre Savvy
    • BJ Whitmer earned himself the title of "smartest man in wrestling" by actually referring to an on-screen insult that Lacey made in his absence, defying the usual required Genre Blindness whereby wrestlers have no knowledge of segments in which they were not on screen.
    • Samoa Joe frequently got a big reaction by casually walking out of the way of a missile dropkick, and Colt Cabana similarly pulls off various tricks simply by taking advantage of his Genre Savviness. With their depature, Michael Elgin picked up the slack.
  • Gorgeous George: Inverted by JAPW alumni the Christopher Street Connection. They claim to be openly gay yet openly harass the opposite sex if given the opportunity. Played straight with Paredyse from OVW.
  • Heroic BSOD
    • Delirious got one after Daizee Haze turned him down with the Rhett Titus sex allegation still up in the air. Jimmy Jacobs almost immediately recruited him into the Age of the Fall. Delirious joined.
    • Homicide BSODed frequently due to his frustration over being unable to win a title in ROH.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard
    • Jimmy Jacobs's last ROH appearance saw him getting hanged in the rafters by his legs; he debuted the Age of the Fall by doing the exact same thing to Jay Briscoe. Bonus points for both incidents being held in Chicago.
    • Kevin Steen began his feud with El Generico with a chair shot to the head. A year later, El Generico would send Kevin Steen packing from ROH with a chair shot to the head.
  • I Have the High Ground: The Scramble Cage has extra platforms for the wrestlers to stand on, providing more elevation than a turnbuckle.
  • Jerkass: Probably the best way to describe CM Punk's color commentary. He took the opportunity to be an insufferable, arrogant asshole who made fun of absolutely everybody and used frequent Hypocritical Humor. With Punk's departure, Austin Aries became probably the biggest Jerkass in ROH, when Prince Nana wasn't around anyway.
  • Karmic Trickster: Colt Cabana. He will wrestle rings around opponents with a combination of trickery, Obfuscating Stupidity, and technical skill. Not that he can't pull out the hardcore skills when he needs them...
  • Large Ham
    • Required in any wrestling organization, but Bryan Danielson probably deserves the most credit for his absolutely convincing Narm Charm "Best in the World" persona.
    • While Prince Nana's true authority is suspect, he does have a very authoritative presence voice.
    • The entirety of the original Sweet 'n' Sour, Inc. ensemble, with leading ham Larry Sweeney backed up by the showboating Chris Hero and "All-Natural Superior Athlete" Tank Toland, with Butt Monkey Bobby Dempsey sticking around as a target for their combined ham.
  • Legacy Character: ROH has had the pleasure of booking two Mr Wrestlings and a Black Tiger on their shows.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Former ROH champions Samoa Joe and Takeshi Morishima. Also the towering Swiss luchadore Claudio Castagnoli and the beer-gutted high flier Kevin Steen. Preston City Wrestling got to show their own at 2014's Super Card Of Honor with Uhaa Nation.
  • Manly Tears: They were shed at the end of ROH Punk: The Final Chapter, which was held in home town of the main eventing Second City Saints for added measure.
  • Mooks: Jimmy Jacobs tried to continue The Age of The Fall with numerous, anonymous masked men. Martini had his "Guardians of Truth". Dalton Castle has two personal mooks in peacock masks.
  • Morality Pet: El Generico for Kevin Steen, until he wasn't anymore; Jimmy Jacobs played this for Lacey, with the two eventually reversing roles.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Jack Evans, the Sydal brothers, Tyler Black, Adam Cole, Cedric Alexander
  • Mundane Made Awesome
    • American Dragon won the best of five series against Homicide, at ROH The Final Showdown inside a steel cage with an airplane spin. A 100 rotation airplane spin.
    • Naomichi Marufuji was known for a "perfect small package" but Daniel's was supposedly unbreakable.
    • Dalton Castle's entrance got chants of "This Is Awesome"
  • Ninja: The ninja, the ninja, Red Ninja and Ninja Cheetah of Pro Wrestling RESPECT (AKA, ROH's Academy shows before it became more heavily associated with CHIKARA). The Briscoes would use the Ninja's masks to attack the Kings Of Wrestling for Assaulting their father.
