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Evil Vegetarian
An evil character who does not eat meat.

For some Evil Vegetarians, vegetarianism might be explicitly connected to their villainy. These characters will usually be members of an Animal Wrongs Group.

For other Evil Vegetarians, vegetarianism might be mentioned but is not explicitly connected to their villainy. This might be done by the writer to highlight a contrast between the character's evil deeds and his refusal to harm animals.

The Trope Codifier is probably Adolf Hitler, though there is some controversy over whether or not he was actually a vegetarian note . It is common for a character to say something along the lines of "I can't believe X is evil! He doesn't even eat meat!" only for another character to answer "Neither did Hitler."

As eating meat is considered manly in many cultures, the Evil Vegetarian might be related to the Sissy Villain trope. Eating meat can also be seen as barbaric, so this might also overlap with Wicked Cultured. See also Straight Edge Evil, Hitler Ate Sugar.


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    Anime And Manga 
  • It's never brought up in the series proper, but Yu-Gi-Oh! has some bonus material floating around that lists Marik's favorite food as a vegetarian dish and his least favorite food as "anything with meat". This is understandable for an Egyptian.

     Comic Books 
  • Ozymandias from Watchmen, is a vegetarian and a mass murderer, though he's more of a Well-Intentioned Extremist than evil. The trope is discussed when Nite Owl expresses surprise that Ozymandias is capable of mass murder because he is a vegetarian. Rorschach replies that Hitler was a vegetarian.
  • The parents of Karolina Dean from Runaways. When Karolina realizes her parents are supervillains, she and Gert have an exchange about Hitler similar to the one in the Watchmen film.
    • Also from the same series is Maneater, who was Exactly What It Says on the Tin and one of the most brutal crime bosses in early 20th century New York... until Nico Minoru magically turned him into a vegan. There's no indication that the spell made him a better person, so presumably, he just became an evil vegan crime boss.
  • Todd Ingram, the 3rd ex-boyfriend from the Scott Pilgrim series is a vegan - thus, he garnered "vegan psychic powers"... But he loses his vegan powers when he breaks his vegan diet with gelato.


  • Darken Rahl from the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. He refused to eat meat but he when he saw a man mistreat a horse, he cut open the horse and drowned the man in its entrails, sobbing over how someone could be so cruel to animals. He also has no problem killing and cannibalizing humans for magic (though he does find it gross).
  • A strange example from the Artemis Fowl series. Some members of the Extinctionists are vegetarians because they hate animals so much. They won't eat meat or fish but they'll enjoy cutting it up.
  • The Bear-cows in The Lost Fleet series. They look like a cross between a teddy bear and a cow but are highly aggressive. Their mentality is also more cow-like, as they're herbivores (i.e. they only eat plants). They live in extremely-close quarters, exhibiting herd mentality. Their instinctual reaction to any predator they encounter is to Kill 'em All (they've killed all predators on their homeworld and any colony). As one character points out, she doesn't like cows. She likes cows with heavy artillery even less. Like any herd, they're also willing to sacrifice a number of their own for the good of the herd (e.g. their giant missiles are piloted). It's later pointed out that it was a mistake to send them a video of humans talking, as they would've seen our teeth and determined that we're predators.
  • In The Facts of Death, all ten main members of the Decada organization are strict vegetarians. Knowing this fact helps James Bond to deduce one member's identity, and thwart an attack against a high-profile politician.

     Live Action Television 
  • Freddie Lounds in Hannibal is a mild example, an unscrupulous reporter who surprises Hannibal with her vegetarianism. She avoids the usual problem with Hannibals' otherwise excellent food by this; it's indicated that even Hannibal's vegetable dishes usually have a human element to them, but forced to improvise a main meal for her she gets it "clean".
  • In Doctor Who, Daleks only eat vegetable matter (according to the 1960s Dalek comics). This is hinted at in the episode "The Daleks", when they promise the Thals "quantities of fresh vegetables", and the food gift prepared for them from the Daleks' stock is entirely vegetable-based. This likely is a direct reference to Hitler, as the Daleks are A Nazi by Any Other Name, but is Justified by the state of life on Skaro in the story - the neutronic war has made life in general extremely scarce (vegetable farming is more energy efficient than livestock farming), and what we see of the animals are either made out of living metal, or are unreasonably dangerous monsters.

     Profesional Wrestling 
  • Daniel Bryan, as of his heel turn, has started incorporating his real-life vegan lifestyle into his character. He will often preach against the consumption of meat and animal products in his promos to provoke a negative reaction.

     Web Original 

     Western Animation 

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