  • Off Screen Inertia: Fans made the assumption Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer had been fighting for an entire day when ROH The Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool ended with them brawling in the locker room and ROH The Fifth Year Festival: Finale opened with them brawling in the locker room, Whitmer knocking the camera away. They continued to show up, brawling with one another in between two matches and two promos and eventually fought their way through the crowd to start a falls count anywhere match.
  • One Steve Limit: Rhino's red baron is "War machine", which is also the name of Raymond Rowe and Hanson's tag team.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Colt Cabana, especially when teaming with the angry, condescending CM Punk
  • Power Stable: Usually at least two kicking around. The Second City Saints, Special K, The Prophecy, Lacey's Angels, The Rottweilers, The Embassy, The Carnage Crew,The Vulture Squad, Age Of The Fall, SCUM and Decade for a sample. Many of them bled into other federations such as Pro Wrestling Unplugged, FIP, AAW, JAPW or Pro Wrestling Guerilla. Generation Next even showed up in TNA, ever so briefly.
  • Power Trio
    • In the vein of the Mexican UWA, ROH held a tournament for trios in 2005.
    • Some individual examples: Hangmen 3, The Spanish Announce Team, The Pantheon Of Gods
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: Jack Evans, Chris Hero sometimes likes to think he is too
  • Produce Pelting: The Age Of The Fall and Nigel McGuinness victories were infuriating enough to get them pelted with whatever the audience had on hand. If the ROHbots are happy, or are being particularly mocking, they will probably throw streamers instead.
  • Put on a Bus: ROH sent Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne for more seasoning in the Pro Wrestling NOAH dojo.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Especially when main eventers up and leave for WWE. CM Punk's departure was probably the most dramatic, as he won the title in the match that was scheduled to be his last - unknown to the fans, Punk was actually still available for a half-dozen or so more appearances, and his performance as a Dirty Coward Smug Snake champion threatening to steal the belt and break the title's line of succession for his own ego has reached legendary status. An altered version of the storyline ran in WWE to critical acclaim, well, until they altered it too much.
  • Real Women Don't Wear Dresses: Lacey had this attitude toward Tammy Lynn Sytch, Sara Del Rey toward Maria Kanellis. Kanellis was kind of asking for trouble though by calling herself "The first lady of ROH." Sytch by contrast was trying to be supportive to Lacey.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech
    • Christopher Daniels's promo at "Good Times, Great Memories." He saved his sharpest jabs for the ROH fans.
    • Austin Aries on Jimmy Jacobs and Age Of The Fall after he took Lacey out of the group.
  • Ring Oldies: Father Time, the oldest rookie in pro wrestling.
  • Roaring Rampageof Revenge
    • El Generico against Kevin Steen and Steve Corino. Culminated with Generico knocking Steen out of Ring of Honor.
    • Homicide's "Road of Homicide" in 2006 against Adam Pearce (for serving Jim Cornette), the Briscoe Brothers (rivals since 2004), and Steve Corino (stemming from Homicide slapping Corino so hard, he caused Corino to go deaf in that ear) came before challenging Bryan Danielson at Final Battle '06.
  • Romantic False Lead: Colt Cabana to the Jimmy Jacobs — Lacey romance. Cabana was actually the face despite being a textbook Jerk Jock who was very condescending toward Jacobs...at least at first. Cabana eventually took a liking to Jacobs and encouraged him to ditch the manipulative Lacey, but Jacobs sided with Lacey anyway to cement himself as a true heel (whereas before that he was more like a face working for a heel).
  • Rule of Three: ROH celebrated it's third anniversary by having three back to back shows.
  • Separated by a Common Language: Chris Hero and Larry Sweeney created a series of "Pure Wrestling Commandments" in regards to Nigel McGuinness a Death Before Dishonor V, #2 being that he was no longer allowed to speak British, lest he forfeit all his rope breaks.
  • Serious Business: Aside from the near-mandatory use of the trope in pro wrestling, ROH is known for bragging about being far more Serious than WWE and TNA.
  • Shout-Out
    • This is a direct reference to the "mother of all TNA rants," according to F4Wonline/Wrestling Observer co-owner Bryan Alvarez.
    • In 2003, WWE introduce a gimmick match called Tag Team Turmoil (a tag team gauntlet match). In 2011, ROH put on an event called Tag Team Turmoil (which predominately featured tag teams). It's possible ROH got the idea from the Bodyslam Wrestling Organization, which ran their own Tag Team Turmoil event in 2009 but then they might have been doing a shout out.
    • reDRagon might be one to Rie Tamada and GAMI's ARSION team ReDragon, or alternatively...
    • ...During an Andrew Everett&Cedric Alexander vs reDRagon match, a fan could be seen holding up a sign that read "I am not a man. I began as one, but now I am becoming more than a man, as you will witness."
  • Smug Snake: CM Punk and Nigel McGuinness as World Champion. Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli filled this role as tag champions, but Hero quickly became far too lovable in his Large Ham role after breaking up with Claudio to fulfill his Smug duties.
  • Spot Monkey
    • An accusation frequently thrown at the promotion by detractors, sometimes justifiably in the cases of Jack Evans and Matt Cross. Incidentally, ROH was home to the Special K stable, which served as a Lampshade Hanging on the concept - their gimmick was that they were a bunch of barely-trained and coked out kids who could do nothing but fancy flips.
    • There was also an incident involving Teddy Hart showing off everything wrong with the style - see the Spot Monkey page for details.
  • Spiritual Successor: "Survival Of The Fittest" is one to Maryland Championship Wrestling's Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup. Originally the plan was for ROH to continue the event but then the RF Video scandal caused MCW to reconsider.
  • Squash Match: Rasche Brown had a lot of these in 2010 but Takeshi Morishima became infamous for what were dubbed "extended squashes", particularly a match where he beat up BJ Whitmer for nearly fifteen minutes. Also when ROH got a show on HD Net, a few Ohio Valley Wrestlers ended up on the wrong end of mercifully short squashes.
  • Start My Own: In 2001, All Pro Wrestling held the second "King Of Indies" event. The guys at RF video happened to be among those who saw it and after doing so, decided not only did they want their own, they wanted an entire promotion just like it. It's no coincidence most of the KOI field became part of ROH's roster, including the three founding fathers Low Ki, winner American Dragon and Christopher Daniels.
  • Strictly Formula: Due to the promotion having a lot of well balanced (to the point of being generic at times) wrestlers, a lot of their matches have a very similar structure, around five minutes at the beginning of the wrestlers locking up and exchanging amateur throws and pins, then one wrestler starts using high impact maneuvers, both wrestlers will work a body part as they trade momentum this all concludes with a series of near-falls with a climactic finish. Which is a nice structure...if they don't use it. All. The. Time. Roderick Strong is especially guilty of this.
  • Stunned Silence: ROH All Star Extravaganza VI, Jay Briscoe defeats Michael Elgin in his hometown to become the second man to win the World title belt twice and cuts Elgin's reign before it even reaches three months. Most fans do not know whether to cheer or boo, leaving the Mattamy Athletic Centre almost silent.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Tank Toland, notable for being a dwarf of a wrestler with an outrageously muscular physique that everybody knew was steroid-enhanced, turned the "Ste-roids!" chants into an Insult Backfire by proclaiming himself an "All-Natural Superior Athlete!"
  • Tag Line: Creating Excellence
  • Tag Team
    • Among them are Da Hit Squad, Natural Born Sinners, The Backseat Boyz, The Murder City Machine Guns, The Briscoe Brothers, The Strong Style Thugs, The Havana Pitbulls, You Can Call Me Al, The American Wolves, The Dark City Fight Club, Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team, The All Night Express, Alabama Attitude, reDRagon, Forever Hooligans, The Young Bucks (AKA, Generation Me), Adrenalin Rush, The C&C Wrestle Factory, The Addiction, Outlaw Inc.
    • Downplayed in scramble matches, which follow the Mexican rules of anyone being allowed to enter the ring so long as their partner is not inside of it, making tags less important. That is unless more than two teams are involved, then anyone allowing to tag in and out to anyone else makes tags more important. Tags are also unnecessary under 'Dragon Gate Rules'.
  • Take That
    • Subtly, but if you know Ring Of Honor's history you know exactly what taglines such as "The Real Wrestling Alternative" or "We Don't Imitate, We Innovate" are referring to.
    • At ROH Gold Rush in 2010, Jim Cornette came out after the dark matches to announce that the fans had a role to play, and that it was very simple. When the camera turns on, chant "ROH, ROH", which is what the RoHbots do anyway. This was a take that to TNA telling its fans they had a role to play after they booed Hulk Hogan and chanted "We want six!".
    • In a shot at WWE for releasing Bryan Danielson, the trailers for Death before Dishonor VIII intimated that PPV is not rated PG and showed a footage of guy getting strangled by a tie.
    • The crowds have been known to chant "Fuck The Divas" during SHIMMER matches (incidentally, these chants never breakout on SHIMMER's own shows, traditionally having a more family friendly atmosphere than ROH) though there is usually a catalyst for it, the most appropriate perhaps being when "The Anti Diva" Serena Deeb returned, following her WWE release, to back up Sara Del Rey against Daizee Haze and Amazing Kong at Final Battle 2010.
  • Talk Show with Fists: Colt Cabana's "Good Friends, Great Memories"; "Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney's "The Sweet Shop"
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome: The Decade started as three guys who had been with the company for a decade who were upset the ROH fans were celebrating the careers of people who left the company. Petty resentment to be sure, especially considering the alternative but one can understand why they would feel that way, especially since Roderick Strong gave up a contract with a larger company to continue working for ROH. Then they started attacking promising and or popular rookies on the grounds they were only using Ring Of Honor to spring board into larger companies, putting them beyond mere resentment.
  • The Remnant: After the end of both Special K and Lacey's Angels, Cheech and Cloudy would continue on as "Up In Smoke". A subversion comes in that they turned face though.
  • The Unintelligible: Delirious
  • Third Movie Goes To Asia: The third Ring Of Honor Champion took the title to Europe and declared it the Ring Of Honor World title, defending it in promotions based in the United Kingdom and Germany. Generation Next did the same with the tag team titles and actually did so in Asia. Roderick Strong also declared the FIP Heavyweight Championship a World Title after successfully defending against Pac while ROH was in the UK.
  • Trash the Set: A sign the CZW "invasion", which started as little more than Chris Hero and Necro Butcher running their mouths, had actually gotten serious was when the CZW wrestlers actually destroyed the ROH ring.
  • Three Month Rule: Shockingly, ROH does not use this rule, at least regarding feuds. Continuity is surprisingly strong for professional wrestling, and Evil Is One Big Happy Family nearly never comes into play.
  • Title Drop: On ROH's traditional pay-per-views, there was never a show where Prazak and Leonard did this not. Joe Dombrowski reprised this during "Salvation."
  • Took a Level in Badass
    • After being the Butt Monkey of the No Remorse Corps and experiencing Badass Decay as a result, Davey Richards is not to be fucked with in 2010.
    • Can also apply to his tag partner, Eddie Edwards. Existing mainly as a jobber in 2007 and 2008, Eddie joined up with Davey as the American Wolves in early 2009. He quickly went from bland nobody to total badass, culminating in a legendary weekend where he broke his elbow on Friday, then wrestled a ladder match the next night. The ROH fanbase were completely won over by that, and Edwards has had an amazing 2010, becoming the first Television Champion.
      • This culminated with Edwards winning his first ROH World title on March 19, 2011, also becoming the first ever recognized Triple Crown Champion in Ring of Honor.
      • On June 26, 2011, both men met in the main event of Best in the World 2011 for the World Title. It was an epic, 36 minute Match of the Year candidate that showed just how effective that level they took was.
  • Toothy Issue: Jim Cornette and Jimmy Jacobs damaged teeth working here. Julius Smokes just has toothy issues. Mark Bricoe has missing teeth and the Bricoes would mock reDRagon, stating "Terry Funk aint wear no mouth guard!"
  • Tournament Arc: Many, thought the Field Of Honor and Round Robin Challenge are specifically based on All Japan Pro Wrestling's Round Robins, as you can tell from the name of the latter.
  • Villain Episode: Downplayed example with "A Night Of Hoopla", where the House Of Truth did successfully make themselves the center of attention but were much nicer, and sillier about it than usual.
  • Villainous Legacy: Lacey's Angels were largely made up of Special K's gone sober (Izzy, Deranged, Cloudy, Cheech) starting with The Lovely Lacey herself. After Lacey did away with her former associates, she brought in The Forgotten (Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer). When Lacey's Angels feel further apart it lead into The Age Of The Fall. As Jimmy Jacobs went on to found S.C.U.M. and Decade, while S.C.U.M. center piece Matt Hardy helped The Kingdom during their feud with Elgin and the Briscoes, one can trace a successive line of power stables terrorizing Ring Of Honor for the majority of its existence, even though most of the original Special K members either turned face or had nothing to do with the latter groups. It's actually kind of strange that a bunch of drugged out, rich kid Spot Monkeys would have a longer lasting impact on ROH than any other stable during that time, including the Prophecy.
  • Weak, but Skilled: How many of the wrestlers are billed due to the fact that the roster is much smaller, on average, than WWE's. Bryan Danielson and Jimmy Jacobs were probably the epitome of the trope, both being average (Danielson) or tiny (Jacobs) but eschewing the high-flying tactics of most wrestlers their size. Jushin Thunder Liger, draws attention to this trope when the larger wrestlers mock the petite Cheeseburger, insisting he will train him to be skilled enough to make up for the difference.
  • Wham Episode
    • 5/22/2004 - Generation Next: Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Jack Evans, and Roderick Strong all made their debuts by destroying Special K, The Christopher Street Connection, The Ring Crew Express, John Walters, and Jimmy Rave. They also had enough in them to beat Special K in a trios match, and then the team of the Briscoes, Walters, and Rave in an eight-man tag later on.
    • 2/17/2007 - Fifth Year Festival: Philadelphia - Takeshi Morishima unseats Homicide to become the new ROH World Champion less than two months after Homicide's title win at Final Battle 2006.
    • The Unscripted shows fall into this - Unscripted: The Prophecy wins all of the belts on ROH with Xavier defeating Low Ki for the World Title, and Christopher Daniels and Donovan Morgan defeating Michael Modest and Bryan Danielson to become the first ever Tag Champions. Unscripted II has the one night return of CM Punk. Unscripted 3: Jimmy Jacobs scores a clean win over Bryan Danielson.
  • Wrestling Doesn't Pay: D-line are wrestling football players (which, to be fair, is pretty common. Bison and Moose were simply former football players), Veda Scott is a wrestling lawyer
  • Wrestling Psychology: Critics have always said Ring Of Honor showcased kids fresh out of wrestling academies who haven't learned their psychology because that can only be learned first hand in the ring. Of course, one of the main reasons for the promotion's existence was to showcase the best wrestlers in the world, always having a good sampling of veteran talent. Mainstays of the ROH roster included plenty who had been wrestling for a decade or longer, e.g. Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Colt Cabana, Christopher Daniels, Roderick Strong, Homicide, El Generico, Kenny King, Rhett Titus, Steve Corino, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, and the Briscoes. Still Dave Meltzer has long maintained that all ROH main events are "one or two kick outs too many" from a great match. In that there tends to be a ludicrous series of near falls before the final pin.
  • You Are Fat: Delirious to Todd Sinclair, Nigel McGuinness&Davey Richards to Kevin Steen, the fans to Matt Hardy.

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